Professors threaten bad grades for saying ‘illegal alien,’ ‘male,’ ‘female’

Campus Reform – by Peter Hasson

Multiple professors at Washington State University have explicitly told students their grades will suffer if they use terms such as “illegal alien,” “male,” and “female,” or if they fail to “defer” to non-white students.

According to the syllabus for Selena Lester Breikss’ “Women & Popular Culture” class, students risk a failing grade if they use any common descriptors that Breikss considers “oppressive and hateful language.”   Continue reading

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Pacific Bluefin Tuna Group Puts off New Moves to Save Fish

ABC News – by ELAINE KURTENBACH AP Business Writer

An international body that monitors fisheries in most of the Pacific Ocean ended a meeting in Japan on Thursday without agreement on fresh measures to protect the dwindling bluefin tuna.

The Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission was unable to get a consensus on either short-term or long-term measures to help restore the bluefin population, whose numbers are estimated to have fallen 96 percent from unfished levels.   Continue reading

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Trigger-Happy Cop Shot One of His Own and Kept Blasting Away

The Daily Beast – by Justin Glawe

A detective who worked narcotics with an undercover officer walked up to a car, shot his fellow officer twice, and then seven more times against the victim’s pleas.

The number of signs that Albuquerque Police Lieutenant Greg Brachle ignored or didn’t see before putting nine .45-caliber bullets into his fellow officer’s body are simply staggering. Continue reading

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Worker who helped Clinton set up email server takes Fifth

Yahoo News

WASHINGTON (AP) — A former State Department employee who helped Hillary Rodham Clinton set up her private email server said he will assert his Fifth Amendment right not to testify before the House committee on Benghazi.

Attorneys for Brian Pagliano sent the committee a letter Monday saying their client would not testify at a hearing planned for next week. The panel subpoenaed Pagliano last month.   Continue reading

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US Muslims hope new billboards reclaim Islam’s message

BOSTON (AP) — Dozens of billboards with Muslim themes are sprouting nationwide, proclaiming what organizers say is the true message of Islam and its prophet, Muhammad: peace and justice, not extremism and violent jihad.

The New York-based Islamic Circle of North America has erected 100 billboards over the summer that feature statements such as: “Muhammad believed in peace, social justice, women’s rights” and “Muhammad always taught love, not hate; peace, not violence.” Also listed are a website and a phone number people can call for more information.   Continue reading

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Are millennials smiling all the way to the poorhouse?

Bankrate – by Chris Kahn

Kristen Heinzinger’s future brightened as soon as she moved into her parents’ basement.

A bed next to the family laundry machine wasn’t exactly what she’d envisioned a few years after college, especially with her publishing career gaining momentum in Manhattan. But at 26, with $150,000 in student loan debt, this was the only sensible choice, Heinzinger says. By cutting rent out of the equation, her life was finally starting to pencil out.   Continue reading

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Guatemala president resigns amid corruption probe

GUATEMALA CITY (AP) — Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina has resigned in the face of a corruption scandal that has brought his government to the brink, a spokesman said early Thursday.

Spokesman Jorge Ortega said Perez Molina submitted his resignation at midnight Wednesday local time after a judge issued an order to detain him in the customs fraud case, which already has led to the jailing of his vice president, and the resignation of several cabinet ministers who withdrew their support for the president.   Continue reading

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Indiana Police Call in the US Military and Raid 146 “Dangerous” Marijuana Plots

The Free Thought Project – by Mike Sawyer

Indianapolis, IN — On Wednesday, the Indiana State Police announced that they have raided 146 marijuana grow plots throughout the southern region of the state.

In an unprecedented show of force, officers from the Indiana State Police, the Indiana National Guard Counter Drug Task Force, Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Forest Service, Civil Air Patrol, Indiana Department of Natural Resources and local agencies, authorities seized thousands of marijuana plants.   Continue reading

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Attorney who stood up for his rights is illegally arrested at a DUI checkpoint in Florida

Continue reading

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China’s covert war with America heats up: warships near Alaska, another industrial explosion, and China unveils cruise missile that renders U.S. carriers obsolete

Natural News – by Mike Adams

Two weeks ago, I ran an exclusive Natural News story announcing that a covert war between China and the USA had begun. The war started as a currency and debt war, then escalated into the catastrophic Tianjin explosion carried out by the U.S. Pentagon in a “kinetic retaliation” strategy, according to sources.

It wasn’t long after the Tianjin explosion that a second explosion rocked the Chinese province of Shandong, sending “coincidence theorists” into a hissy fit because suddenly a pattern of explosions was emerging that could not simply be explained away as sheer chance.   Continue reading

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


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Entire Family Arrested, Child Taken by CPS, for Refusing Unlawful Search at Checkpoint

The Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Long Valley, CA — Last month, the Feinman family was driving through a constitutionally questionable interstate checkpoint. This checkpoint is not on the US/Mexican border; it is along Highway 395N between California and Nevada.

When driving through these in-country checkpoints, you are not required to answer the agent’s questions (usually starting with “Are you a United States citizen?”). Nor are you required to consent to any searches.   Continue reading

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When Farmers Get Bored


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“I have some bad news about little Jimmy. Sorry, ma’am.”


Knuckledriving My Life Away

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Denver’s Unconstitutional Harassment of Jury Nullification Activists

Reason – by Jacob Sullum

This Saturday is Jury Rights Day, which commemorates the 1670 acquittal of Quaker leader William Penn by English jurors who refused to convict him even though he had clearly violated a ban on dissenting religious assemblies. Denver is celebrating the occasion by harassing activists who seek to inform the public about the principle embodied in Penn’s acquittal: the right of jurors to reject the enforcement of unjust laws, a.k.a. jury nullification.

After two local activists, Mark Iannicelli and Eric Brandt, distributed jury nullification pamphlets outside the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse in Denver on July 27, Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey charged each of them with seven counts of jury tampering, a felony punishable by one to three years in prison. The seven counts were based on pamphlets received by seven jury pool members.   Continue reading

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Judicial Watch: FEC Must Investigate Democratic National Committee for Employing Illegal Alien to Craft 2016 Political Message

Judicial Watch

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission requesting that it investigate the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for having “knowingly hired” an illegal alien, Cindy Nava, to help craft the committee’s 2016 political message and communications.  Judicial Watch filed its complaint on August 25, 2015.

A June 8, 2015, story in The Washington Post reported that the DNC hired Nava with full knowledge of what DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) termed Nava’s “undocumented status.”  The news report details that “Despite not yet attaining legal status, Nava is working for the Democratic National Committee as one of a crop of fellows from around the country helping the party organize ahead of a presidential election that President Obama predicted would feature immigration as a major issue.”  The Spanish language newspaper El Nuevo Herald reports that Nava would help coordinate DNC outreach to “women, youth, and Hispanics.”   Continue reading

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Here’s How Law Enforcement Agencies Impersonate Your Friends

Information Liberation – by Sonia Roubini, ACLU

We recently received a handbook from the DEA, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, seeking information about the use of impersonation as an investigative technique. While the 1999 handbook, titled Online Investigative Principles for Federal Law Enforcement Agents, was almost identical to a version of the handbook that is available online, there is one notable difference: the version that the DEA sent us includes a copy of the DEA’s Consent to Assume Online Identity: Adult Consent form.   Continue reading

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Nation’s second-largest pension fund may shift away from stocks, bonds


The nation’s second-largest pension fund is considering a significant shift away from some stocks and bonds amid turbulent markets world-wide, one of the most aggressive moves yet by a major retirement system to protect itself against another downturn.

Top investment officers of the California State Teachers’ Retirement System have discussed moving as much as $20 billion, or 12% of the fund’s portfolio, into U.S. Treasurys, hedge funds and other complex investments that they hope will perform well if markets tumble, according to public documents and people close to the fund.   Continue reading

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Area 51 neighbors reject $5.2 million Air Force buyout offer


Land overlooking the top-secret Area 51 facility has been owned by the same family for 130 years. Now its owners are claiming years of bullying and abuse at the hands of the Air Force, to whom they recently refused to sell their land to for $5.2 million.

The Sheahan family has been extracting lead and silver from Groom Mine since Grover Cleveland was in the White House, at the end of the 19th Century, long before the nearby installation was established by the federal government in 1955 to test experimental aircraft technology.   Continue reading

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When “gun nuts” become gun control advocates – by Greg Camp

An interesting article has appeared in the Houston Press, titled, “3 Reasons I Went From Being A Gun Nut To Supporting Gun Control,” written by columnist Chris Lane.  In it, the author describes his journey from being a regular gun owner (he called himself in that state a “gun nut”) to someone whose attitude toward guns has significantly altered.

Lane tells us that he grew up around guns, owned a lot of them, and knew how to operate many varieties.  But he encountered other gun owners who, in his view, were bigoted, paranoid, weak, and enthralled with violence, and decided that it was time to sell most of his collection and support unspecified gun control.   Continue reading

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