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Clinton Continues to Avoid Testifying of Her Involvement in CIA Spy Stevens Death in Benghazi

Occupy Corporatism – by Susanne Posel

Retired Admiral and former Joint Cheifs of Staff chairman, Mike Mullen, who conducted an independent review of the events at Benghazi, stated that “the attacks in Benghazi were security related.” Mullen said that the terrorists who committed the attack were solely to blame for the deaths of J. Christopher Stevens, State Department employee Sean Smith, member of the State Department diplomatic security Tyrone Woods, and former Navy SEAL Glen Doherty.

Yet according to the State Department, “Benghazi was not a priority in Washington.” The National Transitional Council (NTC) hired militia members and extremists to fill in the gaps in their national armed forces.

In Benghazi, Stevens stayed at a gated-villa, leased by the US State Department from a local man named Mohammad al-Bishari. The villa in Benghazi was not a US Embassy, diplomatic mission or extension of the embassy. In fact, the nearest US Embassy is Tripoli.

This location housed Stevens where he spoke with the NTC, a defaco-government in Libya that assisted the US in the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. Headquartered in Benghazi and the self-proclaimed “only legitimate body representing the people of Libya and the Libyan state.”

Stevens had previously been designated as a special representative to the NTC during the US-controlled Libyan revolution. To mask Stevens new role, he was given US Ambassador status by Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, and stationed in Tripoli.

Bishari has confirmed that Stevens would stay at the villa when he met with the NTC. Stevens’ mission in Benghazi was to gather intelligence for the CIA “conducting surveillance and collecting information on an array of armed militant groups in and around the city.”

The Special Operations branch of the CIA deals in guerilla campaigns using doctrine and guidance when facilitating “psychological warfare”. The trained operatives used for special operations are mercenaries, such as hired guns, soldiers from Blackwater (or Academi) and other private sectorsecurity firms contracted by the US government to ensure US interests foreign or domestic.

One group Stevens was heavily monitoring was the Ansar al-Sharia who is directly connected with the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi extremists who carry out covert operations for the Saudi Arabian government by terrorist means.

Stevens’ work with the CIA extends back to 2011.

Stevens spent time negotiating with the NTC because of the international community’s self- recognition of the faction as a legitimate government because of their seat at the UN, as well as assisting the CIA in watching the Ansar al-Sharia which is why he spent so much time in Benghazi.

Former CIA Director David Petraeus was well aware of Stevens’s role in Benghazi. When Stevens died, the CIA agents who worked with him during his intelligence gathering missions said that the agency “lost a good pair of eyes.” This comment explains the entire reason for a massive cover-up being perpetrated onto the American public complete with an extramarital affair to keep us distracted.

Some of Stevens’ deals for arms can be realized in the artillery and weapons being funneled to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Syria who are fighting the proxy war for the US. Stevens became the“liaison” between US-sponsored terrorist factions and the movement of arms to Syria to assist the FSA.

Shipments to the FSA have come from Saudi Arabia where the Salafi terrorists originated and the Partisans of Sharia is used to further subversive interests. Thanks to the US, the Saudi government and Stevens, the FSA are the most heavily armed state-sponsored jihadist group in the Middle East.

In reality, Islamic terrorist factions that work with the US were employed by the Saudi Arabian government to take out one of Petraeus’ CIA spies. That spy’s name was J. Christopher Stevens.

Mullen stated in the review: “We did conclude that certain State Department bureau level senior officials in critical levels of authority and responsibility in Washington demonstrated a lack of leadership and management ability appropriate for senior ranks in their responses to security concerns posed by the special mission.”

Due to budget constraints, money for security was not available and therefore “grossly inadequate” security was provided which was directly causational to the attack on the rented villa in Benghazi being successful.

Senator John Barrasso said that “the State Department clearly failed” to secure the rented villa. Barrasso went on to say that: “They failed to anticipate what was coming because of how bad the security risk already was there. … They failed to connect the dots. They didn’t have adequate security leading up to the attack and once the attack occurred, the security was woefully inadequate.”

While Clinton is recovering from a stomach virus, fainting spell and concussion, the agency she heads has taken political hits for the failures cited in Mullen’s review as well as media coverage of the cover-up concerning Benghazi-gate. Clinton’s medical issues have precluded her providing testimony at a hearing on Benghazi. State Department deputies Thomas Nides and Bill Burns provided representation at the open session.

Last month, Victoria Nulland covered for Clinton when she was first requested to testify before the House Foreign Affairs Committee by saying that Clinton would be travelling that week and unavailable to appear.

At this time it was also publicized that the State Department’s Legislative Affairs was “in the process of gathering and reviewing records that address the security situation leading up to the attack.”

Senator Bob Corker explained that: “I know that Secretary Clinton was unable to be able to testify tomorrow in an open setting. I do think it’s imperative for all concerned that she testify in an open session prior to any changing of the regime. I think that that’s very important for her, I think it’s very important for our country, and I think it’s very important to really understand sort of the inner workings of the State Department itself.”

Diplomatic security is assigned by directives of the US State Department. And Clinton is the member of the Obama administration who exclusively oversees diplomatic security. Those working under Clinton in this matter are Eric J. Boswell, Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security; Scott P. Bultrowicz, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security and Director of the Diplomatic Security Service; and Tracy H. Mahaffey, Executive Director for Diplomatic Security.

Under the Bureau of Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) there are 2,000 special agents assigned to protect foreign diplomats visiting the US and diplomatic missions overseas. The DSS us an arm of the US State Department as a conduit for all major security and law enforcement matters. This is an agency of the US State Department; and therefore under control of Clinton.

Illeana Ros-Lehtinen, House Foreign Affairs chairwoman explained that Clinton would eventually show to testify in mid-January. “We still don’t have information from the Obama administration on what went so tragically wrong in Benghazi that resulted in the deaths of four patriotic Americans. We have been combing through classified and unclassified documents and have tough questions about State Department threat assessments and decision-making on Benghazi. This requires a public appearance by the Secretary of State herself. Other Cabinet secretaries involved should also be held publicly accountable.”

In November, at a closed meeting with the House Intelligence Committee Petraeus toldrepresentatives that the Obama administration’s account of the attack on Benghazi does not match CIA intelligence provided at the time. Petraeus was adamant that the attack as terroristic in nature. He mentioned that the Department of Justice and US State Department were corroborating his account of the events.

The former CIA director also revealed that the original CIA account of Benghazi, regarding the reference to a terrorist attack, was scrubbed from the CIA draft by federal agencies.

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8 Responses to Clinton Continues to Avoid Testifying of Her Involvement in CIA Spy Stevens Death in Benghazi

  1. REDHORSE says:

    Sooo we’re saying Clinton has added another one to their list..That list is real long now.

  2. BentSpear says:

    Looking at this CivilianUnderNegroTraining behavior from past investigations, not surprised. She’ll fake & divert to the end. We’ll never know the truth of how many this broad has killed to feather her criminal enterprise.

  3. LoPhatt says:

    This is “Hilarious”! Look, we all know that these mutts are just incompetent tools for their owners. Their real function is to try to provide plausible explanations for inexcusable behavior. Of course they aren’t very good at it.
    Between the “media” peddling propaganda 24/7 and these parasites spewing lies upon lies you would think (ah, therein lies the problem), that people would scream “ENOUGH”!
    But, no, they keep trying to “make sense” of it all. Hear’s the newsflash: It will never make sense because they are not doing what people think they are doing! They don’t work for us. Never have. Never will. If they keep right on spewing one without becoming fatally “depressed” one can assume they are doing as told. They no longer care one whit whether anyone believes them. It is obvious by now that no matter what, they will continue to be allowed to front for their owners.
    Expecting a tool to rescue one of their spies implies some honor among thieves. How on Earth could anyone expect “honor” from a bunch of self-serving psychopaths?
    This woman stands out amongst a crowd of utter scum. That is quite an accomplishment. They run the gamet from totally incompetent to utterly craven. She makes some of the craven look like Mother Teresa. Whether giggling over some bastard’s murder or shamelessly pandering at AIPAC or the CFR, she is a “standout”.
    You can bet your bippy that the palace intrigues these people engage in would make a new chapter for Dante’s Inferno.

  4. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    As I stated in an earlier article, this Satanic, worthless POS b#tch has my vote – to be second in line for the gallows, right behind that OTHER Satanic, worthless, FOREIGN POS, Obummer.

    And please, make the drop a VERY short one, so we can see those demonic eyes glaze over as she’s kicking and struggling for breath.

  5. It is I only says:

    Why this bitch wasn’t in Benghazi, instead of Christopher Stevens?
    The cherry on top of the cake, would have been Caligula Billy with her there as well!

  6. Herb Scornwaffles says:

    Her first excuse that her dog peed on her homework is what really gave the mewling vermin congress the message to lay off.

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