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IS fighters seize weapons cache meant for Kurds

Yahoo News – by Diaa Hadid BEIRUT (AP) — Islamic State group fighters seized at least one cache of weapons airdropped by U.S.-led coalition forces that were meant to supply Kurdish militiamen battling the extremist group in a border town, … Continue reading

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Victory for Houston Pastors

Defend Christians Last week America watched stunned as Annise Parker, the openly lesbian Houston mayor, ordered city’s churches to turn over sermons that talk about homosexuality, gender identity issues, or Annise Parker herself. Not only were their sermons requested, but … Continue reading

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Halloweed? Police warn of pot-spiked candy

Fox News Colorado parents are being told to be on the lookout this Halloween for marijuana-laced candy, NBC News reported. The Facebook page of the Denver Police Department is warning that mass-produced candy can by sprayed with hash oil, and … Continue reading

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Ebola Debuts on Americans’ List of Top U.S. Problems

Gallup – by Justin McCarthy WASHINGTON, D.C. — As the quarantine period ends for people exposed to the first person in the U.S. to be diagnosed with Ebola, the virus for the first time ranks among the top 10 issues … Continue reading

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Police Unnecessarily Escalate Violence at Pumpkin Fest 2014 Riots

Cop Block – by Ian Freeman Alex Moushey’s report from the streets during the Pumpkin Fest 2014 riots reveal why the situation did not improve with the police’s unnecessarily violent tactics. Rather than only arresting people who were causing violence … Continue reading

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Idaho pastors opposed to gay marriage sue city over law

Yahoo News -by Laura Zuckerman SALMON Idaho (Reuters) – Two pastors in Idaho, who fear they could be penalized for refusing to perform newly legal gay marriages at their private wedding chapel, have filed a lawsuit, saying an Idaho anti-discrimination … Continue reading

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Marco Rubio to introduce travel ban bill

Politico – by JENNIFER HABERKORN Sen. Marco Rubio announced Monday he will introduce legislation to create a temporary ban on new visas for nationals of the countries of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. The Florida Republican says he will introduce … Continue reading

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Trending: Ebola commercials!

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Fake IRS agents scare many consumers into paying up

Detroit Free Press – by Susan Tompor Jennifer Blanzy, 53, returned home from exercising one Saturday morning in September only to find out that someone was threatening to put her in jail because she wasn’t responding to letters from the … Continue reading

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Obama makes rare campaign trail appearance, people leave early

Reuters – by Jeff Mason President Barack Obama made a rare appearance on the campaign trail on Sunday with a rally to support the Democratic candidate for governor in Maryland, but early departures of crowd members while he spoke underscored … Continue reading

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Victory: Judge Deprives Monsanto of GM Planting Permit in Mexico, Protects the Bees

Natural Society – by Christina Sarich Honoring the complaints of a small group of beekeepers in the state of Yucatán, who complained that Monsanto’s planned planting of thousands of hectares of GM soybeans made to withstand RoundUp would demolish their honey … Continue reading

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This Blazing Fast Electric Car is Powered by Saltwater!

Inhabitat Nanoflowcell has developed the world’s first saltwater-powered electric car – the Quant e-Sportlimousine – it just received approval for testing in Europe! The futuristic gull-winged vehicle runs on a special type of gasoline that is made from salt water, … Continue reading

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The incredible liars who lie about psychiatry

Jon Rappoport’s Blog – by Jon Rappoport “The Reality Manufacturing Company not only turns out the past, present, and future for mass consumption. It explains why things are the way they are. It appoints itself the master of attributing causes, the … Continue reading

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Kerry: Islamic State not due to Islam, but due to Israel and climate change

Dr. Rich Swier – by Robert Spencer Hostility to Israel, dark warnings about the perils of global warming, and an anxiousness to absolve Islam of any responsibility for the evils done in its name — this single address by John … Continue reading

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Israeli Ties To Ebola Outbreak??

Before It’s News – by Stompk The Israeli biopharmaceutical company Protalix Biotherapeutics saw an 11 percent spike in its share price amid growing Ebola concerns in the United States. Protalix, which recently went public on the New York Stock Exchange, has developed a … Continue reading

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North and South Korea exchange gunfire at border in latest clash

Reuters North and South Korea exchanged gunfire on Sunday when the North’s soldiers approached the military border and did not retreat after the South fired warning shots, the South Korean Defence Ministry said. The North’s soldiers fired back in an … Continue reading

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UK: The government has unveiled plans to ban anyone who criticises it from appearing on TV or protesting.

The Tap – by Janine Griffiths Under the guise of protecting the public from ‘extremism’ the government proposal will allow police to vet the social media activity of “harmful” individuals and curb their right to speak at public events. The … Continue reading

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Ammunition pulled from Walmart shelves in Ferguson amid violent clashes over the police shooting of Michael Brown

Daily Mail – by Mia de Graaf Ammunition has been pulled from the shelves of two Walmarts in Ferguson amid violent clashes over the police shooting of Michael Brown. Employees were ordered to lock all bullets in a store cupboard … Continue reading

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When Dogs Attack: 11 Steps That Could Keep You Alive

Ready Nutrition – by Joshua Krause Have you ever felt threatened by a strange dog? Perhaps you were out on a walk and someone’s pet escaped from the yard. Or maybe you’ve been to a friends house, only to be … Continue reading

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The Rockefeller Bloodline

Bibliotecapteyades One of the 13 Satanic bloodlines that rule the world is the Rockefeller bloodline. Today, there are around 190 members of this family with the Rockefeller name and of course some others by other last names. This article is to explore … Continue reading

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