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Now UN Promotes Global Education

The Daily Bell

United Nations, New York – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon video message to the first Global Education for All meeting … I am happy to welcome you to this first Global Education for All meeting … Two months ago, during the UN General Assembly, I launched Education First, a new initiative to push forward our education agenda. It was a great success, and I commend the leadership of Mme. Irina Bokova, the Director-General of UNESCO. – YouTube

Dominant Social Theme: Thank goodness the UN is involving itself in education.

Free-Market Analysis: Oh, boy. The United Nations is promoting educational goals. Ten years ago, the “international community” authorized the UN to achieve something called Education for All by 2015.

In this video, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon provides the first-ever update on this ambitious program.

We learn from an article entitled, “Goals adopted in Dakar at the World Education Forum … cover the whole educational spectrum, from early childhood, primary and secondary education, through to vocational programmes for youth and literacy programmes for adults.”

In the video, below, Ban Ki-Moon simplifies the progrm. The goals for Education First, he explains, “are simple”:

First: Put every child in school.

Second: Improve the quality of learning.

And third: Foster global citizenship.

Global citizenship? Here’s how the Financial Times Lexicon defines it:

Global citizenship is a trait or characteristic in our definition of a global leader. Global leaders are global citizens because they recognise that the prosperity of one individual, one company or one nation is interdependent with the prosperity of others. This idea that one’s responsibilities transcend geography or political borders is at the heart of global citizenship.

Global leaders become global citizens as they recognize that global business norms are emerging and that their actions play a role in shaping them. Where current practice undermines shared prosperity, global citizens work to change it. In their organisations, when global citizens that identify a practice that is considered offensive or unacceptable in one location, they will act to see that it is banned globally. While they may look globally for opportunities to drive down costs, when it comes to values and global business practices, global citizens endeavor to level up to the higher standard.

Example … Alan Boeckmann, former CEO of the construction giant Fluor Corporation, is an example of a global citizen. Frustrated by the prevalence of corruption in the construction industry and dismayed by the impact corruption had on the communities in which Fluor operated, Boeckmann led his industry colleagues at the World Economic Forum to create the Partnering Against Corruption Initiative or PACI.

You see? It always comes down to power politics. Boeckmann was frustrated so he used the power of an international forum to create yet another platform that will punish people if they act in ways that the majority deems fraudulent.

Never mind that the rules themselves might be unfair, illigitemate or even stifling of people’s ability to make a living if they don’t have the resources and contacts of giant Fluor. These sorts of initiatives are intended to promote education … but only within the globalist parameters of the power elite.

The power elite, like rust, never sleeps. Whenever you look around it is starting some other program focused on internationalist goals – with the intention of bringing the whole world along.

Here’s the video. See for yourself:

(Video from United Nations Videos’ YouTube user channel)

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One Response to Now UN Promotes Global Education

  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “Dominant Social Theme: Thank goodness the UN is involving itself in education.”

    Make that indoctrination, much closer to the mark.

    Slaves need only enough ‘education’ to fulfill their masters wishes.

    ” And third: Foster global citizenship.

    Global citizenship? Here’s how the Financial Times Lexicon defines it:

    Global citizenship is a trait or characteristic in our definition of a global leader.”

    Let’s call a spade a spade.

    ‘Global SLAVE’.

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