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The NWO Isn’t working Now and Will Never Work in the Future – How do I now? – Open Your Eyes and Look Around

Since this site’s inception we have been shouting this obvious fact at the top of our lungs, and there are now facts that prove how right we were. The NWO was and is nothing more than a power grab of dangerous proportions that want Americans brought down to dirt level to do nothing more than to give more power to the filthy rich elite. People who are worth multi-billions of dollars, who strive to become trillionaires, billions will no longer suffice just not enough money. Instead of talking about a NWO Americans should be talking about limits on personal wealth, the other side of the equation, something that should have been talked about long ago, when America was brought to her knees with fraud.

Factories throughout Europe are closing just as predicted as nothing has really changed except for the wealth equation of the NWO oligarchs who are currently sucking the rest dry. This scourge has ruined millions throughout the world just to fill their pockets from a well thought out con, something that has to be stopped dead in its tracks. Amazingly, we have been duped beyond believe with this garbage and are dying by the thousands from depression, cancer and god knows what else as these parasites fulfill their sick fantasies.

This ridiculous notion that America must share precious natural resources with the rest of the world will only be the cancer that will kill us all. It amazes me how we have fallen for this, as even our own so-called business analyst preach this NWO scourge on the American idiot boxes on American airwaves.

Facts are facts and even a billionaire who is worth 25 billion dollars who made his money kissing the NWO ring finger can’t hide from. Bloomberg says it best in his own publications, something this slippery constitution killer can’t hide from because this his his business, hoping it goes unnoticed. Just
one example of the obvious below:

The car market in Europe if supposed to drop 12.3 million cars in 2013, a 23 percent decrease since this NWO garbage was introduced by George Walker Bush.

Wake up America facts are facts. This is just one example of the obvious; we will be pointing this kind of thing out more and more from our excellent group of contributors and authors. This stuff really isn’t rocket science, it’s really only 5th grade math.

God Bless the Republic of the United States of America.

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5 Responses to The NWO Isn’t working Now and Will Never Work in the Future – How do I now? – Open Your Eyes and Look Around

  1. David 2 says:

    Both Islam and the early Catholic Church forbade the charge of interest, a loan was to assist the borrower to be successful not as the means to entrap and create a debt slave. Until we have a reformation of values and consciously return to such Godly values we are doomed to obey the satanic NWO to our eventual planned destruction.

    Loans with interest empower the lender and create a communist/fascist two tier system of the jew financial elite with their small number of chosen corporate and jew oligarchs.

    Unless you identify the immorality of interest you cannot make sense of the enslavement of humanity, spiritual emptiness, destruction of morals and financial ruination.

    Palestine is all you need to know about the future under these fascist communist dictators, over forty years in a concentration camp of hell with no remission apart from periodic bloodletting ventures to sacrifice innocents on their alter. This will be our children’s future unless we can reform and cast the bankers out of the Temple. Christ showed that it had to be by violence.

    • alex says:

      …Bravo! …someone that’s not afraid to express the un-obfuscated,’ nitty-gritty’, non-sugar coated TRUTH / REALITY… that’s staring us all in the face.
      … The simple & direct Palestinian metaphor, is assuredly waiting in our children’s children’s bleak future… if this glaring enigma of an unfettered miasmatic & generational socio/psychopathic cult of insidious parasitized ponerology, is apathetically tolerated by the hypnotized & enslaved 99%
      ….just my lonely opinion.

  2. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    Dear Mark,

    Your article title states that the NWO is NOT working, but then go on to state all the destruction they have incurred on the US, and the rest of the world.

    It is that destruction that you described that the NWO specifically wants to occur!

    The simple fact is, it IS working, they are winning, and we here in the USA (whats left of it…) and the rest of the world are one step away from Total Global Enslavement.

    That is their design, that is their intent, that is thier goal.

    The ONLY way to stop the symptoms that you describe, is to go after the root cause,, which is simple:

    Declare the International Banking Agencies (with the UN) for the Internatioanl Terrorists they are,.. arrest, try and convict all those involved, sieze the wealth, gold and assets and give them back to their respective countries, forbid ANY country from having a Private Central Bank, and most of all,.. ARREST THE MOST PERFIDOUS, MURDUROUS THEIVES IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND,,,… THE ROTHCHILDS!!

    Hang every Rothchild, seize every asset, property, and especially,.. ALL the phyiscal Gold that the Rothchilds have hoarded/stolen over the last three centuries, and use that to instutute Gold Backed Currency!

    Until we undertake getting rid of the DISEASE,.. the Rothchilds,.. we will NEVER be free of their never ending efforts to enslave the world, start world wars, and kill/starve MILLIONS of people, over,.. and over,.. and over again as each new generation forgets the lesson of its previous generation.

    This is the ONLY solution that will work in the long run,… get rid of the disease, and forget about trying to treat the symptom.

    JD – US Marines – Sounder advice from your doctor can be found anywhere…

  3. Czar of Snark says:

    But but it worked on paper in the faculty lounge of the ivory tower. You mean it has zero application in the real world. Oh snap.

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