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St. Louis Gun Control Activists Call For Turning US Rights & Sovereignty Over to United Nations

gun rally stl

Only about 150 people turned out for the event.

Gateway Pundit – by Jom Hoft

Dr. Robert Flood , director of pediatric emergency at SLU, gave the keynote speech at the end of the rally. The good doctor urged supporters to call congress and turn your rights and sovereignty over to United Nations by supporting the Child Rights Act.  

gun rights stl

Several gun rights supporters held their own counter protest.

Dr. Flood said the Children’s Rights Amendment would counter balance the Second and 14th Amendments used by gun rights activists.

“So if common sense legislation is not passed in the upcoming weeks and months, then please work to ratify the proposed Children’s Amendment to the US Constitution.”

Flood also said he was not political but got his information from and the Obama campaign website.

Mayor Slay was standing behind the doctor during his speech.

Here’s the shocking video:

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6 Responses to St. Louis Gun Control Activists Call For Turning US Rights & Sovereignty Over to United Nations

  1. NC says:

    “Counter-balance the 2nd and the 14th amendment as interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court”


    Those small 10 or so people in the audience clapping for this guy, who is blatantly over-acting and over-dramatizing with the words in his speech like a child giving a 4th grade speech of “We are the World” in front of the school parents, clearly can’t wait to get into their FEMA camps.

  2. PrionPartyy says:

    Yes, we should respect the children’s right to be armed for their own protection.

  3. Sunfire says:

    Dr. Flood can go tie a hemp rope around his neck and hang himself from the Arch. What an idiot!

  4. REDHORSE says:

    These people are like weeds.You pick them and another one grows back.Where do these people come from?The bigger question is how do they get elected into these positions?I wish a few states would break off and become their own country that will not allow these morons in country.

  5. desertspeaks says:

    those who would give up liberty for safety, deserve neither and will lose both!
    Fricking MORONS!

  6. It is I only says:

    Dr Flood. Bet you my last dime, that he’s a chosenite scum!

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