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The Savings & Loans, the Mob and the Bushs

Criticism – by Gary W. Potter During the 1980’s hundred of Savings and Loan Banks failed. Those bank failures cost U.S. taxpayers over $500 billion to cover federally insured losses, and much more to investigate the bank failures (Pizzo, Fricker, … Continue reading

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New Mexico sheriff’s deputy accused of killing fellow officer

Reuters – by Dan Whitcomb A New Mexico sheriff’s deputy is accused of shooting a fellow officer to death at a Las Cruces hotel during an alcohol-fueled argument early on Tuesday morning and was expected to face charges in the … Continue reading

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Happy # 75 to Grace Slick

My View by Silvio Canto, Jr. Grace Slick is 75 and that makes everyone feel old. She was the face of Jefferson Airplane, the legendary group from the 1960s that became Jefferson Starship in the 1970s.     Her most … Continue reading

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Gun Grabbers Are In Denial Over The Latest Concealed Carry-Crime Data

Off the Grid News – by Tara Dodrill The Chicago crime rate has finally shown some signs of decreasing – and a debate has broken out over the reasons behind the drop. City officials credit better police work with the … Continue reading

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The Ebola covert op: 30 answers to “who benefits?”

Jon Rappoport “In any major covert op, there are always multiple objectives and levels of opportunity, and they are not wasted. The interesting thing is, 99.99% of the players who benefit don’t even realize the whole thing is a planned … Continue reading

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Dr. Craig Spencer: Ebola? Flu? Hospital food? Nothing?

Jon Rappoport Let’s see. Dr. Craig Spencer comes back from Guinea, where he’s been treating patients. In NYC, he takes the subway, he goes bowling, he eats at restaurants, he jogs. He begins feeling fatigued, he takes his temp. 100.3. … Continue reading

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All 13 Of Obama’s New And Expanded National Monuments In One Map

Think Progress – by Katie Valentine, October 10, 2014 President Obama designated 350,000 acres of national forest just north of Los Angeles as the newest monument of his administration. The San Gabriel Mountains National Monument extends across the Angeles and … Continue reading

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DHS drones equipped to eavesdrop on Americans

RT The US Department of Homeland Security already has an arsenal of drones to be deployed for whatever the agency deems fit, but the actual capabilities of those vehicles exceed what many Americans may expect. The unmanned drones being used … Continue reading

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‘Declaration of war’: Abbas warns over 1st Al-Aqsa Mosque closure since 1967

RT The Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem has been closed to all worshipers for the first time since 1967. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas called the closure a ‘declaration of war.’ Both Jewish and Muslim worshipers will be prohibited from visiting the … Continue reading

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Russian nuclear sub test-fires Bulava strategic missile

RT A Russian Borey-class nuclear submarine has successfully test-fired a Bulava strategic missile, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The ballistic missile was launched from a submerged position with all 16 rockets onboard the sub during the test. The Yuri Dolgoruky … Continue reading

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Obama impostor robs Dunkin’ Donuts with mask & gun

RT One New Hampshire resident may have watched a little too much ‘Point Break’ recently, as he donned a President Barack Obama mask just days before Halloween – and proceeded to rob a local Dunkin’ Donuts. Surveillance video from a … Continue reading

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Elaborate FBI repairman ruse shown in videos WASHINGTON (AP) — Wearing a lapel camera and posing as an Internet repairman, an undercover government agent walked into a luxury villa at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and recorded everything he saw as part of a major international … Continue reading

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Police: Poison likely killed Utah family of 5 SALT LAKE CTIY (AP) — A Utah couple and their three children found dead in their home last month were likely poisoned, their bodies found together in a locked room with cups next to each of them, and empty … Continue reading

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Quarantines rarely used, effectiveness questioned WASHINGTON (AP) — The Spanish flu pandemic a century ago prompted the last large-scale quarantines in this country. Now the Ebola outbreak is raising new questions about whether ordering quarantines is an effective way to fight deadly disease in … Continue reading

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Utah police shut down dance party because of… dancing?

Fox 13 Now – by ZACH WHITNEY GEORGE, Utah — Police patrolled a Halloween party over the weekend to make sure there was no dancing. It has many on social media accusing the city of living in a “Footloose” mentality. … Continue reading

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Group sues Maryland over ‘illegal’ voters

Watchdog – by Kenric Ward An election-watch group is suing Maryland over the alleged presence of noncitizens on the state’s voting rolls. The lawsuit, filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Baltimore, asserts that individuals who opted out of jury duty … Continue reading

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California announces Ebola quarantine rules

Yahoo News Los Angeles (United States) (AFP) – California announced new quarantine guidelines Wednesday for people arriving in the western state deemed to pose a risk of spreading Ebola. The new rules, announced by California’s Department of Public Health (CDPH), … Continue reading

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Disorderly Reset Coming-Dollar Goes to Zero-Egon von Greyerz

USA Watchdog – by Greg Hunter Wealth preservation expert Egon von Greyerz is not bullish on the U.S. dollar.  Greyerz explains, “More and more countries are trying to go away from the dollar, and I think the days of the … Continue reading

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WTO Says U.S. Consumers Don’t Need to Know Where Meat Comes From

EcoWatch – by Anastasia Pantsios This week, the World Trade Organization (WTO) finally issued a decision in the challenge made by Mexico and Canada to the U.S.’s country-of-origin (COOL) labeling rules for meat. And environmental and food safety groups are … Continue reading

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