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Zika: update from Brazil: towering non-evidence

Jon Rappoport I can now provide the latest update on what researchers in Brazil are discovering, as they dig into their original findings about the Zika virus and cases of microcephaly (babies born with small heads and brain impairment). A … Continue reading

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Oregon Legislature looks to close ‘Charleston loophole’ – by Alexander Harris Oregon’s legislature is considering a bill to close up a loophole many say aided the suspect involved in South Carolina’s racially charged church shooting last year. The loophole – which allows a gun sale to go forward … Continue reading

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Congress wants to turn the US Postal Service… into a bank

Sovereign Man – by Simon Black It’s news that seems ripped from the pages of The Onion. Or perhaps Atlas Shrugged. But incredibly enough it’s actually true: earlier this week, Congress proposed a new law authorizing the US Postal Service … Continue reading

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Special Report: Why Obama and other gun control advocates own stock in firearms makers

Reuters – by TIM MCLAUGHLIN AND PETER EISLER Barack Obama might seem an unlikely investor in the firearms industry. But the U.S. president, a fierce advocate for gun regulation, has money in a pension fund that holds stock in gun … Continue reading

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Draft America’s Daughters Act will require millions of women to sign up for draft

Fellowship of the Minds – by Dr. Eowyn Be careful what you wish for. Feminists agitate for gender “equality”. And so, heeding their call, the Obama administration decided to open all U.S. military combat roles to women, including the elite … Continue reading

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Federal appeals court rules ‘assault rifles’ protected under 2nd Amendment

The Real Revo – by R.D. Walker The ruling states that modern sporting rifles such as AR and AK platforms are not ‘unusual’ or especially dangerous and are, in fact, in common use in the United States as defensive weapons. … Continue reading

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Is The Zika Virus A Smokescreen For Vaccine Induced Birth Defects?

The Sleuth Journal – by Luis Miranda In the digital age of fast-travelling information, news simply flies. It is almost impossible to keep up with every little detail at once, which is why news needs constant updates to add unknown details … Continue reading

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1 Dead, 3 Hurt in Lower Manhattan Crane Collapse: Mayor de Blasio

NBC New York At least one man was killed and at least three other people were hurt when a crawler crane being secured because of high winds toppled over in lower Manhattan Friday morning, Mayor de Blasio said. The construction … Continue reading

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4 Gun reform bills overcome opposition to sweep Florida House – by Chris Eger Measures to that could bring campus carry, open carry, and improvements to the state’s laws on mandatory minimums and personal shooting ranges found approval. The two most divisive proposals, which would allow those with concealed … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Laughing Greatest Hits CD

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New Jersey man arrested after drone crashes into Empire State Building

Reuters A New Jersey man was arrested on Thursday after a drone he was flying crashed into the 40th floor of the Empire State Building in New York City, police said. The 29-year-old man was taken into custody after a … Continue reading

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Fall Asleep In Under 1 Minute

My Lifestyle Dr. Andrew Weil may have the solution to the countless sleepless nights. If you have this problem, you should try this trick which will put you to sleep in seconds. Yoga and its breathing practices inspired Dr. Weil … Continue reading

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What Is The Best Method Of Rebellion Against Tyranny?

Alt-Market – by Brandon Smith I have heard it often said that there is no one right way to accomplish a goal. I agree. However, I would add that while there is no such thing as “one right way” to … Continue reading

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2 New York City Police Officers Are Shot in the Bronx

New York Times Two New York City police officers patrolling a public housing complex in the Bronx were shot Thursday night by a gunman who fled into an apartment and killed himself, the police said. The officers were in stable … Continue reading

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Gruesome Dashcam Shows Slowly Driving Away From Cops is Punishable by Death by Firing Squad

The Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist Billings, MT — In January of 2015, two former Yellowstone County Sheriff’s deputies Jason Robinson and Christopher Rudolph opened fire on Loren Simpson and killed him as he attempted to flee their … Continue reading

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Navy staging 2-week long active shooter drills on bases nationwide – by Chris Eger Starting this week, Sailors and Marines from coast to coast will spend half the month engaged in response training to stop active shooters and potential terrorists in their tracks. The exercise, Solid Curtain-Citadel Shield 2016 … Continue reading

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Israel aims to annul press credentials for ‘contrary to reality’ headlines

RT Israel has threatened to annul press credentials of journalists and editors who use ‘contrary to reality’ headlines for their articles. The move comes in response to a publication from US broadcaster CBS after a terror attack in Jerusalem on … Continue reading

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The Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know About Nikola Tesla

The Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist Jim Murray has been a student of Nikola Tesla’s work for decades and his inventions based this work have been nothing short of paradigm shifting. In a recent interview with the Free … Continue reading

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The Poor Man’s Off-Grid Sawmill You Can Definitely Make At Home

Off the Grid News –  by Steve Nubie Before the invention of the sawmill, cutting logs into flat boards was a tedious, time-consuming and physically intensive process involving the use of wedges, mallets, axes and a tool called an adze, … Continue reading

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New York Times Says Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio Are Not Latino

Red State This is not parody. This is not a polemical attack. This is what the leftist cretins who are destroying this nation actually think. DEFYING most polls and predictions, a Latino won the Republican Iowa caucuses, and another Latino … Continue reading

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