‘Bee killer’ pesticide provides little benefit to farmers – EPA

Reuters / Nicolas MisculinRT

The Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed that a popular class of insecticide used to treat soybean seeds provides little or no benefit to the farmers – the pesticide, however, is the prime suspect for the deaths of 30 million honeybees.

The EPA’s Biological and Economic Analysis Division (BEAD) made its conclusion after analyzing 26 published studies on the pesticide-treated soybean seeds and studying yields over a four-year period. They found no difference in soybean yield when using the treated seed, and it did not protect the bean any better than if there was no pest control.   Continue reading

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Ultra-Orthodox Jews attack Jerusalem buses over ad


JERUSALEM (AP) — Dozens of ultra-Orthodox Jews hurled stones and slashed the tires of buses bearing ads promoting female worship at a key Jerusalem holy site, Israeli police said Tuesday.

The attack, which happened on Monday night in Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox Mea Shearim neighborhood, underscores the still simmering tensions in Israel over religious extremists who want to separate the sexes in public spaces.   Continue reading

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Total CEO dead in runway crash; plow driver drunk


MOSCOW (AP) — Christophe de Margerie, the charismatic CEO of Total SA who dedicated his career to the multinational oil company, was killed at a Moscow airport when his private jet collided with a snowplow whose driver was drunk, Russian investigators said Tuesday.

Three French crew members also died when the French-made Dassault Falcon 50 burst into flames after it hit the snowplow during takeoff from Vnukovo airport at 11:57 p.m. Monday local time. Tatyana Morozova, an official with the Investigative Committee, Russia’s main investigative agency, said investigators are questioning the snowplow driver, who was not hurt, as well as air traffic controllers and witnesses.   Continue reading

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Suspect in Va. abduction charged in DC area rape

Hannah Elizabeth GrahamMail.com

FAIRFAX, Va. (AP) — Authorities have brought additional charges against the man accused of abducting an 18-year-old college student in Virginia: the abduction, rape and attempted capital murder of a 26-year-old woman in a Washington, D.C. suburb.

A Circuit Court grand jury in Fairfax County on Monday handed up the new indictment against Jesse L. Matthew Jr., 32, who is already in custody in the case of Hannah Graham, a University of Virginia sophomore who disappeared Sept. 13.   Continue reading

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Schools closed in ambush suspect search area


A northeastern Pennsylvania school district closed its schools Tuesday after at least two reported sightings of the suspect in a deadly state police ambush.

Officials in the Pocono Mountain School District announced the decision to cancel classes shortly after 5 a.m. Tuesday. In the latest possible sighting, an officer with Pocono Mountain Regional Police reported seeing a man dressed in green in a wooded area near the Swiftwater Post Office around 2 p.m. Monday, leading to an intensive police search but no capture.   Continue reading

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Police State Amerika: DHS/TSA on America’s campuses


Why is the NSA, DHS, TSA and numerous spying agencies in our universities? Why are govt. spies in demand on college campuses?

Former govt. officials find work at colleges across the country.

A smartly dressed man named Joe whose parents don’t know what he does for a living riveted a University of Maryland class recently with tales about U.S. government secrets. Joe, the guest lecturer in a course called “Legal Issues in Managing Information,” works for the CIA. So does the course’s instructor, whose full name can be published.   Continue reading

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Busted: Federal Reserve Investigation: 46 Hours Of Secret Recordings Exposes Federal Reserve

Crashcade – by Liberty Balance

This is a unprecedented report on one of the most powerful and secretive institutions in America. The New York Federal Reserve is supposed to monitor big banks and their activity.

But what is happening was the the regulators who were supposed to be regulating the big banks, like Goldman Sachs for example, actually got captured by these institutions. Regulatory capture is when a regulator gets too cozy with the company that he’s supposed to be monitoring.   Continue reading

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Holder: Failure to Pass Gun Control is My Biggest Failure

Breitbart TV

Attorney General Eric Holder said that his biggest failure during his time as head of the Justice Department was failing to pass expanded gun control laws and criticized former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta for his negative characterizations of the president during an interview aired on Monday’s broadcast of “The Lead” on CNN.

“I think the inability to pass reasonable gun safety laws after the Newtown massacre is, for me, something that I take personally as a failure, and something that I think we as a society should take as a failure” he stated when asked what he considered his greatest failure.   Continue reading

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Victory for Houston Pastors

Victory for Houston Pastors!Defend Christians

Last week America watched stunned as Annise Parker, the openly lesbian Houston mayor, ordered city’s churches to turn over sermons that talk about homosexuality, gender identity issues, or Annise Parker herself. Not only were their sermons requested, but any e-mails, text messages, and other communications in which the pastors may have disagreed with Parker. The pastors were targeted after many Christians were outraged at a recent bill passed by the city council.   Continue reading

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U.S. Army Special Operations Command Counter-Unconventional Warfare White Paper

USASOC-CounterUnconventionalWarfarePublic Intelligence

Counter-Unconventional Warfare White Paper

  • 46 pages
  • September 26, 2014

Continue reading

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Halloweed? Police warn of pot-spiked candy

potcandy.jpgFox News

Colorado parents are being told to be on the lookout this Halloween for marijuana-laced candy, NBC News reported.

The Facebook page of the Denver Police Department is warning that mass-produced candy can by sprayed with hash oil, and once the spray dries, there is no way to tell that the candy has been infused.   Continue reading

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Ebola Debuts on Americans’ List of Top U.S. Problems

Gallup – by Justin McCarthy

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As the quarantine period ends for people exposed to the first person in the U.S. to be diagnosed with Ebola, the virus for the first time ranks among the top 10 issues Americans consider to be the most important ones facing the country. However, Ebola still ranks behind five other issues, including the economy (17%), dissatisfaction with government (16%) and unemployment (10%), and ties several others.   Continue reading

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Police Unnecessarily Escalate Violence at Pumpkin Fest 2014 Riots

Matthew Bomberg and Gang Tackles, Kidnaps Man for Walking Down SidewalkCop Block – by Ian Freeman

Alex Moushey’s report from the streets during the Pumpkin Fest 2014 riots reveal why the situation did not improve with the police’s unnecessarily violent tactics.

Rather than only arresting people who were causing violence and destruction, the police were targeting people crossing arbitrary lines and partying on private property.   Continue reading

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Idaho pastors opposed to gay marriage sue city over law

Yahoo News -by Laura Zuckerman

SALMON Idaho (Reuters) – Two pastors in Idaho, who fear they could be penalized for refusing to perform newly legal gay marriages at their private wedding chapel, have filed a lawsuit, saying an Idaho anti-discrimination law violates their right to free speech and religious liberty.

Donald and Evelyn Knapp, who run the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel in Coeur d’Alene, are asking a federal judge to temporarily bar the city from enforcing a local ordinance that bans discrimination tied to sexual orientation in businesses that are used by the public, their attorney said on Monday.   Continue reading

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Marco Rubio to introduce travel ban bill

Marco Rubio is shown. | M. Scott Mahaskey/POLITICOPolitico – by JENNIFER HABERKORN

Sen. Marco Rubio announced Monday he will introduce legislation to create a temporary ban on new visas for nationals of the countries of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. The Florida Republican says he will introduce the bill in November when the Senate returns.

While many Republicans have called for travel restrictions to fight Ebola, Rubio appears to be the first senator to announced an actual piece of legislation.   Continue reading

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Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change.

<br />
Boston Globe – by Jordan Michael Smith

THE VOTERS WHO put Barack Obama in office expected some big changes. From the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping to Guantanamo Bay to the Patriot Act, candidate Obama was a defender of civil liberties and privacy, promising a dramatically different approach from his predecessor.

But six years into his administration, the Obama version of national security looks almost indistinguishable from the one he inherited. Guantanamo Bay remains open. The NSA has, if anything, become more aggressive in monitoring Americans. Drone strikes have escalated. Most recently it was reported that the same president who won a Nobel Prize in part for promoting nuclear disarmament is spending up to $1 trillion modernizing and revitalizing America’s nuclear weapons.   Continue reading

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Cynthia McKinney on 911 Zionist Controlled Media Congress & Syria – Truth!

Continue reading

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Siding Spring Updates, 5 M Flares | S0 News October 21, 2014

Continue reading

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5 Virginia police agencies quietly stockpile private phone records

The Center for Investigative Reporting – by G.W. Schulz

While revelations from Edward Snowden about the National Security Agency’s massive database of phone records have sparked a national debate about its constitutionality, another secretive database has gone largely unnoticed and without scrutiny.

The database, which affects unknown numbers of people, contains phone records that at least five police agencies in southeast Virginia have been collecting since 2012 and sharing with one another with little oversight. Some of the data appears to have been obtained by police from telecoms using only a subpoena, rather than a court order or probable-cause warrant. Other information in the database comes from mobile phones seized from suspects during an arrest.   Continue reading

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Mad Scientists at Kenema Unleash Ebola Epidemic

Winter Watch and Actionables – by Russ Winter

I presented the case for the Kemena bio-lab as the source of spreading the Ebola outbreak in Saturday’s post, and I had to circle back and debunk the debunkers. It states on the hospital consortium’s own website that it is involved in research on lethal diseases at Kenema. The trump card, or the rest of the story, is in this post.

Indeed, starting in January, the consortium running the Kenema lab inked a $140 million deal with Department of Defense and a pharma company called Tekmira to conduct Phase I Ebola vaccine trails at Kenema on humans [see "Tekmira Doses First Subject in Human Clinical Trial of TKM-Ebola" press release].   Continue reading

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