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U.S. State Dept. to transport foreign Ebola victims to U.S. hospitals for treatment

Natural News – by Mike Adams First we were told that Ebola wouldn’t come to America. Then we were promised the best way to keep Ebola out of America was to eliminate quarantines and travel restrictions. Now, to the astonishment … Continue reading

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TSA Confiscates Raygun Belt Buckle BECAUSE TERRORISM!

Reason – by Nick Gillespie Award-winning videographer Sean Malone had a raygun belt buckle confiscated recently by the good folks at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). You know, because all of the 9/11 hijackers were packing rayguns or something. Malone emails … Continue reading

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Mexican Beef

Mexican Beef In 1996, AMEG (Mexican Beef Feedlotters Association) was founded by Beef producers. AMEG´s associates are established primarily in northern and central Mexico. In 2007, AMEG founded Mexican Beef Exporters Association (Mexican Beef), a non profit association comprised of … Continue reading

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Google’s New Computer With Human-Like Learning Abilities Will Program Itself

Beta Beat – by Sage Lazaro In college, it wasn’t rare to hear a verbal battle regarding artificial intelligence erupt between my friends studying neuroscience and my friends studying computer science. One rather outrageous fellow would mention the possibility of … Continue reading

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Alan Greenspan, Former Fed Chair, Goes for the Gold

CNBC – by Rob Garver The world has no shortage of doom-saying economists ready to advise investors to stock up on gold against a coming financial catastrophe. Until recently, none of them could claim to be a former Chairman of … Continue reading

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We Prep for Ebola Because of Irresponsible People Like Kacie Hickox

The Organic Prepper That nurse in Maine sure does love the spotlight. After Kacie Hickox returned from Sierra Leone, where she was treating Ebola patients, she was outraged when she was put in isolation by the state of New Jersey. … Continue reading

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Insider look of the #FreinGATE Martial LAW

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NSA Drone Insects in Long Beach and Carson, California

NSA Drone Insects are being used in Long beach and Carson, California and have been seen in swarms both small and large. My friend Jack invited me to stay at his house and to go walking with him late at … Continue reading

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The Man Who Stole America – Part Three

Sent to us by the author, Robert Quinn Barack Obama uses anyone or anything to avoid revealing any document which would supposedly help prove he was eligible to seek the Presidency of America. Why he did this? He knew disclosure would reveal a … Continue reading

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Big Government

A teacher asked her 6th grade class how many of them were fans of Big Government. Not really knowing what a Big Government fan is, but wanting to be liked by the teacher, all the kids raised their hands except … Continue reading

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2 dead, 5 hurt after plane crashes into building at Mid-Continent Airport, Kansas

KAKE News WICHITA, Kan. — Emergency crews are on scene of a plane crash at Mid-Continent Airport. Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Tony Molinaro says a twin-engine Beechcraft King Air 200 reported losing engine power just after takeoff around 9:50 a.m. … Continue reading

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American Red Cross: A Corporate Fleecing Operation Exploiting Natural Disasters

Infowars – by Kurt Nimmo The American Red Cross is a corporate shell devouring millions of dollars in donations. It not only fails to provide assistance to disaster victims but gets in the way of efforts by smaller, more efficient … Continue reading

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The Natural Economy

Natural Money, May 25, 2013 The problem Something is wrong in the financial system. Huge profits are made but when things go wrong governments and central banks are expected to step in. The financial sector operates at the expense of … Continue reading

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Eric Holder Is “Mad”, Wants The Ferguson Leakers To “Shut Up”

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Police union files injunction to halt Sun-Times, Tribune FOIA requests

Chicago Sun Times – by Sam Charles The union representing Chicago’s rank-and-file police officers has filed an injunction against the city and police department, asking a judge to halt the city from turning over records of police misconduct to the Sun-Times … Continue reading

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Ebola quarantine nurse’s ties to CDC scrubbed from web; was it a staged op to invoke opposition to quarantines?

Natural News – by Mike Adams Kaci Hickox, the nurse who was quarantined in New Jersey over her high risk status as a possible Ebola carrier, has ties to the CDC which have been deliberately hidden by the mainstream media. … Continue reading

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Miami Beach police investigating cop after confrontation during traffic stop

Miami Herald – by Joey Flechas As a video showing a Miami Beach police officer cursing out a young man during an apparent traffic stop makes the rounds on social media, the police department is saying it has opened an … Continue reading

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Holder Defends Sentencing Reform In Talk To Police Chiefs Assoc.

Holder noted that rate of violent crime reported to the FBI in 2012 was about half the rate reported in 1993. He said the rate of incarceration in the U.S. has dropped more than 8 percent since President Obama took … Continue reading

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Activists Set Up Billboard Near Amazon Asking Company About $600 Million CIA Contract

The Anti-Media – by John Vibes The CIA recently signed a $600 million deal with Amazon, allegedly for the use of their cloud computing technology. The large contract has some users concerned about their privacy, because many of them feel … Continue reading

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