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Kenya Signs $5 Billion Deal with China – Soon After 68 Dead at Kenyan Mall?

Kenya has newly discovered oil fields and is rapidly growing in its energy sectors, along with a new port in Lamu north of Lambusa. China has made it clear that they want in, furthering their quest for world domination. This will provide a clearing house for the Chinese currency clearing the way for an International financial hub. This can’t be making the elitists in America very happy to say the least. Could this have something to do with the chaos currently in Kenya? Could the PTB in America have sent in their shadow Al Qaeda partners to do the dirty deed? Everything is fair game in this day and age, and the above scenario holds a lot of water.  

Since March 4th Kenya has had a new President Uhuru Kenyatta, and he has become mighty friendly with the Chinese recently as the two plan Kenya’s future. It seems the two are taking advantage of the rift between America and Kenya as well as European nations because of so called crimes against humanity problems keeping them apart in useful talks concerning Kenya’s growth and development. China has obviously pounced on the opportunity. After all, crimes against humanity are right up China’s alley.

The killings at the Kenyan Mall attribute to the rift in some way, obviously, and the above deal with China sticks out as the reason why.  If not I would be surprised. There have been rumors of some of the shooters at the Kenya massacre as being American. God only knows how the elites have staged this Kenya thing to benefit them somehow, but my guess is China, in some way, was the lever that was used.

China is building roads, a pipeline and a railway to supplement the $25.5 billion port in Lamu project to help bridge the landlocked South Sudan and Ethiopia to Lamu. This will make Kenya a major player in the African energy game. We will see how the monopoly game plays out, as this is going to become quite interesting to say the least.

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4 Responses to Kenya Signs $5 Billion Deal with China – Soon After 68 Dead at Kenyan Mall?

  1. Bullwinkle says:

    China makes financial deals and the US Corporation
    only knows how to kill people into submission.

    Does one win hearts and minds with bombs or cash?

  2. ROBERT says:

    JUST as LIBYA was destroyed because of CHINA’S large investment there it seems KENYA is next on the list with the pentagon already drawing up target list.
    AMERICA would rather destroy these countries just to deny CHINA access to their resources!

  3. Greg Bacon says:

    Yemen was close to signing a deal with China to let them use the port in Aden, when all of a sudden, ‘al CIA Duh’ started popping up in Yemen.

    Now they’ve magically appeared in Kenya.

    What a coincidence!

  4. NC says:

    Gee….maybe if our fake U.S. government just started a war with China, they wouldn’t have to waste their time attacking other countries who are receiving aid from China. I mean it’s not rocket science, right?

    Oh, that’s right! The U.S. treasonous government only likes to start wars with the little people but not the big ones. In the end, our fake government is just a bunch of cowards.

    On the other hand, war is a racket and by having China give aid to other countries, it gives them an excuse to spend money attacking them with their new toys.

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