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Bank of America Tells Gun Manufacturer McMillan Firearms “We no Longer Want Your Business”

The 2nd Amendment is becoming more and more under attack as not only Bank of America, but also Craigslist, EBay and PayPal give thumbs down to any transactions concerning guns or Ammo. Gun owners are more and more becoming isolated from being able to purchase or manufacture guns. It’s damn close if not full blown tyranny. For people who love guns, it’s another long line of BS that they have had to put up with. It’s good to see that Mr. McMillan no longer accepts Bank of America credit cards as payment for any of his products. We all in the gun community should disassociate ourselves from this corrupt bank ASAP.

Kelly McMillan, CEO of McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, McMillan Group International, and McMillan Firearms Manufacturing had a meeting recently with Bank of America’s Senior Vice President, Mr. Ray fox. Here is how it went in Kelly McMillan’s’ own words:

“McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, McMillan Firearms Manufacturing, and McMillan Group International, have been collectively banking with Bank of America for 12 years. Today Mr. Ray Fox, Senior Vice President, Marlet Manager, Business Banking, Global Commercial Banking came to my office. He scheduled the meeting as an account analysis meeting in order to evaluate the two lines of credit we have with them. He spent 5 minutes talking about how McMillan has changed in the last 5 years and have become more of a firearms manufacturer than a supplier of accessories.

At this point I interrupted him and asked, “Can I possibly save you some time so that you don’t waste your breath? What you are going to tell me is that because we are in the firearms manufacturing business you no longer want my business.”

“That is correct,” he says.

I replied, “That is okay, we will move our accounts as soon as possible. We can find a 2nd Amendment friendly bank that will be glad to have our business. You won’t mind if I tell the NRA, SCI and everyone one I know, that Bank of America is not firearms industry friendly?”

“You have to do what you must,” he said.

“So you are telling me this is a politically motivated decision, is that right?”

Mr. Fox confirmed that it was. At which point I told him that the meeting was over and there was nothing left for him to say.

I think it is important for all Americans who believe in, and support our 2nd amendment rights to keep and bear arms, should know when a business does not support these rights. What you do with that knowledge is up to you. When I don’t agree with a business’s political position, I cannot, in good conscience support them. We will soon no longer be accepting Bank of America credit cards as payment for our products.

Kelly D. McMillan
Director of Operations
McMillan Group International, LLC
Phoenix, Arizona 85027
McMillan Integrity-Global Vision


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15 Responses to Bank of America Tells Gun Manufacturer McMillan Firearms “We no Longer Want Your Business”

  1. Dave says:

    I’m convinced that the huge piles of cash that’s been supplied to BOA by the feds in order to keep them from collapsing has resulted in BOA being less concerned with profit & more concerned with politics-a bad combination.

  2. r says:

    We all who support the constitution and its 2nd amendment should discontinue all commerce with this bank cut up their cards and transfer any loans or savings!

    • Douglas Barry says:

      Amen brother,there are well over four million of us just in the NRA,surely enough to send Bank of America,although it makes one wonder what America their talking about,a message.We won’t do business with you either.Its not just McMillan that’s under attack here,it’s all of us.We must stand together against these attacks,support McMillan and every business these left wing nut jobs attack before it’s too late.Time is running out for the second amendment.JOIN THE FIGHT,JOIN THE NRA.TOGETHER,we are a force that can defeat these loonies.

      • Henry Shivley says:

        I agree with everything you’ve said, except for “Join the NRA” as they are controlled opposition. It only takes a drop of poison in that teaspoon of sugar to kill you and in the last week I have seen Ted Nugent pushing for the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, who is more the proven gun grabber than even the soviet socialist Barack Obama.
        I support Gun Owners of America as they will not compromise on my inalienable 2nd Amendment right.

  3. Grace says:

    Bank of America will come on their knees begging for McMillan’s support in 36 months.

  4. Mark Schumacher - NV says:

    I just read on Kelly Mcmillans face book page that he signed contracts that precludes him from not accepting Visa or Mastercard form Bank of America. Looks like he will have to honor the agreement.

    “I just got off the phone with my Merchant account provider. As part of the contract I signed with this company, I also signed a contract with Visa and MasterCard that precludes me from “NOT” accepting credit cards from Bank of America as payment. So, I wanted to make sure that everyone who has supported us through this incident realizes I am not backing down and knuckling under. We have always prided ourselves in being an upright law abiding company and we will honor the contract that we signed.”

  5. Richard Rider says:

    Naturally gun owners are incensed, as am I. But I’ve had a longstanding dislike for B of A. It’s an AWFUL bank — always has been. We had quite a row years ago — they “done me wrong.”

    Bad idea, B of A. As a result, I very publicly kicked Bank of America’s butt from San Diego to San Francisco. I gave them hundreds of thousands of dollars of bad publicity.

    Payback’s a bitch, as B of A found out. It’s a fun tale, if you don’t care for B of A:

  6. I have cancelled all of my B of A accounts. You can kick my dog, kiss my wife, take my home, but don’t dare touch my guns.

    Tom Coakley

    • Douglas Barry says:

      The fight to strip us of our right to legally and responsibly own and use our firearms is never ending.Back door moves like this attack on McMillan,is an attack on us all.They will continue.It is an easier road for the gun haters to travel than going directly after the Constitution,now we even have a so called president that has no respect for that either.The fight we are about to face will be difficult.Time to get ready for the storm.We must stand together,the NRA is close to five million strong.They fight this battle everyday.If your not a member,we need you,join us,join the fight.

      • Henry Shivley says:

        Though the hearts of the grass roots membership of the NRA may be in the right place, its leadership has become nothing more than controlled opposition. If you want to join an organization that will not compromise, here is the real McCoy, Gun Owners of America.

  7. Douglas Barry says:

    Most people have forgotten that WE THE PEOPLE are the government,and led to believe it’s some group of elites that lord over us all.I hope we don’t make that mistake with groups like the nra,or gun owners of America.The body of members,not the Big shots at the top,are the true NRA.Without the membership,their is no NRA.The members on the other hand,without the big shots,will still be a very large group of like minded people that will find a way to stand together.Case in point,Gun Owners Of America.We must all stand together to win this fight.When the ATF comes knocking on our doors to demand our guns,our differences will look pretty small.A house divided will not prevail,standing together,we are unstoppable. To the anti gun people,there is no difference,they want to take us all down. I will join the Gun Owners Of America.I know they need the support of all the members they can get.So does the NRA,so do we all. This is a step forward Henry, this is how we will win,one step at a time.Thanks.

  8. Julie Willinger says:

    FYI – Merrill Lynch and FIA credit cards are part of the BOA conglomerate too.

  9. Edward C. says:

    Gentelman I feel your pain, I to am a gun owner. I fought for the second amendment rights and this country and I am a proud member of the NRA. When the gun grabbers talk about taking away our guns i hope they include the military, law enforcement, secret service, and all government agentcys. It’s the criminals that are the cause of alot of these problems. GOD BLESS AMERICA !!

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