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Phil Collins – I Dont Care Anymore

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Call (of Duty) Waiting

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Cheech and Chong Anthem (WEed Are The World™)

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The Double Standards And Crumbling Myths Of The GMO Biotech Setor

Colin Todhunter The GMO biotech sector is involved in a multi-pronged campaign to influence governments and the public about the benefits of its products. It uses various means. It sets up or infiltrates institutions and co-opts prominent political and scientific figures … Continue reading

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Mick Jagger & JImmy Rip – Wired All Night

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Small Faces – Itchycoo Park

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Fort Worth mailman accused of mortally wounding family dog

WFAA 8 News – by Todd Unger FORT WORTH — A mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service is under investigation for allegedly slamming a rock on a four-year-old Silky Terrier named Maxwell which had to eventually be euthanized. Taiesha … Continue reading

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People Ask Why I Carry A Gun

Theo Spark I don’t carry a gun to kill people.I carry a gun to keep from being killed.I don’t carry a gun to scare people.I carry a gun because sometimes this world can be a scary place.I don’t carry a … Continue reading

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About Those ObamaCare Subsidies . . . .

This Ain’t Hell Remember about 6 months ago? When I wrote that the FBI had serious concerns about the possibility for fraud concerning those ObamaCare subsidies because the data used to calculate them would be reported using the “honor system”? Well, it … Continue reading

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Useful Information

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Obama Goes Green

Crockett Lives Q: Why are there so many millionaires in Congress? A: Because the grass is always greener over the cesspool. Given that Barack Obama has increased his net worth by some 438% since coming to Washington, it’s not just Congress that … Continue reading

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No-No GMO: ‘Time to support local organic framers’

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The Who – Who Are You?

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S.W.A.T. may be intentionally burning suspects alive to end standoffs

Intellihub – by Shepard Ambellas BRENTWOOD, New Hampshire (INTELLIHUB) — Rob Dew, reporting for Infowars Nightly News recently did an excellent visual piece detailing questions which have arisen following a massive explosion and house fire during a S.W.A.T. raid Monday. Shockingly, in … Continue reading

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Obama’s ICE Prison Break

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Drunk Baby Girl Nearly 4 Times Above Legal Limit: Police

NBC DFW Police questioned the mother of a 1-year-old girl after the tot was found to be extremely intoxicated at a northwestern Pennsylvania hospital. Erie police say the baby’s blood-alcohol content was 0.289 percent when she was brought to Saint … Continue reading

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Can Any Politician Pick Which Laws To Enforce?

90 Miles From Tyranny

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Headline of the day: Gay Illegal Aliens Causing The Expansion Of Polar Ice-Caps

Your Crazy Uncle Bubba A Puerto Rican study headquartered in El Segundo showed that the influx of homosexual Mexican illegals is responsible for the unexpected expansion of the Antarctic ice caps. The usual warming effect of the darker skin Mexican … Continue reading

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