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Canadian Ad Equates ‘Social Smoking’ to ‘Social Flatulence’

News Feed – by Kristene Quan

As any four-year-old can tell you, farts are hilarious. Which is why we’re not sure whether this Canadian anti-smoking campaign is adequately conveying the seriousness of the problem it’s trying to tackle in the above ad spot, which equates “social smoking” with “social farting.” But boy, is it funny. (Warning: Video contains gross farting sounds and is probably NSFW, especially if you work with a lot of four-year-olds.)

The public service announcement from the Ontario Ministry of Health is part of its “Quit the Denial” campaign, which aims to get people to give up cigarettes, according to Adweek.

The TV spot has one young woman rejecting the idea that she’s a “farter,” but instead calls herself a “social farter,” saying, “Just because I fart at parties now and then, it doesn’t make me a farter.”

The young woman is, of course, in denial — like people who claim to be “social smokers” and insist they’re not addicted, Adweek explains.

The Quit the Denial campaign is from advertising agency BBDO’s Toronto offices and directed by the Perlorian Brothers – the same Canadian duo who worked on Volkswagen’s Super Bowl Game Day teaser “Get Happy.”

Although the campaign’s TV spots are a change from the typical anti-smoking ads – there’s another one called the “social nibbler” – critics have said the videos don’t convey the right message, the Daily Mail reported.  Jezebel commented that the ad is “clever,” but asked, “Doesn’t it kinda make social farting look kinda…cool?  And Adweek,in a fairly epic attempt at flatulence-related punnery, wondered if the spot was “too light and insubstantial, lacking substance—like, oh I don’t know, a passing wind, perhaps?”

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14 Responses to Canadian Ad Equates ‘Social Smoking’ to ‘Social Flatulence’

  1. rhumstruck says:

    So darling, do you want to go outside and fart!?

  2. Mark Schumacher - NV says:

    Anybody wanna spark a blunt? LOL

    • rhumstruck says:

      Too late! Just finished one!

      • Mark says:

        That’s just shitty of you not to share.

        • rhumstruck says:

          I shared. With them that was here!
          After the war we’ll all have to get together and burn a BIG BAMBU for our brothers that didn’t make it.
          See ya then!

          • Millard says:

            Hey Rhumstruck, I happen to have in my possession an original album of Cheech and Chong’s ” Big Bambu” along with that huge rolling paper that was included with the original album. It’s your turn to roll one when the time comes!

          • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

            I saw Cheech & Chong live at a concert in Stratford Ontario, Canada in ’72.


            I laughed so hard, my stomach hurt till the next day.

          • rhumstruck says:

            Well, it’s a good thing herb will be legal then! It should drive the prices way down. As is Millard, that damn paper is going to take about $1500 worth of dank to roll at todays prices.
            Ahhh, but the high will be glorious!

      • diggerdan says:

        hehehe, Just finishing up a big bowl myself. :), grinning ear to ear.

    • Millard says:

      Rokey dokey

  3. Paul Harrison says:

    if i want to smoke it is my business. no one has the right to tell me what i can put in my own body.

  4. GNL says:

    From Steve Martin

  5. AdolphH says:

    Thanks GNL it brings back fond memories of the good ol’ days.

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