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Consuming Canned Foods Increases Toxic Exposure 1000 Fold

Waking Times – by April McCarthy, Prevent Disease Consuming a daily serving of canned food products has a more than 1,000% increase in urinary bisphenol A (BPA) concentrations compared with when the same individuals consumed fresh food daily. The study … Continue reading

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American Sheep Own Two Washing Machines

The Common Sense Show – by Dave Hodges “Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They’ll only be able to parrot the information they’ve been given on the previous night’s news”. Zbigniew Brzezinski As the title … Continue reading

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Germany makes all ISIS propaganda, symbols and activities illegal.

Nunez Report, Reuters Germany announced a ban on the Islamic State on Friday, saying it aimed to prevent the group from recruiting young jihadists in Germany,Reuters reported. Coinciding with the launch of a broad U.S. campaign against the Sunni terrorists, … Continue reading

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Following The Money: Origins Of Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Program

DC Gazette Somehow, we all knew this had to be lurking in the background somewhere when it comes to Michelle Obama and the inedible school lunch disaster: Moochelle Obama has been working the food circuit since 2005, when she (because … Continue reading

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Obama Chief of Staff: Foley, Sotloff Families were Not Threatened; The Law was “Explained” to Them

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Kerry: We’re not looking to put any counties troops on the ground

Breitbart – by Pam Key Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Secretary of State John Kerry when asked if any nations have volunteered to supply combat troops to fight ISIS on the ground said, “We’re not looking to put troops … Continue reading

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The Kennedy’s Played Rough

Lew Rockwell – by Roger Stone A EXCERPT FROM NIXON’S SECRETS by Roger Stone with Mike Colapietro  Dirty tricks? Break-ins? Illegal cash? Bugging? Today these tactics are readily identified with Richard Nixon.  Incredibly the  coverage of the 1960 Presidential race … Continue reading

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How Government Works

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Kerry: Okay, We Can Call It ‘War’ If You Want

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Blood Moons: What’s Coming in 2014-2015? | Mark Biltz

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Lakeland Industries Announces Global Availability of Hazmat Suits for Ebola

Yahoo News RONKONKOMA, N.Y., Sept. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Lakeland Industries, Inc. (LAKE), a leading global manufacturer of industrial protective clothing for industry, municipalities, healthcare and to first responders on the federal, state and local levels, today announced the global availability … Continue reading

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NBC: Forget The Gun, Keep Wasp Spray By Your Bed For Home Defense

The Pirate’s Cove And your car keys (The Blaze) According to FBI crime statistics quoted by NBC’s TODAY Show, home invasions in America are happening at the alarming rate of 135 per day. That frightening fact combined with some recent, … Continue reading

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After 30 Years Of Lies, NY Times Admits “Assault Weapons Are A Myth”

Bearing Arms – by Bob Owens In a stunning op-ed released Friday, the NY Times finally admitted that “assault weapons” are a made-up political term fabricated by anti-gun Democrats. Op-ed writer Lois Beckett also admitted that once the term was … Continue reading

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CIA Plane in Big Aussie-American Heroin Bust

MadCowNews – by Daniel Hopsicker “Newly-obtained FAA registration records reveal that the American “mystery plane”busted this July with 35 kilos of heroin at an airport outside Sydney, Australia was a CIA plane. At least, it had been when it rolled … Continue reading

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Illegal Aliens Bussed To Social Sercurity Office In Memphis, Tn To Get SS#, Mexico Passport,

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Swatting: US gamers’ pranks see armed cops target their online enemies

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Business defends controversial President Obama sign

KHOU 11 News – by Rekha Muddaraj HOUSTON — It’s not the first time Tactical Firearms has displayed a controversial message on its outdoor marquee, but its latest sign seems to be turning more heads than usual. It says “Does … Continue reading

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Big Pharma Attacks Natural Medicine to Hide Own Death Toll (And It’s Shockingly High)

Natural Society – by Paul Fassa Remember when ephedra, also known as the herb Ma Huang, was taken off the market for awhile after baseball’s Baltimore Oriole pitcher Steve Belcher died in Spring training? Traces of it were found during an autopsy. … Continue reading

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Dallas Cop Watched as Woman’s Kids Taken at Gunpoint, Ignored Her Cries for Help, Drove Off

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Virginia School district ‘blacklists’ parents, mulls policy allowing principals to bar them from property

Charleston Voice – by Victor Skinner HENRICO, Va. – A Virginia school board wants to give individual school principals the power to banish parents from school property and to cut off all communications “to ensure the safety of its school buildings … Continue reading

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