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Spike in law enforcement assassinations raises fears

Yahoo News – by Jason Sickles

The Easter weekend assassination of a Texas prosecutor highlights a growing concern about targeted attacks on law enforcement authorities.

It’s a fear one Texas police officer shared with Yahoo News. He and his family spent the past holiday season essentially in hiding after learning his name was inked on a white supremacist gang’s hit list.  

“The title of the list was ‘S.O.S.’ which means smash on sight or execute,” the officer said. “If you have an S.O.S. put out on you, that pretty much means they’re going to try and kill you.”

Yahoo News is not identifying the officer for his protection. The threat eventually subsided, but he remains vigilant months later, especially after Kaufman County, Texas, District Attorney Mike McLelland, 63, and his wife, Cynthia, 65, were shot to death in their home 30 miles east of Dallas last weekend, apparently ambushed.

Two months earlier, Mark Hasse, a prosecutor in McLelland’s office, was gunned down while walking from his car to the courthouse.

No arrests have been made, and early speculation has focused on the Aryan Brotherhood (AB), the same group that targeted the police officer.

“That’s how you promote within the AB is to commit these violent acts,” the officer said.

The U.S. is in the midst of an unprecedented spike in targeted attacks on the justice community, says law enforcement researcher Glenn McGovern.

“We’ve never had this many in such a short period of time,” McGovern told Yahoo News. “This is the most heinous type of crime because it’s premeditated.”

An average year might see one or two assassination attempts on a judge, prosecutor or law enforcement member. In the first three months of 2013, there have been six apparent targeted attacks resulting in six deaths, including the possibly related Kaufman County, Texas, cases.

“Two attacks on two individuals within the same organization in such a short span of time—I’ve never seen that in my studies here in the U.S.,” McGovern said. “I’ve only seen that in Sicily, Colombia and Mexico, but never here.”

In the three years and three months of this decade, McGovern says, there have been 15 targeted attacks on law enforcement in the U.S. That compares with four in the first three years and three months of the 1970s, two in first three years and three months of the 1980s, and six each in the first three years and three months of the 1990s and 2000s.

McGovern, a former police SWAT officer now working as an investigator with the Santa Clara County district attorney’s office, said there is no obvious explanation for the spike.

“No geographic link … the circumstances run the gamut,” said McGovern, who defines a targeted attack as a violent encounter carried out against a specific individual. “The motive behind them looks to be revenge—that’s the predominate motive.”

McGovern started his research several years ago as a way to provide risk assessment and training to colleagues in his own office. Since then, he has authored two books on protective operations and targeted violence.

Last month, he urgently issued a 26-page study to law enforcement associations across the country hoping to increase awareness of “our vulnerability and more importantly an awareness of our surroundings.”

His breakdown of 133 attacks and planned attempts from 1950 to 2012 reveals that more than half occurred at the target’s home, on a workday, with a gun being the offender’s weapon of choice.

That was the case on March 19 when Colorado prison chief Tom Clements was shot dead after answering the door at his home near Colorado Springs. The suspect in that case is a parolee and member of the Aryan Brotherhood white supremacist gang.

Last December, the Texas Department of Public safety warned that the Aryan Brotherhood could be “planning retaliation against law enforcement officials.” That sent officers and federal agents scrambling to try to scrub their personal information from Internet search sites.

“They are going to find out things about you before they do it,” said the Texas police officer whose name was found on an Aryan Brotherhood hit list.

“Don’t commit yourself to a routine,” he warned. “Watch your mail and your neighborhood. Be aware of anything.”

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41 Responses to Spike in law enforcement assassinations raises fears

  1. NC says:

    A yahoo commenter from this article writes:

    “”The most heinous type of crime”

    This, more than anything, tells you what they really think of the rest of us. They’re here to protect themselves and the rest of us are just baggage or perps. Whatever happens to them is “the most heinous” while the same thing happening to one of us is “just another day at the office”.”

    • robertsgt40 says:

      Under NDAA, I would think these guys could be taken out in a heartbeat. Droned out of exitence. Wouldn’t Jack Napolitano consider these guys “domestic terrorists”. This is all about control.

  2. Sunfire says:

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for these gestapo thugs that tazer, beat and kill the very citizens they are supposed to protect and serve?!? It would seem that when they are the ones being targeted and killed, they want to have a big pity party, yet when they are the ones targeting and killing others, they high five each other and declare themselves heroes. If they want sympathy, they can look in the dictionary between shit and syphilis!

    • diggerdan says:

      I completly agree with ya Sunfire! Theey are one hell of a pity party when the shoe is on their foot aren`t they.

    • Justin Case says:

      You are mistaken if you think the mission profile of the cops is to “protect and serve” Joe and Mary Sixpack. They are tasked with protecting and serving the status quo: the owners of this country and their minions. The rest of us are mere bugs.

  3. NC says:

    Aryan Brotherhood? Is this the new local Al-Qaeda now?

    Good! The police deserve to live in fear. And with the way most of them, especially Round Rock Police and Williamson County treat us and taser us like pigs, they better be living in fear from not only this Aryan Brotherhood group but also WE THE PEOPLE.

    To the police: It doesn’t feel good when people start fighting back at you and you start living in fear, now does it? Now you know how WE THE PEOPLE feel.

    • diggerdan says:

      I just hope that when them cops quit and try to be like the ones that they screwed over that every one like us do not forget just who the F they were and still are. After all they didn`t care a rip about anyone when they were cops did they NC. I know that those like you and myself will never forget.

  4. reality, we want / need ethical law enforcement people to work within the legal constraints of our system, and to live up to the stated mission of that particular force…having grown up in a corrupt law enforcement family, I can tell you that adherance to the mission is far from the standard, and that if you are not personally corrupt, if you plan on staying “on the force” for long, or alive…you had better learn to look the other way, and shut up….and as a Federally Protected Whistle Blower…I can tell you that government is not interested in people who display ethics or live by a certain moral code…they want people who will participate and shut up… I do not applaud the deaths of these people, nor the threat to them…as it is a threat to our entire civilized society…just as the obvious, apparent police abuses are a threat to our society…we need to address each with and equal passion for fairness and legal outcomes…which means getting our legislators to do their job and reduce the stupid, liberty based crimes that cops waste their time on..and let the police deal with the real crimes against persons, property, etc….let the police get back into the ethcial business of legitimate law enforcement..and out of the revenue generation buisiness….then less will be compromised, criminalized and killed..


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

    • Drutch says:

      Not going to happen, ethical government or their agents has never been and will never be possible. The entire idea of government is antithetical to free people. It is NOT in our interest to support the state. It is NOT in our interest to protect the state. It is in the interest of a free society that the state dies. Free men can defend themselves, we do not need the illusion of state protection, all the while serving only to violate the rights of freemen and protecting the ogliarchs. The state is coming undone and I, for one, celebrate it’s dying breath, and celebrate the dying breaths of those that prop up the state.

  5. Tom says:

    The years of the criminal (in)justice system thinking it can function as an unaccountable island in our society appear to be coming to an end. I would hope that members of this system now see the need to reach out to their law-abiding neighbors and seek that instead of fearing and loathing them, we watch their backs.

    One of my greatest fears for the coming years of turmoil in this country is a slide into regional warlords terrorizing the populace. Gangs like the Aryan Brotherhood gaining control is your worst nightmare — they would make our brutal police look positively restrained and civilized. The best outcome of these killings would be that police, citizens, and prosecutors realize that we all need each other and start treating each other with mutual respect and trust within the law. One of the best places to start would be by ending the drug war, which would also cut the legs off of all of these gangs.

    • . says:

      Tom, what you said makes a great deal of sense.

    • Steve Apple says:

      Tom I strrongly disagree with just about all you wrote,these cops prosecutor and the fags in black dresses, the whole damn INjustice system needs to be tried for/as traitors they have abused, robbed ,incarcerated many, destoyed how many families and this is just the tip of their atrocities the rape in our prison INDUSTRIES tops all on the outside.The system operates above right and wrong and are only interested in PROFITS.These cowardly cops shooting and tazing innocents for the last 20 or so years are about to get the FEAR OF GOD put in their corrupt money grubbing power hungry asses.They dont know what fear is yet as they are still the lap dogs of the bankers but each and everyone of the thugs will get their comeuppance in the near future.NEVER EVER EVER TRUST A COP,NEVER EVER EVER TALK TO A COP.We dont need these scumbag sell outs

      • NC says:

        Agreed! I know this from first hand experience and by being a victim of the police’s ruthless reign of terror.

        • TheReb says:

          My family and myself have also been the victims of these pigs. They have extorted tens of thousands of dollars from us, kidnapped and imprisoned us, made us their slaves by hanging years of prison time over our heads should we disobey their outrageous and unwarranted rules…..and for what? For minding our own business and living our lives in peace and happiness. Members of law enforcement and the “justice” system are disgusting scums of the Earth, and I wish death upon most of them. Anyone who wants a job that forces (or allows, depending on how you look at it) the imprisonment, extortion, theft of property, murder, assault of peaceful, reasonable, responsible people deserves death, as far as I’m concerned. It sucks when their family gets dragged down with them, but oh well……no woman/man is forced to marry a pig and reproduce with them.

    • Greg says:

      Amen Tom, In a perfect world yea, gonna need to be some cleaning of the government house first though. Damn shame that they have let it get this far. If they take a legal citizens guns away though, then they will see it really hit the fan and wish they hadn’t turn their backs on the people. Right now, I just wanna stand by let them both take each other out.

  6. Ghandi says:

    Looks more like a Zionist/Mosaad false flag op to me.

    • Joe says:

      “That’s how you promote within the AB is to commit these violent acts,” the officer said.
      One way to know if you are dealing with judaic misdirection and deception is weather t.h.e.y. claim their behaviour is their enemies behaviour. One and only one example is

      To insure you get promoted within “law enforcement” you must be the criminal t.h.e.y. con us t.h.e.y .are there to protect us from.
      We need to form militias to protect our countrymen from government thugs. A government thug is everyone within government.

  7. Yeims says:

    When is AB going to open a branch office in Washington DC and the surrounding areas? Chicago and New York City could also be very good possibilities.

  8. Critias Virgil says:

    The ‘white power – white al qaeda’ hit lists assassination squads? Really? In tv world, those are entirely real. In reality world, the only white gangs are the Jets and the Sharks. Few lines are more clear. I now know for certain this is a typical government (aka puppets of Israel Zionist joo world order) false flag operation. They do stick to the basic rules of propaganda, which they did write themselves. Two more supportive false flag attacks will be forthcoming. DHS is fully armed and ready to attack the American people. The time has come to fabricate the white al qaeda menace to justify the assault troops taking to the streets.

  9. I Co Marine says:

    As someone who has more than one brother on the force, I will say this. You reap what you sow, and after years of these thugs killing my fellow citizens, and former military brothers it does not break my heart to see this. My brother a current LEO, said that the chickens are comming home to roost. He has 27 yrs under his belt, and has pointed out numerous times that the new blood recruits are just itching to bust heads, not protect and serve. He is sick of what he calls the militarization of the police force, and after this year he is calling it quits. I just love how the media cover this, but absolutley refuse to show how police unjustly murder both veterans, and civilians without remorse, oh and quite a few pets too. My fricking heart bleeds for them. As Tom points out they need us, but we currently dont need them if they continue to shoot and tase anything that moves, and even some things that dont. As for regional warlords, just look to DC and you can find many whom make the Arian brotherhood look like puppies. We need to start addressing real issues, not things that might be in the future if we are to regain the ground we have lost these past 50 years. Focus brothers….focus…and lose the fear as it does not help us.

    • . says:

      I agree that the bad cops will reap what they have sown. Their bad behaviors will be their undoing – perhaps the force needs to purge their recent recruits. They certainly seem more like soldiers than police officers (or peace officers). They act like we’re criminals and appear to work for monied interests. But I don’t think all cops are bad. Divide and conquer – it really works, doesn’t it?

      • Millard says:

        Here’s a good spring project for everyone. Get your hammer and saw out and begin construction on your very own gallows. I imagine fancy, multi-trap door versions along with the simple rope over the tree branch. Either way, it’ll be a conversation starter in your neighborhood.

        • diggerdan says:

          A trap door? Millard, a trap door?, hahaha hell with the trap door. Just have a good strong hangin` tree, a good hemp rope, put them on a good 3 legged chair – about 3 – 4 maybe 5 ft.feet off the ground -, snug up that noose, get the wind chimes out – hehehe, get the party going, and when he can`t stand it any more they will hang them selves by loosing their ballance on that 3 legged chair. I would love to see how long they would last on that chair. We could line up 3 or 4 of them and start a lotery as to who can gues who is first, second and third for one prize and have the super prize for the one that can guess the order in which they hang themselves.

  10. Raven Blackbane says:

    When I was young, they said: “Sooner Or Later They Have To Clock Out”. Meaning, they’re not on duty 24/7 and will have to pay for the errors of their ways. If they followed the law, and rules, they should have nothing to fear. It’s only when they break those that people want to “get even”.

  11. The SOS [Synagogue of Satan] have mass murdered over 300 million people in just the last century …with malice aforethought…

    how is that NOT your worst nightmare…?

    Criminal Justice is an OXYMORON….

  12. DV says:

    Why can’t the AB focus on where the real problem is? Go for the head, not the tentacles. Also, why can’t more citizens start becoming proactive?

  13. But did they deserve it ? The system frequently murders the good guys and blames those that they hate for the crime. If it was legit, there would have been a sentence handed down by a “jury”.

    • diggerdan says:

      You cannot be serious Robert Stuart. “A sentence handed down by a “jury”. I got their jury for ya – a bunch of pissed off people ready to take their heads off. Them scum bag DA`s and cops etc. got everything and more coming to them bastards. They all deserve to be tar and featthered.

  14. john b says:

    these roided up psychopaths are afraid for their lives? that makes two of us.

  15. m_astera says:

    I have not the slightest sympathy for any cop, judge, or prosecutor in the USA. They cannot be where they are and do what they do without knowing full well they are enemies of the people and servants of traitors.

    That actually goes across the board for anyone taking a paycheck from or aiding and abetting any agency of government in the US at present. All are knowing accessories to a criminal conspiracy.

  16. guy says:

    poooooor widdle piggies!!!!! can ya hear em, they’re all cryin wahhhh wahhhh wahhhhh, all the way home!!!


    This is great I hope more and more of these pig scumbags go down… People its time we end these animals lives, like they do our brothers….

  18. kikz says:

    @virgil…with the current trend of white bashing, especially in academia, I have to question this “aryan bro” assignation of guilt, as well.

    something else, I can’t understand how/why the Kaufman Co. DA would open the door to someone he didn’t know… as apparently there was no sign of forced entry. odd that casings were left on the scene, quite sloppy.

  19. DDearborn says:


    Let me think how does it go again? You all remember Thomas Jefferson? What was it that he said Ah yes now I remember. Please bear in mind that there is nothing in there about police offiers or members of the military or politicians being more equal than the rest of us…………….
    Having said that I in no way shape or form condon the violent targeting of any group. And these inalienable rights apply equally to all citizens including police officers.

    Every school boy/girl should know this by heart. Sadly I don’t think it gets more than a passing mention these days.

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”

  20. chasethebull says:

    They fear what that they are being targeted for abusing the public for the last 60 years plus? they are scared we are growing tiered of the abuse of power and the protection of the true criminals in high places…getting sick of the revenue generating theft by tickets and hundreds of laws a year on the books so every move we make is a threat to the “system” angry at the fact they can LIE to entrap you and you cant make the slightest mistake or they “GOT YA” Getting scared we know how corrupt they have become…the facade is crumbling and their abuse and cruelty and bigotry is showing through finally.. getting scared? WHO CREATED THIS AND WHO HAD THE POWER TO STOP IT????? NOT US not your “ENEMY” as you treat us… YOU made the public your Enemy NOT the other way around assholes…

    • ….I would like to be the one to argue against some of these anti-LEO positions…but having grwon up around corrupt cops and watched their evil conduct my whole life…it is hard to argue against those of us who have had to interact with these creatures…sad….


      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  21. Poor little piggies… hunted down and pissed on like ants. Maybe it’s time to tally up how many family pets have been executed by LEOs and have a little turnabout. Wouldn’t that have them scrambling like the little f#@king roaches they are.

  22. Fahken_figures says:

    When you stop looking at LEOs as people, You eventually become what you hate…be careful people. Think.

    • Henry Shivley says:

      Law Enforcement Officers, LEOs, are the ones who need to start thinking, as too many of them do not look at us as human beings. I have never judged anyone by the clothes they are wearing. The fact is their actions are what are painting the picture of who they are. There is not a one of them who has not infringed upon our Bill of Rights, thus the burden is on them to change if they want us to look at them as anything other than the animals they portray themselves as.

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