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The Four Curses On Judaism

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Police On Alert Amid Nato Summit Protest

Sky News – by Rhiannon Mills Anti-war protesters have been demonstrating in Newport, as South Wales prepares to host the Nato summit. Around 1,000 people gathered outside the crown court before they made their way through the city. As well … Continue reading

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Should Gov. Nixon Set Free This Man Serving Life in Prison for Pot?

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Cat Hailed a Hero after Saving Owner from Burning House

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This Tower Pulls Drinking Water Out of Thin Air

Smithsonian – by Tuan C. Nguyen In some parts of Ethiopia, finding potable water is a six-hour journey. People in the region spend 40 billion hours a year trying to find and collect water, says a group called the Water Project. And even when they … Continue reading

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On September 1, 1939, World War II began as Nazi Germany invaded Poland

American Freedom by Barbara

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Death toll from Paris building explosion rises to seven

Yahoo News – by Francois Becker Rosny-sous-Bois (France) (AFP) – The death toll from an explosion in an apartment building outside Paris rose to seven on Monday, with rescue workers scrambling against time to find one last man still missing. … Continue reading

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Govt OK’s Growing Rice for Public Sale Within Fukushima Contamination Zone

Natural Society – by Christina Sarich Just recently, farmers in the city of Tamura, Fukushima Prefecture, have begun planting rice in a district previously designated as a ‘no-plant zone’ due to of radioactive fallout. This will be the first time since March, 2011’s … Continue reading

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The New Navy Is Committed To “Fair Treatment For All”

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Ukraine Troops Suffer Catastrophic Defeat in Novorossiya. Kiev Regime in Disarray

Global Research – by Colonel Cassad LiveJournal and (original in Russian) Novorossiya Military Briefing – Novorossiya Shall Be! We are currently witnessing an epic and in its own way historic event. The Ukrainian regular army and the punitive battalions are … Continue reading

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Israeli traffick in white sex slaves escalating

Four Winds Israel prides itself as a “beacon of light,” paving an enlightened path for democracy and human rights in a region of dictators, theocracies, tyrants and human rights abusers. In the shadows of the “beacon of light” lurks a … Continue reading

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Ice From Fast Food Establishments Has More Bacteria Than Toilet Water

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Death Panels Emerge, According to the New York Times

Political Pistachio – by Douglas V. Gibbs Remember when Sarah Palin said that Obamacare would lead to death panels?  Remember the leftist attacks against her for daring to say such a thing? Sunday New York Times headline, August 30, 2014: Medicare … Continue reading

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Cops to City Council: ‘We Were Given an Illegal Traffic Ticket Quota’

The Daily Sheeple – by Melissa Melton For those who still say it’s a myth that cops are given quotas for how many tickets they have to write, maybe you’ve never been to Waldo, Florida. The National Motorists Association listed … Continue reading

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Critisism of Obama is OK, but we draw the line at unfairness to Barney Fife

Powerline – by John Hinderaker We have long been critics of Barack Obama, sometimes harsh ones. But we have always tried to be fair. So when unfairness comes to light, we feel obliged to object to it. That happened yesterday … Continue reading

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Congressional Hits and Misses: Best of Nancy Pelosi

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Mexican Cartels Considering Major Alliance

Before it’s News Several of Mexico’s major drug cartels are pursuing an alliance, capital daily Reforma said Friday, citing unnamed intelligence sources. The Juarez organization and Los Zetas are among the groups trying to create a “cartel of cartels,” the … Continue reading

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California lawmakers end session with bills on plastic bags, gun control

Yahoo News - by Sharon Bernstein SACRAMENTO Calif. (Reuters) – California’s lawmakers ended a two-year session on Saturday with a package of bills that reflected deep disagreement over pressing issues including undocumented migrants, the social safety net and measures to cope with … Continue reading

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U.K. May Make Psychological Abuse, Humiliation Jailable Offenses

The New American – by Selwyn Duke Polygamy may still be illegal in most of the West, but, increasingly, marriages today often include more than just two members: husband, wife — and Big Brother. The latest example is a proposal in … Continue reading

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Marijuana Real Estate Prices in Denver Have “Doubled” and “Tripled” – by Barry Baird When you legalize marijuana, the demand for flower isn’t the only thing to rise. The demand for places to grow that flower has also substantially increased. Finding real estate in and around the Denver area to … Continue reading

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