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Israeli lawmakers visit Crimea

TASS SIMFEROPOL, February 10 /TASS/. Israel’s parliamentary delegation has visited Crimea. It is led by Yaakov Margi, the head of the Knesset Committee for Education, Culture and Sports, the press service of Crimea’s Head Sergey Aksyonov reported on Wednesday.  

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Sheriff Says We Need Incremental Gun Control Laws

Progressives Today While testifying in favor of Washington’s HB 2460, the ban of self defense in public parks, retired King County sheriff’s deputy David Hellene says “We look foolish! I’ve got family in Europe, and they can’t understand how this … Continue reading

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When Anti Gunners Ramble… Misinformed Drivel Happens

Progressives Today “You’re trying to be too logical,” says Oregon state Rep. Lew Frederick, after a woman rants about “multi automatic guns”, challenging the 2nd Amendment in court, wanting licensing for guns like we do with cars. Rep. Frederick goes … Continue reading

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From the Trenches Drawing for Knowledge, Communications, and Wealth

Mary and Mark are sponsoring a drawing for From the Trenches World Report. Mary has provided two sets of books for two winners.  Each set contains:

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Zika HOAX exposed by South American doctors: Brain deformations caused by larvicide chemical linked to Monsanto; GM mosquitoes a ‘total failure’

Natural News – by Mike Adams Despite all the public hoopla, all the cases of microcephaly being discovered in Brazil have never been scientifically linked to the Zika virus. A group of doctors from South America are now saying the … Continue reading

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Another US Company To Lay Off All Employees, Move To Mexico

Gov’t Slaves (Kris Turner)  Carrier is shuttering its manufacturing facility in western Indianapolis and moving its operation to Mexico, eliminating about 1,400 jobs during the next three years. The heating, ventilating, air conditioning manufacturer announced Wednesday that it would begin eliminating … Continue reading

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Last remaining occupier surrenders at Malheur Wildlife Refuge

KGW 8 News BURNS, Ore. — All four holdouts at the Malheur refuge have surrendered. Three of the four remaining occupiers had surrendered around 9 a.m. but David Fry was holding out. He surrendered around 11 a.m. and is in … Continue reading

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California bill in play to regulate unfinished lowers as firearms – by Chris Eger Citing a recent terror attack in the state, an Assembly Democrat is seeking to change how California classifies unfinished firearm frames or receivers. The proposal, introduced last month, could affect so-called “80-percent lowers,” receiver blanks … Continue reading

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Maryland lawmakers outline 3 new gun control measures – by Chris Eger Despite a recent federal appeals court decision that found the state’s 2013 gun control scheme a stretch, Maryland Democrats are looking to add more restrictions. Debuted Wednesday with the backing of state Senate President Thomas … Continue reading

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National Sheriff of the Year Pleads Guilty, Rats Out Deputies, Exposing Rampant Corruption

Free Thought Project – by Claire Bernish Los Angeles, CA — Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca shocked everyone Wednesday when he pled guilty to lying to federal investigators — reversing years of insistence he had been unaware of … Continue reading

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Microsoft makes Windows 10 a ‘recommended update’ for Windows 7 and 8.1 users

Beta News – by Mark Wilson Microsoft has been accused of pushing Windows 10 rather aggressively, and the company’s latest move is going to do nothing to silence these accusations. For Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users, Windows 10 just … Continue reading

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Feds: We Can’t Disclose FBI Records Because Then Public Would Know How FBI Works

Privacy SOS Granting the ACLU and the public access to staffing, budgetary, and statistical information about the Boston Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) and FBI would mean “the public would know where the FBI was putting its resources,” warned an … Continue reading

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Activist Arrested For Making Facebook Post Criticizing Gov. Snyder Over Flint Water Crisis

Free Thought Project – by John Vibes Flint, MI – Activist Christopher G. Wahmhoff, 37, is facing charges after he made a Facebook post referencing the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Wahmhoff was already on probation for an act of … Continue reading

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Federal grand jury hearing evidence in NYC police killing of Eric Garner: source

Reuters A federal grand jury in New York has begun hearing evidence in the death of Eric Garner, an unarmed black man whose chokehold death at the hands of a white police officer sparked widespread protests, a source familiar with … Continue reading

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How To Make A Bullet Proof & Fire Proof House From Fire And Heat Resistant Materials

Prepper Universe An Impenetrable Fortress That’s NOT A Storage Container That’s right, we’re going to show you how you can make your own custom bullet proof, fireproof & earthquake resistant buildings with 100% recycled materials! The walls are made from … Continue reading

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Los Angeles schools close their doors to immigration agents

Fox News In response to the federal government raids announced at the beginning of this year to apprehend undocumented Central American immigrants, public schools in Los Angeles, where about 50 percent of the student body is Hispanic, will not allow … Continue reading

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New Bipartisan Congressional Bill Supports States Fighting Boycotts of Israel

Breitbart – by Deborah Danan TEL AVIV – A new bill introduced in Congress Wednesday supports the rights of U.S. states to cut ties with companies that are engaged in the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. Lawmakers from both … Continue reading

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US A-10s bombed city of Aleppo on Wednesday, shifted blame onto Moscow – Russian military

RT Two US Air Force A-10 warplanes carried out airstrikes on Aleppo Wednesday, destroying nine facilities, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported. The same day, the Pentagon accused Moscow of bombing two hospitals, despite no Russian flights over the city. “Yesterday, at … Continue reading

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$500 bill sent to Tamir Rice’s estate for EMS services CLEVELAND (AP) — The city of Cleveland is asking Tamir Rice’s estate to pay $500 for ambulance and medical services he received after being shot by a police officer. The city requested the money as the 12-year-old boy’s “last … Continue reading

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N. Korea orders military takeover of inter-Korean factories PAJU, South Korea (AP) — North Korea on Thursday ordered a military takeover of a factory park that had been the last major symbol of cooperation with South Korea, calling Seoul’s earlier suspension of operations at the jointly run … Continue reading

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