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Sandy Hook Was a Staged Media Hoax — Anderson Cooper Knows

Published on Feb 10, 2013 by gmoore49

I originally thought posting 3 videos on the Sandy Hook Hoax would be enough, but I found I needed to make one more!! Make this go viral. Copy it. Link it. Repost it. Whatever. This is a compilation of the latest and BEST evidence Sandy Hook was CLEARLY and OBVIOUSLY a Government sponsored Media Hoax.

I have already posted a 3 part video series exposing the 10 major points which show that the Sandy Hook tragedy was a government false flag hoax. How much was real and how much was fake remains to be seen. Did these children really die? Since this was a government and media sponsored hoax, it is certainly possible that these children did not actually die!! Because law enforcement, government officials, and both the mainstream and alternative media have NOW proven themselves to be untrustworthy con artists, we may never get to the whole truth of the matter.

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4 Responses to Sandy Hook Was a Staged Media Hoax — Anderson Cooper Knows

  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Anderson Cooper – isn’t that the guy with the partially missing nose on TV?

  2. Inretrospect says:

    “How much was real and how much was fake remains to be seen. Did these children really die?”

    I had the same questions regarding LAPD’s Christopher Dorner: Was his death a hoax? Yes, in my opinion, Dorner & Sandy Hook were both obvious hoaxes. However, we are left with the same nagging question we had regarding the 911 passenger plane that allegedly crashed into the Pentagon: If it wasn’t a Boeing 757 that crashed into the Pentagon (and it wasn’t), then where are the passengers that were on Flight 77? The same question remains about Sandy Hook: If no children were killed, then where are they and, what got buried in the cemetery… empty caskets? I will presume that all of the childrens’ funerals were closed-casket services?

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      You presume correctly.

      No one, literally NO ONE has seen ONE single body of ONE single child ALLEGEDLY killed at Sandy Hoax.

      Also, no one has seen so much as a single bullet hole in any of the classrooms, hallways, etc., inside the school, or so much as a single drop of blood, either.

      It doesn’t get any more fake than Sandy Hoax, when it comes to a false flag op.

  3. NC says:

    The last 5 minutes of the people/actors going in circles is the best. lol

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