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Flashback: Feds to Spend $2.5M for Juvenile Justice Reform — in Central America

CNS News – by Melanie Hunter, June 6, 2014 The State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs has announced a $2.5 million grant for juvenile justice reform and pre-trial detention in Guatemala, El Salvador and Panama. “Corrections … Continue reading

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Obama’s delay on immigration creates uncertainty

CNS News – by JOSH LEDERMAN AND ERICA WERNER WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama’s possible delay in taking action on immigration has thrown advocates and lawmakers from both parties a curveball, barely two months before the midterm elections. Democrats … Continue reading

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Foreign Ownership of U.S. Government Debt Passes $6 Trillion

CNS News – by Terence P. Jeffrey For the first time in the nation’s history, foreign interests now own more than $6 trillion in U.S. government debt, according to the most recent Treasury Department report on major foreign holders of the debt, … Continue reading

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Islamic State releases video depicting another beheading

USA Today The terror group Islamic State has released a video apparently depicting the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff. Sotloff, kneeling, says he is “paying the price” for the U.S. intervention in Iraq with his life. “You’ve spent billions … Continue reading

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West Coast Disaster, What The MSM Isn’t Telling You

All News Pipeline – by Susan Duclos The mainstream media is great at pointing readers in the direction they want them to go, reporting what they want people to focus on and downplaying, hiding, burying the information they don’t want you to … Continue reading

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Maryland Sheriff Says If Feds Tried to Take Citizens Guns It Would be All Out Civil War

Guns Save Lives – by Dan Cannon Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis of Maryland didn’t mince words when describing his support of the Second Amendment and what gun rights mean to him. Here are some of the sheriff’s comments, “I … Continue reading

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Mass Eviction Of London Homeless As Police Swoop In Anti-Begging Operation

Huffington Post – by Jack Sommers Police and immigration officials swooped on London’s homeless hotspots this morning in a clamp down on rough sleepers and beggars. Officers descended on popular sleeping points, including Marble Arch, at around 4am this morning … Continue reading

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418 child rapes in North Carolina by illegal aliens in August

NC Renegade – by David August has been a very busy month for illegal alien child rapers in NC. 78 confirmed and probable illegal aliens representing 418 charges of rape against NC children, in one month! All of these individuals have a court date scheduled for, or were arrested for, child … Continue reading

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Republican Bigs Consider Donating to Hillary Clinton

Washington’s Blog – by Eric Zuesse America’s Aristocrats Declare Victory Against the Public; They War Now Mainly Against One-Another On August 31st, the Republican political site Politico bannered “Wall Street Republicans’ Dark Secret: Hillary Clinton 2016,” and Ben White and Maggie Haberman delivered … Continue reading

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New SAM7R rifles and SAM7K pistols coming from Arsenal – by Max Slowik Arsenal is rolling out two new additions to its SAM7 series of AK variants, the SAM7R-66 rifle and the SAM7K-03 pistol. Both are built on new-production mil-spec Bulgarian milled receivers and are chambered for the iconic … Continue reading

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America’s Death Zones: Where NOT To Be When It Hits the Fan

SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo As the potential for a globally destabilizing event becomes ever more probable, many concerned Americans are starting to wonder where they’d go if the worst were to happen. To help answer that question, we … Continue reading

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The world’s greatest gun salesman spikes sales again…

The Real Revo – by R.D. Walker Barack Obama is, by far, the greatest gun salesman in human history. It is hard to believe he doesn’t work on commission. Thirty-six hours after the Obama administration banned importation of the classic brand … Continue reading

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The Old-School Forgotten Art To EMP-Proof Electronics

Survivopedia – by CARMELA TYRELL Even though we’ve all seen the effects of solar flares and their ability to knock out electricity and communications, some do not believe that an EMP attack will lead to social collapse. But it will… … Continue reading

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FERC Hands Enbridge Permit for Tar Sands by Rail Facility

DeSmog Blog On the Friday before Labor Day — in the form of an age-old “Friday News Dump“ — the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) handed a permitto Enbridge, the tar sands-carrying corporate pipeline giant, to open a tar sands-by-rail facility in Flanagan, early-2016. With the capacity to accept 140,000 barrels … Continue reading

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Another banker pushing up daisies

PennLive – by John Luciew A 51-year-old Camp Hill man, described as a summer resident of the upstate island region of New York, has been identified as the victim of a weekend DUI accident that took his life, according to … Continue reading

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First Nations Fisherman Donates 500 Sockeye to Vancouver Homeless

Indian Country Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is known as one of the poorest areas of one of British Columbia’s best-known cities, its reputation one of forgotten souls. But a pile of sockeye salmon changed all that on Saturday August 23, when … Continue reading

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Navajo Kindergartner Sent Home from School, Ordered to Cut His Hair

Indian Country – by Simon Moya-Smith On Monday, a 5-year-old Native American boy was sent home on his first day of school and ordered to cut his hair short because it allegedly violated district policy, the boy’s mother said. The … Continue reading

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Ku Klux Klan steps up recruitment, focuses on immigration

AOL As immigration debates continue on the U.S.-Mexico border, the most infamous and oldest hate group in the country appears to be using the issue as a platform to step up its recruitment across the country.Multiple CNN affiliates report the … Continue reading

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Infamous speed trap town investigated over tickets WALDO, Fla. (AP) — The north Florida town of Waldo has long had a reputation as a speed trap, and it’s no wonder. A small segment of highway that runs through Waldo requires drivers to speed up and slow … Continue reading

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#FightFor15: Fast food workers to strike for higher wages across US

RT Hundreds of US fast food workers from MacDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and KFC are planning a big protest on Thursday in an effort to boost the minimum wage to $15 per hour. The rally will include acts of civil … Continue reading

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