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Iran fires on, misses unarmed US drone over Persian Gulf

Stars and Stripes- by Chris Carroll

WASHINGTON – Iranian jets shot at a U.S. Predator drone flying a surveillance mission over international waters in the Persian Gulf but missed, the Pentagon said Thursday.

Iranian SU-25 fighters intercepted and fired twice at the unarmed drone just before 5 a.m. Washington time on Nov. 1, Pentagon Press Secretary George Little said at a Pentagon press conference. None of the bullets hit the Predator, a diminutive propeller-powered plane far slower and smaller than the jets, and it returned to base undamaged.

How could the jets have missed such a defenseless target? The SU-25 was designed for close air support, much like a U.S. A-10 jet, so its pilots might not be experts in air-to-air combat, Pentagon officials said Thursday. But the Pentagon believes the Iranian planes weren’t just firing warning shots.

“Our working assumption is they fired to take it down,” Little said. “We were not warned in advance that they were going to fire on this aircraft.”

Little said the drone was flying approximately 16 nautical miles off Iran’s coast in the tense Persian Gulf, the site of an ongoing military standoff between the United States and Iran over the regime’s nuclear ambitions.

American officials have told the Iranians the U.S. has a right to fly missions in the area and would continue to do so, Little said.

“Our aircraft was never in Iranian airspace; it was always flying in international airspace,” he said. “We never entered the 12 nautical mile limit.”

Little said it was the first time a U.S. unmanned aircraft has been fired upon in the Persian gulf.

The incident, initially reported on CNN soon before Thursday’s briefing, should never have come to light because surveillance missions are classified, Little added.

“This is an unauthorized disclosure of classified information,” he said.

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10 Responses to Iran fires on, misses unarmed US drone over Persian Gulf

  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:


    This war will NOT go well for Iran if they can’t even hit an unarmed drone!

  2. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:


    Something don’t sound right here.

    The SU-25 (Frogfoot) has been around for decades, and its targeting system, whether missle or machine gun, have had the bugs shaken out of it a long time ago.

    The Predator Drone is a slow, lumbering aircraft (cruising speed of about 100mph give or take a little & is approx 30′ x 50′…), that probably did not engage in any type of evasive maneuvers, which would make it little more than boring target practice, and this SU-25 pilot couldn’t hit it?!!,.. even though he tried,.. TWICE??!!!

    The SU-25 is a fighter/Intercepter, made to engage ground or air targets up to a speed of nearly 600mph.

    A Predator Drone lumbering along at 100 mph or even at its top speed of 130 mph would still look like its standing still to the pilot of the SU-25.

    This must mean one of the following is true:

    1) The pilot is total f’kn idiot and couldn’t hit the broad side of barn, even with two muscle men holding the barn in place (unlikely…)

    2) The pilot missed intentionally. A scare tactic or just letting us (Americans) know they could have shot it down if they really wanted to.

    3) This is a cover story. Either this event never actually happened, or it is a cover story for one of our (American) nefarious operations that did, or was about to go horribly wrong (again..).

    The one thing I would say that did NOT happen, is that a fighter pilot,.. flying in a proven aircraft, with a proven targeting system, with decades of design and improvement work behind it, was incapable of hitting something as large and slow moving as a Predator.

    The question here is: Whats the real story behind this,.. “event”?

    JD – US Marines – I know the smell of rotten fish when its present,.. and something smells rotten here.

  3. oldvet says:

    I second what JD said……Iranian Pilots are not inept. This story has the aroma of bovine excrement all over it!

  4. sam says:

    they brought down our most sophisticated drone there is no reason they could not drop this piece of junk from the sky if they want to. if it really happened as they say, then there were just warning shots.

  5. NC says:

    This story has “bullshit” written all over it. My “bullshit” meter is going in overdrive.

  6. Pete says:

    If anyone believe this story… better go to see a shrink.

    If the Iranian really wanted to take it down, it would have been no brainer as the drone was flying so slowly and still managed to fly back to base??

    Really , the Iranian pilots could have used that as a target practise flying in and out , front and behind and do some lots of target practise without hitting it as they know bringing it down would have caused lots of headaches for Iran and the Generals would have lots of explaining to do.

    Two runs? and the drone managed to return to base WITHOUT bullet holes? Get a life Mr American. The world is not a fool.

    A guided missile would done the job without problem …fire and forget .

  7. rachel says:

    the sounds like a sales pitch for a flase flag they have yet to deploy. Remeber, the pentagon gave us Bin Laden’s coprs was buried at sea. Bunch of liars.

  8. Epiphanyswr says:

    I agree with the first and last comment. No chance they missed with guns, and they would have just fired a missile and forgot about it. If the Iranians wanted that plane down, it would have been dead.

    I am not sure what sensor capability the drone has, but how did they know it was fired upon? Bullets are a little too small to appear on radar, and unless the planes came at each other head-on, there would have been no muzzle flashes for the drone to “see” with its cameras, which I imagine point down. If all they “saw” were tracers or something, that could have been a glitch. For all we know they saw what they thought were flashes and just figured it was an Iranian jet. The whole story, immediately after the election, suggests another Israeli attempt to create a false flag reason for the US to attack Iran and to get the American public to support it. Just more lies, piled on more lies, resting on a large mound of bovine excrement.

  9. SU 25 says:

    REgarding US centric analysing is not good for anybody. Reality about the SU25 is its a tank killer plays the same role as a A-10. Whats amazing is iran being able to detect the predator which has a a low RCS its clear to anybody the Iranians used a slower aircraft to hush away the predator from its territory the pilots also flew over the drone to show their were in control. Reality is iran has both Kolchuga and NEBO radar systems that can see stealth aircrafts so the surprise isn’t a surprise no more PEACE is the only way drop israel or prepare for WW3 with the ruskies and chinese.

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