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Devastating supercell thuderstorm with fist sized hail hits Brisbane, Australia

The Watchers – by Adonai A devastating supercell storm hit Brisbane city, Australia late Thursday, November 27, 2014 with torrential rain, destructive wind speeds of about 140 km/h and giant widespread hail. The storm made direct hit to central Brisbane making extraordinary damage … Continue reading

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Immigrants’ chances tied to their state’s policies

Yahoo News – by Bob Christie PHOENIX (AP) — If Christian Avila lived a few hundred miles to the west, he would have a driver’s license and qualify for in-state college tuition and a host of other opportunities available to … Continue reading

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Pad Your Pantry: How to Preserve Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

The Organic Prepper The day after Thanksgiving, most people’s refrigerators are so full with leftovers that getting to door shut requires the family engineer to play Tupperware Jenga with all of the containers of food. Inevitably, in many households, much … Continue reading

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Russian battleships in the English Channel, say they’re training

RT Russia’s Northern Fleet has been conducting naval training near Dover. Two battleships and two supply vessels worked on operations and communications in conditions of adverse weather and heavy marine traffic. “Today a squadron of warships and support vessels of … Continue reading

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Foreigners ‘like seeing our children die’, can’t help with Mid-East, says Erdogan

RT Muslim countries are able to solve their problems on their own, the Turkish president believes. He says far from offering help, the West is actually exploiting “conflicts in the Middle East” and only cares about the region’s riches. Recep … Continue reading

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Bahamas fends off critics over new migrant rules NASSAU, Bahamas (AP) — On the first day new immigration rules took effect this month in the Bahamas, officers in green fatigues swept through poor sections of the capital filling two yellow school buses with dozens of people who … Continue reading

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School Expels Child Over Vaccine That Even the Doctor Refuses to Give

The Daily Sheeple – by Lily Dane An 8 year-old Long Island girl has been kicked out of school, and the reason is outrageous. Ceili McNicholas was told not to return to Long Island’s Laddie A. Decker Sound Beach School … Continue reading

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Peña Nieto, Obama discuss immigration

The News MEXICO CITY – President Enrique Peña Nieto and President Barack Obama held a phone conference Wednesday morning in which the Mexican president recognized Obama’s vision and leadership for driving his executive actions for immigration. Peña Nieto said that … Continue reading

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FDA weighs lifting ban on blood donations from gay men

The Hill – by Sarah Ferris Advisers for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will meet next week to decide whether gay men should be allowed to donate blood, the agency’s biggest step yet toward changing the 30-year-old prohibition. If … Continue reading

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Guard Dog Rips Off Owner’s Arm

The Modern Survivalist There’s no dangerous dogs any more than there’s dangerous guns, it all depends on the human handling either one. Emilio Muñoz lives in Huiliches, a lightly populated district in the province of Neuquen, Argentina. Because of the … Continue reading

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Sales Bang: Black Friday Biggest Day for Gun Sales

Breitbart Black Friday is also one of the biggest days of the year for gun sales. That puts pressure on the system for background checks. Researchers with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which is overseen by the FBI, … Continue reading

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California lawmaker proposes office to aid immigrants seeking relief under Obama plan

Fellowship of the Minds Sacramento Bee: When the new Legislature is sworn in on Monday, Sen. Ricardo Lara says he plans to introduce legislation that would create an Office of New Americans to help undocumented immigrants illegal aliens by connecting … Continue reading

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People Are People

Farriers are some of the most fiercely independent, hard working, self governing people on the planet. Trying to get them to agree on just about anything is akin to herding cats. To say the fruits of their labor comes from … Continue reading

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Cop at center of Ferguson case to leave force

Yahoo News Washington (AFP) – The Missouri police officer who killed an unarmed black teen sparking months of protests in the city of Ferguson will never return to policing, his lawyer said. Darren Wilson is currently in discussions with the … Continue reading

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What is a “Holihalfaday”?

First off, what is a holiday? A holiday is a day of rest. It is a time to observe something special or even spiritual. A time to be with your family and share quality time with those you love and … Continue reading

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The OTHER Government Revolving Door: Sheriff’s Departments, State Troopers Provide New Homes For Bad Cops

Tech Dirt It’s not just our nation’s legislators that enjoy a “revolving door” — one that moves them from Congress to the private sector and back again, to the mutual benefit of legislators and certain industries… not so much the … Continue reading

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Global Guerrillas: Caltrops & System Disruption

Western Rifle Shooters For educational purposes only. Remove clothing before ironing. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball. UPDATE 1055EST 27 NOV 2014: H/t to the WRSA commenter who pointed tothis related piece from SWJ.

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Breastfed, Homebirthed Babies Taken Away From Parents For Not Using Hospital

Health Impact News – by Terri LaPoint All three of their babies have been taken away from them and placed in the care of strangers. Levi was 10 months old when his mother, local singer and songwriter Erica May Rengo, gave … Continue reading

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John Adams

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New York Boys Recovering After 8 Hours Trapped in Snowbank

ABC News Two New York boys are recovering after they were inadvertently trapped for about eight hours in a snowbank when a plow operator pushed snow over them, not realizing they were there. But the boys – ages 11 and … Continue reading

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