Planning to Eat Squirrel when TSHTF? Think Again!

Source: Flickr via peaceful-jp-sceneryAll Outdoor – by Bill J

SHTF Blog has a really good piece up on building a squirrel gun for SHTF scenarios. I don’t want to detract from it because it’s solid and you should read the whole thing, but I do want to offer a note of caution. (I’m certain that the author is aware of everything I’m about to say. Again, I’m not detracting.) I’m a longtime squirrel hunter, and like everyone else, I see them everywhere here in the city and have thought on more than one occasion that if the SHTF I could bag a few for the family.   Continue reading

Posted in News | 8 Comments caught freezing vaccine choice petition to prevent signatures from reaching 100,000 threshold

vaccineNatural News – by Mike Adams

A petition calling for the prohibition of laws requiring mandatory vaccines has been throttled by the White House, buried from public view and finally frozen for over 36 hours to prevent the petition from achieving 100,000 signatures, Natural News can now reveal.

The petition, which was rapidly headed toward the 100,000 signatures needed to trigger a response from the White House, was frozen mid-day Friday and has remained stuck at 56,791 signatures for over 36 hours.   Continue reading

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Anti-Vaccination Activists To Blame For Bosnia’s Measles Outbreak, Say Experts

MEASLESHuffington Post – by AIDA CERKEZ

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — Medical experts warned Friday the anti-vaccination lobby is growing in Bosnia, using scientifically discredited arguments to stoke parental fears in the worst-affected country in Europe’s measles outbreak.

This trend — combined with a generation that could not be immunized because of lack of vaccines during Bosnia’s 1992-95 war — has led to 5,340 measles cases in Bosnia, according to the World Health Organization.   Continue reading

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Nurse Nina Pham to file lawsuit against Presby parent, worries about continued health woes

Nina Pham and her dog, Bentley.Dallas News – by Jennifer Emily

Experimental drugs and special care helped make Nina Pham Ebola free. But today she fears she may never escape the deadly disease.

The 26-year-old nurse says she has nightmares, body aches and insomnia as a result of contracting the disease from a patient she cared for last fall at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

She says the hospital and its parent company, Texas Health Resources, failed her and her colleagues who cared for Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person in the United States diagnosed with Ebola.   Continue reading

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Nano implants px67

image002 (7)

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Birds drop dead out of the sky in Maury County

Fox 17

SPRING HILL, Tenn. — Dozens of birds drop dead out of the sky in Maury County at the same time. The more than 50 birds were found on a road near IBEX Global and the old GM Plant in Spring Hill Saturday.

One witness says the birds were split open from the fall. Police and wildlife officials are on scene are working to get answers as to how and why this happened.   Continue reading

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WH Plans to Develop a “Country Within a Country” of 15 Million “New Americans”

Munoz-ReconquistaSent to us by a reader.

Independent Sentinel – by Sara Nobel

The White House has plans to legalize 13 to 15 million illegal immigrants who will then establish a “country within a country.”

The following Mark Levin interview with Susan Payne is shocking but it also puts all the pieces into place.

Susan Payne is a contributor to WCBM, Baltimore and Co-Host of the Pat McDonough Radio Show,   Continue reading

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Tribute to Leonard Nimoy 1931 to 2015 & Beyond

Continue reading

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James Traficant – The Bankruptcy of the United States

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Caught On Tape: The Moment Boris Nemtsov Was Assassinated

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

As the world contemplates the various ‘provocation’ scenarios – a Russian act, a CIA act meant to look like a Russian act, or a Russian act meant to look like a CIA act?the following clip suggests this was anything but an ad hoc shooting…

The narrator suggests, as Nemtsov and his companion are walking along the road, a garbage truck (or cleaning vehicle) is behind them. When the garbage truck comes alongside the couple, it slows down, then moves ahead, then stops… and another man leaves the vehicle and jumps in a following car, which speeds away with tires smoking…   Continue reading

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Continue reading

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Good news out of Russia – even the “non-system” opposition refuses to blame the Kremlin

The Saker

Honestly, I never thought the day would come where I would have anything good to say about the Russian “liberal” or “democratic” “non-system” opposition but apparently this day has come today. To my surprise, all the leaders of this opposition have so far made very moderate and reasonable statement and all those which I have heard have apparently dismissed the notion that the Kremlin was behind the murder. Now this might be self-evident for most of us, but for the Russian “liberal” or “democratic” “non-system” opposition this is quite a change of tone.  Many have even said that this murder was a “provocation” (which in this context means “false flag”!) to destabilize Russia and create a crisis.  Even Irina Khakamada, normally a real crackpot, has said that this was either a “provocation” or the action of a small group of extremists.   Continue reading

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Improvised Weapons

Zombie Wikia

Improvised Weapons are ordinary objects that aren’t normally associated with violence or self defense turned lethal. There are two basic types of Improvised Weapons – found, and engineered. Found improvised weapons are used in their normal state, with little to no alterations required, such as a thick candlestick holder. Engineered improvised weapons require at least minor modification or planning. Traps comprised of unorthodox objects (such as the Falling Piano Trap in Zombieland) are always engineered improvised weapons.

This article will only include improvised weapons of substantial effectiveness. When evaluating a weapon’s effectiveness, the most important factor is if it could be used to quickly penetrate a human skull, or decapitate. If it cannot, it is best to use it only as a way to slow a zombie down (or keep their mouth full/immobilized to prevent biting) to buy one’s self more time to escape, or find a weapon that actually can penetrate or mostly remove an intact human head.   Continue reading

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Large National Brands Have Sights Set On Legal Marijuana Industry

ben & jerrys marijuanaThe Week Blog – by Johnny Green

The recreational marijuana industry is expanding at a rapid pace. Right now there only two states that allow recreational marijuana sales (Washington and Colorado of course). But Alaska will be soon to follow, as will Oregon, and hopefully someday Washington D.C.. Between now and the end of Election Day 2016, I have as many as 16 states in play that could make a move to legalize recreational marijuana. By the end Election Day 2020, we could see over half the states in America with legal recreational marijuana sales occurring.   Continue reading

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Pastors to Help DHS in Arrest and Detention of Americans in FEMA Camps

Pastors serving government over God.The Common Sense Show – by Dave Hodges

The fact that FEMA has recruited up to an estimated 28,000 pastors, as a low end estimate, to as many as 100,000 pastors, as a high end estimate, in order to form the clergy response team is very disturbing, not to mention frightening.

The reports of pastoral betrayal are now coming in from multiple sources and there is no denying where this is headed. Below is an interview that Alex Jones did with my friend Pastor Butch Paugh. I have been on Pastor Butch’s show many times and my experience with him is that he is not only a committed man of God, he is a very serious researcher.  In the following video, Pastor Butch tells Alex just how far FEMA’s plot is to use pastors to entice willing self-incarceration into FEMA camps.   Continue reading

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Gun Review: The Sig P232 pistol

Sig – by Francis Borek

Look inside the case at your local gun store – you know the one – the one you usually ignore. The one bursting with cheap, used stuff, mostly a European blend of compact polymer pistols. Because you may find a diamond in the rough. The Sig P232 was one such pistol for me.

Made of a steel slide, an alloy frame and an extra helping of that Modern Art style, the P232 is a reliable, compact handgun for the modern gentleman.   Continue reading

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Sleazy Two-Timing Cradle-Robber Boris Nemtsov and the Ukrainian “Model” that Set Him Up

American Everyman – by Scott Creighton

How much to do you think it costs to have a gold-digger set-up her sugar daddy for a hit?

You think they paid Anna Duritskaya cash or promised her a TV show and a juicy part in Jon Stewart’s next propaganda film?

Hey! You think maybe they’ll give her a spot on House of Cards like they did for Pussy Riot?!   Continue reading

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Game of Drones

Human Wrongs Watch – by Paul Currion

Drones! They’re everywhere. There’s probably a drone over your house right now, especially if you’re:

a. planning an act of terrorism;
b. chatting with your mum on Skype about an act of terrorism on the news;
c. wondering whether drone strikes themselves are in fact a state-sanctioned act of terrorism.   Continue reading

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Most Americans Are Slaves And They Don’t Even Know It

Chain - Public DomainEconomic Collapse – by Michael Snyder

Most Americans spend their lives working for others, paying off debts to others and performing tasks that others tell them that they “must” do.  These days, we don’t like to think of ourselves as “servants” or “slaves”, but that is what the vast majority of us are.  It is just that the mechanisms of our enslavement have become much more sophisticated over time.  It has been said that the borrower is the servant of the lender, and most of us start going into debt very early into our adult years.  In fact, those that go to college to “get an education” are likely to enter the “real world” with a staggering amount of debt.  And of course that is just the beginning of the debt accumulation.    Continue reading

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The Giants Found in Romania and the CIA Cover-Up

The Giants Found in Romania and the CIA Cover-UpConspiracy

Everyone has heard of the giant characters of legend, sometimes called cyclops or ogres. Giants were generally presented as creatures so big that the earth trembled when they walked.

It seems however that the giants are not just fairy tales, considering the fact that their remains have been found all over the world. The mystery of their civilization remains to this day and there is even a sort of secrecy in this regard, a convention to sweep any evidence of their existence under the rug.   Continue reading

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