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Court upholds eviction, 84-year-old woman forced out of home


ALSTEAD, N.H. —An 84-year-old New Hampshire woman on Friday will be out of the modest mobile home where she’s lived in for the past 27 years after the state’s highest court upheld her eviction.

“I haven’t done anything wrong,” Leona Berger said Thursday. “I’ve redone this house inside from paint, paper to floors, and I don’t know what I’ve done. I bother nobody. My house is probably the neatest one.”  

Berger will pack up her belongings, put her furniture in storage and move in with a daughter.

In a brief order filed in April, the Supreme Court said Berger failed to prove her case that a lower court had made a mistake in allowing the West Hill Cooperative to evict her in 2012.

The lawyer representing Well Hill did not immediately return a call seeking comment. Robert Phinney, the chairman of the cooperative’s board of directors, has said the eviction was a business decision.

The case began in August 2011, when Berger got notice that the board was going to increase her rent from $400 to $900. Her daughter, Shelley Crosby, became her mother’s advocate and negotiated the rent to $575. Berger had to sign a lease for the first time – a lease the board opted not to renew a year later. They sent an eviction notice effective September 2012.

The case sent ripples through the town. The Board of Selectmen even held up approval of a $400,000 grant for a well system at the trailer park for nearly half a year hoping to leverage a deal with the cooperative to keep Berger in her home.

A lower court ruled the co-op’s board had the right to obtain and sell the rental property. When Berger’s lawyer declined to appeal the ruling, Crosby, who has no legal training, argued the case in front of the Supreme Court. April’s order marks the end of the road.

On Thursday, Crosby sat in front of the mobile home community protesting the decision. When her mother is evicted Friday as expected, she will live with another daughter.

“I’m trying to get the (cooperative) board members to change their minds and let my mom stay so she can have some peace,” said Crosby. “I’m not giving up.

“She was crying today about it because she’s so independent,” Crosby said. “She’s strong and she’s spunky and she wants to stay in her own home.”


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8 Responses to Court upholds eviction, 84-year-old woman forced out of home

  1. NC says:


  2. rbeason says:

    this is the second time i have attempted to comment to this post….
    This story is an example of what JD….had to say about ….the evil in banking…look at his writing today….on the post
    Thank the troops for your service? Speak for yourself….a page or so back…
    yes we have seen this before…Let though, none of us allow this evil without a word of condemnation of it………..

  3. Sunfire says:

    Anyone who calls this “legal”, “justified”, or a “business decision” is a heartless bastard that deserves nothing less than being shot in the head or hung from a hemp rope. How long will kind of lunacy be tolerated? Maybe when the criminals posing as the government start lining people up by the mass graves and start shooting them execution-style, people will understand, of course it will be too late then.

  4. joe (jstp) says:

    Someone is dreaming of this house, If it was me burn it to the ground!

  5. Cathleen says:

    This is just wrong. A big jump in rent like that means someone wants that land.
    . . .

  6. Nottoobitter says:

    Well as far as I can tell either the militia should step in(which if she only rent wont work to well)
    or columbian necktie every c@cksuck3r on that board.

    business decision. sleep well you scumf@ckers.

  7. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “The case began in August 2011, when Berger got notice that the board was going to increase her rent from $400 to $900.”

    BLATANT theft!!!

    “A lower court ruled the co-op’s board had the right to obtain and sell the rental property.”

    And you rubber-stamping POS communist bast@rds are going to answer to the people one day soon for your complicity.

  8. Jimmy Cogsdil says:

    A group that has no compassion for the elderly, will wither on the vine.

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