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Ebola strikes IBM, Coke, Kmart, and Amazon – Falling ill with heavy losses

We have been fed nothing but good news from the propaganda machine in that our economy is faring well. You turn on the idiot box and listen in disbelief as the business talking heads spout their BS to try and … Continue reading

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Ottawa attack: MPs fashioned spears while Harper whisked into closet

Sent to us by Christine. The Globe and Mail – by Steven Chase Stephen Harper spent about 15 minutes hidden in a Parliament Hill closet after a gunman stormed Centre Block where he and the rest of the Conservative caucus … Continue reading

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NYC cops leave Ebola doctor’s apartment and dump their protective gloves and masks in a sidewalk trash can

Daily Mail – by Chris Spargo With the news that the first confirmed case of Ebola has hit New York City, all attention now turns to how equipped the densely populated metropolis is to deal with the deadly virus – … Continue reading

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New York Ebola Press Conference Of Lies – Full Press Conference

All News Pipeline – by Susan Duclos WJBK | Fox 2 News Detroit published the entire press conference given regarding the first case of Ebola in New York, where A Doctors Without Borders physician, Craig Spencer, 33, returned from an … Continue reading

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Billionaire Businessmen Buying Up Mega-Ranches

Wall Street Journal – by Nancy Keates It was a showdown in New Mexico earlier this year, as two billionaires, both from Fort Worth, Texas, battled it out to buy two enormous cattle ranches. When the dust cleared, oil, gas … Continue reading

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Ole Dammegard: Ebola-“news” psyops; CDC-CIA proprietary; Bilderbergers-JFK kill; 911; EbolaGate

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Tea Party loses court battle over targeting to IRS

USA Today – by Gregory Korte WASHINGTON — A federal court dismissed two lawsuits against the Internal Revenue Service Thursday, ruling that the tax agency is no longer targeting conservative tax-exempt groups for greater scrutiny. “Unless an actual, ongoing controversy … Continue reading

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DMV search of records turns up ineligible N.C. voters

Winston-Salem Journal – by Bertrand M. Gutierrez The voter rolls kept by the State Board of Elections contain 145 names that belong to a certain category of ineligible voter – immigrants in the U.S. under a federal program known as Deferred … Continue reading

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Military Research Could Boost Cops’ People Skills

NBC News – by JON SCHUPPE SPOKANE, Wash. — The assignment seemed simple enough: walk up to a woman in a mall and start a conversation. Yet the thought of it made David Erickson clammy. A military policeman, Erickson was … Continue reading

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Global economy headed for massive crisis, warns widely respected Geneva Report

Natural News – by J.D. Heyes A respected report that summarizes the world economic outlook has said that record global debt could trigger a massive economic crisis that would last for years, as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) cut its … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Protesters Have Built A Self-Sustaining Village

Business Insider – by FARAH MASTER HONG KONG (Reuters) – Hong Kong protesters have created a self-sustaining village within a month of taking their call for democracy to the streets, setting up changing rooms, tents for hire, a study area, … Continue reading

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Obama Asserts Fast and Furious Executive Privilege Claim for Holder’s Wife

Judicial Watch Judicial Watch announced today that it received from the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) a “Vaughn index” detailing records about the Operation Fast and Furious scandal.  The index was forced out of the Obama administration thanks to JW’s June … Continue reading

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Compensation shrinks for all income groups – except the very highest

Sent to us by a reader. AlJazeera – by David Cay Johnson American paychecks shrank last year, just-released data show, further eroding the public’s purchasing power, which is so vital to economic growth. Average pay for 2013 was $43,041 — … Continue reading

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Decorated soldier who fought in ‘Black Hawk Down’ battle in Somalia dies at 52

Sent to us by a reader. Daily Mail – by Wills Robinson A decorated solider involved in the battle in Somalia depicted by the film Black Hawk Down has died at the of 52. Retired Command Sgt. Maj. Robert ‘Bob’ … Continue reading

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FBI Report Warns of Potential Homegrown ISIS Attacks Against Law Enforcement in US

Breitbart – by Brandon Darby LUBBOCK, Texas — Federal authorities have warned US law enforcement of potential terror attacks against them from homegrown ISIS members or supporters, according to a leaked internal bulletin exclusively obtained by Breitbart Texas. The leaked … Continue reading

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AZ Sheriff: Obama Administration Refusing to Give Law Enforcement Names of Criminal Illegals

Breitbart TV Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World With Neil Cavuto,” Pinal Co., AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu said the Obama administration not only “knowingly lied” about releasing criminal illegal immigrants last year but also they will not release the … Continue reading

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U.S. misinformed Congress, public on immigrant release

USA Today – by Brad Heath New records contradict the Obama administration’s assurances to Congress and the public that the 2,200 people it freed from immigration jails last year to save money had only minor criminal records. The records, obtained … Continue reading

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Angst grows over Obama’s plans for action on immigration

The Hill – by Justin Sink Angst over President Obama’s post-election plans on immigration is growing amid revelations that the Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) has issued a procurement request for as many as 34 million work permits and green … Continue reading

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