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Health Ranger Mike Adams: We Are On the Verge of a Global Pandemic

Freedom Outpost When it comes to alternative news, the choices in which one can obtain information is growing daily. However, the real challenge is not in finding the information, the challenge is finding information that you can trust and rely on. … Continue reading

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Officer Corps of the US Military Complicit in Treason & Establishment of World Government

Freedom Outpost This report is indisputable proof that high treason and the plan for the establishment of world government under a “New Order of Nations” are being brought about by the efforts of domestic enemies among the commissioned ranks within … Continue reading

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It’s Not About You It’s About Them

The Hoss USMC I recently read an article, by a self proclaimed second amendment supporter, blasting open carriers again. I find myself sighing and trying to muddle through the article without getting angry, but it never fails to make me … Continue reading

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Are You Helping or Hurting The Second Amendment?

The Hoss USMC My two favorite lines people who hate open carry use are, “You are hurting the Second Amendment” and “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should”. Inevitably they will always use this in their argument.  Let’s take … Continue reading

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The Weapons Platform: Major XXX’s Ruck Marching Tips

Western Rifle Shooters Association MAJ XXX’s Top 10 Road Marching Tips Plus 1 1. Powder your piggies. Your feet will sweat profusely during a road march. Damp feet blister easily. The best way to keep your feet comfortable and avoid … Continue reading

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NY DHS Will Pay You $500 to Rat Out Fellow Citizens Buying Legal Goods

Truth and Action New York’s Division of Homeland Security is posting signs on businesses to encourage people to snitch on fellow citizens who buy such things as MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat), ammunition, flash lights, match containers, gas masks and … Continue reading

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20 Unheeded Warnings in Washington’s Farewell Address

Gordon Anderson 1. Be vigilant, people will seek to use the government for selfish ends. 2. Avoid overgrown military establishments; they are hostile to liberty. 3. Prevent all obstructions to the execution of the laws. 4. Control bureaucracies; make sure … Continue reading

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Introduction to Nullification

Charleston Voice NOTE: This is the fourth in a series of articles covering basic constitutional principles So far in the Constitution 101 series, we’ve established that the Constitution created a limited federal government meant to exercise only specific, enumerated powers. All other authority remains with … Continue reading

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The Intercept Publishes Government Plan to Spy on You

The New American – by Thomas R. Eddlam The Intercept has published a 166-page manual of how the federal government puts people on the “no-fly list” and monitors American citizens. Obtained from whistleblower Edward Snowden, the information on the Glenn Greenwald-founded website revealed … Continue reading

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Feds Often Create Terror Threats, Study Finds

The New American – by Alex Newman The U.S. government often manufactures and creates the alleged “terrorism threats” it purports to be fighting, in some cases even prodding mentally challenged dupes into bogus “plots” that authorities concocted in the first … Continue reading

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Community Organizing MS-13 Style

The New Boston Tea Party We have devoted much ink to the violent El Salvador Mara Salvatrucha gang , better know by its nom de guerre MS-13 and the lesser know 18th Street gang.  They have infiltrated major cities committing felonies, murdering, … Continue reading

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Obama to Issue Executive Orders to Bring in Thousands of new Foreign Democrat Voters

WEB Commentary – by Sher Zieve As not one soul in Congress has lifted anything heavier than a limp pinky finger to stop him–likely because most of them are on the Leftist side–we knew this would eventually occur. Treason has … Continue reading

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Freedom Demands Personal Responsibility – Communism Seeks to Destroy it

Freedom Outpost “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” –John Adams The above quote was made by John Adams on October 11, 1798 while addressing the Massachusetts Militia. This … Continue reading

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Ohio Sheriff Bills Mexico for Illegals in His Jail – FBI Warns Him Mexican Drugs Cartels Will Kill Him

Freedom Outpost Ohio Sheriff Richard Jones had a unique idea to help with the cost of illegal aliens, who had committed crimes, currently taking up space in his jail. He sent a letter to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto charging him … Continue reading

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Chicago Resident: Obama Will Go Down as Worst President Ever

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10 Things to Do With Banana Peels Think a banana peel is only good for the trash? Guess again. Have you ever thought about where all those discarded peels end up? Yep, with the rest of the trash at the landfill, where they produce methane gas, … Continue reading

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SilencerCo “Salvo” Shotgun Suppressor Full Speed Dump

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Thought Provoking Quotes

“Fascism, socialism, communism, progressivism… all must all be resisted. To a slave of the state it matters little whether he is allowed to own his cage.” – Don Fredrick “[W]hen you see that in order to produce, you need to … Continue reading

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Congresswoman sees ‘threat’ in Constitution

WND – by Bob Unruh The head of a gun-rights organization is delivering a lesson on the Constitution to a member of Congress who claimed his statements on the Second Amendment constituted a threat against her. “Allow me to explain … Continue reading

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