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China Wants 50 Square Miles of Idaho – A Soft Invasion of America?

It’s no secret that America is in big trouble, and the New World Order plan is the purposed way out by corporate elitists that want to become ever so more powerful by way of the destruction of America. The values that have made Americans prosperous are no longer in the big picture, as huge debt was used to force upon us true hell, leaving treasonous solutions up to corrupt politicians and their corporate ring masters to further the New World Order game plan.

Officials of the China National Machinery Industry Corporation have suggested developing a technology zone occupying 10,000 to 30,000 acres south of the Boise airport for industry, retail centers and homes.”

Free Trade Zones is going to be part of the final death blow. American soil could be used to facilitate payment, in order to appease the sleeping giant, China. Idaho sticks out as the front runner, as millions of acres of land are being looked at to build huge cities devoted to Chinese manufacturing and commerce. These zones are all over the US that could turn America into something completely unrecognizable unless we act. This was not what our forefathers had in mind, when they fought for our freedoms. Our constitution and Bill of Rights again, will be flushed down the toilet if this insanity is allowed to happen.

What is a Foreign-Trade Zone?

A foreign-trade zone is a designated location in the United States where companies can use special procedures that help encourage U.S. activity and value added – in competition with foreign alternatives – by allowing delayed or reduced duty payments on foreign merchandise, as well as other savings.

A site which has been granted zone status may not be used for zone activity until the site has been separately approved for FTZ activation by local U.S. Customs and Border Protection $CBP$ officials, and the zone activity remains under the supervision of CBP. FTZ sites and facilities remain within the jurisdiction of local, state or federal governments or agencies. “

What are the benefits to a zone user?

Duty Exemption. No duties on or quota charges on re-exports.

Duty Deferral. Customs duties and federal excise tax deferred on imports.

Inverted Tariff. In situations where zone manufacturing results in a finished product that has a lower duty rate than the rates on foreign inputs (inverted tariff), the finished products may be entered at the duty rate that applies to its condition as it leaves the zone — subject to public interest considerations.

Logistical Benefits. Companies using FTZ procedures may have access to streamlined customs procedures (e.g. “weekly entry” or “direct delivery”).”

Other Benefits. Foreign goods and domestic goods held for export are exempt from state/local inventory taxes. FTZ status may also make a site eligible for state/local benefits which are unrelated to the FTZ Act.

The Governor of Idaho is contemplating selling the State of Idaho to the Chinese, and it is bound to cause all kind of problems unless stopped or given strict controls. These will be self contained cities, that will further the distruction of our country, by way of the New World Order. 50 square miles of Idaho are on the chopping block, with other states not far behind. Currently, there are Chinese companies in Idaho already set up doing business.

Hoku Materials Inc., a subsidiary of a Chinese energy firm, has 500 people building a $400 million plant to make polysilicon for solar panels, in Pocatello, Idaho; Hoku expects to begin production this year, employing 250 people;

Simomach, China’s third-largest contractor with more than $14 billion in sales last year, told Southeast Idaho Energy, which is planning to build a $2 billion fertilizer plant in Power County, it wants the contract for engineering, procurement and construction in the fertilizer plant; Southeast Idaho Energy plans to turn coal into gas to produce nitrogen fertilizer and sulfur, hiring 700 to 1,000 people during construction, with 150 permanent workers.”

Simomach has sweetened the deal by offering to finance the development of the fertilizer plant with Chinese-government provided funds.

“Simomach officials met with Boise city and airport officials – including Mayor Dave Bieter – to discuss developing a first phase for the technology zone that would set up a base of operations for Chinese companies doing business in the United States,”

Simomach has sent delegations to Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania to talk about setting up research and development bases and industrial parks.

Corsi noted that the U.S. government has created 257 foreign trade zones, or FTZs, throughout the United States, designed to extend special U.S. customs treatment to U.S. plants engaged in international-trade-related activities.

The FTZs tend to be located near airports, with easy access into the continental NAFTA and WTO multi-modal transportation systems being created to move free-trade goods cheaply, quickly and efficiently throughout the continent of North America.

“There is nothing in the U.S. government’s description of FTZs that would prevent a foreign government, like China, from operating a shell U.S. company that is in reality owned and financed by the Chinese government and operated through a Chinese government-owned corporation,”

As you can see, American politicians are undoubtedly entertaining the idea of selling off America to facilitate what is nothing more than further destruction of American treasure and natural resources. These Trade Free Zones might as well be called what they really are, miniature representations of foreign countries furthering the destruction of America as we know it. It is only another way of giving US citizenship by way of anchor babies to yet another country that will rob us of our money and freedom. We will be strangers in our own country. This cannot be allowed to happen, as if given the opportunities, Americans can do this type of thing on our own, not having to rely on foreign countries to occupy us. Trading American land for repayment of debt is not acceptable and other means of payment must be found.

Why Chinese women want to give birth in America

Our children’s lives depend on a strong Republic. If this was the plan China had in mind for the past 40 years, then shame on Washington for not having the foresight to expect this garbage to facilitate itself. China must not have this type of power over American politicians, no matter what the cost.


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24 Responses to China Wants 50 Square Miles of Idaho – A Soft Invasion of America?

  1. help needed says:

    WHERE do these idea’s come from? If this article is accurate those proposing these ideas should be hung in the center of town for treason.

    • Clark Kent says:

      help needed, you’re not proposing that we hang a duly elected politician, are you ? LOL.

    • Bryce Jones says:

      Congress should not let Idaho sell that land. Not only is it going to allow China to have a foot hold in America, as if that isnt bad enough but a hold in the Heart of the United States. I agree if it happens the people should rise up against the government and hang all those involved on the Mall in Washington D.C. to send a message to the rest of the politicians. If it is allowed once who says it will not happen tens or even hundreds of more times. Who is to says that they dont start buying up whole States. China could buy the states which in hold large quantities of natural minerals such as coal and oil. It also takes up land in which we could use to produce food and other necessities with out the extra cost of shipping it from other countries.

      If this goes down Our ForeFathers will be turning in their graves. All the lives and blood lost during the Revoloutinary War, Civil War, WWI, WWII, will be spilt for nothing if OUR Country is torn from the inside out.

  2. s.w. says:

    If you think this can’t happen…see MEXIFORNIA !

    • Clark Kent says:

      I live in North Carolexico. I used to live in CA. 15 years ago, and s.w., I swear there are more fucking illegal Mexicans here than in CA. !

      • Brian says:

        Well now, jeepers creepers,Clark…what do you expect them to do? Stay in their own country where they have to actually work for a living and get nothing from the taxpayers when they are being enabled by the US government to come here and get everything free on us?? Duh! Have you considered psychotherapy?

        No offense, dude, but you really need help! I mean…like…are you OK?

        Whoa! You’re out there man! Are you one of those “conspiracy” people?

        • Clark Kent says:

          Nothing’s helped, Brian. I’m hopeless.

          • brian s says:

            hey clark you should see connecticut wherever i go that all you see they are fuckin cockroachs as ive said on here before there buying up all the properties they have nice cars all the america stores are turning spanish thats all the language i here now walk into the hospital or any where around here they have one side in english and one in spanish what’s next are they going to put the mcdonalds fast food in spanish i dont get it this scumbag sucking bunch of liberals have simultanisley have fucked all of us the only thing on the news i here the big problem is legalizing gay marriage cant stand it anymore are goverment is a cancer that needs to be stopped or eliminated they refuse to look at the unemployed and the starving people in this country and the suicide rate is going up by the day im at a loss still homeless it’s great i get to hang out with all the nocturnal creatures of the night talk to you hope things are better on your side

          • brian s says:

            ive been saying it all along china is going to take over the world and what’s are goverment doing selling out as usual get ready the invasion has just begun american are going to be a dieing breed there going to wipe us out like they did to the indians

          • Clark Kent says:

            Over my dead body ! Good to see ya, brian s. Me and the boy are hangin’ in there, waitin’ for WWIII.

          • Brian says:


            Yeah…I know. All we can do is whatever we can do.

            Don’t lose heart….yet…

          • Clark Kent says:

            Gotcha !

  3. James says:

    Hello Brian and Clark.

    Brian you said it is all the blody liberals are all the problem. Now Don’t take me wrong. I agree. But you are missing part of the issue on this China deal. EVERY DAMN Politican in senate and congerss appoved this Dem and Rep. Also every governor in the country is looking into accepting this dean in each or there states.

    For more info go to google.. type in china idaho land. Read till the blood boils.


    • Brian says:


      You are misunderstanding. If you’re addressing me I never made such a comment. It’s not left/right…it’s a unified and orchestrated destruction and pillaging of the free world.

      Please read up a bit before making such comment.


  4. louie butts says:

    i notice that its fellow idahoans who’re selling their land, partisanship notwithstanding,…as usual it’s up to us to vote w/ our financial power as well… do those idahoans need the cash &/or the political power positioning?!?… where’s the people of idaho’s response??!…

  5. Alan says:

    The people of Idaho are too busy following the BSU football games and not paying attention to
    the Political seditionists. Most states have delinquent citizens not watching their elected officials. Most of our elected officials are merely political prostitutes. China and Russia are both clearly making preparations to conquer the US. They may do it by buying us with our own
    fiat money and a soft attack without a shot being fired or something more dramatic. Stay tuned.
    China and Russia have already declared their plans to conquer us and they are positioning themselves tactically so that will be more feasible as each year passes.

    • Bryce says:

      Who knows if it is just Russia and China that is doing this. There could more countries doing it around the globe. But China has made a bold move by trying to buy up land in Idaho. Russia might be next.

  6. I wonder where else the Chinese are buying land?

  7. Patrick Medes says:

    Hello Alan, glad to meet your ignorant lump of human waste. I was born and raised in Idaho and happy to tell you that we do read the paper and give a flying bird fart, and yea we did do something.
    ” Rumors, blogs and letters to the editor even suggested that the Chinese had designs on establishing a sovereign Chinese city on Idaho soil.

    That prompted the Idaho Republican Party to pass a resolution last July urging the state to ‘cease further foreign-based corporate development of a ‘Free Trade Zone’ and approximately 60,000 acres in Idaho.’” —

    And for your information, if your brain can disect any data, China has been looking at multiple states. Perhaps even yours, if you even live in this beautiful country.

  8. NC says:

    Next thing you’ll know, we’ll have a Chinese President in America who will not even show his birth certificate proving he was born in America, just like good old Barry. And then we’ll become a Communist country just like China! OH JOY!!! Someone please wake me up from this nightmare that we’re living in.

  9. NC says:

    So China took over Ohio and now it wants to takeover Idaho. Great. Now they only have 49 more states to go. I say 49 because they’ll need to buy out Israel, too, since it is now the 51st state in the Union.

  10. NC says:

    Why am I commenting on an article that happened over a year ago? LOL

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