Dream team: Russia’s GLONASS & China’s BeiDou to make satnav system parts together


China’s BeiDou navigation satellite system, which reportedly boasts accuracy to the centimeter, and Russia’s GLONASS, hailed as the only global rival to GPS, plan to join forces and build a production facility.

The news was broken by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who spoke in Harbin, the capital of the northeast Chinese province of Heilongjiang. He added that it is planned that the facility for production of receiver modules and chipsets will be based in Russia.   Continue reading

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The Problem Explained In 110 Words

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

It took the Fed 7 years, countless white papers, Congressional testimonies, economist reports, and goalseeked narratives explaining why QE should work, before the St. Louis Fed finally realized and admitted one month ago that QE, in fact, does not work (which is almost as ironic as the Davos World Economic folks explaining “Why we shouldn’t borrow money from the future“… which is great if only it hadn’t come some $200 trillion too late). It took the Fed only $4.5 trillion in balance sheet assets, and making the rich richer beyond their wildest dreams, to admit what we said all along.   Continue reading

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SW Impact Expected Today | S0 News October 12, 2015

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Obama seeks to nationalize local police departments, placing them under federal control

Natural News – by JD Heyes

President Obama has been a frequent critic of local police, especially following racially charged incidents in which he seems to reflexively defend minorities – even if they are later found by courts and juries to be guilty as charged.

As such, the Obama White House has been working covertly to “nationalize” police departments, essentially bringing all state, county and local police under the purview and control of the Justice Department and federal officials. In fact, the administration has already chosen six cities as test sites.   Continue reading

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House votes to lift 40-year-old ban on US crude oil exports

Fox News

The House overwhelmingly approved a bill Friday that would lift the 40-year-old ban on exporting U.S. crude oil, a restriction that critics say hurts job creation and U.S. national security.

The House approved the bill on a bipartisan 261-159 vote. However, the White House has threatened to veto the bill should it make its way to the president’s desk, calling it unnecessary and arguing that the decision rests with the commerce secretary.    Continue reading

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Recent Studies Show That Psychedelic Drugs Are Not Bad For Mental Health — But Alcohol Is

The Free Thought Project – by John Vibes

It is a matter of provable fact that psychedelics are the safest compounds within the modern drug culture. The strongest hallucinogen known to man dimethyltryptamine is actually less damaging to the human body than America’s favorite fix, caffeine.

Many substances that are deeply embedded in American culture such as alcohol, caffeine, nicotine or pharmaceutical narcotics are in fact toxins, while psychedelic compounds are actually physically benign and many times already occur naturally in human chemistry. What this means is that the chemicals which make psychedelics do what they do are actually naturally occurring compounds that are chemically suited for your body.   Continue reading

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Olive Garden apologizes after Kansas City police officer asked to leave because of gun

Fox 59 – by Matt Adams

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. (Oct. 12, 2015) – The president of Olive Garden personally apologized to an on-duty police officer who was told to leave a Missouri restaurant because of his gun.

The incident happened in Independence, Mo., on Sunday, according to WDAF. Kansas City police officer Michael Holsworth went to the restaurant for a birthday lunch with his family when he was asked to leave. He wrote about the experience on Facebook.   Continue reading

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New Shootings on Interstate 10 Near Phoenix, Arizona; 3 Arrested


Three people were arrested in connection with two new shootings on Interstate 10 in Arizona on Sunday, according to officials.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety said in a statement that the incidents, which both occurred in the Phoenix area, were not connected to a spate of almost a dozen shootings on or near the same freeway in August and September.   Continue reading

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California bans use of “Redskins” name

NBC Sports – by Mike Florio

The nickname used by one of the NFL teams has no been banned in a state where three NFL teams do business.

Via NBC News, California governor Jerry Brown signed into law on Sunday a provision banning schools from using the term “Redskins” as a team name or logo. The law, which becomes effective on January 1, 2017, affects four California schools.   Continue reading

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Avalanche Hazards Part 1 1965 US Army Training Film for Ski Troops in Snow Covered Mountains

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Administration Bans All Pork Products From Prison Menus

CNS News

The federal Bureau of Prisons, a subdivision of President Barack Obama’s Justice Department, has banished all pork products from the menus in all federal prisons, according to a report in the Washington Post.

The government says it made the decision to do this because a survey showed that inmates do not like eating pork products.   Continue reading

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1 dead, 7 injured in massive Singapore warehouse explosion & fire


At least one person died and seven were injured in a large factory blaze at Tanjong Kling Road in Singapore. Witnesses filmed the site erupting in explosions and thick billowing smoke.   Continue reading

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Israeli protesters hold large anti-Netanyahu demonstration

Press TV

Thousands of Israeli protesters have staged a massive rally to protest the recent spate of clashes between Palestinian people and Israeli troops, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

On Saturday evening, the demonstrators converged in front of Netanyahu’s residence in al-Quds (Jerusalem) to denounce the spiraling violence in the occupied West Bank and East al-Quds as well as the Tel Aviv regime’s failure to bring the situation under control.   Continue reading

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New shooting threat on 4chan sends Australian university campus on high alert


The University of New South Wales (NSW) in Sydney warned that police are responding to a shooting threat published on the popular 4chan image board. The warning is similar to the one posted before the recent mass shooting in the state of Oregon in the US.

“We are treating this incident seriously and have been liaising with the NSW Police through the anti-terrorism and security group and Local Area Command,” said a university statement posted on Facebook.
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A Challenge To Use Satire To Take Down This Tyranny.

Video Rebel’s Blog

Russia started attacking ISIS and the Al Qaeda linked Jihadists less than two weeks ago. Iraq and Afghanistan have already asked for Putin’s help. The world has caught on to the fact that the US funded both Al Qaeda and ISIS. It has been against American law since 9-11-2001 for Americans to give aid to Al Qaeda. Yet our State Department has been buying white 4 wheel drive Toyota trucks with US Special Forces style gun mounts that wound up with ISIS in Iraq. Yesterday while Russia was bombing ISIS and other Jihadist terrorists, two US F-16s bombed a Syrian power station near Aleppo killing innocent civilians just like they did at that hospital in Afghanistan.   Continue reading

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2 Palestinian teenagers shot dead by Israeli forces in Khan Yunis, South of Gaza Strip

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The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest docu-series – official trailer

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Memphis police officer shot and killed

CBS News

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An off-duty Memphis police officer shot in Cordova, Tennessee, on Sunday has died, police tell CBS affiliate WREG.

Police responded to the scene shortly before 1 p.m. on Sunday. The victim was transported to Regional Medical Center in critical condition following the shooting, but died shortly after. Relatives of the officer could be seen crying outside the hospital.   Continue reading

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Gun Control = Government Security

BATR, October 20, 2002

So says the latest reinvented panderer, a nefarious siren, from the clan of America’s most disgraced political family. What a legacy from the extended progeny of the dysfunctional. But she is not speaking about mere policy direction. No; she is consumed with offending the common sense of the residents in “The Old Line State“. Their motto is “Fatti maschii, parole femine” which can be interpreted as “strong deeds, gentle words” – it used to be interpreted as “manly deeds, womanly words” but it was officially reinterpreted in January 2001.    Continue reading

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Billions in Change Official Film

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