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When Resistance Becomes Duty

Militia News When resistance becomes duty! We do not need those who want to refuse action! We need those who insist on it! Our Contitutution tells us this is OUR Country and not the governments! Clearly you already know something … Continue reading

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Bundy Hoax Exposed: Full Video Of Cliven Bundy’s Non-Racist, Pro-Black, Pro-Mexican, Anti-Government Remarks

Before It’s News Below you are two videos, the first video is the original video the NY Times edited to make there racist news report against Cliven Bundy. The second video is the NY Times Version Of how they want … Continue reading

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Situation Report from Arizona Militia from the Bundy ranch

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George Harrison – It Don’t Come Easy

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Bundy Ranch: The Agenda 21 “Shot” Heard Round The World

Activist Post – by Jeff Berwick The United States government is NOT concerned about the desert tortoise. There is something much larger at stake…a much bigger reason to lead an armed insurrection against a family’s property as we’ve seen at … Continue reading

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‘Watch_Dogs’ Game, Chicago: Hack People’s Lives, Cameras Are Your Friend

Activist Post – by Amanda Warren “What will you do…with that kind of power?”There are no words to describe a personal reaction to this extended video game preview for Watch_Dogs, available on multiple systems, May 27th, by Ubisoft. Video games, for … Continue reading

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Rand Paul and other Republican leaders back away from Bundy

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Cliven Bundy Responds To New York Times Racism Report

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The Beatles – Revolution 9

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Eddie Bayers, The Players with Peter Frampton “Lines on My Face”

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Sgt. Maj. Page to St. Louis Oath Keepers: The End of American Sovereignty & Constitutional Rights

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Cops Tie Up 75-Year-Old Grandmother in Botched Raid

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S0 News April 24, 2014: Canada Quake, Ice, Spaceweather

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Bundy Ranch Update 4/24/2014 Blaine Cooper – Federal Judge Indicts the BLM

Before It’s News This report has not been confirmed yet, but this is breaking news. It has been reported by videographer Blaine Cooper that a federal judge has indicted on BLM for their recent abuse of power in the Cliven … Continue reading

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Trying To Find Your Dope In Combat

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Bobby Darin – Splish Splash

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Reid And China Betray Clinton And Rothschild’s Over Bundy Ranch

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Bruce Channel – Hey Baby

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WIPP Clean Up

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Canadian News Anchor Gives Warning To American Gun Owners

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