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Praxis: Improvised Resupply By “Speedball.”

Sipsey Street Irregulars – by Dutchman 6 The ‘definitive glossary of modern US military slang’ defines “Speedball” as: A body bag filled with supplies, usually ammunition and bottled water, dropped from a plane or helicopter to resupply soldiers far afield … Continue reading

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Tie-Dyed Tyranny

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Southern Accents, pay attention Yankees

Free North Carolina – by Jeffrey Hardin When Poppa was stationed at Quantico Va. and then Paris Island Beaufort SC while in the Marine Corp, they, the schools, tried to forced me and two other siblings to go to speech … Continue reading

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A Return to Absolute Power?

The Imaginative Conservative – by Bruce Frohnen Few Americans spend much time thinking about the vagaries of administrative law—the rules and procedures our government uses in formulating and enforcing regulations—let alone its effects on our lives and liberties. Anyone warning … Continue reading

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Health Ranger launches FREE online pandemic preparedness audio course at – listen NOW

Natural News – by Mike Adams In response to the severity of the global Ebola outbreak, we’ve just launched, a site that exclusively hosts a FREE online audio course that shares lifesaving pandemic preparedness secrets. I’m the author of … Continue reading

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Barack Obama Mocks & Attacks Jesus and the Bible

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Unbelievable Maxine Waters calls Americans against Sharia Law BIGOTS

Conservative Infidel – by Amy Elizabeth So much for the oath Maxine Waters swore to protect. The Qur’an states 1: “Fight Those Who Do Not Believe” (Surah 9:29) fighting people that don’t believe. Don’t make Allies with Jews and Christians … Continue reading

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Bill Nye: Only Science Deniers Oppose Common Core Curriculum

The Last Resistance – by Philip Hodges Bill Nye is that guy who’s not a scientist but plays one on TV. For the entertainment of little kids. For some reason, that’s all that’s needed to qualify him as some sort … Continue reading

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More on those Syrian refugees going to North Carolina

Refugee Resettlement Watch – by Ann Corcoran Update:  First Syrian family to arrive in Greensboro living in hotel, here. This is follow-up story to our post of a few days ago where we learned that Syrians are arriving in the … Continue reading

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On getting rid of Patriotic Officers

Free North Carolina “…….. they have already been hard at working removing them.” No truer words have been said…exactly. When we heard all the hype about Obama building a Citizen military, I said then it wasn’t going to happen, in … Continue reading

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Remember President Obama Openly Committed High Treason

Militia News In 2009, when the president of the United States, Barack H. Obama accepted rotating status as chairman of the United Nations Security Council, he committed high treason. . . for this is a direct violation of article 1 … Continue reading

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Obama’s Pro-Muslim Brotherhood Homeland Security Advisor Resigns – Heads to Texas

Freedom Outpost – by Tim Brown You’ll recall one member of Barack Obama’s Sharia and Homeland Security advisors Mohamed Elibiary from past articles here at Freedom Outpost. Elibiary not only claimed that America is an Islamic country with an Islamically … Continue reading

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Texas Sheriff to ISIS: Rear Your Head Here & We’ll Send You to Hell

Freedom Outpost – by Tim Brown While many assume wrongly that when we post articles against Islam or informing the public about what Islamists are advancing in or against the US we are pushing a spirit of fear, we are … Continue reading

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Nancy Pelosi Backs Controversial Internet Powers to Save Net Neutrality

National Journal – by Brendan Sasso House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi wants to give federal regulators sweeping new powers over Internet access. The move is necessary, she said Monday, to save net neutrality and protect Internet users. But Republicans and … Continue reading

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Muslim Invasion Coming

Conservative News and Views – by DWIGHT KEHOE Many active supporters of the 2nd Amendment have spent endless hours gathering information on the benefits of an armed population.  They have presented incalculable amounts of data which prove beyond any doubt that people are safer if law-abiding … Continue reading

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Shoot Test: Version 4.2.3 Spall Guard and Maingun Patriot Plate

This will “defeat” most critics of military curved plates vs other forms of armor when it comes to the “Spall” argument. I highly endorse the curved Patriot Plate with the condor carrier and these spall guards. Very reasonably priced when compared … Continue reading

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How Preppers Can Survive in The City

US Crow – by Ryan Most usCrow articles encourage preppers to bug out if they’re in the city, but what if you can’t? This article will give you plenty of tips on how you can survive in the city. As … Continue reading

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This, Shannon Watts, Is Why We Need Guns To Go Grocery Shopping

Bearing Arms – by Bob Owens Tell us again, Moms Demand Action, why we shouldn’t have the right to defend ourselves from brutal and senseless assaults like this when we go out in public. A Kroger employee tells WMC Action News … Continue reading

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Al Gore’s Climate Calculations Prove Wrong — Again

We’re reminded when we look at the plans the communists are using to dismantle our Republic, that they’ll waist much of our money, as they discredit our founding documents. At the same time causing the general public to lose faith in … Continue reading

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Communism cannot take hold until both fathers and God are replaced by government.

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