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The forgotten first president (Hint: It wasn’t George Washington)

Yahoo News – by Rick Klein, Richard Coolidge and Jordyn Phelps Here’s a Thanksgiving pop quiz: Who was the nation’s first president? If you answered George Washington, pass the gravy and get ready for a history lesson. It was actually … Continue reading

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Mom’s Plea: Please Don’t Help My Kids

Alameda Patch – by Kate Bassford Baker Dear Other Parents At The Park: Please do not lift my daughters to the top of the ladder, especially after you’ve just heard me tell them I wasn’t going to do it for … Continue reading

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‘Wanted’ posters for NYPD cop who shot unarmed man appear in housing project

New York Daily News – by TERENCE CULLEN , RICH SCHAPIRO NYPD Officer Peter Liang is a wanted man. A day after the rookie cop gunned down an unarmed man inside the Pink Houses, “Wanted” posters appeared in the Brooklyn … Continue reading

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Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee – Buffy Sainte-Marie – 1973 Incident

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Bronx prosecutors under fire for posing with gang signs in holiday photo

NY Daily News – by ERIK BADIA , ROCCO PARASCANDOLA , LARRY MCSHANE These Bronx prosecutors are going to be on Santa’s naughty list. A group of assistant district attorneys landed in a holiday hullabaloo Thursday after a year-old photo … Continue reading

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Somalia’s Al-Shabab Says It Killed 28 In Kenya

The Huffington Post – by Tom Odula NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — One gunman shot from the right, one from the left, each killing the non-Muslims lying in a line on the ground, growing closer and closer to Douglas Ochwodho, who … Continue reading

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How many hidden bull tahr can you spot?

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New report questions mental health history of Newtown shooter Adam Lanza

Is this a set-up for TPTB to force parents to drug & allow psychological brain-washing of their children, and also stop home schooling? Syracuse HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A new report asks whether the race and affluence of Adam Lanza’s … Continue reading

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Careful what you wish for

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FSU shooter Myron May was ‘smiley, happy-go-lucky’ — and falling apart

Orlando Sentinel – by Mark Schlueb Myron De’Shawn May’s life seemed to be the quintessential American story: He grew up poor, graduated from Florida State University with honors and worked his way through law school to build a career. So … Continue reading

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Utah revives plan for executions by firing squad

AOL SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Ten years after banning the use of firing squads in state executions, Utah lawmakers on Wednesday endorsed a proposal to allow the practice again to avoid problems with lethal-injection drugs. The proposal from Republican … Continue reading

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Thousands flock to see baby born with 8 limbs in India

Fox News Thousands have flocked to see a baby born with four arms and four legs in India, reported Central European News (CEN). The baby, dubbed “God Boy” by his parents because they say he looks like an Indian God, … Continue reading

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Rosebud Sioux Tribe Calls House Keystone XL Passage an ‘Act of War,’ Vows Legal Action

Indian Country Today Media Network Calling the U.S. House of Representatives’ November 14 vote for the Keystone XL pipeline an “act of war,” the Rosebud Sioux Tribe (Sicangu Lakota Oyate) has vowed to block the project from crossing its lands. … Continue reading

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Bob Marley, the reggae king of cannabis, may soon have his own line of pot

Fortune – by Tom Huddleston, Jr. Privateer Holdings has a licensing agreement with the late reggae icon’s family. Reggae legend Bob Marley was known to be a fan of marijuana. Now, a marijuana-focused venture capital firm is trying to bank … Continue reading

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Charles Manson gets marriage license

Yahoo News – by LINDA DEUTSCH and SCOTT SMITH CORCORAN, Calif. (AP) — Mass murderer Charles Manson has gotten a license to marry a 26-year-old woman who visits him in prison. The Kings County marriage license, viewed Monday by The … Continue reading

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Anonymous Hacks Ku Klux Klan’s Twitter Account After Ferguson Threats

Inquisitr Anonymous has been carrying out ‘doxing’ attacks on the KKK in Ferguson since the KKK’s warning that they intended to use lethal force on protesters — but Sunday afternoon, the hacktivist group went a step farther, hacking the Ku … Continue reading

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Merle Haggard — The Fightin’ Side Of Me

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Gordon Lightfoot – The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald

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Keith Whitley – Chip Off The Old Farm (Demo)

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Ghost riders in the sky – Johnny Cash – Full Song

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