Massive train full of military equipment seen heading into “hostile” Salt Lake City, Utah ahead of Jade Helm 2015

military convoyIntellihub – by Alex Thomas

In the last three months we have seen dozens upon dozens of suspicious military equipment movements throughout the country coupled with numerous urban military training drills with a strong domestic focus.

Now, even more evidence of some sort of buildup ahead of Jade Helm 2015 has surfaced with video footage taken in Utah showing yet another massive train full of military equipment.   Continue reading

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Finding the bars of your cage

casey-quoteSent to us by the author.

Poisoned Water – by Craig Nelms

At a family gathering during which the subject of conversation had travelled through spiritual and truther subjects, my Aunt turned to me and, in a whisper, said, “I’m not going to accept the mark!” I looked at her with sort of a ‘really?’ expression on my face and she looked at me and nodded. However I wasn’t surprised that she “wasn’t going to take the mark” but rather that she didn’t realize that she was already an integral part of The System of the Beast. I just kept my mouth shut, though, and the gathering continued on.   Continue reading

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SCOTUScare from the Same-Sex Supreme Court


In the long and storied past, America prided itself on being a country based upon law. Once this was true! Today, the last vestige of a society built upon natural law and incontrovertible principles is dead. The legal system is now founded on whim, political pressure and sentiment. Under such a framework, the Supreme Court has forfeited the final semblance of legitimacy. The United States no longer can claim it is a constitutional republic. The tyranny of the judiciary in not new! However, the latest decisions on Obamacare and Same-Sex marriage effectively gut the credibility and the meaning of the constitution.   Continue reading

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Grassroots Lobbying Does Not Work: A Review of Chris Cantwell’s “Anarcho-Lobbyist” Series (Season One)

Anarcho-LobbyistSent to us by the author.

The Last Bastille – by Kyle Reardon

Statists have always told libertarians that if we don’t like the law, we should work to change it. Unfortunately, what this means is that if individuals want to secure their liberty, they must do so by begging for it from those tyrants who imagine themselves to be our rulers. Worse, some opportunists use this dynamic in order to put themselves on this week’s news cycle, in order to further their own self-aggrandizement. As the Austrian economists put it, human action is purposeful behavior, yet, what behavior can be said to be purposeful if the actors are doing the same things over and over again, all the while expecting different results?   Continue reading

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Military body armor and small arms.

American Mercenary

Midgetman’s request will be answered. Specifically why medium caliber sniper rifles are not going to be the the answer to the proliferation of body armor on the battlefield.

Do you have or know of a good write up about about this myth that will not die?
I would like to see more on the subject of sniper (and service rifle) vs body armor.

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Revealed: Feds predicted surge of illegals, see another 127,000 this year

Examiner – by Paul Bedard

Despite claims the administration was caught off guard, the White House and four Cabinet departments predicted last year’s surge of at least 60,000 illegal juveniles over the U.S.-Mexico border and expect it to more than double to 127,000 this year, according to an internal document.

A 24-page administration PowerPoint for congressional appropriators dated April 22, 2014 bluntly stated that border arrivals of “unaccompanied alien children” would rise “by nearly a factor of 10″ in 2014 to 60,000 and jump to 127,000 “if these growth rates continue.” It is shown below.   Continue reading

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Proof Something Big & Bad Is About To Happen: What The Elite Know Has Just Been Exposed

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Another Federal Circuit Court Unravels Second Amendment Gun Rights

Supreme Court and GunsAmmoLand

Denver, CO -( In yet another decision that thumbs it’s nose at the Supreme Court’s landmark D.C. v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago rulings, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals held today that the Second Amendment does not protect gun rights outside of one’s home.

The case, Bonidy v. United States Postal Service, challenged 39 C.F.R. § 232.1(l), which prohibits the storage and carriage of firearms on USPS property. The district court decision found that the law was unconstitutional as applied to its prohibition on guns in parking lots, but not the ban on carry inside government buildings.   Continue reading

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German hypocrisy: Germany owes Greece 11 billion euros in unpaid loans

Wake Up From Your Slumber

This little fact changes everything.

In 1943, Germany forced the Bank of Greece to lend it two loans worth 11 billion euros in today’s money.

And Germany has still not paid back the debt.

This money is not war reparations, which are a separate and much more complex issue.   Continue reading

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116 Degrees, now that is hot!


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Utah inching toward lawsuit in push to control federal lands

Seattle PI

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Utah lawmakers inched closer to a possible lawsuit in the state’s push to seize control of federal lands with the selection Tuesday of two consulting firms that will prepare a legal strategy and attempt to sway public opinion in their favor.

A Utah legislative commission voted unanimously to pay up to $2 million for the work to a law firm and public policy research organization. New Orleans-based Davillier Law Group will prepare an analysis by year’s end of the historical and constitutional grounds for transferring the lands, said Rep. Keven Stratton, R-Orem, chair of a commission for the stewardship of public lands.   Continue reading

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Voting-Rights Advocates Get Win at Supreme Court

The Supreme Court did not take up a voter ID case brought by Arizona and Kansas. (CQ Roll Call File Photo)Roll Call – by  Simone Pathé

Monday’s big election law news came from the Supreme Court’s penultimate decision of the term upholding Arizona’s congressional districts.

But before handing down its last three decisions, the court made voting-rights advocates happy by deciding not to review a different election case.   Continue reading

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7 photos that sum up what it looks like in Greece today

Market Watch – by Silvia Ascarelli

Here’s what it looks like in Greece today, after a weekend in which the government walked away from negotiations with creditors and declared a referendum on debt-holder demands for this Sunday: Banks are closed, and there are lines outside ATMs, where withdrawals from a Greek account are limited to just 60 euros.

That’s if there is still money in the ATM.  Continue reading

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More Than A Dozen Landmarks You Won’t Believe Were Turned Rainbow


After sunset on Decision Day, the White House is awash in rainbow light tonight, and the rainbow revolution has spread to the other coast and overseas.

And, cue the camera phones! Here’s a roundup of what Twitter users have so far found being illuminated in rainbow spirit after today’s marriage ruling. (Update: Other Twitter users point out that some of these photos being shared in celebration are from previous times when the landmarks were lit up.)   Continue reading

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Firearms Numbers in the United States 1945 – 2012

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World Zionist Organization House

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The Word From the Trenches – June 29, 2015

TWFTTJoin in on the conversation. Call 712-432-0900 then enter 957464#, press *6 to mute and unmute.

You can listen on our player or Live365. You can get an app for Live365 to listen on your phone here.

You will be able to download the archive at Indiana Freedom Talk Radio.

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Schumer vows list of gun control measures in response to Charleston

Sen. Chuck Schumer is saddling up for a gun control ride through the Senate. (Photo: – by Chris Eger

U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is calling for a host of new measures from background checks to magazine bans in the wake of the attack on Emanuel AME Church in South Carolina.

The senior senator from New York announced he would help lead a charge to mandate Brady-style background checks on private gun sales, limit sales of some types of magazines and increase reporting of those prohibited from possessing firearms from states to the federal database.    Continue reading

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Rainbow of Hate: Catholic Priest Reports Being Spit on at Gay Marriage Parade

AP_240969580256Breitbart – by John Nolte

“While a symbol of anti-Christian hate and repression — the rainbow-colored gay “pride”  flagflew everywhere, Father Jonathan Morris, a Catholic priest frequently seen on Fox News, reported via Twitter Sunday that during a pro-gay marriage parade in New York, “two men walked by and spat on me.”   Continue reading

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Israel to be fully encircled with hi-tech fence

Reuters / Juan MedinaRT

The Security Cabinet of Israel has approved construction of new sections of the fortified fence on its border with Jordan. When finished, it will fence Israel off from the outside world completely.

The cabinet of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is going to finalize fortification of the national borders with constructing a barrier on the remaining parts of the frontier.   Continue reading

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