GOP bill proposes freeze on US naturalizations

The Hill – by Christina Marcos

A House Republican introduced legislation to prevent the U.S. government from granting immigrants citizenship, responding to a report found that several hundred people slated for deportation were accidentally naturalized.

The bill, offered by Rep. John Culberson (R-Texas) before Congress departed this week for its pre-election recess, would halt any new naturalizations until the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) finishes modernizing its fingerprint record database.   Continue reading

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Tulsa officer pleads not guilty to manslaughter in shooting death


A white police officer charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of an unarmed black man pleaded not guilty on Friday in court in Tulsa, Oklahoma, according to her attorney’s office.

Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby, 42, did not testify at the hearing. She is charged with killing Terence Crutcher, 40, in one of the latest officer-involved shootings to stoke concerns about racial bias in policing in the United States.   Continue reading

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Alabama Chief Justice suspended over gay marriage stance


The chief justice of Alabama’s Supreme Court, charged with defying federal court rulings that permit same-sex marriage, was suspended on Friday for a second time after being found guilty of violating judicial ethics, the Alabama Court of the Judiciary ruled.

Chief Justice Roy Moore had gone on trial Wednesday on charges that he violated Alabama’s canons of judicial ethics with a Jan. 6 order that said probate judges were bound by state law banning gay marriage.   Continue reading

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Stocks Soar After French Press “Confirm” Deutsche Bank Near Settlement With DOJ

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Seemingly confirming the rumor, Agence France Press reports that Deutsche Bank is nearing a $5.4 billion settlement with the US Justice Department. This has catalyzed another leg higher in Deutsche Bank stock and lifted the whole market as it would appear that unconfirmed sources have ‘fixed’ the world’s most systemically dangerous bank (despite the fact that short-dated counterparty risk is soaring).

Here is the tweet…   Continue reading

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Obama’s Education Secretary “Concerned” About Homeschooling

The New American – by Alex Newman

The opening shot in a widely anticipated establishment crackdown on educational freedom may have been fired last week. Speaking at a breakfast with reporters, Obama’s controversial Education Secretary, pro-Common Core activist John King (shown), said he was “concerned” that some home-educated children were not getting the “breadth of instructional experience” they would get at a traditional school. While the senior Obama bureaucrat acknowledged that many homeschool families are doing it well, he also repeated the debunked smear that homeschooled children lack opportunities for socialization. Experts and critics, though, promptly lambasted King for his naive or malicious comments, suggesting that, if anything, he ought to be far more concerned about children in public schools. Some experts even offered to help educate Obama’s education chief on the issue.     Continue reading

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‘Nuisance’ neighbor kills sheriff’s deputy, daughter in mystery murder-suicide, authorities say

Journal News – by Crystal Bonvillian

Louisiana law enforcement officials are trying to determine what caused a man described as a “nuisance” by neighbors to gun down a West Baton Rouge Parish sheriff’s deputy and her 20-year-old daughter before turning the gun on himself.

Deputy Donna LeBlanc had just arrived Tuesday afternoon at her home in Glynn in neighboring Pointe Coupee Parish when she spotted 29-year-old Gregory Phillips talking to her daughter, Carli Jo LeBlanc, on their porch, the Baton Rouge Advocate reported. Donna LeBlanc’s 9-year-old daughter was in the house, locked inside by her older sister.   Continue reading

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State AGs sue to stop Obama’s internet transition

Politico – by Tony Romm

Four Republican state attorneys general are suing to stop the Obama administration from transferring oversight of the internet to an international body, arguing the transition would violate the U.S. Constitution.

The lawsuit — filed Wednesday in a Texas federal court — threatens to throw up a new roadblock to one of the White House’s top tech priorities, just days before the scheduled Oct. 1 transfer of the internet’s address system is set to take place.   Continue reading

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A Drawing From the Trenches

Henry and Laura are sponsoring a drawing for From the Trenches World Report.  It has been a challenging summer in finding new sponsors in the midst of Henry having to get operations, but we have survived.

We have provided a ten ounce bar of silver and two rolls of copper coins for three draws.  These items were donated for us to keep for ourselves or make part of a drawing at our discretion.  As there are a few things we need we have chosen a drawing.   Continue reading

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Spying street lights equipped with microphones, Wi-Fi detectors and more coming to a city near you


Soon, spying street lights equipped with ShotSpotter microphones will be in every city and town, that’s because GE lighting and ShotSpotter (SST) are working together to spy on everyone.

Last year, GE and SST announced they’re combining forces to put SST surveillance devices into street lights.   Continue reading

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Why Does U.S. Gov’t. Donate $38B to an Enemy Nation?

Strategic Culture – by Eric Zuesse

On September 13th, the AP headlined «Israel to get $38 billion in US military aid over 10 years», and they called that «the largest batch of military assistance the U.S. has ever pledged to another country». This money is donated, instead of anything being sold to Israel: it comes from U.S. taxpayers, and is a commitment regardless of whether Israel continues to violate the Camp David peace accords (such as by building illegal settlements) or any other treaty or international law.   Continue reading

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‘US has always been main sponsor of Islamic State’ – former CIA contractor to RT


The US claim that Russian troops will go home in body bags if Moscow doesn’t end its Aleppo offensive is absurd, former CIA contractor Steven Kelley told RT. He said Russia is the only answer to defeating ISIS. Other experts also weigh in on the subject.

When asked about State Department spokesperson John Kirby’s warning that Russia “will continue to send troops home in body bags” if it doesn’t put an end to the offensive, Kelley said Washington is pretending to be fighting Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) when it isn’t doing so at all.   Continue reading

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FBI, DOJ And Their Forensic Scientists State They’ll Continue Using Discredited Junk Science To Put People Behind Bars

Tech Dirt – by Tim Cushing

For dozens of years, criminal prosecutions have relied on junk science. Forensic science, properly applied, can actually provide matches that identify suspects. But it’s not properly applied. In the hands of the DOJ, forensic evidence examination is a closed loop. Outside scientists have been granted access to the DOJ’s DNA work, but everything else — from fingerprints to hair samples — has been locked away in the government’s database.   Continue reading

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Obamacare – Only One Step On The Path


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Lawsuits against the Neocons: Hillary’s DNC, George W. Bush Et Al

Continue reading

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Doctor suspended for allegedly making vaccines with cat saliva, vodka

WREG 3 News

CHICAGO — Illinois regulators have suspended the license of a suburban Chicago doctor who allegedly gives patients modified vaccinations containing cat saliva and vodka.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation on Wednesday ordered the emergency action in the interest of public safety.   Continue reading

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State Supreme Court Upholds DUI Ruling That Could Let Some Oklahoma Drivers Keep Their Licenses


A court decision earlier this week might keep the state from revoking thousands of driver’s licenses.

Monday’s ruling means the outcome of a breathalyzer test that leads to criminal charges can’t be used to take away someone’s driving privileges, The Journal Record’s Dale Denwalt reports:   Continue reading

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Meet the New Authoritarian Masters of the Internet

Breitbart – by John Hayward

President Barack Obama’s drive to hand off control of Internet domains to a foreign multi-national operation will give some very unpleasant regimes equal say over the future of online speech and commerce.

In fact, they are likely to have much more influence than America, because they will collectively push hard for a more tightly controlled Internet, and they are known for aggressively using political and economic pressure to get what they want.   Continue reading

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Members of 3% militia group say leader took money meant for arrested Idahoans

Idaho Statesman – by  John Sowell

Thirty-six members of 3% of Idaho, many in leadership positions, announced their resignations Tuesday evening after they said $2,901 in donations earmarked for four Idaho men accused in the 2014 Bundy Ranch standoff in Nevada were improperly spent.

They claim Brandon Curtiss, the group’s president, spent the money on unauthorized car accessories, car washes, camping at an Idaho state park, iTunes music downloads, gasoline and food at restaurants, among other charges.   Continue reading

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ETSU student in gorilla mask out on bond after disrupting Black Lives Matter protest


JOHNSON CITY, TENN. – A student at East Tennessee State University who has been charged after disrupting a Black Lives Matter event on campus by wearing a gorilla mask, carrying around a rope and trying to hand out bananas made his first court appearance Thursday.

According to WCYB, Tristan Rettke, a freshman at the school, is charged with one count of civil rights intimidation in connection with the incident Wednesday afternoon.   Continue reading

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Henry Rollins – Liar

Sent to us by a reader.

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