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Agenda 21 and the Constitution

The New Boston Tea Party – by Michael Oberndorf

Willful Ignorance or Stupidity?

For years, conservative Americans like Henry Lamb, Dr. Michael Coffman, Tom DeWeese, and a whole lot of others including myself, have tried to inform the public and politicians of the truth about what the Fifth Column media calls the “environmental movement,” and the extreme danger it poses to the future of the nation. Documents have been made public, proceedings of U.N. conferences have been monitored and treaties explained in words of one syllable, maps have been produced, and all of this has been made available, free of charge, to anyone who cared to take a few minutes to look into it. Yet the vast majority of Americans, including far, far too many conservatives, and almost every Congressman and Senator, still thinks the “environmental movement” is about the environment.

All of these people, without exception, are either willfully ignorant, or are monumentally stupid. They have either chosen to believe the totally biased and discredited TV news and newspapers, and to ignore the hard evidence presented by the folks mentioned above, or they are so stupid that they should not be allowed to go outside alone.

For years, supposed conservatives have pooh-poohed the involvement of the U.N. in the creation and promulgation of “environmentalism.” The Fifth Column media has consistently painted those who point out this unholy relationship as “black-helicopter” conspiracy nuts. So many shallow conservatives bought into this – and still do – that it was only a couple of years ago that Glenn Beck, who prides himself on being so well informed, discovered the U.N.’s Agenda21, in spite of it being around and the driving force behind the “environmental movement” since 1992. See for yourself:

With the current political situation in America, with a hard-core Marxist administration in the White House, it has become critical that Americans finally get in touch with reality. The “environmental movement,” and Agenda21, with sustainable development at its core, have but one purpose: to destroy capitalism and free, capitalist nations, in order to bring about global collectivist government. Period. Agenda21 and sustainable development are being implemented in towns and cities all across America and have been for years.

Though “environmentalists” and leftist media and politicians have consistently denied even having knowledge of Agenda21, in 1992, in a speech on the floor of the House, Nancy Pelosi endorsed it ( Not long after, in 1993, Bill Clinton established the President’s Council on Sustainable Development, to advise him on how the implement the U.N.’s unratified “environmental” treaties. It’s still there, unfortunately, alive and well. In fact, it is so well that ICLEI, the International Council for Local Environmental Issues, an organization that your town’s City Council is very likely a member of, has dropped the mask, turned from warm-and-fuzzy to hard political activism, and started openly calling for what amounts to revolution ( What they are saying also sounds exactly like what Obama and his Marxist administration are doing.

Interestingly, the ICLEI website has a global membership list that somehow manages to leave out the United States. It is very probable that the list would be a) too long to fit on the site; and b) scare the crap out of any sane American who saw it (

A few communities across the country, like Carroll County, Maryland, Amador County, California, Albermarle County, Virginia, and College Station, Texas, have kicked ICLEI out in the past couple of years (;; They did this because that apparently rare breed of conservatives – informed and willing to actually do more that whine and complain – got involved with their local officials, provided them with information and documentation, and made sure they read and understood it. Then, they made sure the politicos actually took action.

For years, thinking conservatives have maintained that if the public is given the truth, the facts, and not just the lies, distortions, and manipulative feel-good psychobabble of the left, that they would draw the logical conclusions and make the right choices. These cases prove that this can be true. They also provide a model for what we all need to do, in every village and town, in every county and state, all across America, while we still can. Even those fools who still get their “news” from the Fifth Column media are catching on that the Party of Marx is out to officially throw out the Constitution, replacing it with dictatorship by the Executive Branch, in the person of B. Hussein Obama-Sotoro. We are seeing this daily, with an avalanche, a landslide, a tsunami, an overwhelming mass of new “environmental” regulations aimed at, for example, killing the coal industry, killing the oil and gas industry, and giving government the power to dictate land use. The destruction of private property, capitalism, and America is happening, now, and your local government may be aiding and abetting it. They are counting on you being willfully ignorant, or stupid.

As usual, we have a choice.

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One Response to Agenda 21 and the Constitution

  1. m_astera says:

    Unfortunately the author ruins the entire piece by painting Barack Obama as anything more than a puppet and mouthpiece. Obama the dictator? Anyone who believes Obama even decides when and where to go on vacation is too stupid to go outside alone.

    He’s a f#@king puppet, you moron.

    What tribe was Karl Marx from? The same tribe that invented predatory capitalism. Marx wrote Das Kapital as a paid assignment. Obama is not a member of that tribe, he is a tool of that tribe.

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