Sarah Palin To Launch Online TV Network

Sarah Palin/The Shark TankShark Tank – by Javier Manjarres

As if her appearances on Fox News weren’t enough to make the heads of the liberal-left explode, former Alaska Governor Sarah “You Betcha!” Palin has stated that she has formed her very own Internet TV news channel.

“This is a news channel that really is a lot more than news,” Palin said in a video introducing the network. “This is a community where we’re going to be able to share ideas and discuss the issues of the day. And we’re going to find solutions.”-Politico  

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No charges for MMA fighter who killed one intruder, severely injured another

Torrez might have been knocked out at his last fight in July 2013, but he was the one doing the knocking out in January. (Photo credit: Daily Mail) – by Jennifer Cruz

The Las Cruces District Attorney’s office announced Thursday that the mixed martial arts fighter, Joseph Torrez, who killed one intruder and severely injured another during a home invasion in January, acted in self-defense and will not face any charges for the man’s death.

Four men – 25-year-old Sal Garces, his 19-year-old brother Raymond Garces, 20-year-old Nathan Avalos and 22-year-old Leonard Calvillo — forced their way into Torrez’s home on New Year’s Day. One was armed with a wooden shank and another a knife.   Continue reading

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95% American-made: Where do Israel’s bombs & bullets & come from

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Top Survival Guns For A Lady

big_lady gunsSurvivopedia – by Fred Tyrell

Even though most publications related to firearms are aimed at men, there is no question that lady preppers need information about how to build and use a survival arsenal. Do women need smaller guns with less recoil ? Is it harder for woman to learn how to shoot a gun and be a responsible, proficient carrier of a concealed weapon?

In personal experience with my first wife, and also female friends and colleagues that were hunters, champion marksmen, law enforcement, or military personnel; a woman can learn everything necessary about guns, and use them just as efficiently as a man, in any survival situation.   Continue reading

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Chinese Missile Forces Pose Threat to U.S. in Future Conflict

Chinese aircraft carrier LiaoningWashington Free Beacon – by Bill Gertz

ASPEN, Colo.—China’s advanced cruise and ballistic missiles pose a significant threat in future conflict with the United States, the chief of naval operations (CNO) warned last week.

Adm. Jonathan Greenert, the CNO, also said during a security conference Friday that China is building a second aircraft carrier that could be deployed in the not too distant future.   Continue reading

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Officers kicked off SWAT after Bundy comment

web1_russlaws.jpgLas Vegas Review Journal – by Mike Blaskey

A heat-of-the-moment comment in the aftermath of the standoff at Cliven Bundy’s ranch has cost two Las Vegas SWAT officers their jobs on the elite unit.

The officers were booted back to patrol after a Metro sniper posted an inflammatory comment about Bundy’s militant supporters on social media, the Review-Journal has learned.

Officer Russell Laws, 41, took to Facebook just hours after the April 12 standoff between federal and local officers and armed protesters ended without bloodshed.   Continue reading

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Violent transnational gangs ‘recruiting unaccompanied minors at Border Security facilities’

Transnational: A young El Salvadorean member of the Mara MS-13 street gang. There are reports that young members are enlisting other youngsters crossing the borderDaily Mail

Members of some of the United States’ most notorious street gangs have infiltrated shelters housing illegal immigrant minors from Central America and are recruiting them, say Homeland Security sources.

An estimated 57,000 minors from Central America have flooded across the border from Mexico to the U.S. in recent months, and gang leaders are reportedly filling their ranks from among them.
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Flight MH17 – What You’re Not Being Told

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FBI Whistleblower and Teacher Expose Islamic Gülen Movement Infiltrating U.S. Through Charter Schools

Ben Swann – by Joshua Cook

What Is The Islamic Gülen Movement?  

In rural Pennsylvania, a Turkish-born Muslim imam lives in self-imposed exile.

The imam, Fethullah Gülen, came to the United States in 1999 due to cited health problems and has stayed in the United States after gaining his visa with help from former CIA officials. The FBI previously resisted granting permanent residency status to Gülen. According to leaked cables, parts of the U.S. government believe that Gülen “is a ‘radical Islamist’ whose moderate message cloaks a more sinister and radical agenda.”   Continue reading

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Driving Away From Cop At Window

Cop at the car windowThe Newspaper

When Wisconsin police officers knock on the window of a car and motion to roll down the window, the state Supreme Court said in a 5 to 2 ruling that the motorist is free to ignore the cop and drive away.

“Although we acknowledge that this is a close case, we conclude that a law enforcement officer’s knock on a car window does not by itself constitute a show of authority sufficient to give rise to the belief in a reasonable person that the person is not free to leave,” Justice David T. Prosser wrote for the majority.    Continue reading

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Mayor’s Son Sued After Beating in Jersey City

Courthouse News – by KEVIN KOENINGER

     JERSEY CITY, N.J. (CN) – Two drunken Jersey City police detectives and the mayor’s son beat a man so badly he suffers from seizures, developed a brain tumor and lost his job, the man claims in court

     Hector Mejias sued the Jersey City, Healy’s Tavern, Jeremiah Healy Jr., the Jersey City Police Department, several police officers and Dets. Chris Heger and Mark D’Ambrosio, in Hudson County Superior Court.   Continue reading

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NY DHS Offers $500 To Rat Out Your Neighbors

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Community Organizing MS-13 Style

The New Boston Tea Party

We have devoted much ink to the violent El Salvador Mara Salvatrucha gang , better know by its nom de guerre MS-13 and the lesser know 18th Street gang.  They have infiltrated major cities committing felonies, murdering, extorting, running guns and prostitution rings, peddling drugs and smuggling.

In many cities the police do not dear tread on their turf. But what is more interesting is their sudden recruitment of illegals who are being lodged at an Arizona facility. We should be alarmed. As detailed in the article members of the gang cross the border and are subsequently housed in government holding pens pending their release.   Continue reading

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America’s Churches Pledge Their Allegiance to the New World Order

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Obama to Issue Executive Orders to Bring in Thousands of new Foreign Democrat Voters

WEB Commentary – by Sher Zieve

As not one soul in Congress has lifted anything heavier than a limp pinky finger to stop him–likely because most of them are on the Leftist side–we knew this would eventually occur. Treason has become a daily occurrence in the former United States of America which has now become Illegal Aliens of the World Central. Continuing to laugh roaringly, debasingly and hysterically at the ongoing majority of stupid Americans who won’t stop him either, Obama has announced that he will very shortly issue an Executive Order to begin flying illegals (renamed “refugees”) from Central Americans countries into the USA. These will be indoctrinated as Democrat voters and trained to worship Obama the minute they set foot on the plane…or even before.   Continue reading

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Israel confirms mortar strike on UN school in Gaza, denies casualties

A Palestinian mother comforts her child in a hospital a few hundred meters from where medics said Israeli shelling hit a U.N-run school sheltering Palestinian refugees, in Beit Hanoun the northern Gaza Strip July 24, 2014.(Reuters / Finbarr O'Reilly)RT

Israel has confirmed that it unintentionally hit a UN school in Gaza last week, but denies reports that anyone was killed in the incident, claiming the courtyard area was empty when the strike took place. Palestinian officials say 16 people were killed.

Around 200 others were injured, according to Palestinian officials, as three Israeli tank shells hit the Ashraf al-Qidra school in the town of Beit Hanoun last Thursday. Women, children, and UN staff were reportedly among those killed during the shelling.   Continue reading

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Reporter recalls Soviet evasion in ’83 jet downing

Those searching for the truth about what happened in the shoot-down of the Malaysia airliner over Ukraine can take little comfort from the history of another passenger jet that was blasted out of the sky over the Soviet Union more than three decades ago: The Kremlin at the time dodged, weaved and obfuscated. Today, we still don’t know what exactly happened to Korean Airlines Flight 007.

I was The Associated Press’ Moscow bureau chief when a Soviet Sukhoi-15 fighter downed KAL 007 on Sept. 1, 1983. The passenger plane was about to leave Soviet airspace after more than two hours of flying off-course above super-secret military installations along the Pacific coast. Pilots on the New York to Seoul flight via Anchorage, Alaska, had apparently put wrong navigation points into the on-flight computer. All 269 people on board were killed.   Continue reading

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Trial opening over video of Oklahoma City bombing


OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A Salt Lake City attorney is arguing in a lawsuit that the FBI has video of the Oklahoma City bombing that shows a second person was involved.

The case is at the heart of Jesse Trentadue’s quest to explain his brother’s mysterious jail cell death 19 years ago, which has rekindled long-dormant questions about whether others were involved in the deadly 1995 blast.   Continue reading

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After 6 weeks, finally a deal on VA health care

Bernie Sanders, Richard

WASHINGTON (AP) — After more than six weeks of sometimes testy talks, House and Senate negotiators have agreed on a compromise plan to fix a veterans health program scandalized by long patient wait times and falsified records covering up delays.

The chairmen of the House and Senate Veterans Affairs committees have scheduled a news conference Monday afternoon to unveil a plan expected to authorize billions in emergency spending to lease 27 new clinics, hire more doctors and nurses and make it easier for veterans who can’t get prompt appointments with VA doctors to obtain outside care.   Continue reading

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