VA Reporter and Cameraman Shooting Discrepancy

Memory Hole Blog – by James Tracy

Video and photographic evidence suggests assailant in video iswhite, yet so-called shooter Vester Flanagan is black.

There appears to be a major contradiction in what has been presented as the official storyline of what has come to be known as the “TV Reporter, Cameraman Murdered Live on Air” story being pushed by mainstream and even some “alternative” news outlets.   Continue reading

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Keyless ignition vehicles targeted in class action lawsuit

WFTV – by Cox Media Group

A consumer class action suit against 10 automakers alleges the companies have known for years about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning when keyless vehicles continue to run after the drivers have left the car, taking their key fobs with them, according to reports Wednesday.

The issue identified in the lawsuit is that a driver can remove the key fob from the vehicle, mistakenly leaving the car running and emitting carbon monoxide. If the garage is attached to a home, the mistake can be deadly.   Continue reading

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Wyoming man files suit over massive EPA fines for building pond

Fox News – by Eric Boehm

A rancher is taking the Environmental Protection Agency to federal court, asking a judge to stop the agency from fining him more than $16 million because he built a small pond on his property.

Andy Johnson of Fort Bridger, Wyoming says he made sure to get the proper permits from his state government before building the pond. After all, this is America in the 21st century, and nothing done on your own property — certainly when it involves the use of water — is beyond government concern.    Continue reading

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China’s workers abandon the city as Beijing faces an economic storm

The Guardian – by Tom Phillips

Liu Weiqin swapped rural poverty for life on the dusty fringes of China’s capital eight years ago hoping – like millions of other migrants – for a better future.

On Thursday she will board a bus with her two young children and abandon her adopted home.

“There’s no business,” complained the 36-year-old, who built a thriving junkyard in this dilapidated recycling village only to watch it crumble this year as plummeting scrap prices bankrupted her family.   Continue reading

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Charles Schwab Breaks: “System Is Temporarily Unavailable”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

It has not been a good week for the retail brokers: on Monday, TD Ameritrade infuriated thousands, when the system broke just as the market crashed, preventing countless retail traders from buying (or selling). This morning, it is Charles Schwab’s fault. It is unclear is someone had a sizable sell order in the works, or this is just part of the new normal.   Continue reading

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Oath Keepers leave organization in protest after leadership reportedly fails to support armed Ferguson march

The Fifth Column – by Justin King

Ferguson, Missouri (TFC– A major rift has occurred within the Oath Keepers movement, causing many to flee the organization and join, start, or reorganize splinter groups. The defections occurred when the national leadership reportedly pulled support for the armed march in Ferguson. Former defense contractor Sam Andrews, the organizer of the march, doesn’t care about the national leadership’s reservations, and he’s not alone.

Andrews was a member of the Oath Keepers and ran a tactical team called the “YETIs.” He said that after Oath Keepers’ national leadership indicated they were uncomfortable with the appearance of directly confronting law enforcement with an armed march in Ferguson, he withdrew from the organization. When asked if the march would still happen, he responded with one word.   Continue reading

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Big Sun-Diving Comet, MAJOR Storm Alert | S0 News Aug 28 2015

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How to Ditch a Plane: Aircrew Survival: Surviving on Open Water circa1990 FAA

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Knowing the enemies weapons & Battlefield pickups

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DEA: Mexican Cartel influence in the U.S. 2015

Borderland Beat – by Lucio R.

Material from U.S. D.E.A. agency 2015 report.

The information in this report, and maps, reflect data collected by the United States Criminal Task Force (OCDETF)   Continue reading

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TOY GUN CONTROL on parade: New York fines retailers $300K for selling TOY guns to NY residents

Natural News – by JD Heyes

Even avid Second Amendment supporters understand the need for some reasonable restrictions regarding the ownership and carrying of firearms, but a great many restrictions that are currently being imposed by a number of jurisdictions are not just anti-gun in general, but absurd in practice.

Such as New York City’s policy of regulating even toy guns.   Continue reading

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9 Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Dehydrate

Off the Grid News – by L. Larocque

Many homesteaders and off-gridders dehydrate food but limit themselves to the “basics.”

I am among that group, and thought I knew what could and what could not be dehydrated. Boy, was I wrong! We all know the usual stuff that gets dehydrated:   Continue reading

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Father Says He Has Proof His Son Surrendered Toy Gun Before Being Killed by Police

Free Thought Project – by Johnny Liberty

Brick Township, NJ – A man is disputing official police reports in the death of his 21-year-old son, Julian Hoffman. Derek Hoffman claims he has video evidence that his son surrendered to police before he was gunned down by multiple officers.

On Monday, August 24th, police received a 9-1-1 call at approximately 10:50 pm from a man claiming he was going to “create a disturbance,” who then immediately hung up. Police responded to the call, claiming they were approached by a man who appeared to be carrying a gun. According to their official statement:   Continue reading

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Police Make Instructional Video on How to Be Nice While they Rob You – Because they Can Kill You

The Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Road piracy in the US has reached epic proportions.

It has gotten so bad that the Canadian government has issued a public service announcement for its citizens warning them that American Road Pirates, aka police officers, may very well rob them upon entry into the US.

Since September 2001, there have been 62,000 incidents of road piracy; resulting in a booty of over $2.5 billion.   Continue reading

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Secretary of State John Kerry Signs United Nations Gun Ban Treaty Against Wishes of U.S. Senate

Right Wing News – by Warner Todd Huston, August 26, 2015

If U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has his way the United Nations will be able to say if Americans are allowed to have their Second Amendment rights. He has just signed an anti-gun treaty with the United Nations that the U.S. Senate has already said it is against.

The treaty Kerry signed without authorization from the Senate would create an un-Constitutional registry of all US gun buyers and would lead to the UN controlling American’s gun rights.   Continue reading

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The Scottsdale police officer who killed six is now training cops when to shoot to kill

Down and Drought – by Sun Burns

Down and Drought has learned that VirTra Systems, Inc., a Tempe company that produces a shooting simulator used for law enforcement and military training, employs former Scottsdale police officer James Peters who resigned from the department amid controversy in 2012 following revelations that he had tallied six fatal shootings during his twelve year career.

James Peters was cleared in his final fatal shooting, that of John Loxas, an unarmed man carrying his grandchild when Peters shot and killed him. The incident ignited anti-police protests and debate around this officer who had killed so many, and resulted in the city paying out a $4.25 million dollar settlement to the Loxas family.  In the summer of 2012, Peters took an early retirement from the city, and effectively dropped out of sight. But while he was no longer a police officer he continued to work alongside law enforcement in the private sector.   Continue reading

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Where Should You Store Your Emergency Water If You Live in an Apartment

Preparing for SHTF

It’s not as easy as it may sound either. Water weighs approximately 8.5 pounds per gallon, which means that you have to choose where you store your water carefully. It would not be hard to imagine a shelf collapsing under the weight. Five one gallon jugs of water would weigh slightly over 40 pounds, and a shelf already loaded down with canned goods would be under considerable strain.   Continue reading

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Widespread Prescribing of Antipsychotic Drugs Sparks Serious Health Problems

Natural Society – by Julie Fidler

Antipsychotic drugs are being prescribed to an ever-increasing number of adolescents and young adults, and many of them are being prescribed for off-label purposes. But these over-prescriptions are putting youngsters at risk, though we’re slow as a society to change our med-heavy ways.

These powerful medications are being prescribed to young people with attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a condition the drugs are not approved to treat.   Continue reading

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American taxpayers spend nearly $10 million a day fighting ISIS


The Pentagon has spent nearly $4 billion fighting Islamic State across Syria and Iraq since operations began a year ago, according to statistics released this week. The average daily cost of the campaign is $9.9 million, or $6,785 a minute.

A colossal $3.7 billion in expenses have been racked up since the campaign began on August 8, 2014 up to August 15 of this year.   Continue reading

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Boston Renews Gun Buyback Program – Here’s How Many Guns Were Bought

Western Journalism

Authorities in Boston, Mass., continue to tout a program offering gift cards worth up to $200 in exchange for residents’ firearms – despite the fact that this year’s participation rate is thus far limited to one individual.

During 2014, the buyback program succeeded in convincing the owners of 410 guns to take the city up on its offer.

With two-thirds of 2015 in the past, the program has led to just one recovered firearm so far this year. As the Boston Herald noted, violent crime has increased during the same period.   Continue reading

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