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The Price of Apathy

KliGuy 38 – Great Depression 2 News

Don’t let your dignity or simple acts of decency get in the way of a Christmas bargain in the season of giving is the motto of the “greatest nation”. After all it is “bargain time”.

Pictures of shoppers engaged in frenzied buying makes better copy for the “animal spirits” than pics of people living day to day on food stamps and unsure how they are going to pay for next month’s heating bill.

To add a touch of irony to the entire macabre scenes during the early holiday shopping season, you get to watch reporters wearing Cashmere coats and designer clothing reporting on hoards of people (whose monthly incomes couldn’t pay for the reporter’s tie) fighting for chance to purchase an $80 electronic device to play games on. Just look at what we are devolving into.

Orwell would probably be shocked at just how quickly his “Orwellian totalitarian state” became reality and then some. Once the ball starts rolling it becomes impossible to predict and control. Even the move towards a globalized state becomes unpredictable and exceedingly more dangerous as the economic deleveraging clock ticks on. Make no mistake we have a rendezvoux with destiny.

The next two years are the “hard down” years of the Kress cycle and they will not be kind to the debt bingers and the unprepared in line for flat screens. Many people are getting it however and they tend to be the more bright and more capable members of the society.

They know there is a palpable fear but many have just not been able to connect the dots. It will require the washout for enough people to demand change and if they do then eventually it will come… least to some degree. Its the “in between” landscape that you will need to navigate.

Look around you at your friends and family. Most are mired in the distractions that have been developed over decades to distract them from the game. They spend 90% of their waking hours absorbed in mundane television programming, video games, sporting events, etc. How many billion dollar professional sports stadiums are there now in the U.S.? How many vampire movies have there been over the past 10 years? Look at the programming…….a vast desert of meaningless feces spread on the screen. Its not what the public demands…..its what the public is force fed.

If you think its random, then just try and have a conversation about subjects that you are familiar with like the economy or the military interventions or the presidents of the PIGS…..etc. NO RESPONSE?? Of course there is no response. Pay attention to yourself and to your own. Pay attention to what YOU can do something about!

Back to the Casino. “Shocking” dump at the opening of over 15000 contracts of gold and an equally large amount of silver a little later… surprise given the precarious position that headline prices place on fiat AND the risk of bullion bank defaults. Hang tight. The game is going to get a lot rougher than this.

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One Response to The Price of Apathy

  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “Pictures of shoppers engaged in frenzied buying makes better copy for the “animal spirits” than pics of people living day to day on food stamps and unsure how they are going to pay for next month’s heating bill.”

    I’ve never had the desire nor the fortitude for mob shopping, I’ve always avoided that particular brand of madness. It’s always reminded me of those old cowboy movies where the cattle are herded into the pens at the railroad yard just before they’re shipped off to market.

    This is truly sad.

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