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Syrian refugee family quietly settles in Paterson, New Jersey A family of seven Syrian refugees was quietly ushered into their new home in Paterson in a climate so tense that the agency working to help the family shunned media attention as Governor Christie continued to rail against bringing … Continue reading

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Sully talks to James Fetzer about his book banned from Amazon

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Paris Locked Down as Leaders Arrive for Climate Conference

Wall Street Journal – by William Horobin PARIS—Heads of state from some 150 countries began arriving in Paris Sunday for an international climate conference, triggering a lockdown of a city already on high alert after the Nov. 13 terror attacks. … Continue reading

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PETA Sued for Stealing and Euthanizing Family Pet

The Daily Sheeple – by Joshua Krause In October of 2014, Virginia resident Wilber Zarate came home to find that his daughter’s pet Chihuahua was missing. After taking a look at the footage recorded by his security camera, he discovered … Continue reading

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Sandy Hook – Book BANNED

Sent to us by the author, “Barry Soetoro, Esq” A stunning Documentary blew the lid off Newtown’s fake “school massacre.” The film exposed the plot to disarm Americans via the fake “biggest school shooting in US history.” But immediately, the Regime … Continue reading

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NSA to shut down bulk phone surveillance program by Sunday

Reuters – by Dustin Volz The U.S. National Security Agency will end its daily vacuuming of millions of Americans’ phone records by Sunday and replace the practice with more tightly targeted surveillance methods, the Obama administration said on Friday. As … Continue reading

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Gunman shoots 4 cops in Planned Parenthood clinic in Colo.

USA Today COLORADO SPRINGS — A man wearing hunting gear and armed with an assault-style weapon was barricaded inside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs Friday after a shooting spree that left four officers and at least five civilians injured, police and hospital officials said. In a dramatic operation, with … Continue reading

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Sheriff Ward is Feeding Your Information to the FBI (Hammonds)

After a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with family and friends our hearts are full of gratitude and joy. We hope yesterday found you with family, friends, fun and food. We love this time of year. We wish we had better news … Continue reading

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Why did Turkey shoot down a Russian Air Force jet?

Sent to us by a reader. Paul Craig Roberts – by George Abert, Formerly Of Air Force Intelligence Turkey is so militarily inferior to Russia that it is unlikely Turkey would commit an act of war against Russia without encouragement from … Continue reading

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Islamic Terror in Europe Turning Israel into West’s Best Friend

Sent to us by Joe from the Carolinas:  Not hearing about this in the american press are we?  This article really exposes the propaganda scam, and its directly from the Israeli press.  Considering how things have been shaped and sculpted … Continue reading

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Hammonds need our Help

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Russia to deploy S-400 defense missile system to Khmeimim airbase in Syria – defense minister

RT The Russian Air Force base in Latakia will be reinforced with S-400 SAM system, which will soon be deployed there, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said on Wednesday. “S-400 will be deployed on Khmeimim airbase in Syria,” Shoigu said … Continue reading

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Pilot From Downed Russian Jet Rescued, ‘Alive and Well’

ABC News Russia’s military has recovered the second pilot from its bomber shot down by Turkey on Tuesday, Russia’s defense ministry has announced. Moscow’s defense minister, Sergei Shoigu, briefed president Vladimir Putin on the rescue on television, informing him that … Continue reading

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Obama Honoring Spielberg, Streisand and More With Medal of Freedom

NBC News Filmmaker Steven Spielberg, composer Stephen Sondheim, violinist and conductor Itzhak Perlman and baseball great Willie Mays are among a number of notables who will be presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama on Tuesday. … Continue reading

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Philly Traffic Stop Turns Violent; Trooper Shot in Shoulder

ABC News A traffic stop on a downtown Philadelphia highway turned violent Tuesday when a suspect got back into his car and fled, rear-ended a school bus and then shot and wounded a trooper, state police said. Two suspects were … Continue reading

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Canada’s Syrian refugee plan: What we know and don’t know

CBC Immigration Minister John McCallum will release details today of the Liberal government’s plan to resettle 25,000 refugees across the country. Some information has already been leaked, but there are still outstanding questions about how the plan will unfold.  

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Donald Sutherland reveals some dark secrets

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Donald Trump Says He Would Bring Back Waterboarding

ABC News – by Jordyn Phelps Donald Trump would “absolutely” bring back waterboarding as an accepted form of interrogation, he said today on ABC’s “This Week.” Trump characterized waterboarding as a form of “strong interrogation” that is “peanuts” when compared … Continue reading

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Republicans split on guns for terror watch list members

CNN Republican presidential contenders split Sunday on a proposal to ban individuals on a terror watch list from buying guns, with front-runner Donald Trump backing the measure and Ben Carson opposing it. The measure is being pushed by Democrats in … Continue reading

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NYC Emergency Responders Go Through Active Shooter Drill

ABC News Hundreds of emergency responders simulated a subway terror attack on Sunday, days before one of the city’s biggest public events: the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The long-planned drill at a Manhattan station got a last-minute update in the … Continue reading

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