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Prison labor booms in US as low-cost inmates bring billions

Published on Dec 9, 2012

US breeds a Chinese-style inmate labor scheme on its own soil. Both state and some of the biggest private companies are now enjoying the fruits of a cheap and readily available work force, with tens of millions of dollars spent by private prisons to keep their jails full.


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2 Responses to Prison labor booms in US as low-cost inmates bring billions

  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    THAT explains the three strikes law.

    Freakin’ Starbucks was on that list.


  2. diggerdan says:

    I know that I did plant a lot of those trees – and that was a good thing – along the Us 53 north for the DNR when I had to do time for a little pot back in the 70`s. And I did build a lot of wing dams for the DNR. We got something like $.05 – $.10 a hour and you had to pay street prices for soap to shower with, tooth paste , ya know etc. etc.

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