The Word From the Trenches – July 29, 2015

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Judicial Watch: IRS Produces Recovered Lerner Emails

Judicial Watch

Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch released 906 pages of newly recovered Lois Lerner emails from the IRS that are believed to recently have been recovered by the IRS’ internal watchdog – the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA).  The IRS released the emails under a court order by U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan.  The new documents show that Lois Lerner and other top officials in the Exempt Organizations Unit of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), including soon-to-be Acting IRS Commissioner Steve Miller, closely monitored and approved the controversial handling of tax-exempt applications by Tea Party organizations.  The documents also show that at least one group received an inquiry from the IRS in order to buy time and keep the organization from contacting Congress.   Continue reading

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Ohio Cop Indicted on Murder Charge in Traffic-Stop Shooting

ABC News

A University of Cincinnati officer who shot a motorist during a traffic stop over a missing front license plate has been indicted on murder charges, a prosecutor said Wednesday, adding that the officer “purposely killed him” and “should never have been a police officer.”

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters announced the grand jury indictment at a news conference to discuss developments in the investigation into the July 19 shooting of 43-year-old motorist Samuel DuBose by Officer Ray Tensing.   Continue reading

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Taliban leader Mullah Omar dead, Afghanistan confirms


The death of the Taliban’s supreme commander, Mullah Mohammad Omar, has been confirmed by the Afghan president’s office and the country’s intelligence agency. Omar died two years ago in Pakistan, the presidential palace said.

“The government … based on credible information, confirms that Mullah Mohammad Omar, leader of the Taliban died in April 2013 in Pakistan,” the office of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said in a statement on Wednesday. Continue reading

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New York prison worker: I got ‘caught up’ in escape plot

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (AP) — A prison worker who got “caught up in the fantasy” of a breakout planned by two killers told investigators she performed sex acts with one of the men and took naked photos of herself for the other.

Joyce Mitchell, 51, an instructor in the tailor shop at the Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York, tearfully pleaded guilty Tuesday to helping prisoners Richard Matt and David Sweat escape. She faces a sentence of 2 1/3 to seven years in prison under terms of a plea deal with prosecutors.   Continue reading

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By nearly any measure, sunny South Florida is tops in fraud

MIAMI (AP) — Psssst — Need a phony ID? A fraudulent tax refund? Insurance money from a sham car crash? Florida may have just what you’re looking for.

Since the first settlers hacked their way into the mangrove tangles and drained much of the swampland, sunny South Florida has been virtually synonymous with shady deals and scams. Over the past decade or so, the three most populous South Florida counties — Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach — have become less renowned for old-school “Miami Vice”-style drug shootouts than for scammers stealing hundreds of millions from the government, banks and individuals by using laptops, stolen identities and fake medical procedures.   Continue reading

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Outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease Reported in the South Bronx

They are probably spraying this crap on us….

WABC TV 7 News

Health officials say they are actively trying to determine if the deaths are related to the outbreak.   Continue reading

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Hillview man arrested for shooting down drone; cites right to privacy

WDRB – by Ryan Cummings

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — A Hillview man has been arrested after he shot down a drone flying over his property — but he’s not making any apologies for it.

It happened Sunday night at a home on Earlywood Way, just south of the intersection between Smith Lane and Mud Lane in Bullitt County, according to an arrest report.

Hillview Police say they were called to the home of 47-year-old William H. Merideth after someone complained about a firearm.   Continue reading

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Home with Confederate flag invaded, family members shot and stabbed

Stop Hate Crimes

Three male victims were stabbed and a female victim was shot in the neck inside a home on the west side of Columbus, Ohio. A total of five members of the household were injured and hospitalized.

The family, which flies a Confederate flag on their porch, may have been targeted because of their race. The family is white and the two perpetrators are black. The lives of the victim’s were saved when one member of the family shot and killed one of the attackers. The other attacker was apprehended at the scene.   Continue reading

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Education in United States Going Communist?

Freedom Outpost – by Leon Puissegur

Few people look at the education system in our nation, and even fewer look at what the type of education our nation is going to have in the future. I received an email from a friend that noted what the United States Department of Education, which may result in “enslavement”-like action, with Congress going along under the guise of helping the local Educational Departments. Maybe what our nation should do is forget about the national Department of Education, eliminate it, and just allow the States to do their own education programs—that would be so much better than placing our children in schools under a “national” policy that seems to set up a Communist type of education that will make our children virtual “slaves” to the government. Now that I have your attention, let me show what I am talking about.   Continue reading

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LA Gang Members Take Note: You’re Banned From Using Magazines That Hold More Than 10 Bullets

Right Wing News – by William Teach

The Crips, Bloods, Asian Boyz, Mongols, Surenos, Mexican Mafia, MS-13, Pirus, and so many more, you be good now! No large capacity mags for you!

L.A. City Council bans large-capacity ammunition magazines

Defying sharp warnings from gun rights groups, Los Angeles thrust itself into the national debate over gun control Tuesday, as city lawmakers voted unanimously to ban the possession of firearm magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Continue reading

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Ohio murder suspect in country illegally; ordered not to be detained in earlier traffic stop

Fox News

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents told Ohio sheriff’s deputies weeks ago not to detain a man who is in the U.S. illegally and now suspected of killing a woman and wounding another during a crime spree, law enforcement officials said Tuesday.

Lake County sheriff’s deputies questioned 35-year-old Juan Emmanuel Razo on July 7 after finding him alone in a car in Painesville, about 30 miles east of Cleveland. Unsure of Razo’s status, the deputies contacted Border Protection officials and were told he is from Mexico and in the U.S. illegally but they didn’t want him detained.   Continue reading

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The moment a man played the banjo for a SWAT team in two hour stand-off before he was shot with a rubber bullet and taken down

Daily Mail – by ZOE SZATHMARY

A shirtless man was taped playing a banjo during a standoff with authorities in Vancouver, Washington, on Sunday.

Vancouver police named the man in a news release as Andrew Helmsworth.

The banjo-playing took place during part of a standoff that lasted two hours, it has been reported.   Continue reading

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Florida family unearths gold coins worth over $1M from 1715 shipwreck

Fox News

A Florida man has uncovered gold artifacts worth over $1 million from the wreckage of a Spanish fleet that sank in a storm off the Florida coast three centuries ago.

The find by Eric Schmitt was announced late Monday by a salvage company that owns the rights to the site where the coins and jewels were found.   Continue reading

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AMC Theaters Issue Orwellian Message to Moviegoers

The Daily Sheeple – by Joshua Krause

It’s amazing how fast certain ideas can spread. What starts out as a repulsive idea promoted by the authorities, can quickly spread into the general consciousness of the public, to the point where the authorities no longer have to spread the message themselves. It starts to spread like a meme, and before you know it, the certain people and institutions are sending the message out at their own volition. The sheeple begin to police themselves.   Continue reading

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Berkeley Police conduct full-scale military operation in American neighborhood over one robbery suspect

Intellihub – by Alex Thomas

In a scene more reminiscent of a war-zone than an American city, Berkeley, California police conducted what looked like a full-scale military operation in a residential neighborhood in response to a one person robbery of a local laundromat.

Despite the fact that no one was injured in the robbery, police decided to effectively close down an entire neighborhood in an attempt to catch the “silver tooth” robber who they admitted may or may not have been armed. Police advised residents to stay in their homes as they went house to house to search for the suspect.   Continue reading

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“Don’t Miss” Said the Cops Just Before Shooting Man in the Face in Front of His Child for No Reason

The Free Thought Project – by William N. Grigg

Seattle, WA — Seattle resident Nathaniel Caylor wears a large, conspicuous metal appliance on the right side of his face, a souvenir of a May 2009 incident in which Seattle Police Officer Eugene Schubeck tried to kill him in front of his twenty-month-old son, Wyatt.

After seventeen surgeries (which included bone grafts and the insertion of metal screws and plates to hold together his shattered face), the temporary loss of his son, and an extorted plea on a purely retaliatory criminal charge, Caylor was offered $1.975 million by the City of Seattle to settle his federal lawsuit. This is believed to be the largest taxpayer-supported settlement arising from police misconduct in the history of the City, and it prompted the predictable petulant reaction from the local police union.   Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia to allow Israel use of its airspace to strike Iran – report


Saudi Arabia has reportedly agreed to let Israel use its airspace to attack Iran if necessary, in exchange for “some kind of progress” on the Palestinian issue, Israel’s Channel 2 TV station quoted an unnamed European official as saying.

“The Saudis have declared their readiness for the Israeli Air Force to overfly Saudi air space en route to attack Iran if an attack is necessary,” the report stated. In return for cooperation, Saudi Arabia wants to see some “progress”on the Palestinian issue.   Continue reading

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Florida cop shown tossing peanuts at homeless man, laughing with deputies as man eats them off floor in booking video

NY Daily News – by Tobias Salinger

A Florida police officer tosses peanuts at a homeless man and reportedly talks to him like a dog in a silent booking video from the Sarasota County jail released on Monday.

The officer, Andrew Halpin, also points and laughs with several sheriff’s deputies as the handcuffed man with one foot shoeless and the other in a boot then eats the nuts off the floor, according to the footage exposed through a public records request by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

Halpin had been giving the man, Randy Miller, a series of “dog commands,” a person familiar with the incident told the newspaper.   Continue reading

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Vaccine Infused Foods Edible Vaccines: What’s in your Banana?

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