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Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama Still Has Plenty of Questions to Answer

Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama has a pretty smile and mobsters for friends, and unfortunately became the president of the United States of America. By way of trickery and slick use of the English language, he has managed to fool millions of voters. The games are starting to get old Barry Soetoro.

What took him so long to produce the long form Birth Certificate? Why didn’t he produce the document during his campaign with the Clinton’s when they also questioned his eligibility?

Why do so many feel that this Hawaiian long form document is a fake document?

Why do people feel that this also is the real Birth Certificate?

Why does his own wife say that Barry Soetoro’s home country is Kenya as seen here?

The United States constitution requires that both parents be born in America for Barry Soetoro to be a legally elected president, which clearly they were not. This will have implications for Mitt Romney as well, being that he was born in Mexico. It is a narrow definition of the constitution but many feel it is a correct one. The president comes under strict rules, for obvious reasons. Just as in every other major country in the world.

Since he has been our president, he has managed to throw away trillions of dollars in American wealth. Now, unemployed Americans are starving in the streets. Trillions of dollars are not accounted for, buried somewhere in banksters accounts. It’s bad enough that he smiled at the cameras as he told America that we would have change, but the kind of globalist change he was talking about has ruined our country.

Thousands of people have already questioned the Hawaiians long form authenticity. He is the only sitting president in recent history that so many have questioned his eligibility. How does he explain that? His poll ratings are swirling down the commode, how does he explain that?

He is putting out lies about how the economy is recovering, while the dollar is dropping like a rock. Unemployment is at record levels with only 46 percent of the country actually employed. I’m sorry we have had enough. The fun and games stops with the Constitution of the United States.

Why has who ever claimed to furnish this document have made so many mistakes?

Updated 4-28-11

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44 Responses to Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama Still Has Plenty of Questions to Answer

  1. John says:

    Dear Mark:

    I refer you to the following site, which attempts to debunk Trump’s claim that Obama has spent over $2 million defending “birther” lawsuits.

    While their analysis does seem reasonable, it appears that some significant money has been spent battling “birther” lawsuits, including FEDERAL money……..

    “We should note that, since Obama was elected, a number of federal cases related to the birth certificate issue — including several filed by or with the assistance of California attorney Orly Taitz, a leader among Obama birth certificate questioners — have been handled by federal attorneys, including those with the U.S. Department of Justice. Several of these cases were dismissed almost immediately. Others were active for up to a year but were ultimately dismissed and then, in some cases, appealed. The case in which Bauer wrote the letter to the plaintiff was dismissed twice by the Supreme Court.”

    Therefore, the amount of FEDERAL time and money spent on these lawsuits is likely subject to FOIA disclosure.

    If it turns out that significant FEDERAL resources were spent battling these lawsuits, then there must be accountability as to why he had not previously released his “birth certificate” and saved taxpayers the time and money by having the first case immediately go to the US Supreme Court and have it settled quickly, surely and most cost-effectively. By not doing this, it appears he premeditatedly and unnecessarily wasted taxpayer money and the legal manpower of the US Dept of Justice.

    Would you not concur that this is a legitimate basis to justify a FOIA request, and if so, will you be the first to scoop it?


  2. Mark Schumacher says:


    In the furnished link for the “Kenya” document, there is a referral of $950,000 being spent from campaign funds. Far from the $2 million dollar figure your quoting. I would suspect the same kind of fraudulent behavior we have been experiencing with the missing trillions of dollars is going on here with the US Dept. of Justice. There has been so much fraud and corruption going on with this administration that nothing would surprise me.

    Has Obama matched the footprint seen on the Kenyan birth certificate. Has the attorney Philip Berg been satisfied by all of the information gathered so far? I call it like I see it with Obama, and everything he has done so far has done nothing but hurt America. I wouldn’t trust Eric Holder any farther than I could throw him.

    • al american says:

      ACTION NOW 2012

      We hold this truth to be self evident that all men are created equal…………

      We are awake, aware and ready to change America. We support new world harmony not new world order

      Our goal is to stop the present course we are on monetarily ,militarily and humanatarily in favor of one that restores our rights, promotes peace and assures our futures. We vow to prosecute all people involved in treasonous activities and crimes against Americans and humanity…We also vow to take back our lands, wealth and liberties while we strip them from the guilty and from their airs. We vow to not use the death penalty on those involved but rather to sentence them to life in prison with forced hard labor.
      We must have a feasible plan for our changes to be considered creditable and gain support because simply just wanting things to change isn’t enough. Its impossible to please all the people so this is meant to address the worst problems facing us at this time. There is no easy or fast way out of our mess so this will take a lot of working together and trusting in each other over the long haul to make this successful.

      ACTION NOW…a plan for real change…..

      A, Abolish private banks in AMERICA .

      1. Immediately file charges against the owners and the past actions of the federal reserve bank.
      2. Rule the FED BANKS actions illegal and confiscate all records and freeze assets.
      3. Confiscate federal reserve notes as evidence in a trial and deem them to be worthless paper.
      4. Open government banks ran by and for the benefit of the people in the united states of America.
      5. Outlaw the use of fractional lending and the current student loan program
      6. Print republic money equal our fort Knox gold (700 mil. Oz)=$1,246,000,000,000
      Plus add all assets of present lands, business, homes, $78,318,012,000,000
      This totals $79,564,000,000,000 in currency or $39,782,000,000,000 adjusted 50% for inflation
      Interest free ,dept free money printed with full authority to pay taxes and to exchange for goods.
      7. Immediately reduce the economy, wages and property values by 50% to adjust for inflation
      8. Reclaim properties taken illegally by greedy banking policies and foreclosure practices
      Sold for profit to foreigners transferring true wealth out of AMERICA bit by bit.
      True wealth is in our buildings, businesses, farmlands, properties, homes, our labor and our futures
      9. Stop home foreclosures Set up new business, home, car and personal loans with 2% interest rates.
      10. Offer Americans a national credit card with a 2% interest rate Using our money to make money.
      Note also that because of fractional lending our true nation debt is 10% of the what say we owe.

      C. Cancel all foreign military actions and bring our troops home now.

      1. Stop the madness and end all non defensive military activities around the world
      2. Bring our troops and loved ones home to start rebuilding this country immediately
      3. Have a strong defense here at home but leave the rest of the world alone.
      4. End the needless war games mentality that keeps us producing and spending money on weapons
      5. Close the borders temporarily, remove the illegal aliens here and take care of ourselves.
      6. Prosecute the military industrial complex including the presidents, generals and grunts.
      7. Make our only foreign policies feeding the starving and helping the poor around the world.

      T. Take steps to see to it we have truly safe food ,water, medicines and vaccines,

      1. No fluoride compounds or chemicals in our water and make milk safe as well.
      2. No GMO’s or altered foods ,make food affordable and natural. End cloning and nano technology
      3. No growth hormones or sub clinical antibiotics or radiation. Bring back nutrients and vitamins
      4. Safe packaging and bottling with no hidden added enzymes, hormones or Biphenyl A
      5 Stop pushing pills and seniors and vaccines on our children. Reduce pesticides and herbicides
      6. Start a national small farms across America project by making land and seeds affordable
      7. Stop the use of ASPARTAME in gum prosecute all companies profiting from these poisons .

      I. Insist on the reinstatement of the full powers of the constitution and the bill of rights as written.

      1. Restore full independence of the united states and repeal the patriot act
      2. End the war powers act and remove any laws taking away our rights and freedoms.
      3. Help 911 victims families and clean up survivors and reward and protect whistle blowers.
      4. Elect politicians who are not bought and paid for and end party politics in this country
      5. Take the government out of our private lives and reduce government workers by 40%
      6. Start holding politicians and generals responsible and accountable for what they sign and do
      7. Make politicians earn their retirement/health benefits with at least 8 years of good service.

      O. Overhaul the educational system, end the college bubble .

      1. Forgive 75% of all college loans debts and make all future and past loans interest free.
      2. Make college affordable again in AMERICA by reducing tuition costs by 50%.
      3. Subsidize jobs for students to have work as they are in school adding to their self sufficiency.
      4. Make sure jobs are available for new grads with the jobs program.
      5. Make books affordable and resalable and stop gouging students who cant sell their books back.
      5. Change courses and methods of teaching to promote learning and assist future world needs
      6. Incorporate parents, volunteers and new teaching styles into elementary and high schools.
      7. Pay teachers, nurses and seniors 40% more, pay government workers and politicians 40% less.
      8. End mandatory sentencing and the war on drugs and look at rehabilitating rather than punishing.

      N. Navigate national laws and tax policies towards improving lives,

      1. Stop corporate greed & helping big businesses with tax breaks and special favors.
      2. End all involvement with the united nations.
      3. End mandatory sentencing and the war on drugs and look at rehabilitating rather than punishing.
      4. Set a new tax structure that reflects the more you earn, the more you can give policy
      10% income tax on individuals, corporations, estates, and trusts.
      5. An additional 10% added to the taxes of government employees and
      Individuals earning triple or more the national income average and companies
      heavily using our natural resources.
      6. All seniors, full time students will pay no income taxes
      7. Sales tax 10 % . An added 5% tax across the board to be used towards MEDICARE
      The average taxpayer will pay 15% on income and 10% on all sales. .
      8. Single parents with custody will get a 50% income tax break.

      N. Negotiate with industry and manufacturing company owners to bring jobs back to America.

      1. Regain the greatness of American industry and production by encouraging industry back again
      2. Stop oil dependency & burning gasoline in this country by designing new vehicles and
      equipment taking advantage of new technologies, new ideas, our natural resources and labor.
      3. Adopt a national BUY AMERICAN policy to support our businesses and to help our economy
      4. Start and national rebuilding and farming program to provide jobs, make homes and grow food
      5. Rebuild America using green products and steel saving trees and avoiding pollution
      6. Open new American car companies, new AMERICAN steel mills new roads.ect.

      O. Open our eyes to the deceptions of our media ,elected officials and murdering traitors

      1. Bring back true reporting and freedom of the press in AMERICA
      2. Start gathering videos and writing down names of corrupt police and military thugs.
      3. Note who was leading the FDA, WHO,FAO CIA. The HAARP project, FEMA camps.
      4. Note who created and signed these laws that steal our rights or keep businesses overseas.
      5. Note who was poisoning our water. Making radioactive bullets and artillery. Monsanto
      6. Stop importing unsafe products from countries using forced labor and ignoring human rights.
      7. Stop housing foreclosures with new 2% interest rate loans offering affordable payments
      8. Stop weather modification activities including CHEMTRAILS and the H.A.A.R.P projects.


      W. Workout a plan for an affordable healthcare system .
      1. Offer affordable healthcare using private companies for normal visits and normal procedures.
      2. Have the government pay for 80 % of the costs of major surgeries and life saving procedures.
      10% of the remaining bill to be paid by individuals provider and the remaining 10 % to be
      absorbed by the hospital and thru donations and volunteerism.
      3. Healthcare will be free to seniors and anyone born with disabilities.
      Individuals considered poor will be expected to do volunteer work to help until they have jobs.
      The sales of medicinal marijuana and hemp products can add support. And other means to be
      discussed like import taxes and user fees,ect.
      Remember we are waiting $30,000 per second to a fake dept, a farce and a scam, the biggest
      rip off in world history and remember this fake dept makes us slaves.

      !. Agree to disagree, stop party politics
      1. Agree all humans have a right to exist in freedom and the right to live in peace.
      2. Agree we share this time and this planet together as brothers and sisters with common
      needs, common goals and common rights as equals.
      3. Agree to a pledge to not leave the needy or the poor behind by agreeing to help feed them, to help
      and clothed them. We know they are victims and need to help rebuild their lives and lands
      4. Agree to get rid of politicians and impeach any presidents who are doing a bad job regardless of
      any existing wars or distractions. And that they should have to earn any benefits they receive.
      5. Agree to understanding and accepting the differences in each other and to even appreciate them
      6. Agree to try to learn how to forgive and forget each others mistakes and to truly love

  3. Dave says:

    Obama is Muslin

  4. Michael Ricci says:

    I thought he was born as Barry Soetoro NOT Barrack H. Obama. Shouldn’t the birth certificate say Barry Soetoro???????
    Also, if you blow the picture up, the name looks like a different font that the rest of the certificate typing. Plus, if you look close, the background around the name looks like it has been altered. Finally, why did the typewriter on the top name drop the “R” lower than the rest, but where it has typed his fathers name, the “R” is in perfect alignment????

    Just some questions. Blow the picture of the certificate up and look for yourself!!!!

  5. Mark Schumacher says:

    Michael Ricci-

    Both the Hawaii and the Kenya documents both show irregularities in the fonts. Don’t see your point. These are manual typewriter’s BTW, they throw keys different all the time. If you hit the key harder than the last line you typed, it will show something different.

  6. The Constitution actually doesn’t say that your parents have to be born here.

    “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

    • Mark Schumacher says:

      Constitutional Lawyer-

      That’s your opinion, natural born citizen is a narrow definition. I say you couldn’t be more wrong.

  7. GMB says:

    Barack Hussein Obama a.k.a. Osama Obama (Economic Terrorist) is NOT a natural born citizen as his father was NOT an American citizen.

  8. Lee says:

    Why does the birth certificate list his father’s race as African? That is not a race. And, I’m pretty sure that in 1961, it would have read “Negro” regardless of nationality.

    • Angela says:

      good point! that was the accepted term in the 60’s. Regardless of the birth issue, this man is signing away our rights! Those who voted for him based on his promise to end the war…he lied. Fooled you once, …

  9. Malcolm Alexander says:

    Good point posted in comments on an online report:
    “The hospital named on the birth certificate was known as Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital in 1961. It didn’t become known as Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children ( the one named on the certificate ) until 1978. Source? The hospitals own website !
    – pedro de sapper, lymington, 28/4/2011 4:55”

  10. JJ says:

    I’d still like to see an answer to Michael Ricci’s question. I thought he was born as Barry Soetoro NOT Barrack H. Obama. Shouldn’t the birth certificate say Barry Soetoro? If he wasn’t born Barrrry Soetoro, when did he change his name and why did he change it back?

  11. Jack says:

    “The United States constitution requires that both parents be born in America for Barry Soetoro to be a legally elected president”

    Looks like Mitt Romney is going to have to drop out since his father was born in Mexico.

    • Mark Schumacher says:


      The Constitution is far more than just a piece of paper. It is an ingenious document devised to help filter out the garbage that can bring down a country. Americans need to return to the original concept as we have grossly deviated from the original intentions.

      If for some reason you have a problem with that, then move to Somalia. Patriotic Americans have had enough of the games by that have taken America down.

      • Jack says:

        I’m not anti-Constitution at all. Just pointing out that if we eliminate Obama by the criteria you noted, you’d also have to eliminate Romney.

        • Mark Schumacher says:


          That was already mentioned in my article. Glad you agree.

          • Jack says:

            Did you just add that, or did I completely miss it when I first read the article? I’m assuming it was just added since I doubt I would have missed it immediately following the sentence I was copying, while making the same point I was making.

            At any rate, I think the whole thing just brings up the argument over what defines ‘natural born citizen’. I have a hard time believing that the intent was to eliminate 1st generation American’s from being able to run for President. Or eliminate someone based on only having ONE American born parent. Thats a pretty slippery slope in imply that you can’t run for President, even if you were born here, and you can trace your family back for generations in this country.

          • Mark Schumacher says:

            No Jack, it wasn’t added. You can do a search on the net easy enough to figure that out. Why would I do something as stupid as that just to try and one up you? My point has already been made. Slow down next time you read the articles.

            As for your comment about “Natural Born Citizen”, read it any way you want. I’m reading the way the original founders meant it to be read. Think about it jack, they just got through kicking the hell out of the British. Why the hell would they turn around and want them to run the country that they just fought to win?

          • Jack says:

            I wasn’t trying to accuse you of doing something shady. I was asking because it seemed pretty funny that I would miss that right after the sentence I was commenting on.

            “As for your comment about “Natural Born Citizen”, read it any way you want.”

            Thats the point. Many interpret in different ways, and “natural born citizen” legal arguments have been dismissed every time by the courts.

            “Think about it jack, they just got through kicking the hell out of the British. Why the hell would they turn around and want them to run the country that they just fought to win?”

            Apples to oranges comparison. Obama was born in America, to a mother that was born in America (who’s family history can be traced back for centuries in this country) Thats not some Englishman in the late 18th century becoming President.

          • Henry Shivley - OR says:

            Mark is absolutely right. It was absolutely meant to eliminate some 1st generation Americans. Back then they called them Torys, some of them were even 2nd generation citizens. After the United States declared itself, many chose to remain British citizens and even though they were born in this country they were not by law natural born citizens.
            You’re right there have been many cases bringing up the issue and I think they are pushing to settle the issue through an ex post facto fait accompli. Maybe in the end this will go to the corporate owned Supreme Court and then they can change our Constitution to allow naturalized citizens to be president. You see we would have to, because the only option would be to declare Obama’s presidency illegitimate, somehow undue the effect of every document he has signed, both as a president and a senator, and put everyone in jail who knew. No, they are not going to do that. So what do you think, Arnold Schwarzenegger for president in 2012?

          • Jack says:

            Tories left the U.S. after the Revolutionary War (for Canada and England, etc). Its not like you had British subjects walking around Philadelphia in 1800 going “Hmm, I think I’ll take a run at the Presidency.”

            By the way, I just remembered that Donald Trumps mother was born in Scotland. The Presidential candidates are dropping like flies. LOL

          • Henry Shivley - OR says:

            Well you are out of here, troll. The mainstream media does not allow the 99ers to speak in their propaganda forum. If our readers wanted to hear your point of view all they have to do is turn on MSNBC, CNN, or FOX. We have already heard your party line lies. We come here to talk about your lies, not to reiterate them.
            Last word to the point. The children of slaves born in this country were also not considered naturalized citizens just because they were born here. That is why the 14th Amendment was tacked on. Personally I don’t think the 14th Amendment was necessary at all as the children of the slaves were born of two American parents.
            Just in case there is anyone out there who did not understand the meaning of my first comment. I will make it perfectly clear. During the days of the colonies all here were British citizens. Hence, two Tories, a man and a woman, born of two United States citizens, meaning the parents sided with the patriots and became citizens of the Republic, while their children chose to be Tories. Now these two Tories have a child just before returning to England. This child was born in Boston MA. His parents are the children of two American citizens, but as they chose to be Tories the child is not a natural born citizen.
            This is relevant because the issue is what our founding fathers were thinking at the time when they put in the phrase, “natural born citizen”. They wanted to make sure that their naturally born children, their children, and their children’s children made up and controlled their government. The phrase was put in to stop foreigners from infiltrating what is the freest and most open system in the world.
            And yes by God, you should have to prove to the satisfaction of every individual citizen that you are a natural born and are entitled by hereditary right to hold our highest office.
            Like I said, this guy is out of here, he is a troll.

          • al american says:

            abolish the federal reserve banks use in american NOW

            ACTION NOW 2012

  12. Jack says:

    “Why has who ever claimed to furnish this document have made so many mistakes?”

    No mistakes at all, it was simply image optimization. See the link….

    • Mark Schumacher says:

      We respect all opinions here Jack. Thanks for the input, hopefully, informative as well as intelligent people will decide for themselves how they have been duped.

  13. Cindy Pandolfo says:

    The ‘alleged” birth certificate has no vital statistics – weight, length and footprints. I have NEVER seen a legimate birth certificate without that information.

    • Jack says:

      My birth certificate from Michigan contains none of that info (weight, length, footprints). Mine contains almost exactly the same fields as the Hawaiian one shown.

  14. Ted Barry says:

    To me this is the most damning evidence of a fraudulant birth certificate:

    “The hospital named on the birth certificate was known as Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital in 1961. It didn’t become known as Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children ( the one named on the certificate ) until 1978. Source? The hospitals own website !

    If this is true, why is this not being investigated?

  15. Ted Barry says:

    Oh, this also:

    Why does the birth certificate list his father’s race as African? That is not a race. And, I’m pretty sure that in 1961, it would have read “Negro” regardless of nationality.

    I was born in 1962 and even as a child, blacks or African Americans were known as Negros!

  16. Laurence S. Eraut says:

    Dear Americans May 3, 2011
    All this can be explained by Bible prophesy, Concerning the nation of Israel: Such bible prophesy is also applicable to the USA, because we, as a nation under God, fall under the same rules, as Israel of ancient times; God changes not. For instance, there is a prophesy that “Your enemies shall possess your gates” : While the gates of a city are where judges sat in judgement, and also, they decide who shall legally enter your city or country. This prophesy was because Israel was a rebellious, non-law-abiding country.
    So, we-all have need of nation-wide repentance toward God, who changes not. The very crimes that Israel was unrepentant of, we are now guilty of. I, by myself, do repent and for America, do also repent, that we have been guilty, have wronged others, and that we do seek to make ammends, hear our cry of repentance, Lord God.
    Personally, I have long been aware that we, as a nation, were wrong in trying to force the Vietnamese to obey our system. The Spratley islands off the coast of Vietnam contain useful oil reserves that we, the USA, tried to steal. We have also tried to rule over the people of Cuba, because we were using their oil reserves without just payment. For every abortion we have committed, there is a Mexican replacement, now amounting to forty million abortions, thus forty million replacement human beings. God is just in making us indebted to our enemies, the Arab Moslems, and the Chinese communists. Just such indebtedness as was the burden of Israel in ancient times. God does not change, we must all change; We must repent of our sinful behaviours. What sins, you ask? Let me remind you-all that we have more prisoners than any other country on earth. We have “sin-cities”, we have breakups of most marriages, we have more health-care issues than any other nation on earth, most persons within the USA were institutionalized at some time in their life. Our behavior in this blessed nation, blessed because we accept Jesus, but not blessed because we are more the headquarters of sin, an example of sinfulness, to all other nations. We, as a nation, must repent of our sins. The promise is that such evils will be removed from out country, as far as the east is from the west. We-all need to pray to God, please to forgive us, and we shall treat our neighbor with respect and love, instead of hate and vengence. We have to turn over a new leaf of righteousness before God if we want the evils of foreign dominance and foreign indebtedness and foreign presences to oppress us. We brought these evils on ourselves, Pray therefore that God will forgive us, and relieve us ot such burdens;
    It is true that Barry Soetoro is over us, for God, and by authority of our constellation rulers has deemed him a suitable President, to teach us and lead us. He is a Moslem, and a Socialist, and not even an American Citizen, but he is God’s choice, because we-all deserve his rulership over us. Until we repent.
    The Israelis, once under severe Roman rule, were rebellious, and so they saw their once blessed nation destroyed absolutely. But God’s promise to Israel is that, when they do finally repent, they will be restored to all the promised blessings.
    We also, USA, Canada and Mexico, must improve our relationship with God, so that we will be blessed again, as we were at the beginning. When we repented of slavery the 600,000 people who died, were soon become over 300 million alive. Remember, that there were disasterous plagues that sometimes killed one-third . We’d better repent sooner.
    Yours Sincerely, Laurence S. Eraut [email protected]

  17. Laurence S. Eraut says:

    May 6, 2011,
    Dear Americans,
    What if all the bad things that are being continually reported about Barry Soetoro are true?
    Do you really care that our country is being run by a criminal?
    Do you really care that he will change your life?
    Why don’t you care about Barry Soetoro?
    What if you learned that he is really
    THE ANTI-CHRIST ? Then pack your bags, because you are soon going to hell !

  18. Malcolm Alexander says:

    Laurence S. Eraut said:
    May 3, 2011 at 9:05 am
    Dear Americans May 3, 2011
    “All this can be explained by Bible prophesy, Concerning the nation of Israel: Such bible prophesy is also applicable to the USA, because we, as a nation under God, fall under the same rules, as Israel of ancient times; God changes not. For instance, there is a prophesy that “Your enemies shall possess your gates” : While the gates of a city are where judges sat in judgement, and also, they decide who shall legally enter your city or country. This prophesy was because Israel was a rebellious, non-law-abiding country.”

    In several places in the bible, the term “gates” was used with various meaning. Often, this term applied to our will in that we would permit the enemy to influence our will. -Remember, the strongholds of satan are in the mind. The devil seeks to attack us through our thoughts.
    Obama is not the anti christ. Every generation raises that question for someone or other.I remember the same being said about Gorbachev.
    Obama is a man; a man who has some very nasty ideas floating around in his head. And he believes he is right. That makes him very dangerous for America. Because I believe he wants to mould the Constitution in his image. He CLAIMS Christianity, because that is convenient; just as Hitler did. What he does is not Christian.The only thing stopping him from going further is the President’s term permitted in office. Yet I have no doubt that a succeeding Democrat President would continue his work.
    Every Generation has to fight for the freedoms the Founders gave us.

    • Brian says:

      You are a wise fellow. Nice comments.


      • Brian says:

        So who is this guy? Can’t find much about him and never heard of him. I’m not a believer in Satan as a being external to mankind but the quote is not representative of a non thinking man. Seems one should know who he is at least.

  19. Brian says:

    Didn’t see the above post…oops….insomnia.

  20. JAcob says: Check out this song titled Barry Soetoro aka BArack obama BLOWUP!

  21. Mr. Bill O’ Reilly,
    A Friend Says Hawaii Gov, Neil Abercrombie,Told Him There Is No Obama Birth Certificate.
    We should really be ashamed of ourselves!!
    A recent discovery and Barack Obama’s ancestry, and showed his royal heir to the British families giving him explanatory powers.
    He’s related, to Queen Elizabeth and Sir Hennery Williams, as the Prince of Whales.
    Picking on our American savior, even as narcissistic in his ways, and it’s been defined by Donald Trump, and he lost faith in Barry Serretio. His early pictures, showing him with long hairs, His preaching, “Hope, Peace and Unity,” to all the Middle East and being rose up, in Hawaii, as his Birth State. Jesus, He’s mad, and made several mentions of why the people have forsaken him, including, reverend Jeremiah Wright, and Rev, Jesse Jackson, and his loyal disciples that have followed his legacy leading the country, and they’re standing behind him until recently. Throughout, the President, who is fighting the axis in the world, of evil along with his recent allegiance, (1) George Walker Bush; the president who was misleading into the war in Afghanistan, and by his own administration in the presidential cabinet. Both administrations claimed to reject, (3) William J. Clinton, for how he handled his affair in the administration to even include the indictment for “perjury,” and lying about his relations with other countries, including China, where he was impeached by US Senate, and pardoned by congress that same year. Joe Biden, who is Jewish, is now standing beside the president, (2) Barack Obama, He’s trying to embrace the position; Occupy Wall Street, and stands firm for the Illegal (s) immigrations. Hu Jintao, of the china republic, is angrier by the position of trade agreements; feeling betrayed. Has mentioned, his religious experience by in going to Israel, foreign policy, in the press conference, with the United Nations, and foreign to try to free those enslaved by the Palestine Authorities. Last year, and again Barry serretio, 2009, he mentioned his faith in the Zionist communities.
    Look at what all he’s done for the American people, and the economy!!
    End of Report.
    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa, (YOGI) 10/20/2011, Free Masons, the whip Party, as We the People of the United States Republic, Alexander Hamilton.

  22. Thanks and god bless.

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