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Obama Finally Admits He Wants Gun Control

Political Pistachio – by Douglas V. Gibbs

Barack Obama is the kind of politician that doesn’t say anything until he thinks it is popular enough for him to say it.

In other words, he’s pretty typical, when it comes to the rats of Washington DC.

If an issue is unpopular, he hides his true feelings, says a few not-so-specific things about the issue, and as a Senator he would vote “present” on such issues, just so as not to commit himself in case the polls head in a direction away from his position.  However, if you pay close attention, his rhetoric has always revealed he is an anti-gun kind of guy.

During Obama’s first term I remember occasionally mentioning on this website Obama’s desire to increase the federal government’s regulations on firearms, and liberals would freak out, leaving comments asking me to name just once when Obama claimed he was for banning guns.  Obama’s position was obvious, without him ever saying it, and the rhetoric I could come up with vaguely insinuated he was for gun control, but was dated prior to him leaping onto the national scene.  Things like the Fast and Furious scandal, where the Obama administration practically handed guns to the Mexican drug cartels in the hopes they would use them to murder thousands (of which they did), so that the democrats could create an anti-gun sentiment in the United States over it, were just not solid enough proof to convince these liberals that Obama wants to disarm America.

I would guess that most of those liberals wanted gun control, too, but understood that at the time it was a losing issue for the liberal left.

Obama was waiting for the right crisis, hoping that it would become popular to get on the gun control bandwagon – and the Newtown School Shooting was just the crisis Obama, and the democrats, were waiting for to politicize, and move America towards gun control.

Now, after all of the dust has settled, and it is looking like it might be time for him to let the clown out of the box, Obama has pledged to make gun control legislation his top priority.

According to the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, federal gun laws restricting firearms in any way are unconstitutional.  Such illegal legislation would be met with fierce opposition, and could prove to be a battle that becomes more volatile than the democrats believe.

Those that oppose federal gun control legislation understand that the States, not the federal government, have an authority to regulate firearms as they see fit.  The State governments are closer to the people, and therefore are supposed to be more accountable to the people.  A centralized federal government is distant, and is not going to be sympathetic to the local needs, or unique culture.  Besides, when a centralized government bans firearms, it opens up the opportunity for tyranny.  An armed populace guards against the federal government becoming anything other than servants to the people.  A disarmed populace become nothing more than subjects that can be pushed in any direction the ruling elite thinks it sees fit.

Senator Feinstein has pledged to propose legislation a lot like her old anti-gun feather in her cap that banned assault-style weapons from 1994 to 2004.  She has stated she plans to add high-capacity magazines to that.

Obama, echoing his colleagues, because he refuses to ever take the lead, says his plan is to rally Americans around an agenda to limit gun violence, adding he supports increased background checks and bans on assault weapons and high-capacity bullet magazines.

The wheels are in motion.  It won’t be long before they go for confiscation.

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6 Responses to Obama Finally Admits He Wants Gun Control

  1. Eomer says:

    Notice that before the election he always beat around the bush when it came to gun control. Now that he won, it’s time to feel his wrath. I had a guy I work with, who happens to be a gun owner and a hunter, tell me he hoped Obama won because his wife has a good union job. When I asked if he was worried about gun control he replied, “they’ll never try to take our guns.”. Well, here we are. It’s not that I thought Romney would do a damn thing to protect our 2nd Amendment rights (except maybe buy a little more time but prob not) but what gets me is these people just continue living in a false sense of reallity. “oh they’ll never try ____” or “____ will never happen”. Yes folks, nothing bad will ever happen. We’re just gonna keep printing money and live happily ever after.

  2. No Compromise says:

    Maybe President Ostupido’s gun-control-attempt thing is a good thing. Maybe it will bring all us gun owners out of the woodwork, and shut up the gun grabbers once and for all!

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      It’s already been a good thing so far,(except for those killed, or allegedly killed), as the empty shelves in the gun stores can attest to.

  3. It is I only says:

    Yea! Maybe the schwarza should show by example & have the secret service body guards disarmed first!
    Then he could ask the people to disarm, by saying Do as I do!

  4. escapefromobamastan says:

    He’ll sign another one of his illegal, unconstitutional executive orders and the S will HTF.

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