Comcast abandons Time Warner Cable bid after gov’t pushback

NEW YORK (AP) — What killed Comcast’s $45 billion bid for Time Warner Cable? Regulators’ desire to protect the Internet video industry that is reshaping TV.

A combination of the No. 1 and No. 2 U.S. cable companies would have put nearly 30 percent of TV and about 55 percent of broadband subscribers under one roof, along with NBCUniversal, giving the resulting behemoth unprecedented power over what Americans watch and download.   Continue reading

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6 Natural Remedies for Vomiting and Diarrhea

The Organic Prepper

Gastrointestinal upsets have been sweeping the country this spring.

First, there was an outbreak of drug-resistant shigellosis. This bacterial infection is also known as “Montezuma’s revenge” or “traveler’s diarrhea.”  It usually affects people visiting Third World destinations and is caused by drinking water that hasn’t been properly purified. This version has hit Americans in California, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania, and 90% of the cases have not responded to the normal treatment of an antibiotic called Cipro.  The symptoms are watery or bloody diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever and fatigue.  While it will eventually go away without treatment, most of the time doctors prescribe antibiotics to speed recovery.   Continue reading

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Cops Go Car To Car In Traffic Jam, Issue $18,000 in Fines for Cellphone Use at a Near Dead Stop

Cops-Go-Car-To-Car-In-Traffic-Jam-Writing-$18,000-In-fines-For-Cell-Phone-UseSent to us by a reader.

Free Thought Project – by John Vibes

Honolulu, Hawaii – Writing tickets was like shooting fish in a barrel for Honolulu police earlier this month when they went car to car issuing citations for cell phone use.

According to motorists, police moved into the middle of the street during the worst traffic jam in years and began a ticket writing assembly line that made them over $18,000. In total, 65 drivers were given tickets that amounted to $290 a piece.   Continue reading

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Huge Kansas DL Employee Bribery Case Involving Illegal Immigrants Risks Aiding Terrorists

Corruption to issue Kansas DL to IAs - KCTV 5 Kansas CityBreitbart – by Lana Shadwick

More than 30 Kansas government employees have been charged with bribery and other crimes in connection with providing fake drivers licenses to undocumented workers. A retired Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent told 41 KSHB Action News that issuing fake licenses could lead to a wide range of fraud and other criminal activity, including terrorist activity. The undocumented workers allegedly paid $2,500 to obtain these fake drivers licenses.   Continue reading

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NJ Court: Gun Permit Can Be Denied For Domestic Violence Accusation

AP Photo/Dave MartinBreitbart – by AWR Hawkins

On April 22, a three-judge appellate panel from the New Jersey Superior Court ruled that a domestic violence accusation–that did not result in a conviction–is sufficient grounds for denying a resident a gun permit.

The identity of the resident was kept anonymous, and reports refer to him simply as “Z.I.”   Continue reading

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Texans blame secret military takeover for Walmart closings, secret tunnels

A Walmart in Midland, Texas will close for six months for renovations, however some skeptics say the closure is linked to a secret military training exercise called "Operation Jade Helm." Photo: Tim Fischer, Midland Reporter-TelegramChron – by Dylan Baddour

News of the Army’s operation Jade Helm stirred up widespread fears and deep mistrust of the American government in a sizable bloc of the public. Thousands of tweets, dozens of online publications and plenty of commenters sounded the alarm of an impending military takeover.

Now the virtual world of alternative news has added a new twist to the tale: Walmart is in on it, and there are secret underground tunnels.   Continue reading

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Pregnant restaurant manager fired after armed robbery

052215popeyes-womanSent to us by a reader.

KENS 5 – by Tiffany Craig

CHANNELVIEW, Texas — After a fast-food restaurant was robbed, the pregnant shift manager said she was fired for refusing to reimburse the company the money that was stolen.

The heist happened March 31 at a Popeyes (PLKI) fried-chicken restaurant here and was captured on surveillance video. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office still has not identified the gunman more than three weeks after the crime.   Continue reading

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Wally Lester singer dies

PTA Blues

Wally Lester, an original member of The Skyliners, died Tuesday of pancreatic cancer at age 73 in Southport, N.C. The Skyliners were best known for their 1959 hit Since I Don’t Have You. At 17 Lester traveled to New York to record the song at Capitol Studios. The song reached No. 12 in 1959. In Cashbox, the Skyliners became the first white group to top the R&B charts. The group formed in Pittsburgh during the late 1950s  but broke up in 1963. The original lineup of the group was Jimmy Beaumont, Janet Vogel, Wally Lester, Jackie Taylor and Joe VerScharen. Janet Vogel The Skyliners female vocalist took her own life in 1980 after a battle with drug addiction.   Continue reading

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Baltimore protests: 2 arrested as Maryland gov. sends state troopers

Reuters/Jose Luis MaganaRT

Baltimore residents and police clashed as people marched downtown to protest the mysterious death of Freddie Gray in police custody. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) said he will send 32 state troopers to the city in order to oversee demonstrations.

No concrete numbers are in, but hundreds of protesters took to the streets of downtown Baltimore, rallying in front of City Hall and the US Courthouse while calling for justice in Gray’s death. The 25-year-old African-American man died as a result of a severe spinal cord injury, though it’s unclear exactly how or when he was hurt. His funeral is set for Monday.   Continue reading

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Oklahoma City Bombing RARE footage

Continue reading

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American, Italian hostages killed in US drone strike


WASHINGTON (AP) — Blaming the “fog of war,” President Barack Obama revealed Thursday that U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan inadvertently killed an American and an Italian, two hostages held by al-Qaida, as well as two other Americans who had leadership roles with the terror network.

Obama somberly said he took full responsibility for the January CIA strikes and regretted the deaths of hostages Warren Weinstein of Rockville, Maryland, and Giovanni Lo Porto, an Italian aid worker. The president cast the incident as a tragic consequence of the special difficulties of the fight against terrorists.   Continue reading

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Jade Helm Revealed – Incarceration Concentration Camp

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Earthquakes, CME, Yelverton’s Lab | S0 News April 24, 2015

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Russia owns up to half of American uranium

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Gov. Mark Dayton declares Minnesota bird-flu emergency

Twin Cities – by Rachel E. Stassen-Berger

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton on Thursday declared a peacetime emergency to deal with the growing avian influenza attacking turkey flocks across dozens of farms.

At least 2.6 million birds already have been killed to stop the highly infectious virus from further devastating Minnesota poultry.

“Obviously, we’re worried. There’s no question about it,” said Minnesota Agriculture Commissioner Dave Frederickson.   Continue reading

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The US built a secret replica of Iran’s nuclear facilities deep in Tennessee’s forest to help gain an edge in negotiations

Oak Ridge labBusiness Insider – by Armin Rosen

The US government built “a secret replica of Iran’s nuclear facilities” deep in the forests of Tennessee to gain an edge in its negotiations with Iran, reports The New York Times.

This “Manhattan Project in reverse” is situated on the grounds of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. It uses placeholder centrifuges meant to represent Iranian equipment — an assembly that including centrifuges once belonging to Libya’s disbanded nuclear program.   Continue reading

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Oregon Teacher Sues School District for Trauma Caused by Active Shooter Drill

classroomThe Daily Sheeple – by Lilly Dane

Two years ago, Linda McLean, a teacher at Pine Eagle Charter School in Halfway, Oregon, was sitting at her desk when a man dressed in a black hoodie and goggles suddenly burst into her classroom.

The man pointed a gun at McLean’s face and pulled the trigger.

McLean heard gunfire and smelled smoke, and felt her heart racing.   Continue reading

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Disturbing New Aggressive Blockade Trend At UC Berkeley

sathergate_rgarner-900x580Progressives Today

Over the last week, there have been 2 separate instances of UC Berkeley students forming blockades across one the main entrances to the campus to raise awareness and protest, uhhh, stuff, or something. Because the system!

The Daily Californian reports:   Continue reading

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Transgender Toddlers: The New Parenting

Before & after: "Mia" Lemay on the left, "Jacob" Lemay on the right.Progressives Today

It started with Jazz Jennings, who, at 4 years old in 2004, was the youngest person ever diagnosed with “Gender Identity Disorder”, aka “Gender Dysphoria”, and began “transitioning” from a natural boy to a transgendered female at age 6. Now on puberty blockers as s/he enters adolescence, Jennings gives speeches across the nation, has been featured in several news articles, and now has, uhh, its own reality TV show.   Continue reading

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More Oregon Sheriffs Tell Gun Grabbers To Shove It

Oregon Sheriff's Tim Svenson and John HanlinGateway Pundit

Just a few weeks ago, Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer made headlines for his staunch opposition to the gun registry bill moving through the Oregon Legislature. He is now being joined by several other Sheriffs across the state.

Just yesterday the House rules committee held their hearing on SB941, which is being sold as a “universal background check” bill. Among the folks testifying against the bill were Yamhill County Sheriff Tim Svenson and Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin.   Continue reading

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