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Americans Left Shaking Their Heads – Congress Enjoying Vacations While America Falls Apart

Today the American dollar will continue to slide into a black hole, and continue to slide all the way to zero if we continue to go down this path. We have exported so many dollars overseas that it boggles the mind. This will have huge implications around the world as well as America. The devaluation of the dollar has become astronomical. Even the Chinese are trying to save the value of the dollar, as it is what makes them so powerful

The Standard and Poor’s announcement, made the American markets swing wild, and they have no real idea what the hell is really going on. This was an announcement to enrich the already filthy rich corrupt wealthy, nothing more. Gold has a current astronomical artificial price, becoming equal to that of platinum. Why isn’t the masses buying platinum for a hedge? People have been conned into thinking gold is the answer, even though it has zero intrinsic value.

We have riots breaking out, not only here in America, by way of the flash mobs, but also around the world. Case in point, the United Kingdom. Teenagers are taking advantage of the current economic situation, causing mayhem, for no other reason than to just act criminal. The United Kingdom has been arresting kids for the last 4 days, all mainly at or below the age of 21. American kids are seeing this and it will only be a matter of time before this crap starts to happen here. Do you think that the underprivileged kids in Detroit and Pennsylvania are trying to figure out how to make money in the stock market?

The corporations have been able to give unlimited amounts of money to election committees through various schemes to guarantee re-elections. Now, our leaders are taking the easy road, and going home while Americans are starving in the streets. They should be here in Washington, trying to find ways to get us the hell out of Afghanistan, as we are currently spending $2 billion dollars per week with this useless excuse for a war.

Americans have never disapproved of Congress as much they do now, and these clowns leave for a month long vacation, trying to use the excuse that they need to talk to their constituents? Their constituents hate their guts! Americans are in bad shape, and they are going home for a month to do what exactly?

America, it is time to demand that these clowns receive zero pay when they pull this garbage. They have done nothing but help facilitate the destruction of America. They have thrown us into three useless wars, with no end in sight. They refuse to give more help to the poor. They use the excuse that we need troops overseas to protect America, while in fact, all they are doing is facilitating the expedited wealth of the corporate military mafia.

Currently, business is still laying off thousands of employees with no end in sight, and still the CEO’s of these so called corporations are becoming richer by the day. The middle class are being left out, as the insiders are becoming filthy rich from inside trading and corruption. The markets are rigged to only enrich the oligarch wealthy, while the rest are left out in the cold.

The corrupt leaders in Congress have inside information to these market schemes, and have been enriching themselves with this inside information, a reward by the corporate mobsters for letting them have the unfair tax cuts which have made them extremely wealthy. America, we don’t need flash mobs, what we need is a 50 million man march. God only knows how this is going to end.

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  1. Clark Kent says:

    Damn good article, Mark !

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