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5-Year-Old Faces Suspension Over Lego Gun

lego gunThe Inquisiter – by Dustin Carlson

Guns are a hugely sensitive issue right now, but one has to wonder whether or not some school officials are going a bit overboard. One 5-year-old Massachusetts boy is facing suspension for building a Lego gun during an after school program.

MSN reports that 5-year-old Joseph Cardosa, part of the after school program at Hyannis West Elementary School on Cape Cod, was the subject of a letter to his parents a few days ago which said that he had received a written warning for using toys “inappropriately” and that, after a second warning, he might be suspended for two weeks.

Shelia Cruz and Octavio Cardosa, Joseph’s parents, think that the school is being a bit extreme on the issue.

“It’s not like he’s designing a machine gun,” said Cardosa.

“I can understand with all the things that are going on right now in schools, but on the other hand, kids are taught you know ‘here’s a squirt gun, this is fun,’ so this is fun to him, you know what I mean, he’s running around playing – a little bit of re-direction would have been enough,” said Cruz, Joseph’s mother.

Children being scolded, punished, or even suspended over a toy gun have become quite common in the weeks since the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, reports Fox 25. A reporter for the local Fox affiliate asked Needham Child Psychologist Dr. Larry Berkowitz how parents and schools can differentiate between a genuine threat and simple “child’s play.”

He said that some of the behavior is normal, considering the “violent diet” children are fed every day.

“Some of that’s normative to our culture,” said Berkowitz. “That’s what kids see: in video games, in movies, they see it on TV, they hear about guns in the news, so, yeah, some of this is about copying and some of it is about gaining a sense of mastery of power for kids, sometime. Again, we don’t know the specifics of any one situation and that’s what we want to understand with a given child: what was going on – these could be great opportunities, teachable moments to bring up these topics with our children.”

Hyannis West Elementary’s principal said “we need a safe enviornment for our students,” adding, “While someone might think that making a Lego gun is just an action of a 5-year-old, to other 5-year-olds, that might be a scary experience.”

What do you think? Should schools be cracking down on play violence, or are they overreacting in some cases?

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6 Responses to 5-Year-Old Faces Suspension Over Lego Gun

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    This is just stupid. Anyone with a kid in a public school is really hurting the child’s mind. I’d go as far as to say they’re better off with no education than being subjected to the brain-washing they get in school. When they finally graduate they can’t add or read, but they know how to be good servants of Obama, and rat out everyone to the authorities.

    Please take your kid out of school before you hurt him anymore.

  2. diggerdan says:

    I am suprised that the school didn`t say that the kid didn`t have a permit to carry that leggo gun. After all it was on of those deadly leggo guns LOL. That damned principle said ” we need a safe enviroment for our students ” well tell that to a pediphile catholic preist or some perverted boy scout leader, how about what has been said about these cameras in the bathrooms and shower rooms at these schools. Paper guns, squirt guns, leggo guns, they have got to be kidding me. I`m glad I grew up back in the 60`s and not now.

  3. NC says:

    “Hyannis West Elementary’s principal said “we need a safe enviornment for our students,” adding, “While someone might think that making a Lego gun is just an action of a 5-year-old, to other 5-year-olds, that might be a scary experience.””

    Scary experience?? BAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!

    OMG! I have nothing left to say about the sheeple anymore.

    IT’S A LEGO, DUDE!!!!! WAKE THE HELL UP!!!! You are afraid of a LEGO made gun??? Are you even listening to yourself??? Do you know how stupid you look right now??

    Hell, little kids even brought toy guns to class in China when I taught there from 2006-2011 and teachers just laughed and joked with them. If he is disturbing the class, you just take it away or tell them to put it away. Not tell the parents, the government and make a big media issue out of it. Has America gotten to be so fragile, scared and stupid that they can’t have kids bring toy guns in school anymore? Have we become worse than China in that sense? I mean we are moving far past China here and coming closer to North Korean totalitarianism. It’s absurd.

    To the teacher, I have to say, “Please, just go hide under your teacher’s desk and let the REAL adults do the teaching for you.” Was this teacher born yesterday or something? Did he or she even grow up or pass Kindergarten? How old are we now? These people are completely off the wall and unbelievable. I say fire the teacher and make him go back through grade school all over again for punishment and rehabilitation.

  4. ChowardNewsis says:

    Next the Ministry of Unnatural Acts will put out an ‘Executive Order’ that ALL classes will be monitored by a qualified SWAT team with loaded weapons trained on primary school students with ‘shoot to kill’ orders in case any student starts laughing or making faces or working out any topological theorems or drawing funny pictures of Janet Napolitano or otherwise divert their attention if they get bored.

  5. It is I only says:

    The country has morphed in to an insane asylum, & the loonies are in charge!
    Why the father didn’t pick up a base ball bat & went to have a quiet conversation with the principal! Thing which is badly needed!

  6. Mark says:

    I really don’t think that a five year old made that gun, I would like to see what he actually made.

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