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Dallas Store Manager Fends Off Armed Robbers with .38 Revolver, Wounding One; Police Arrive 74 Minutes Later

Dallas News |

Freedom’s Lighthouse

Here is a video report on a Dallas store manager using his handgun to fend off an attempted robbery by five armed robbers. There’s also audio of the 911 call from the Dallas store manager asking for police help because of the robbery. Reports indicate he asked for police to come because the armed men had tried to rob his store. The store manager shot at the men with a .38 Caliber revolver, sending the robbers scurrying away, and wounding one of them twice. But his call was misclassified because the operator did not understand he was saying in his frantic call that he had shot one of the robbers, and it took police an hour to arrive. In fact, it was so long, the manager went home and was called back by police when the did arrive.

It takes a “good guy with a gun” to ward off five armed robbers.

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7 Responses to Dallas Store Manager Fends Off Armed Robbers with .38 Revolver, Wounding One; Police Arrive 74 Minutes Later

  1. Old Timer says:

    Big shootout and only one person calls for help then the person who called goes home with no follow up. Something is not right with this story.

  2. Justin Thought says:

    Everybody, just give up your guns. It’s not fair for honest robbers to have to worry about some concerned victim taking his ire out on them. Instead, it’s best to wait for the police to arrive, in order to classify and clean up the dead meat lying on the floor. Don’t worry, they’ll get there sooner or later. You shouldn’t be upset just because the Dunkin’ down the street is having a sale.

    (And just in case anyone thinks I’m being serious, please go to your dictionary and look up the word “irony,” then move on to “sarcasm.”)

    Good for this store owner. He has a tool that is for the purpose of protecting himself and his employees, and he used it the way it was supposed to be used. (He does need to go down to the range and do a little practice, though.)

    Oh, yeah, and I want some of them elotes! Extra chile, please.

  3. Patriot Joe says:

    Couldn’t understand a darn thing stated in the 911 call. Probably another recent ‘immigrant’ from Pakistan….

  4. Barry Soetoro says:

    This is why it’s so important to pass common sense gun control laws. Hard working robbers like these young gentlemen shouldn’t have to risk their lives facing down criminal store owners with guns just to earn a living.

  5. Jolly Roger says:

    If the police knew the store owner was armed, they would have intentionally avoided showing up there. It’s a lot easier for them if the store owner shoots the robbers, and then they get to grab a few guns as “evidence” too.

  6. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Damn shame he didn’t put them all in the morgue.

  7. Enbe says:

    74 minutes. Makes ya wonder how many relatives the robbers have in the police department.

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