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Bashar al-Assad was shot by a bodyguard … (Arab media)

Screenshot 2013-03-24 at 11.41.14JSS News – by Amos Lerah

Update: According to Arab media , Bashar al-Assad would have been seriously wounded by gunfire last night Saturday, March 23 by his bodyguard but Iran is not dead. He is currently hospitalized, between life and death, Shami Hospital in Damascus which the streets were closed.

Proprietary information (in France) : According to reports in the Arab press (and then republished in the Israeli press ), information that journalists say they have “verified” the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad was killed this morning by one of his bodyguards. An important safety device has been set up at the hospital in Damascus.  

The assassin Boucher Damascus would be his bodyguard Iran, a military officer named Mehdi Jakoby. He was in charge of presidential security and was “offered” by Tehran’s ally Syria.

According to various sources, there are reports of heavy fighting in any armed Damascus. The roads leading to the hospital would be closed.

Syrian TV premises have been abandoned.

If this information had to be officially confirmed, it would be a victory for the Islamists who are fighting for the seizure of power in Syria. No one really knows what will happen tomorrow if Assad is actually dead. Is that Iran will take a step back? Russia will she see red at the loss of his best friend? What about China? And the United States who still pledged this week to put a term “in the coming days,” the regime in Damascus, will they be strong enough to transmit the power to Syrian honest?

By Amos Lerah – JSSNews

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34 Responses to Bashar al-Assad was shot by a bodyguard … (Arab media)

  1. Mark Schumacher - NV says:

    The scuttlebutt is he is dead. Looks like the globalist have one more country under their belt and out of their way. All sights are clearly on Iran.

  2. rhumstruck says:

    There is no mention of this on Presstv (Iran), AlJazera, RT, or other mid-east news sources.
    Looks like a False alarm.
    But you wouldn’t know it from the comments on the french pages site!

  3. Schmooish says:

    This is outright propaganda. How many times was Saddam reported dead,and even Gaddaffi, before they were actually murdered? Typical Zionist press lies from openly Zionist mouthpiece JSSNews.

    A reaction no doubt to the head of the Syrian National Council resigning forcing the West to openly support a rag-tag bunch of terrorists instead of enjoying the pretence that they support a government in exile. There is no legitimacy in the West’s attempt to destroy Syria and the Syrian people.

    • rhumstruck says:


      • Henry Shivley says:

        More than likely you guys are absolutely correct. However, when Mubarak had his stroke, a story was sent to us about it two days before it went into the mainstream media. We did not put the article up because it was not verified. This way the fact that the assertion was made, true or otherwise, is brought to light as the very action is newsworthy and worthy of our examination.

          • rhumstruck says:

            Mark, I understand where you are coming from, yet there is a lot of dis-information and denial all over the web. A couple of days will tell.
            Right now (to me anyway) this is rumor much like the story that the Russian Foreign Ministry has warned Russians to get their assets out of the EU and the US “immediately”.
            The site said the Kremlin feared grow that both the European Union and United States were preparing for the largest theft of private wealth in modern history. Sorcha Faal is the source of this so I’m not confident it is true at all. Plus I have found no corroborating evidence.
            However, considering there is rumors of a $900 Million PUT betting that the EURO will collapse before April 7 and the UN playing imperialist games who knows?
            It’s almost as if we are in the TWILIGHT ZONE!

          • Mark Schumacher - NV says:


            You want us to wait for 2 days? We don’t operate like that around here. We put out information based on research, facts and gut. Let the MSM play that hog wash BS.

            BTW- My articles have always proven to be as right as rain… Try and prove otherwise.

            From the Trenches is special in this way, in that Henry gives me freedoms to post gut information based on information gathered.

          • Schmooish says:

            The photo-shopped picture of Assad on the Matzav article is on exactly the same level as the words that accompany it – made-up bullshit.

        • diggerdan says:

          Hi Henry, I have noticed all the time that there are a lot of articles posted here that are posted 2 or 3 days before anyone else in the main stream gets or shows them. Yes Henry I do watch MSM a little bit just to see what the sheeple are being fed. 🙂

  4. Mark Schumacher - NV says:

    The roads to the Syria hospital is closed where Assad is at. Also the Syrian television is off. Plus tweets from the area are confirming his death. All of this information is inside the links I gave.

    Here are the tweets

    walks like a duck, quacks like a duck = It’s a duck!

    Assad has taken one in the melon people

    • rhumstruck says:

      I’m sorry Mark, you have to dig a little deeper than just a superficial scan. The links you provide just circle the same wagons and we wind up back at JSS.
      Sorry buddy, it’s still just hopeful rumors. At this point nothing can be confirmed, not even the remark about the road to the hospital being closed.

      • Mark Schumacher - NV says:

        Sticking by the facts. We will see


        • rhumstruck says:

          Thats what I said Mark.
          So far all of your links return us to RUMOR!
          Sorry pal, you have yet to post a fact in this matter. So far everything you have stood by is unconfirmed and heavily denied RUMOR.
          Rumor providing support to other rumor FAILS TO PRODUCE A SINGLE VERIFIABLE FACT.

          • Mark Schumacher - NV says:

            Facts and gut,

            enough said.


          • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

            rhumstruck, I sent in the very first article I came across on the death of Chavez. It wasn’t posted, there was no verification at the time. Two days later, the MSM was reporting that Chavez was indeed dead. I’ll tell you what adds credibility to this story.

            IF Assad is indeed alive, WHY is he NOT informing us on the MSM that the “reports of his death are greatly exaggerated” (Mark Twain)?

            Just wonderin’.

        • rhumstruck says:

          Sticking to facts eh Mark?
          Care to eat crow?
          “The attempt to assassinate Colonel Riad al-Asaad in Deir al-Zor is part of an attempt to assassinate the free leaders of Syria,” said Moaz al-Khatib, who resigned on Sunday as the head of the opposition Syrian National Coalition.”
          That is NOT Bashar al-Assad!

    • Schmooish says:

      The reason China has banned Twitter and Facebook is not because they are ‘threat’ to China, the Chinese are far too sophisticated for that, it’s because they are CIA fronts used to disseminate and support the West’s propaganda.

      It’s no different from the treatment that PressTV get in the West – no one would suggest that PressTV is a threat to Western capitalism. In any totalitarian system (including in the West) only one version of events is allowed to prevail – otherwise it would not be totalitarian.

      The death of Saudi intelligence head and close friend of the crime family Bush, Prince Bandar, last summer is ignored by the Western media and instead they point to ‘tweets’ which ‘prove’ he is alive. The other side of the same coin – CIA lies and propaganda being disseminated on ‘social media’.

      • Mark Schumacher - NV says:

        That’s all fine and dandy. Doesn’t mean Assad isn’t lying in a hospital bed with a bullet in his brain. All this clown has to do is show his goofy looking, out of proportioned head, and we can all go back to breathing in aluminum chips from the sky.

      • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

        I reiterate.

        IF Assad is alive WHY is he not putting the rumors of his death to rest? How difficult is THAT, I ask?

        Unless you personally have had a meaningful conversation with Assad in the last 24 hrs.

        If so, kindly share the details of that conversation with the rest of us, we await them with baited breath.

    • rhumstruck says:

      Funny, I’m live streaming Syrian tv right now. I have found several channels broadcasting. Unfortunately as I don’t understand arabic, I can only judge from the pictures and temperment of the news people.
      NO PANIC, NO UROAR. Nothing out of the ordinary.
      Why is Assad not on the box denying this? It’s going on 2 AM 3-25-2013 I would think he is sleeping.

  5. Julie T. says:

    Here is all you need to know. Here is my facebook page: and I have PERSONAL Syrian friends. This is FAKE: Some websites published false news about the assassination of Syrian President. Bashar Al-assad by one of his Iranian Bodyguard , news exists on this site and on several other site
    then many websites published that Zionist Bedouins created an Al-Assad articulated robot, will show him dead along with Damascus streets in chaos, to bring about panic and demoralize the Syrian people and the army, to enable terrorists to take advantage of the situation. Just like they did with the fake GREEN SQUARE footage in LIBYA, the news exists on this site :
    I explain in this report the all the above lies , and has no existence of the foundation as i described in the attached photo
    Here are links to all real images and the original, which has been re-painted using Photoshop :
    All images belonging to the Canadian sculptor Jamie Salmon, who entered the world of cinema industry statues since briefly, find below Mr. Jamie Salmon Exhibition links :
    Links to the real image of the Gulf office :
    Links for the diagram and that they add a personal image of Mr. President
    this is how they tell you their Zion propagandas to make you sure that Syria is Fallen

    • Mark Schumacher - NV says:

      You left out the one where the Chinese has hired Assad as a Walmart greeter as a cover for his disappearance.

  6. Schmooish says:

    Bashar Al Assad is alive and well and is reported to have been talking on the phone.

    Here is a thought to all those that say ‘why doesn’t he appear on TV and deny the rumours?’ – Why should he pander to a couple of twitter and facebook rumours and comments? Assad will have taken lessons in personal security from Nasrallah who has avoided the Israeli assassins dozens of times.

    Maybe this crude propaganda attempt is intended to make him come out in public to show he is alive in order that he can be targeted. Maybe there is an assassination team or a drone squadron waiting for his next public appearance.

    With the resignation and near fatal attack of the head on the Syrian opposition it seems more likely the originators of the propaganda were hoping the media would report this nonsense instead of focussing on the collapsing ‘opposition’ – aka Western proxies.

  7. rhumstruck says:

    Schmooish, You beat me to that answer! “Here is a thought to all those that say ‘why doesn’t he appear on TV and deny the rumours?’ – Why should he pander to a couple of twitter and facebook rumours and comments?”
    Much of this argument could have been avoided had Mark Schumacher – NV taken a little effort and fact checked his position.
    As I explained above to deaf and blind alike, the sources circle back to JSS (the author of this false propaganda) and FTTWR.
    To report the RUMOR that Assad had been murdered is one thing, and perfectly acceptable.
    To report “odd” circumstances and coincidences is acceptable, everyone can verify/deny and or discuss the event.

    However, in my eyes, when one tracks down the info we find that lack of documentation and factual news creates an URBAN MYTH that quite frankly makes FTTWR look like a jack-ass site deserving no respect or confidence.
    I don’t want this site to be refered to as a LIE FACTORY. What about the rest of you are you here to discredit FTTWR or hold it to a higher level of accuracy than the MSM?

    • Mark Schumacher - NV says:
      • rhumstruck says:

        Read it mark, This link is clearly zionist propaganda.
        WTF? Are you jewish mark?
        It sure looks like it! Your links all take us back to israei sources.
        The opening paragraph say it all’
        “Russian, Arabic and Israeli news sources have confirmed the death of Syrian President Bashar Assad who was apparently shot by an Iranian bodyguard named Mehdi Jacoby, on Saturday night, 23rd March 2013….”
        PURE BLATENT LIES! Which does not suprise me as the author of that crock of shite is a JEW.
        You really need to learn how to conduct research.
        BTW, unless Henry blocks me (and that is his prerogative) I will continue to bust your chops about your slip-shod research.
        Show me something that does not lead me back to israhelli sources

        • Mark Schumacher - NV says:

          No not jewish rhumstruck, just standing by my story. Get over it

          • rhumstruck says:

            Your story Mark smells like week old gefilte fish! You need to get over it.
            I said it this morning and I’ll say it again.
            When one tracks down the info provided by you Mark, we find that lack of documentation and factual news creates an URBAN MYTH that quite frankly makes FTTWR look like a jack-ass site deserving no respect or confidence.
            I don’t want this site to be refered to as a LIE FACTORY. What about the rest of you are you here to discredit FTTWR or hold it to a higher level of truth than the MSM?

          • Henry Shivley says:

            We put the f#@king story up so we could debate as to whether it was true or not until definitive hard evidence could be produced one way or another.
            My dad used to end arguments like this with an absolute assertion. We will try it and see if it works.
            Mark, you are right and rhumstruck, you might be right too.
            Now, let’s just wait until the facts come in and then one or the other of you can have the glory of saying to the other, “I told you so.” 🙂
            Cursed be the peacemaker for he shall inherit the headache.

      • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

        MY dad’s bigger than YOUR dad!

        So THERE!!!

      • Schmooish says:

        “We can play that game all day long.”

        You then provide a link that says :-

        “Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad confirmed as dead?”

        Notice that question mark? Now, how is that the same as the link to Global Research which comprehensively shows the source of this nonsense is from Israel and not the ‘Arab media’ as your headline states? You are factually incorrect, even a basic level of journalistic integrity would require that you at least acknowledge this is the case.

        You’re flogging a dead horse buddy and it’s beginning to smell.

        Is it a coincidence that the leader of the FSA has just narrowly survived an assassination attempt? His name is Riad al-Asaad and saying it’s Bashar al-Asaad is likely to be a morale booster for the consumption of deluded FSA terrorists who have now lost both their political and military leaders and are getting comprehensively beaten by the Syrian Army.

        You do know about the minutes of a meeting between Putin and Netanyahu that were leaked where Netanyahu offers Putin his own choice for the next leader of Syria in return for supporting a no-fly zone don’t you? Israel is running this show and the media is hiding that fact behind Qatar and Saudi, the financiers. Israeli weapons caches are routinely found in areas that were occupied by the FSA terrorists.

        Even the attempted false flag chemical attack has been a massive botch. Israel’s war by deception tactic no longer works and they are getting desperate to get the US directly involved before all FSA go back to their own countries – Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey etc. (only 10% of FSA terrorists are Syrian) hence the recent firing of rockets at Syrian Army hoping for a response to justify US air strikes.

        Israel is losing this war politically, militarily and even in the control of information but you seem to be happy to soldier on regardless of the facts, preferring weak rumour from a single source, namely the main protagonist, and this somehow passes for journalism?

  8. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    That’s the phrase I was looking for. 🙂

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