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Boston Bombings: State Trooper Fired Over 10 Shots At Unmarked Police Car, Transit Officer Likely Victim Of Friendly Fire

Published on Apr 27, 2013 by WCVBtv

Team 5 has also learned the investigation into the marathon bombings took federal investigators to a Williams Sonoma store in

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7 Responses to Boston Bombings: State Trooper Fired Over 10 Shots At Unmarked Police Car, Transit Officer Likely Victim Of Friendly Fire

  1. NC says:

    I’m curious. Why do the Boston police hats always look like German Nazi hats? Their hats are about as strange and funny as the North Korean military hats.

  2. BentSpear says:

    This story seems more plausible considering the amount of rounds expended in the entire Boston Martial Law goatf^ck. This new breed of LEO reacts to crime incidents like they are in a firefight in Fallujah. Colatteral damage or friendly fire is of no concern.

  3. Alberet says:


  4. diggerdan says:

    Would have that state trooper been fired if it was just a common everyday person and not a sneaky undercover pig cop – Probobly not.

  5. mr funny pants says:

    but was it an accident? or another internal cop-on-cop dispute.

  6. Carlos Santini says:

    100% FALSE FLAG. Nobody died. Nobody got hurt. Crisis actors, amputee crisis actors, fake blood, fake torn clothes, fake dust, Hollywood style non-lethal flash bang pyrotechnic devices, corrupt media lies and complete fabrications, smoke and mirrors, patsys, key stone cops, liars, trial run martial law test all served up and brought to you by your disgusting, corrupt, traitorous, treasonous, illegitimate, Zionist owned puppet “government”. Nothing is as it seems at all.

    • Tucker says:

      There is a downside, Santini, to the exposure of the use of actors in these phony, staged events.

      It’s this: These spawns of satan will start launching real attacks, using deadly explosives and slaughtering real people.

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