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Knowing the enemies weapons & Battlefield pickups

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Mexican Cartels Aided By Obama Administration Take Control Of U.S. Southwest As Government Fails To Defend National Sovereignty

Collapse News ( An Arizona sheriff has claimed that vast portions of his state are essentially a no man’s land, as no jurisdiction – his included – has real “operational control.” When asked who had control over regions near Florence, … Continue reading

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The ship captain’s medical guide From: Maritime and Coastguard Agency First published: 6 May 2014 Last updated: 8 July 2014, see all updates Part of: Medical certification and advice and Working at sea Practical medical guidance for laymen (non-doctors) working on board a ship. This is the … Continue reading

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Grandma was a prepper

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What to do when the SHTF and you’re not a Prepper

US Crow – by Administrator Ryan In this guide we will try to make a quick reference beginner’s guide for people who aren’t preppers.  We’ve got a wealth of information on here but the reality is if you’re not a … Continue reading

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Government intensifies persecution of gardeners in attempt to criminalize self-sufficiency

Natural News – by Daniel Barker Home gardening is a deep-rooted (pun intended) American tradition. Since the nation’s beginnings, gardens have formed an integral part of the landscape, providing healthy, fresh food for millions of families. Home gardens are a … Continue reading

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Bulgarian Communist and UNESCO Boss Irina Bokova May Lead UN

The New American – by Alex Newman According to an April 2015 piece published in the establishment-controlled Financial Times, current UNESCO boss Irina Bokova (shown) is considered to be the frontrunner to serve as the next secretary-general of the United … Continue reading

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Earthbag Homes: The Ultimate Bullet-Proof Retreat… Cheap And Easy To Build!

Free Patriot Post Environmentalist’s best kept secret and the concrete industry’s worst nightmare… … the earthbag method means that you can build a small retreat to withstand bullets, floods, hurricanes, storms and fires much better than a conventional house. And all … Continue reading

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Red-Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America

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California Proposes 10-Year Gun Ban on Those Deemed by Family to be a “Threat”

The Last Resistance – by Philip Hodges If the government isn’t allowed to institute a gun ban then how can the government give my family that authority? Under current California law, if a friend or family member claims that someone … Continue reading

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Venezuelans Now Paying Each Other To Stand In Line For Hours, Desperately Hoping To Buy Basic Necessities In Collapsed Economy

The side effects of a socialist state ……….. Collapse News Venezuela is in the mist of a major food shortage. Citizens have been lacking basic necessities, such as detergent, toilet paper and oil, for more than a year now. Lines … Continue reading

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What We Know About the NSA and AT&T’s Spying Pact

Wired – by Kim Zetter NEW EDWARD SNOWDEN documents revealed on Saturday in the New York Times detail a decade-long secret partnership between the NSA and AT&T, which provided the spy agency with metadata on billions of emails. Although the … Continue reading

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30 shots in 8 seconds with a silenced 12 gauge shotgun

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Flamethrowers – given up by the military – are now being sold to the public

WTKR – by CNN Wire NEW YORK — Flamethrowers were gruesome weapons of war and so controversial that the U.S. military stopped using them after Vietnam. But as crazy as it may sound, they are available for sale to the … Continue reading

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Combat Tracking Techniques: How to Track Your Enemy.

Selous Scouts – by John Early (Captain) Sweat stings tired, dust-filled eyes. Adrenaline throbs like an electric river through your body as you search the near by bush. Every nerve feels for the enemy you know is there — somewhere. Your unit … Continue reading

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Bleeding Republican States Dry

Patriot Post – by Robin Smith We’re about to coin a new phrase that perfectly captures the deliberately destructive tool of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the hands of Barack Obama and the socialist Left. We’ll call it the … Continue reading

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“Homegrown Terrorists”: New US Draconian Laws Usher in the New World Order

Global Research – by Joachim Hagopian Duhaime’s legal definition of tyranny states: “A form of government other than a monarchy in which the formal written constitution is not adhered to and is broken by force of arms by a single … Continue reading

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Basic Fundamentals and Principles for Ambushing

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Large-Scale Clandestine Production of Small Arms

WeaponsMan There are a number of designs out there for “resistance” type submachine guns that circulate on the net and are available in books. Many are familiar, for example, with P.A. Luty’s Expedient Homemade Firearms: the 9mm Submachine Gun that landed … Continue reading

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