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America’s Top Sniper Murdered – By CIA?

chris kyleHere is the story on the latest addition to the growing Gun-Advocate Kill List.

Chris Kyle – Former Top Sniper, killed by CIA, CIA/Operatives.

CIA: Criminally Insane Assassins (among other acronyms…)


The whole story reveals itself in a single paragraph, which I copy/paste here:

Kyle fought against weapons bans”

“He recently spoke out against weapons bans. In a video interview with, Kyle accused President Barack Obama of being “against the Second Amendment.” “.

Truth: This is why he was taken out.

As further proof, also look at the description of who supposedly did it (Eddie Ray), and how he was “apprehended”.

They state that Eddie Ray is a former US Marine (of course), with (drum roll please) PTSD (Ta- Daaa!), is responsible.

The article states that after a car chase, where it would be impossible to know he was in possession of a firearm or not, is taken without incident (???).

Sure, right. The first, AND ONLY course of action any of these cops would take, is to blast him into meat confetti.

The notion that cops showed restraint in dealing with someone who just supposedly SHOT not one, but TWO people dead is as laughable as our unemployment numbers, Obama’s Birth Certificate, or the “election” results that put Ocapo back into the White house.

It is 100% clear, there is no doubt whatsoever, this Gun Advocate, Weapons Ban Fighter, Veteran, and public personality was assassinated by the same forces within our treasonous US Fed Government, as those that wish to disarm all Americans so they can begin the extermination process.

There is only one solution: Time to abolish this “Enemy Force In Occupation”, arrest, try and execute all those responsible, and re-institute the US Constitution as the basis of our government.

JD – US Marine Fighting Tyranny – Americans can ignore this, but the fact is, We’re next.

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19 Responses to America’s Top Sniper Murdered – By CIA?

  1. Mark Schumacher - NV says:

    This veteran who shot this man at the gun range reportedly had PTSD, (and pink elephants fly). Obviously, the bounty on this navy seals head was paid out and the little weasel in New York couldn’t be happier. Will traitor Bloomberg be at this mans funeral?

  2. Whizerd67 says:

    In this incident, tptb, through the media and other sources, have made it look like soldiers have this ptsd, and that it is bad…so..they can’t have guns anymore.

    Simultaneously, theres a ‘anti-govt’ and ‘survivalist’ that went crazy. The media is using this….at the same time with Kyle’s death by a crazed veteran with ptsd mind you…to give the child that is held hostage his SSRi medication that he “desperately NEEDS every day!”.
    Making the SSRi’s look like a needed and good thing, and a veteran look like they shouldn’t be allowed to own a firearm

    All involving guns.

    Not much more than that being said. In fact, the incident with the child hostage is VERY tight-lipped, other than exploiting the ‘needed’ braindrug.
    Can’t wait to see the distraction and deception coming from this death of Kyle.*rolls eyes*

    Not saying none of this happened the way it looks in the media to have happened…but I seriously fkn doubt it.
    However…WHICHEVER way any of it happened….it’s being exploited to the max to dumb-down the sleeping, and those that were half-awake, even more.

    And all while distracting from tptb’s whole agenda. I hope people are staying focused on that.

    ~Blessed Be to all.~

    • 1MedicMom says:

      The first thing that came to my mind when it was so quicky reported that he had PTSD was ‘oh shit, they want to have an excuse to take away firearms from our Vets!’ It seems that these situations are being created to QUICKLY advance the agenda with little or no resistance. Someone with Military background (PTSD or not) is exactly who I would want to hang out with when shit hits the fan and the Government gets out of control. God Bless our Military and God help us all!!

      • FullMetalSquirrel says:

        I agree about the AL situation. Remember that Jessica who fell into a well ages ago? And how there are a million pics of her when she was pulled out of it? Why are there no photos of this kid being saved? Or any photos shown of him prior to his being saved?

  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    JD, it would be extremely enlightening if you could research this shooter, and see what kind of history you can dig up on him, recent or otherwise.

  4. Bob says:

    And the drum beat continues on ad nauseum with gun control and Irans wmd…..these guys need to come up woith some new material cuz this shit is getting old and so easily ripped apart by even a dumb sheep at this point….I hope!

  5. carl hammel says:

    Snipers are repugnant to freedom,as the c.i.a. is.Perhaps we should invest our worthless dollars to reinstate the soviet union who must have kept terrorism in check since the rise of terrorism has seemingly coincided with the fall of this once great and powerful political system.Or do we just always need something to fear and hate to satisfy our ignorant lust for war,death and poverty?Including but not limited to our own?If Iceland can make a stand,why can’t we?

  6. USMC91 says:

    Just goes to show, if a SEAL can be killed, you all can be killed. Keep beating the drum,MSM. Remember, when you take mine, the barrel will be hot.

  7. Johnathan says:

    Quoted from cnn website

    “So there wasn’t anybody anywhere close to that,” he said, explaining there are no known witnesses.
    The first sign something was wrong came when a hunting guide tied to the facility found 38-year-old Kyle and 35-year-old Littlefield — both unconscious — around 5 p.m., Bryant said.
    He went to the lodge and called 911. Law enforcement officers followed up and found the bodies but no sign of Routh. He had taken off in Kyle’s black Ford pickup, the Erath County sheriff said.
    Around the time an all-points bulletin went out for that truck, authorities got a call from Routh’s sister, who reported that her brother had driven about 65 miles to her home in Midlothian, Texas, and admitted to shooting Kyle and Littlefield.

    • Whizerd67 says:

      Not only did they figure that out somehow…but they caught up to this “crazed ptsd veteran” that just murdered one of “America’s sweethearts”.(puke here)…and there was NO resistance? No incident with police?
      Possible…but highly improbable.

      ~Blessed Be to all~

  8. Richard says:

    This man died as he lived. Murdering people for a stupid cause. WHY is the press druling over this?? He was a government paid murderer.

    • Jolly Roger says:

      The press is drooling over this for its propaganda value. It was done to help the gov’t make the case for disarming all vets.

  9. Johnathan says:

    According to CNN’s official story on their website, there were NO WITNESSES WHATSOEVER. So how did the sheriff know who the perp was upon arrival, let alone that he was driving Kyles Black pick up truck, and to put out an all points bulletin. Those Green Screen Clowns are getting real sloppy in their reporting. I guess thats what happens when criminals panic though.

    I tried posting at on cnns facebook website and it was deleted everytime as soon as i posted it.. Also tried posting that Kyle recently made a public statement saying he thinks odumbo hated the 2nd amendment and the constitution and it got deleted immediately also.. Lol 11

  10. Johnathan says:

    Of Course the shooter was a vet with PTSD, of Course Lanzas mother was a prepper, of course the kidnapping guy has a bunker !!! So plain to see their agenda.. They are ass clowns… Gonna make popcorn while watching them hang.

    • FullMetalSquirrel says:

      It’s amazing how all of this is playing out. Amazing. And all the mass shootings in places they normally never happen etc etc.

  11. Eomer says:

    It’s ok for soldiers to have guns when their fighting wars for the criminal elite but they’re instantly labeled madmen when they become civilians and want to own a gun (which is of course their 2nd amendment right). All citizens should stop paying taxes and all soldiers should revolt and refuse to serve a country being run by the criminally insane!

  12. Richard says:

    In 2008, low altitude flyovers of L.A. and N.Y. by air force 1, supposedly for “photo ops of af1,” prints of which no one has ever seen.
    After 2nd term stolen: 30,000 drones flying across the country, blackhawks flying across major cities, Rex 84, 2billion ammo rounds for military/leo, 170,000 rounds of 9mm hollow point for social security admin (watchdog group says financial meltdown expected in 2013, expect seniors [armed vets] to converge on ss & fed offices when checks stop), teaching in westpoint that armed citizens are “terrorists,” infiltration of muslims throughout administration, litmus test question for military advancement is, “will you fire on American citizens?”
    Absolutely the only chance this country has is oathkeepers in the military and leo. Communication will have to be other than on public monitored sites.

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