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Colorado Sheriff Blasts Peers who Refuse to Enforce New Gun Laws

Guns – by S.H. Blannelberry

Since President Obama announced his gun control agenda last week, over 120 sheriffs around the country have vowed not to enforce any new federal gun law or ban that they deem to be unconstitutional.

While that number continues to grow ( is keeping an updated list of sheriffs who make the pledge) one sheriff has spoken out against this grassroots movement of honorably defiant lawmen.

On Tuesday, Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson issued a statement criticizing his peers for overstepping their authority.

“Public safety professionals serving in the executive branch do not have the constitutional authority, responsibility, and in most cases, the credentials to determine the constitutionality of any issue,” Robinson said in a statement.

Robinson added that law enforcement should let the courts make the determination as to whether a law passes constitutional muster or not.

“Acts of violence and gun violence have and will, sadly, continue to victimize our community and our country,” said Robinson, a self-described supporter of the Second Amendment.

“We all have an obligation to our families, neighbors, our community and our country to be engaged and to demand that well-considered, meaningful, and sustainable solutions to these senseless acts of violence are implemented in a timely manner,” he continued.

Robinson’s jurisdiction includes Aurora, CO, the site of the movie theater shooting last July where a deranged gunman shot 70 people, killing 12 of them, during a screening of the Batman movie: “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Commentary and Analysis 

For those sheriffs who’ve made the pledge, the decision to do so seems to be as much about protecting the constitutional rights of citizens as it does about protecting the hides of their deputies.

Let’s face facts, and speaking in terms practicality, if an outright federal gun ban was enacted, would you want to send your deputies out, door-to-door, to confiscate firearms from a well-armed and well-trained populace?

Hell no!

Sheriff Denny Peyman of Jackson County, KY, intimated as much in an interview with NBC News last week.

“Kentucky is a sovereign state,” said Sheriff Peyman. “The federal government is coming in and saying, ‘This is what you’re going to do.’ We’re not going to do it.”

“Let’s say I know there’s a thousand assault weapons in my county,” Peyman said. “I’m not going to be a witch hunter and go door to door checking.”

No kidding.  Only a fool (or a man with a death wish) would subject himself or his men to that task.

Peyman’s sentiments were echoed by Sheriff Robert Maciol from Oneida County, NY, who is having a hard time figuring out how to enforce Gov. Cuomo’s new gun laws, one of which will ban the possession of unregistered ‘assault weapons’ and magazines holding more than 7 rounds.

“We don’t know where these guns are because they’re not registered and again I will not and I certainly don’t have the manpower to start going to every person in Oneida County to see if they have a gun. I mean, we’re not going to be doing that,” said Maciol.

According to Maciol, his office is receiving 20 calls per day from concerned citizens with questions about Cuomo’s package of laws.

“We are still learning exactly what the law is telling us…what the law is detailing. There’s a lot of unanswered questions,” Maciol told WKTV.

To circle back to Sheriff Robinson, he’s got to understand where his fellow lawmen are coming from. This is not only a constitutional issue, but a safety issue as well.  Sure, not every gun owner would resist handing over his/her AR-15 to the authorities, but at the same time, not every gun owner would peaceably comply either.

With respect to this scenario, if a law enforcement official knocked on your door and demanded that you give up several of your firearms, how would you respond?

(Note: months ago I would have dismissed this question as being absurdly hypothetical, though now, post Sandy Hook and following the passage of Cuomo’s gun laws, it seems like a very legitimate question to ask).

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13 Responses to Colorado Sheriff Blasts Peers who Refuse to Enforce New Gun Laws

  1. tuesdayissoylentgreenday says:

    Glad this Sheriff came out and took a side…. now the folks of his county can deal with him. Maybe his next job will be a Walmart Door Greeter. Or ass wiper for a liberal politician.

  2. N.O. says:


    HELP WANTED: ;0p




    CONTACT – [email protected]

    * these are volunteer positions only , and potentially life endangering , APPLY AT YOUR OWN RISK .


    ~N.O. ;0p

  3. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    My Fellow Patriots:

    “On Tuesday, Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson issued a statement criticizing his peers for overstepping their authority”

    What Sheriff Robinson really stated was,.. “How dare any sheriff support the Constitution, and refuse the Glorious Leaders commands!”

    This is exactly the kind of sheriff that we can only hope local residence will make an example of,.. in whatever way clearly gets the message to other traitors,.. errr,.. I mean,.. sheriffs.

    JD – US Marines – ALL Traitors belong hanging from the end of a rope,.. and left there to rot.

  4. CXJ says:

    JD good point!

  5. Large Scale Aggressor says:

    “if a law enforcement official knocked on your door and demanded that you give up several of your firearms, how would you respond?”

    Let him have it…

  6. Whizerd67 says:

    The only thing to say to this POS, from any American, is…

    “You’re Fired! Get out!”

    Unless that’s done, this will continue from the corrupt, the sheep, the puppets, and the stupid… maybe a mixture of some or all of that.

    IMO…it doesn’t matter what this imbecile says. ANY law/mandate/bill/etc that has ANYTHING to do with regulation/ownership of a citizen’s arms…is ILLEGAL, and more-importantly, INHUMAN at this point.
    The only thing that any ‘police’ or ‘judge’ should have with this issue, is MANDATORY stiff sentencing for irresponsibility of use. No good time, no plea-bargain. True for other issues too, but for this story, I’ll leave it at that.
    Nothing he says makes a difference to me….I’m not giving up ANYTHING I may possess, arms or otherwise, that are reasonably effective to keep my family alive from ANYONE that may try to…for lack of a better term…infringe…on that. You’re simply not taking them without a fight..if it has to come to that…And I don’t wanna HAVE to fight for that..I shouldn’t HAVE to either. So, the only way any fight from me starts is with outside unreasonable and unnecessary provocation.
    That button is starting to be pushed upon more heavily. I’m sure I’m not alone…..

    So..Sheriff….STFU and listen, or step down quietly. Best two choices for ya.

    I’d still like to say and keep in mind that the whole gun-control thing and all this other BS is, IMHO, a distraction from some serious issues that should be resolved at the same time THIS issue is resolved..if it has to come to that.
    Don’t destroy everything is what I’m trying to say i suppose.
    I don’t think i’d be too far out-of-the-way to say that we want to restore what we know can work, rather than to destroy everything and have to start completely from scratch. I dunno….am I off-track or something by saying that?
    Either’s gonna take time.
    Food, air, water, genes, pharma, energy, war, guns, gun control…all tied to money…and ‘power’. Hand in hand. That’s the distraction. If its not tended to soon, NO ‘fight’ matters at all….no matter the ‘victor’.

    Ranting again….just concerned of millions getting side-swiped, including myself and my children and loved-ones.

    ~Blessed Be to all~

  7. oldvet says:

    As I stated in another article just the other day on LEO non-compliance,…most are corporate/fed hired shills who know the direction of the blowing wind.
    In other words, hell no they wont commit or admit to confiscation…they know damn well the public will shoot their sorry asses…The locales know where they live!
    At this point in time its about useless to make a decision on whether or not your Sheriff is a good guy or a bought and paid for puppet…
    Only when the lead flies will we know for sure……..where does he point his gun?
    All these posts on County Sheriffs stepping up to the plate and saying no is a waste of time for us. (my opinion only>>>yours may vary).
    These folks have a target on their backs and will say and do anything at this moment to throw off the Spotlite thats on them…..As R. Reagan said….”Trust but verify”

    To me they are the enemy until proven otherwise. Think about it!

    • diggerdan says:

      You sound like me oldvet. I agree 100%

      • oldvet says:

        Well Digger,…brother Im just speaking from the heart. I see it like this,…if they all about doing the right thing on the 2nd…then why in hell wont they do the right thing now with the other laws they enforce. They sure as hell dont mind tasering Grandma do they?
        Bunches of us have long dang memories!….know what I mean?
        From all over the internet I see good Patriots being sucked in by this BS , thinking the “law” is on their side…they lettin down the guard and its going to cost many of them their lives
        Good sounding Patriots…..but many are still asleep.

        Mr Sheriff or Mr LEO….want us to believe you?….then step down and quit your job bub.

        • diggerdan says:

          Yea I speak from heart also. I`m not a vet but I had to do time in the 60`s and that disqualified me. Sure do oldvet, I have got some old memories but of how the LEO`s act. . Everybody duells on the 1st and 2nd amandment rights all of a sudden and we all are forgetting about what they are realy doing. I`m not very good with politics and things like that but I do know our rights as people and they are devious enough to plan years ahead to condition people to get side tracked. They are up to something much bigger than any of our Rights because they do not even recognize our bill of rights. The time for talk is over. Now it is there move and we all will see who gets slaughtered. Us guys are way better equipped than them thugs from the govt.

  8. CXJ says:


    Ok men, you’re going to have a little trouble convincing your wives to pile up sandbags in front of windows and walls. However, try this approach and make her think its her idea.

    “Darling I was thinking about doing a little decorating actually it would be more like interior design. What would you think about the “New Urban Crisis Look? You know, colorful sandbags along the inside of exterior walls and back from the entry doors about 3′-6”. By the way, we should reinforce those doors with floor post painted pink I think. You never know who’s going to blow in these days. We could divide the rooms into sandbag pods for leisure moments kinda like bean bag chairs so we could do some serious hunkering. Oh we can’t forget the 3/4″ lexan sheets secured to the window frames with slots for fresh air… Yes we’ll have lavender Kevlar curtains. Hey, lets get creative with new stereo system. I saw this sound system that belts out 250 decibels and it makes a rock star sound like he’s playing a flute. Babe, then there is the lighting system it right out of a “KISS”concert.” You know! The pulsating lights that make everyone go dizzy?! What do mean the 250 decibels is a bit much that will make everyone go crazy? Really?!!! Okay we’ll partition the remove off with Kevlar blankets to deaden the sound. You’re right those “Flash” pyrotechnics are a bit annoying…but its rock-n-roll time right? One more thing darling if the party gets a bit out of hand we’ll need a sneaky exit. Every rock concert should haven one. I’ve got that all figured out. What do yo meant what if they destroy our house? That’s a given baby we’ll build another one right after the party is over. Love you sweetie you’re such a good sport. Darling have you seen my .50 Cal anywhere?”

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