Gunman injures two police officers, then is fatally shot in New Hope, Minnesota

A video shows what happens the moment shots were fired at New Hope City Hall in Minneapolis. Two officers were struck and a suspect was shot and killed.Star Tribune – by Mary Lynn Smith

Video of the council meeting records audio of a volley of gunshots, panic and confusion. A council member can be heard to say “that went right through the door!” and “somebody got shot!” Someone else yells, “Everybody get down!”

A volley of gunfire erupted outside the New Hope City Council meeting Monday night when a man shot at a group of police officers, injuring two of them.   Continue reading

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2CELLOS – Thunderstruck

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Harry Reid released from hospital following eye surgery

CBS News – by Stephanie Condon

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, has been released from the hospital following surgery on his right eye Monday in an attempt to fully recover his vision after a freak exercising accident.

Reid spokesman Adam Jentleson said the three-and-a-half hour surgery was successful in removing a blood clot in Reid’s right eye, additional blood from the front of his right eye, and repairing the orbital bones in his right brow, temple and cheek. He was under full anesthesia and doctors have said they are optimistic he will regain vision in his right eye that was lost following the accident, although there is no definitive verdict yet.   Continue reading

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Alternative Media Future and Risk


The seemingly futile plight of Western Civilization can best be explained that the inhabitants of European heritage are vastly unaware of their own history and have adopted an apathetic attitude to their own survival self-interest. The horrors of the last century go unnoticed as the offsprings  of the baby boom generation continue to experience life in a virtual world. The inadequacy of a government school education is evident, when the MTV culture is stripped away and the core foundations of deficient understanding are exposed. The rapid spread of a global police state relies upon the suppression of truth and factual reality.   Continue reading

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Power Shut Off for Selected Coastal Streets Effective 10:00 P.M. 1/26/15

Town of Scituate, Massachusetts

The Fire Chief/Emergency Management Director, with support of the Chief of Police, has made the determination that power will be shut off to selected streets along low-lying, flood-prone areas as a precautionary measure. This decision was based in part on the fires in December  2010 which were caused by an inability to shut power off after a house fire had started and an arcing wire jumped to an adjacent home (see photo below). Two homes were lost as result. The situation created by the live electrical lines in the house posed a grave threat to the firefighters who battled the blaze in chest-high water.   Continue reading

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Cops Kidnapping Random People Off the Street, Forcing them to Be Jurors

forcedjuryThe Free Thought Project – by John Vibes

Eau Claire County, Wisconsin – According to multiple recent media reports, Eau Claire County police officers were sent out onto the street to select people at random and forcibly take them in for jury duty.

Ironically, after these people were threatened and had their day wasted, the judge in the case decided that the jury was unfit and dismissed all of them!   Continue reading

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Federal Bill Would Make Owning Body Armor a Crime Punishable by 10 Years in Prison

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.48.46 AMGuns Save Lives – by Dan Cannon

Democratic members of Congress apparently aren’t going to be satisfied until American citizens are completely and utterly defenseless.

Representative Mike Honda (D-CA) has introduced a bill for consideration of the new Congress which would prohibit the ownership of certain types of body armor for civilians.

H.R. 378 would make it a crime to own Type III body armor which would be punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Yeah, 10 years in prison.   Continue reading

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Gun Control Group Sets Sights On Oregon After Washington State Win

Gun control activists rally in 2013 in Salem, Ore. Everytown for Gun Safety, backed by  billionaire Michael Bloomberg, wants Oregon to require universal background checks.Guns Save Lives

After a victory in Washington State with I594, gun control groups are now setting their sights on Oregon with for a similar bill.

Many people around the country have seen just how poorly written I594 was, and how no one in the state seems to interpret the law in the same way.  There is so much confusion here in the state that dealers refuse to do transfers because they are not sure how to proceed in certain situations   Continue reading

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Asteroid/Blizzard Update.

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Actual Footage From Nazi Death Camps

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“Out Of My Face Please” – Why Are US Soldiers In Mariupol?

Zero Hedge 

Amid the devastation of yesterday’s Mariupol artillery strikes which killed or wounded dozens, which was promptly blamed by both sides on the “adversary” – and has been proclaimed by both ‘sides’ (more on that later) as more violent than before the truce – an ‘odd’ clip has emerged that appears to provide all the ‘proof’ a US intelligence officer would need to surmise that US military boots are on the ground in Ukraine. As the following clip shows, a Ukrainian journalist approaches what she thinks is a Ukrainian soldier (since he is wearing a Ukrainian military uniform and is carrying an AK) and asked him as they run through the battlezone, “tell me, what happened here?” His response, which requires no translation, speaks for itself.   Continue reading

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Denver police shoot and kill underage girl driving stolen car full of teenagers

'Policeman with gun' [Shutterstock]Raw Story – Reuters

A young woman suspected of driving a stolen car filled with teenage passengers was shot dead by Denver police on Monday after she struck an officer with the vehicle as he approached on foot, authorities said.

Denver Police Chief Robert White told reporters that there were five very young people inside the car when the shooting occurred, and the person who was fatally shot “appeared to be a teenager.”   Continue reading

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Multiple People Shot On & Around TSU Campus In Nashville

911 Newsroom – by Grant

NASHVILLE, Tenn. –At least one person is dead, according to WKRN-TV.

The first reported shooting occurred at 2027 Ed Temple Blvd near the TSU campus.

Police are also responding to another shooting call 28th Ave North and Jefferson Street.

Police are searching for the suspects at this time.   Continue reading

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Mass Death of Seabirds in Western U.S. Is ‘Unprecedented’

Picture of a dead Cassin's aukletNational Geographic – by Craig Welch

In the storm debris littering a Washington State shoreline, Bonnie Wood saw something grisly: the mangled bodies of dozens of scraggly young seabirds.

Walking half a mile along the beach at Twin Harbors State Park on Wednesday, Wood spotted more than 130 carcasses of juvenile Cassin’s auklets—the blue-footed, palm-size victims of what is becoming one of the largest mass die-offs of seabirds ever recorded.

“It was so distressing,” recalled Wood, a volunteer who patrols Pacific Northwest beaches looking for dead or stranded birds. “They were just everywhere. Every ten yards we’d find another ten bodies of these sweet little things.”   Continue reading

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‘Historic’ Blizzard Pounds New York Area; Ny, Nj And Ct Declare States Of Emergency

ABC News 7 – by Dave Evans

Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency and instituted a travel ban beginning at 11 p.m. in all 13 affected counties. Mayor Bill de Blasio also announced a local emergency and barred all non-emergency traffic from New York City roads starting at 11 p.m. He also announced that all New York City public schools will be CLOSED on Tuesday.   Continue reading

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Gov. Cuomo has declared a ban on travel on ANY road in Ulster County effective 11PM 01/26 until further notice.

Saugerties Police DepartmentNixle

Gov. Cuomo has declared a ban on travel on ANY road in Ulster County effective 11PM 01/26/15 until further notice. Anyone driving that is NOT operating an emergency vehicle or is not emergency personnel will be charged appropriately.

The following is an emergency vehicle defined in NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law S 101:
Authorized emergency vehicle. Every ambulance, police vehicle or bicycle, correction vehicle, fire vehicle, civil defense emergency vehicle, emergency ambulance service vehicle, blood delivery vehicle, county emergency medical services vehicle, environmental emergency response vehicle, sanitation patrol vehicle, hazardous materials emergency vehicle and ordnance disposal vehicle of the armed forces of the United States.

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Feds: Russian Spy Posing as Banker Nabbed in NYC


An alleged Russian spy posing as a banker in Manhattan has been arrested, federal officials said today.

The banker, identified in a criminal complaint as Evgeny Buryakov, is accused of working with agents of Russia’s foreign intelligence service, the SVR, as a “non-official cover” agent.

“Specifically, Buryakov is posing as an employee in the Manhattan office of a Russian bank,” the complaint, unsealed today, says.   Continue reading

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Sam A. Lindsay is a traitor.

Sam A. Lindsay is a traitor.Weasel of the Week Candidate

Patriot or Traitor

Sam A. Lindsay is a treasonous United States District Judge for the Northern District of Texas, with chambers in Dallas, Texas.

Who is Judge Samuel Lindsay? That was the question we recently asked when we read the New York Times article on Barrett Brown’s criminal case that indicated that Brown cannot say anything about his own case that is not in the public record, per a new court order specific to Brown and his attorneys. A “gag order” of this sort caused us to believe that Brown’s right to speak out about his case might be violated and possibly other rights as well, and so we decided to look at the judge who will be overseeing the trial and has made this and other pre-trial rulings. (Remember, Brown hasn’t been convicted of anything yet and despite being held in pre-trial custody still has 1st Amendment rights.)   Continue reading

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Hazmat Highway to Hell with High Pressure Gas Cylinders

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The time for Critical Thinking is now!

Critical Thinking

All of us, alive today, are both blighted and blessed. Never before, in human history, have we faced such threats (WWIII, global economic, environmental and societal collapse etc.) but never before have we had access to almost limitless information and analysis (both good and bad) and the ability to communicate as a global family of human beings.

We aren’t “consumers”, defined by ideology, race, ethnicity or culture but genetically related human beings and we are presented with a unique opportunity to transform humanity and the planet.   Continue reading

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