Truth Psyops and the Awakening

Zen Gardner

Once we understand that everything is an illusion we’re home free. Knowing we’re eternal consciousness having this in-body experience is the greatest gift anyone can possibly have.

It’s wonderful, it’s free and it’s forever…and it’s for everyone! People just need to wake up to it.

That would seem to be fairly simple, especially once it has happened to you. The fullness of life you expand into, the realization of infinite possibility, is so exhilarating, liberating and profoundly simple that you can’t help but wonder why everyone doesn’t see it.   Continue reading

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Russia and China launch gas pipeline

A pressure valve on a gas pipelineBBC News

Russia and China have begun the construction of a new gas pipeline linking the countries, with a ceremony in the Siberian city of Yakutsk.

China’s CNPC has agreed to buy $400bn (£240bn) of gas from Russia’s Gazprom.

Russia will ship 38 billion cubic metres (bcm) of gas annually over a period of 30 years.   Continue reading

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Those Ukrainians John McCain Wants to Arm Include Neo-Nazis

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Hurricane Hunter in Gulf / Iceland Volcano Update

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Driverless Cars Could Lead To Organ Donor Shortage

What have we come to?  This story bothers (I have other words I could use) me in So many ways..

AOL Autos

Unintended consequences abound when it comes to emerging technology, and self-driving cars are no exception. Numerous ethical and legal dilemmas associated with autonomous vehicles are currently being explored and have been well documented, but it seems there is one drawback that has been missing from the conversation: where are we going to get our extra organs?   Continue reading

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Top 30 – America’s Most Heavily Armed Counties On A Map; You May Be Surprised

Concealed Nation – by Brandon

Reddit user Ramesses_Deux has released a map that gives a visual of the Top 30 Counties in the US that are the most heavily armed. The data is said to have been compiled from a list of the same information, although does not give it’s source.   Continue reading

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Father And Son Have Some Bonding Time By Holding Two Home Intruders At Gunpoint Until Police Arrive

ScreenHunter_80 Sep. 01 20.25Concealed Nation – by Brandon

Ahh, family time. It doesn’t get much warmer than this. A father and his son were at home last night in Erie County, NY when they heard a noise outside. Upon investigation, they found 18-year-old Jacob Rappleye and 22-year-old Anthony Guarino inside the home after breaking in via a 2nd story window by using a ladder.

As the homeowner and his son are gun owners, they naturally grabbed their firearms and held the two young intruders at gunpoint until police arrived.   Continue reading

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VA Democrat Prays for NRA Members to Die From Ebola

dickkiGuns Save Lives – by Dan Cannon

Everyone’s favorite idiot, Mike Dickinson, a self described Democrat in Virginia, is back at his favorite game – being an absolute idiot.

Dickinson claims he is about to have a weekly radio show on WHAN radio in Ashland, Virginia. His topic for his first show is apparently going to be to pray that all NRA members get ebola and die.   Continue reading

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Are Google Gangsters?


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North Carolina County Poised to Repeal Gun Restrictions

Grass Roots North CarolinaAmmoLand

North Carolina --( on August 18th 2014, the Rowan County Planning Board presented to the Rowan County Commissioners their recommendation to finally comply with provisions of HB937, which was enacted into law July 2013, and effective as of October 1st, 2013.

(Rowan County, like many others has an outdated and illegal prohibition on concealed carry in its public parks and recreational areas).   Continue reading

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The Four Curses On Judaism

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U.S. Preps For Ebola Outbreak: Cases May Exceed 100,000 By December: “The Numbers Are Really Scary”

SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo

Though news on the Ebola virus has been muted since two American health care workers were admitted to U.S.-based facilities last month, the deadly contagion continues to spread. According to the World Health Organization more than 40% of all Ebola cases thus far have occurred in just the last three months, suggesting that the virus is continuing to build steam.

Physicist Alessandro Vespignani of Northeastern University in Boston is one of several researchers trying to figure out how far Ebola may spread and how many people around the world could be affected. Based on his findings, there will be 10,000 cases by September of this year and it only gets worse from there.   Continue reading

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Do We Live in a 2-D Hologram? Physicists Aim to Find Out

Image: HolometerNBC News – by Alan Boyle

Physicists at Fermilab in Illinois have turned on a laser-based experiment that could reveal whether the three-dimensional world we perceive is merely a “Matrix”-style illusion generated by a cosmic two-dimensional hologram.

The Holometer experiment is the result of years of work by particle astrophysicist Craig Hogan and his colleagues at the federally funded Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, and it could provide the first clear evidence for the existence of the holographic universe. The concept has been debated for decades, but it’s devilishly difficult to show whether it can ever be anything more than a concept.    Continue reading

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If ISIS is a Bomb, Israel is the Bombmaker

Video Rebel’s Blog

ISIS has changed its name several times. It has also been called IS or Islamic State and ISIL (Islamic State in the Levant.) They used to be known as Al Qaeda in Iraq but they got rid of that name. Too many people had caught on to the fact that Al Qaeda was just a bunch of Muslims willing to sell their souls to the CIA and the Mossad. So after their name change  they launched the new brand by invading Iraq and declaring Sharia law. But changing their name did not alter who they are and who their paymasters are.   Continue reading

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Police On Alert Amid Nato Summit Protest

Nato protestSky News – by Rhiannon Mills

Anti-war protesters have been demonstrating in Newport, as South Wales prepares to host the Nato summit.

Around 1,000 people gathered outside the crown court before they made their way through the city.

As well as a strong Welsh contingent, demonstrators came from as far as the US, Belgium, France and Ireland.   Continue reading

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The FBI’s Crime Wave

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Should Gov. Nixon Set Free This Man Serving Life in Prison for Pot?

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No gray area: Beliefs shape view of Brown killing

AOL – by Jesse Washington

ST. LOUIS (AP) – Lamont Jones and Keith Stephens stood 60 feet from each other, separated by four lanes of pavement and a thousand miles of perception.

Stephens was wearing a T-shirt printed with a police shield bearing the phrase “OFFICER DARREN WILSON I STAND BY YOU,” as part of a rally supporting the white policeman who killed 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was unarmed. Jones was across the street, holding up a sign that said, in blood-red letters: “Darren Wilson is a Murderer.”

There was no overlap in the facts as seen by Jones and Stephens at the demonstrations staged a few miles from suburban Ferguson, where Brown was killed. Like many who have closely followed the case, which sparked riots and yet another national racial conflagration, Jones and Stephens had made up their minds.   Continue reading

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3 Columbus churches vandalized with graffiti overnight

WTHR 13 News

COLUMBUS, Ind. -Columbus Police said they’ve never had anything like it – three churches vandalized in the same night.

Someone spray painted them on the outside. It’s the words used, though, that have some people asking if this was more than a prank.

“It was just one word. It said ‘Infidels!’” Father Doug Marcotte said of what was spray painted on Saint Bartholomew’s Catholic Church in Columbus overnight Saturday.   Continue reading

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Katzen Hobbes Turns Herself Into Tiger Woman

katzen hobbes frontHuffington Post – by David Moye

When Katzen Hobbes was a toddler, she had dreams where she saw herself covered in tiger stripes.

When she was 18, she started making that dream a reality.

Now, at the age of 40, 90 percent of her body is covered in stripes.

“I still need a little bit of work under the right armpit and right ear, but I’m pretty close to completion,” Hobbes told The Huffington Post. “But I might add something more.”   Continue reading

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