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Shock and Draw: Here’s the graphic cartoon U.S. airdropped on ISIS

Washington Post – by Michael Cavna IN THE Martin Scorsese-directed “Life Lessons,” within the larger film“New York Stories,” a grizzled abstract painter played by Nick Nolte is cleaned-up and charismatic in tux and tales – yes, tales, because a man … Continue reading

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Dairy farms asked to consider breeding no-horn cows

AOL – by David Pit DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – Food manufacturers and restaurants are taking the dairy industry by the horns on an animal welfare issue that’s long bothered activists but is little known to consumers: the painful removal … Continue reading

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State adds new earthquake zones, requirements for well operators

Tulsa World – by ZIVA BRANSTETTER MEDFORD — State officials are expanding the number of counties included in earthquake “areas of interest” and have told nearly 100 companies to prove that their oil and gas waste-water disposal wells are not … Continue reading

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Political Insider: No indictment of Sen. Menendez this week – by Agustin C. Torres OK, it’s past 5 p.m. on Friday, as I write, and that means all federal employees, as well as most taxpayer-paid employees — except uniformed services — have been on their way home hours … Continue reading

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Nebraska Man Asks Oil Commission Just One Question: ‘Would You Drink It?’

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Marco Rubio Plans to Announce Presidential Campaign April 13, Sources Confirm

Bloomberg – by Michael C Bender, Mark Halperin Senator Marco Rubio plans to announce his campaign for president on April 13 in Miami, two Republican sources confirmed to Bloomberg on Saturday. That could make Rubio the third Republican senator to enter his party’s … Continue reading

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Six Charged With Using Fraudulent Information to Obtain Drivers Licenses

Englewood-Englewood Cliffs Patch – by NATALIE MIELES The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office has charged six individuals who they say fraudulently obtained New Jersey driver’s licenses with other identities. The charges are a result of a 2012 anti-fraud initiative by the … Continue reading

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How one Cleveland police officer’s lawsuit gives public rare view of department’s disciplinary process

Cleveland – by James F. McCarty CLEVELAND, Ohio – In the past five years, Cleveland police officer Aaron Reese has twice been suspended from duty and accused of steroid use and fraud. Prior to being hired in 2009, he was … Continue reading

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The Changing Face of US Jobs

AOL Jobs – by Kristen Felicetti Since 2001, the United States has experienced major demographic and economic changes, and consequently the workplace reflects those differences. CareerBuilder released a report that tracked the changing composition of jobs by age, gender, and race … Continue reading

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Building explodes in NYC’s East Village

New York Post As many as 30 people were hurt when an explosion caused a partial building collapse and ignited a massive fire in the East Village on Thursday afternoon, law-enforcement sources told The Post. A preliminary investigation suggests that … Continue reading

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Germanwings Pilot Was Locked Out of Cockpit Before Crash in France

New York Times – by Nicola Clark and Dan Bilefsky PARIS — As officials struggled Wednesday to explain why a jet with 150 people on board crashed amid a relatively clear sky, an investigator said evidence from a cockpit voice … Continue reading

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Rafael Edwardo Cruz

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Why Cats Are Good For Your Health

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Alaska cops search cannabis club owned by ex-TV reporter

New York Daily News – by Joel Landau A former Alaska TV reporter who quit her job while on live air to advocate for medical marijuana is getting the fight she wanted. Authorities searched the Alaska Cannabis Club on Friday … Continue reading

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Popular Weed-Killer Is Probably Carcinogenic, WHO Says

Huffington Post LONDON (AP) — One of the world’s most popular weed-killers — and the most widely used kind in the U.S. — has been labeled a probable carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. The decision was … Continue reading

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Obama: I’ll Use Clemency Power ‘More Aggressively’

Huffington Post – by Ryan J Reilly WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama plans to grant clemency to federal offenders “more aggressively” during the remainder of his presidency, he said in a sit-down interview with The Huffington Post on Friday. Obama … Continue reading

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Cohen’s Brain Bits: Magical Mystery Medicine

Med Page Today – by Joshua Cohen MD, MPH When President Richard Nixon signed the Controlled Substance Act (CSA) in 1970, a wide array of substances, natural and manufactured, instantly became illegal. Categorized as Schedule I drugs, they are those … Continue reading

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‘Magic Mushrooms’ Making A Medical Comeback

CBS New York NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Psychedelic mushrooms are a banned substance, and are legally in the same category as some of the most dangerous drugs. But as CBS2’s Kristine Johnson reported, they’re making a comeback under the supervision … Continue reading

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Ex-Wisconsin Rep. Kastenmeier, early Vietnam critic, dies

AOL MADISON, Wis. (AP) – Bob Kastenmeier, a liberal Democrat from Wisconsin whose 32 years in Congress were marked by his early and staunch opposition to the Vietnam War, died Friday. He was 91. Kastenmeier, a World War II veteran … Continue reading

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Injured off-duty New Jersey cop being tested for blood-alcohol content after fatal wrong-way wreck, NYPD says

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