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The Bill Of Rights, Suggestions and Privileges

Video Rebel’s Blog Few people noticed that government changed the First Amendment to really mean that you can assemble in a designated Free Speech Zone and sign a petition which you cannot present to an elected official without committing a … Continue reading

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This Is Your Brain On Socialism

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Is this treason?

Bullets First At what point in the course of human events when it becomes necessary to dissolve the political bands and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and … Continue reading

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Court Backs Michigan on Affirmative Action

Yes, but … Affirmative Action was banned here in CA, but still the people of color get picked first for education and for jobs. No legal recourse either because it cannot be proven. New York Times – by Adam Liptak … Continue reading

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Georgia Just Became a Safer State for Law-Abiding Gun Owners & Everyone Else

Freedom Outpost – by Fred DeRuvo Earlier today, Gov. Nathan Deal signed into law the latest “controversial” gun bill that removes restrictions for law-abiding gun owners who legally own guns. Of course, this has the left in an uproar, but they’ll only be happy when no … Continue reading

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The Siege of Bundy Ranch goes on, and so does the need for volunteers, money and supplies, especially — at the moment — camo netting.

Sipsey Street Irregulars As I wrote here, The Siege of Bundy Ranch goes on. So does the need for volunteers, money and supplies. I have dubbed the Three Percenters in the desert the “Virgin River Volunteers.” “The Virgins” and the Oath Keepers … Continue reading

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Burning Man is Moving in Directly Next Door to Bundy Ranch. Meet ‘Bundyfest.’

Politix – by Dain Fitzgerald Rancher Cliven Bundy can now add hippies and assorted steampunks to the federal government on his list of “People I Wish Would Go Away.” Raw Story reports that some folks involved with the annual Burning Man festival plan … Continue reading

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Department of Energy wants bulk explosives for nuclear weapons transport

Prepper Podcast – by James Smith The Government buying explosives is not new. But when they do something new – that’s why we should pay attention. In a new solicitation posted 22 April 2014, the Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) … Continue reading

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Obama takes a private plane flight over an Indian reservation in Oklahoma

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‘Militia’ groups fear infiltration by feds at Bundy Ranch

KLAS TV Las Vegas – by Lauren Rozyla BUNKERVILLE, Nev. — Militia groups are still surrounding the Bundy ranch days after the BLM ended its roundup of cattle. There is concern among some of them that they have been infiltrated by undercover federal agents.One … Continue reading

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Oklahoma House Votes to Legalize Gold and Silver as Money

Tenth Amendment Center OKLAHOMA CITY – Late last week, a bill to legalize gold and silver as legal tender was passed through the Oklahoma state house. The vote was 74-12. Senate Bill 862 (SB862), was introduced by Sen. Clark Jolley … Continue reading

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Obamacare Success: Half of Georgia’s Insurance Enrollees Fail to Make Monthly Payment

SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo The Obama administration has stated unequivocally that the debate concerning whether or not the Patient Affordable Care Act has been a success is over. They’ve won the argument and its evidenced by the tens of thousands … Continue reading

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Pentagon scientists show off life-size robot

Yahoo News Washington (AFP) – US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel got a first-hand look at a life-size robot that resembles Hollywood’s “Terminator,” the latest experiment by the Pentagon’s hi-tech researchers. But unlike the cinematic version, the hulking Atlas robot is … Continue reading

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The Fight To Expose Global Climate Engineering Continues

GeoEngineering Watch As the completely out of control and totally unregulated stratospheric aerosol geoengineering rages on in our skies day in and day out, most of the population remains oblivious. Now, a campaign to erect “in your face” billboards along … Continue reading

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Alert: Martial Law Coming To Your Neighborhood

Magnified View – by Yoda and Dauntless Don Cowardly Congress Gives Obama License To initiate and enforce Martial Law, arrest and incarcerate Law-abiding Citizens. Obama is keeping his campaign pledge to‘transform America’ including ‘creating a domestic security force larger than the US military’. Red flag … Continue reading

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Three Reasons Why You Should Keep Gmail far Away from Your Credit Card Information

Alternet – by Andrew Leonard Google wants your money. Or, more precisely, Google wants your bank account and credit card info. At Quartz, Chris Mims reports that  Google appears to be accelerating its roll-out of a service that will allow gmail users … Continue reading

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Assad support growing ahead of pres. election

Press TV Popular support for the incumbent Syrian government is increasing in the run-up to the country’s presidential election, a political analyst tells Press TV. “The Syrian government has broad support, even greater support than was the case perhaps a … Continue reading

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Sheriff Mack Calls Out Glenn Beck, “You Ought To Be Ashamed of Yourself!”

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Top level bankers now being openly murdered

Hang the Bankers – by Clark Kent In the beginning it was banker suicides. Then about two weeks ago, suicides were replaced by outright murders after the execution-style killing of the CEO of a bank in otherwise sleepy (and tax evasive) Lichtenstein … Continue reading

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Israeli women sell organs due to economic distress

Press TV Many young Israeli women agree to sell their organs because of their dire economic situation, police report says. The women reportedly travelled to Turkey to undergo surgery. The removed organs — usually kidneys — were then transplanted into … Continue reading

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