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California Inviting Even More Illegal Aliens to Cross Border

American Free Press – by John Friend Earlier in April, California state Democratic leaders introduced a series of legislative bills designed to grant protection and provide benefits for the estimated 2.5 million illegal immigrants residing in the state. Arguing that … Continue reading

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Chicago Cops Snapped Photos of Dead Girl After Removing Her Clothes

Daily Mail – by Lydia Warren Sheriff’s deputies undressed the body of a 20-year-old car crash victim then took inappropriate nude photos of her at the side of the road, her mother has claimed. Christina Mejia first outlined her accusations … Continue reading

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‘Mother of the year:’ Baltimore woman slaps, scolds rioter

RT After apparently finding her son dressed in black riot gear, a Baltimore woman was captured on camera slapping the young man and marching him away from the police. The scene quickly went viral online, with the woman being dubbed … Continue reading

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Army Seeks Gun Industry Help On M4 Carbine

The Captain’s Journal – by Herschel Smith The U.S. Marine Corps led the way.  At the time I said this: Recall that I told you “that Rock River Arms, Knights Armament, LaRue Tactical and Daniel Defense isn’t the Colt produced … Continue reading

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Prefab State Terror for Human Bondage

BATR The shadow cabal that exerts raw power over the public controls and dictates the mindset that passes as the popular culture. Keeping people in fear, real or manufactured is essential to keep the police state omnipresent. Both foreign and … Continue reading

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Jim Willie: This Will Be the Death Knell of the Economy

Sent to us by a reader. Grams Gold In an interview with Elijah Johnson on April 24, 2015, Dr. Jim Willie says that the low oil price, in combination with the high dollar, will spell out the death knell for … Continue reading

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Chipotle goes 100% non-GMO; flatly rejecting the biotech industry and its toxic food ingredients

Natural News – by Mike Adams The free market victories against the sleazy biotech industry are coming at a rapid pace now, and the latest announcement is a real game changer: Chipotle Mexican Grill has outright rejected all GMOs and, … Continue reading

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US lowers fluoride levels in drinking water for first time in over 50 years

The Guardian The government is lowering the recommended amount of fluoride added to drinking water for the first time in more than 50 years. Some people are getting too much fluoride because it is also now put in toothpaste, mouthwash … Continue reading

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What the bar codes on your driver’s license reveal about you, and why it matters – by Karin Price Mueller When Elisabeth Hall visited a doctor earlier this year, the office manager wanted to make a copy of her driver’s license. “I willingly showed him my driver’s license but asked him to not make … Continue reading

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The Mark: Will You Wear This “Beast Tech” Digital Tattoo That Can Read Your Mind And Operate Your Devices?

SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo Over the next several years we’ll begin to see advanced bio-technologies hit the retail market. According to Tom Horn, author of On the Path of the Immortals, this Beast Tech could lead to the … Continue reading

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Swedish Police Break Up Subway Brawl on 6 Train, Witnesses Say

DNA Info – by Gwynne Hogan, Lisha Arino and Sybile Penhirin NOHO — Four Swedish police officers — tourists on their way to see a Broadway show — dropped everything to help break up a fight on a crowded subway car at … Continue reading

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Baltimore police, protesters clash; college closed

USA Today – by John Bacon and William M. Welch Protesters hurled rocks at police in riot gear in Baltimore as demonstrations escalated Monday over the death of a black man in police custody. Dozens of people could be seen throwing … Continue reading

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IRS attacks conservative groups but silent on Clinton Foundation

Sent to us by a reader. Examiner – by Jim Kouri In the midst of the news media coverage of the Hillary Clinton emails, her private Internet server, her thumbing her nose at government regulations and allegations that her and … Continue reading

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Tulsa Undersheriff Resigns Amid Allegations He Falsified Training Records Of Eric Harris’ Killer

Huffington Post – by Katie Sola Tulsa Country Undersheriff Tim Albin has resigned after documents revealed he unfairly promoted Robert Bates, the volunteer reserve deputy who mistakenly shot Eric Harris earlier this month. Tulsa World reports that recently released documents … Continue reading

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Truck Drivers Go on Strike at Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

KTLA Some truck drivers who haul goods from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach walked off the job Monday, organizers said, launching a protest against four trucking firms they accuse of wage theft. Picket lines went up outside … Continue reading

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Indiana Freedom Talk Radio Raffle

Enter for a chance to win this mancave art and help support Spike Timmons, host of Hammering the New World Order (which airs Monday through Friday, 2:00 – 3:00 pm EDT, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm PDT. He maintains the archives … Continue reading

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DIM WIT? St. Louis Police chief calls for the law-abiding to leave their guns at home. “We got cameras” he says.

Guns Save Lives St. Louis Metro Police Chief Sam Dotson has a message to the law-abiding good guys of St. Louis following three shootings in his city that have left six people perforated:  Leave your guns at home. That’s right.  … Continue reading

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Baltimore PD Warns: Gangs Are ‘Teaming-Up’ To “Take Out Cops” After Freddie Gray Funeral

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden Following violent protests over the weekend…

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LAPD searching for suspect who tagged cop’s horse – by  Jennifer Cruz A four-legged member of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Mounted Platoon was targeted for tagging at Venice Beach last week. Authorities are searching for the person responsible for spray painting the letters “RBS” with silver … Continue reading

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Settlement Won’t Even Cover Medical Bills for Baby Whose Face was Blown Apart by Police Grenade

Free Thought Project – by Cassandra Fairbanks Habersham County, GA–  In May of last year, Bounkham “Baby Bou Bou” Phonesavanh, 19-months-old, was asleep in his crib. At 3:00 am militarized police barged into his family’s home because an informant had purchased $50 worth of … Continue reading

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