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De-fund Homeland Security Now!

Veterans Today – by Preston James, Ph.D Homeland Security was set up by Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens as an Israeli police State occupation army inside America. Right now there is a quiet battle in Congress over the re-funding of Homeland … Continue reading

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President Obama: Do you really love America?

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Feds raid Texas secessionist meeting

Chron – by Dylan Baddour It seemed like a typical congressional meeting for the Republic of Texas. Senators and the president gathered in the center of a Bryan, Texas, meeting hall, surrounded by public onlookers, to debate issues of the national … Continue reading

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Why Did the U.S. Build an Uncapped Pyramid With ‘All Seeing Eye’ in the Middle of Nowhere?

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Vladimir Putin Traitor to the New World Order

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3 JP Morgan Bankers, a Pharmaceutical Scientist, and an Art Curator Walk onto a Train….

Removing the Shackles I’m sure everyone one has already heard this news story:  A Train crashed into an SUV in NY, killing 6 people. I’m sure you’ve heard the story, but have you looked into it? V E R Y  … Continue reading

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Watch Google’s New Small Dog Robot Take A Kicking And Keep On Ticking

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iPhone 5nSa

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Arriving in Heaven

All arrivals in heaven have to go through a bureaucratic examination to determine whether admission will be granted. One room has a clerk, who inputs computerized records of what each applicant did on his or her last day of life. … Continue reading

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You Won’t believe What Facebook is Doing & You Could Be Their Next Target! Victims Report

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FEMA Death Camps

NoHoax – from sianews There over 800 prison camps in the United States, all fully operational and ready to receive prisoners. They are all staffed and even surrounded by full-time guards, but they are all empty. These camps are to … Continue reading

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Reduce High Cholesterol with Nutritional Magnesium

Whole Foods Magazine February is Heart Health Month and heart health expert and cardiologist Dr. William Davis, M.D., talks about the importance of lowering high cholesterol naturally and reducing your chances of coronary heart disease with the use of magnesium … Continue reading

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Ecuador becomes the first country to roll out its own digital cash

CNBC – by Everett Rosenfeld In 2000, Ecuador moved to ditch its stumbling currency for the U.S. dollar. Now more than 15 years later, the South American country is revamping its monetary system again—using digital currencies. Ecuador’s Sistema de Dinero … Continue reading

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The True Story About ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle Finally Comes Out

State of the Nation Something has been very wrong with the Chris Kyle story from the very beginning.  The circumstances and timing around his death are particularly troubling.  As usual with the violent death of a high profile individual, the … Continue reading

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US Senator Rand Paul’s top aide working for Netanyahu: Report

Press TV A top aide for US Senator Rand Paul is working for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election campaign. Vincent Harris, the 26-year-old top digital strategist for Paul, is helping Netanyahu win his fourth term as prime minister, according … Continue reading

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Pope Francis to address Congress in historic papal speech

BBC News Pope Francis is due to become the first ever pontiff to speak before the US Congress, lawmakers in Washington have announced. The head of the Catholic Church will make his speech on 24 September. “That day his holiness … Continue reading

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Electric Car Powered by Salt Water: 920 hp, 373 Miles/Tank

Aetherforce It’s finally here folks and it is LEGIT. Tesla eat your heart out, the Germans have created an electrical car powered by salt water. It has four electric engines and is FAST with some pretty sweet fuel economy for … Continue reading

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Hillary’s War

AntiWar – by Justin Raimondo What’s happening in Libya today is a crime: murder, rape, looting, chaos, a war of all against all. The perpetrator, the one key person who made all this possible, is a well known personage in … Continue reading

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Johnny “Guitar” Watson – Ain’t That A Bitch

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