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Netanyahu agreed to ceasefire after Obama promised US troops in Sinai next week?

RT News

Israel and Palestine are momentarily at a ceasefire, but the potential reasoning behind the recess could have some real international implications. Israel’s Debka reports that the pause in fighting comes after the US promised to send troops to Sinai.

According to Debka, US troops will soon be en route to the Sinai peninsula, Egyptian territory in North Africa that’s framed by the Suez Canal on the West and Israel on the East. In its northeast most point, Sinai is but a stone’s throw from Palestinian-controlled Gaza, and according to Debka, Hamas fighters there have been relying on Iranian arms smugglers to supply them with weaponry by way of Egypt.

Debka reports this week that Sinai will soon be occupied by US troops, who were promised by President Barack Obama to Israel’s leaders as a condition that a ceasefire be called. Once deployed, the Americans will intervene with the rumored arms trade orchestrated by Iranians, ideally cutting off supplies for Hamas while at the same time serving as a thorn in the side of Iran.

“Once the missile and arms consignments depart Iranian ports or Libyan arms bazaars, Tehran has no direct control of their transit from point to point through Egypt until they reach Sinai and their Gaza destination,” Debka reports. “All the same, a US special forces operation against the Sinai segment of the Iranian smuggling route would count as the first overt American military strike against an Iranian military interest.”

The decision to send US troops to Sinai in exchange for a ceasefire was reportedly arranged early Wednesday morning after Pres. Obama made a deal over the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In the days prior, Israel was relentless in targeting Gaza, killing more than 100 persons — including civilians — during a renewed assault on Hamas. A ceasefire has since been called after a week of fight, but more military action could soon occur, claims Israel, if the flow of weapons to Gaza is not stopped. Netanyahu has been adamant with his pleas for the United States to strike Iran in an effort to disrupt its nuclear enrichment facilities, a demand which up until now has been brushed aside by Pres. Obama. The White House has up until now insisted on diplomatic measures in order to make an impact on any Iranian output, but Debka’s sources suggest that US troops may now have to intervene in Sinai if any smugglers should attempt to move weapons into Gaza.

“By opening the Sinai door to an American troop deployment for Israel’s defense, recognizes that the US force also insures Israel against Cairo revoking or failing to honor the peace treaty Egypt signed with Israel in 1979,” adds Debka.

According to their sources, US troops are expected in Egypt early next week. Meanwhile, American forces have all but surrounded Iran and are stationed in countless bases across the Middle East.

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4 Responses to Netanyahu agreed to ceasefire after Obama promised US troops in Sinai next week?

  1. NC says:

    I’ve read about this scenario before in the 1950′s. Israel did this kind of ceasefire trick in order to organize, regroup and wait for Western supplies before an offensive “reprisal” attack on Egypt and Hamas, which is why Obama is sending aid to them after he probably already knew about the ceasefire agreement that was going to happen. Egypt and Hamas have better use their time wisely to get organized and prepare for a bigger strike because that is exactly what will happen in a few weeks if not earlier if history continues to repeat itself. Everything that has happened in the 1940′s and 1950′s in the Middle East with Israel and Egypt is happening again, exactly like it did before. It’s freaky.

  2. Angry Grandparent says:

    Stupid, stupid and stupid.

    This is of course if the Egyptians allow the presence of US troops on their territory and bearing in mind that right now a conflagration would suit Mursi very well to distract his people from his own little excesses.

    The Egyptians are going to see this as a serious threat and will punish Israel by cutting off its gas and likely too throw Egypt 100% into the Russian/Chinese sphere.

    Can anyone see how this will unfold, increased US forces, little bands of “militants(tm)” will start to attack the US, blame laid on Gaza, Israel sits back and watches the US strike Gaza and even Egypt for them…

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