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SKS complete review and history with Jerry Miculek

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Choosing a compass

Dan Morgan 76 I’ve been asked by several readers which compass I use and why I chose it. My primary compass is the Suunto MC-2, my alternate compass is a Suunto A-10 and the compass in my survival kit is … Continue reading

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The New Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle Composite Models

Free North Carolina There I was, lying on the ground, snugged up into the sling and looking through the 2.5 power scope as the target came into view at exactly 200 yards. As I pressed gently on the trigger the … Continue reading

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Thank this company for their bold public statement

AFA Every year beginning just after Thanksgiving, Sunbeam Bread reaches out to remind its customers that Christmas is a time to “reflect on our beliefs and remember those around us, especially those less fortunate.” For 75 years, Sunbeam has put … Continue reading

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Utah Demands Feds Surrender Lands by Dec. 31

The New American – by Alex Newman With the federal government engaged in a de facto unconstitutional occupation of some two thirds of Utah’s territory, citizens of the state and their elected representatives have had just about enough. So, on December … Continue reading

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4 enzyme rich foods that can dramatically improve digestion

Natural News – by Derek Henry Enzymes are very delicate nutrients that are responsible for carrying out virtually every metabolic function. We have around 3000 unique enzymes in our bodies that are involved in over 7000 enzymatic reactions. Simply put, … Continue reading

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Man who waterboarded 9/11 mastermind slams CIA interrogation report

Fox News The man who waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the so-called mastermind of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, told Megyn Kelly on Tuesday that the CIA’s program of using enhanced interrogation techniques did not amount to torture, despite recent accusations … Continue reading

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Demystifying Minerals: Which Ones are Truly Essential and Where to Find Them

Natural Society – by Christina Sarich Americans are devoid of essential nutrients – and this is why we have one of the highest incidences of disease in all of the industrialized world – even though we spend billions on healthcare … Continue reading

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Your Rifle: Take Care of It as If It Were Your Life – Because it is!

The Defensive Training Group From time to time we hear conversations or read on the web of someone beating the ever living crap out of their rifle to see how much it can take or to prove it can take … Continue reading

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House, Senate Gop Leaders Gearing up to Increase Guest-Worker Permits

Breitbart – by Tony Lee Top Republican leaders in the House and Senate are gearing up to push legislation in the next Congress that would increase the number of foreign guest-workers even in industries that do not need them. They … Continue reading

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Voters Finally Learn What’s in the CRomnibus Bill Passed by the Senate

The New American – by Bob Adelmann The so-called CRomnibus bill (a combination of a Continuing Resolution and an omnibus spending bill covering dozens of federal agencies) was passed by the Senate late Saturday night, 56-40, approving government spending through … Continue reading

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10 Illegal Alien Facts

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Loretta A. Preska is a traitor.

Patriot or Traitor Chief U.S. District Judge Loretta Preskaq is a prime example of a tyrant who’s function of the law is to keep those who hold power, in power. A prime example of this is the controversial case of … Continue reading

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Betrayal from Both Sides of the Aisle?

WEB Commentary – by Sher Zieve Despite the fact that We-the-People gave the Republicans a mandate to stop Obama’s unconstitutional and country-destroying dictates, policies and programs with a landslide victory in November, the current establishment majority–still in charge of the … Continue reading

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Five reasons why you’re totally crazy if you aren’t growing your own food

Natural News – by Mike Adams As things get ever crazier in the world, there are more reasons than ever to grow at least some of your own food. In fact, I say you’re crazy if you don’t grow some … Continue reading

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Andrew Klavan: #GamerGate Forever!

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Ride to the other side

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The #1 Shooting Tips from the World’s Top Firearms Instructors

Center Mass Groups – by Chris Sajnog Have you ever wondered what one aspect of firearms training was the most important? Like if you could ask the best firearms instructors in the world, “What is one critical part of shooting … Continue reading

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Michael Brown Criminally Assaults and Robs an Old Man

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The Amazing Pop Bottle Grow System

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