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Michael Moore Gushes: Bloomberg’s Gun Control – “It’s Wonderful!” – by Chris Mandia

Hollywood fat cat and notorious anti-gun provocateur, Michael Moore, was beside himself yesterday as he heaped praise on Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s push for tougher nationwide gun control.

“It’s wonderful,” said Moore during a groundbreaking ceremony for a cinema in New York City. “Bloomberg is a huge threat to those guys in Washington. He’s on a tear, and I don’t think we’ve seen one-tenth of his wrath.”  

Moore lambasted the Senate for it failure to approve stricter gun laws, claiming legislators ignored the “will of 90 percent of the American people.” He went on to claim,

“The only things that have polled at 90 percent [according to Public Policy Polling] are Abraham Lincoln and Jesus. Not even baseball, Mother Teresa or apple pie polls that high.”

But Moore’s assertion was wrong. According to a recent poll by USA Today, public backing for gun control had fallen below the 50 percentage mark in the days since the Newtown tragedy. And in aNBC/Wall Street Journal poll, only 55 percent back stronger gun controls.

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14 Responses to Michael Moore Gushes: Bloomberg’s Gun Control – “It’s Wonderful!”

  1. Leester says:

    “I don’t think we’ve seen one-tenth of his wrath.” Come try to take our guns if you want to see wrath Mr Moore.

  2. paddy says:

    Has anybody ever done research into who people like Michael Moore are?
    Where did he come from? Do we know anyone who knew him as a child?
    Where did he go to school? who were his classmates?
    I remember ALL of the people that I went to school with. Some (5) were convicted for murder but I still remember them.
    I am sixty years old and I can still remember my classmates.
    Who remembers Michael Moore at a working-class school and for that matter who remembers Barak Obama at all?
    It is all a game – [email protected] it – get on with living.

  3. mearieu says:

    His agent is Rahm Emanuel’s brother. Moore is the phoniest rubbish in the book. He got his breakthrough outing GM’s union-busting tactics in Detroit. guess what? Michael Moore- who makes hundreds of millions, refused to let his writers join the Writers Guild for union scale pay when he did TV shows- and mans most of his films with interns.
    Does ANY thing he does surprise you?
    Typical sellout like Bono.

  4. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    The only question here is: will a hemp rope be strong enough for all that tonnage?

    Or will we have to resort to something stronger?

    Say, a steel cable maybe?

  5. Kulafarmer says:

    This fat f$&k needs to get beat with a bat till he bleeds from his ears!

  6. desertspeaks says:

    really, this fat pos thinks his opinion matters? just another PAID shill for the NWO!

  7. milidude says:

    Hey mike”roly-poly” moore. to hell with an subjective wrath of bloomburg and other isra-eli dual citizen sell-outs. just try and take away our second amendment enumerated/God given right of self defense………then and there you will see the full, undeniable, unmitigated shit-storm wrath of……..we the people. as dirty harry once said, go ahead, make my day.

  8. Fred says:

    The thing that pisses me off is they throw out the “90% of the American people support this idea” notion when all it is nothing more than a statement based on wishful thinking. Then it is constantly repeated until voila it becomes an ironclad truth.

  9. Dave says:

    Moore said: “He’s on a tear, and I don’t think we’ve seen one-tenth of his wrath.”
    He’s right, history shows us that when Jews like Bloomberg gain total control, they create a mountain of dead people, always Christians, just as what happened under Jewish Bolshevism.

  10. Dave says:

    Who doubts for one second that if someone tried to break into Moore’s bedroom at night that he would be shot by a firearm, either by Moore or his body guards?
    Is there really anyone alive stupid enough to think that Moore himself is not protected by firearms?

  11. Millard says:

    I had to scramble to the “bile bucket” this morning to dispose of my disgust upon seeing that POS Mr. Moore’s ugly pus face on my favorite website this morning. Damn, talk about a rude awakening!

  12. Joe says:

    A man who cannot control his gluttony should not be taken seriously as a man but listened to as a child, an eternal child as in incapable of growing past his own desires and appetites into adult rationality.

  13. Alberet says:

    Micheal Moore is pimped by Rahm Emanuel’s Brother. Moore is just an agiprop slave to the son of an Irgun TERRORIST. He has no integrity or moral base.

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