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Truck Driver Nearly Beaten to Death By Police For Not Signing Traffic Ticket

Published on May 19, 2013 by rambone5

BERKELEY, CA — A truck driver was beaten within an inch of his life by California Highway Patrol for not signing a traffic ticket that he could not read. The driver, who broke no laws, was beaten so badly that he woke up in a trauma hospital.

Olegs Kozacenko, a local resident originally from Russia, was pulled over and cited by police for allegedly driving too many hours in one day. Kozacenko refused to sign the ticket because he had not or could not read it.

CHP Officers didn’t take kindly to the driver’s refusal to sign. Two officers, one of them a trained fist-boxer, beat Kozacenko on the side of the highway nearly to death. He suffered a crushed left orbital eye socket, multiple facial fractures, a broken left arm, broken ribs, a concussion, loss of consciousness, and possible neurological damage. His injuries caused a deprivation of oxygen for a prolonged period of time.

Photographs taken of Kozacenko’s unconscious body showed that he was in handcuff restraints. A toxicology report showed a 0.00% blood-alcohol content of the driver; perfectly clean.

“The public if they get stopped and simply comply with what they are asked to do, they have nothing to fear, nothing to fear at all,” said Acting Chief Ken Hill.

Officers Andrew P. Murrill and Jim Sherman maintained that the force was not excessive. Both are still on the job a full 2 years after the incident. Olegs Kozacenko suffers long-term physical and emotional injuries and is no longer able to work.


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25 Responses to Truck Driver Nearly Beaten to Death By Police For Not Signing Traffic Ticket

  1. diggerdan says:

    Why is it when everytime that a cop or the cops are asked a question that they never seem to have a straight up answere. They always say that they cannot answere questions and that the public never has nothing to fear from the cops……….. Perhaps this truck driver should learn how to speak english if he wants to work/live here – people want to live here then they should learn the languange.

    • Mark Schumacher - NV says:

      I agree digger. At least learn the language but………the same would have happened to me if I refused to sign. this guy was cited for working over his allotted hours of service. Driving over his 11 hours for the day. He knew that, he knew how to fill out his logs. He got caught, we all do it. We have to in order to make any money anymore and to deliver on time. Big problem, with huge fines.

      The cops are becoming goose steppers, way out of control. This happened on top of the sierra mountains crossing through Lake Tahoe over the top down into the bay area. The cops up there hate truckers. Truckers are being bombarded with regulations that are taking huge money out of our pockets.

      When you get cited like this, you are one step closer to loosing your job. So your pissed right away as the asshole is walking towards your truck. It’s a commercial points thing aside from the regular 4 wheeler point system. It’s got everybody on edge, big time.

    • Tom Sullivan says:

      Where did it say he couldn’t speak or read English? He stated he wanted to read the citation which these two thugs didn’t give him the opportunity to do. That suggests he can read English.

      I’d have these two thugs dragged at speed along the highways they patrolled until there is nothing left of them.

      • diggerdan says:

        At about the1:51 mark on the video the guy doing the video say`s that the truck driver speaks in his native language of Russian. 🙂 that is where it says he speaks in his native language. You did listen to the video didn`t you Tom S. ?… Yea Tom, I agree that the thugs that patrol those highways should be dragged at speed till they are buzzard bait.

  2. bmga1776 says:

    Listen to this praetorian guard. If you comply with the cops, then we won’t have to beat you is basically what he says. I guess if you have a non violent protest, you need to be beaten if you don’t comply. And as for the ignorant remark above, if I am in a foreign country for whatever reason, and I don’t speak the language, I should be beaten by the cops cause I don’t understand them.

    • diggerdan says:

      I am one that believes that a cop will use any excuse to beat the crap out of someone for any reason and not knowing the F`n language is reason enough for a pig to lock ya up and beat the crap out of ya. . Like I was saying – If you want to worklive in a country then at least speak the damned language. I assume you were refering to me right?, `cause if you were you have no idea of my bad attituse towards cops. P.S. bmga1776, Ya maybe if you visit a foreign country that you do not know their language then yea just maybe you may be asking to get beat up.

      • kamiko says:

        no, youre not asking to get beat up. when you say shit like that, you are saying you are willing to pay higher taxes for lawsuits when cops do things like this.

        whether he signs it or not, they could have gotten an interpreter to speak to him, which they do for illegals and Muslims, or just mailed the ticket to him with a summons.

        if people thought like you everywhere, no one would travel anywhere, for fear theyd be beaten within an inch of their lives for any small reason.

  3. Patriot Joe says:

    The day is coming when armed, concerned citizens will put a stop to this criminal behavior. A police badge is becoming synonymous with criminality.

    • ACTIVIST says:

      You are so right Joe, people are getting very tired and upset with this type of criminal behavior. If the law doesn’t handle these people, I’m sure that the general public will. The sad thing is, that there are some very good officers, however, the actions of a few will put a target on all.

  4. Max Bond says:

    There is not excuse under the sun for beating a man like that. We can blame our politicians for this. They are profiling applicants to weed out the good men and only get losers like these two. I hope these two cops know that what goes around comes around. In my opinion they are fair game for the same kind of treatment.

  5. Jolly Roger says:

    “The public if they get stopped and simply comply with what they are asked to do, they have nothing to fear, nothing to fear at all,” said Acting Chief Ken Hill.”

    What acting chief Ken Hill is saying here is that the public has to “obey or be beaten”, and if that isn’t proof that cops are only here to beat us into submission I don’t know what is. I remember when you could argue with a cop, and even win the debate if you were right. They have a new job now, and it involves beating or killing anyone who shows any resistance to authority whatsoever.
    Their new role in our society is to kill or beat the crap out of any “uppity” slaves until they submit to their master, and I’m sure that any cops who weren’t willing to go along with this new policy were weeded out long ago.

    • diggerdan says:

      Yep Jolly Roger, like the saying goes – “do as I say, not as I do” – and that is what all law makers and LEO`s live by.

    • NC says:

      “The public if they get stopped and simply comply with what they are asked to do, they have nothing to fear, nothing to fear at all,” said Acting Chief Ken Hill.”

      So if I comply with him after he tells me to shoot myself in the head or go jump off a bridge, or being more realistic, plant drugs into my own car or rapes my wife, I have nothing to fear at all?

      Oh man. Phew! Thank God. I was worried there for a moment. (sarcasm)


    seems like someone from oleg’s “family” ought to pay officer fist boxer a little visit

  7. usurykills says:

    “Fist-boxer” trained at Ft. Hood?

    Cops are now federal mind-f*cks.

    • NC says:

      Yep the chief himself looks like he is a mindf**k from Ft. Hood. Yep, I live an hour away from Ft. Hood. Most of the people in the Austin area know or have heard stories that the area is filled with a bunch of cults and mind controlled experiments, especially at night. The government kills people there for a living, no need for American Jew to tell you that.

  8. NC says:

    “Officers Andrew P. Murrill and Jim Sherman maintained that the force was not excessive.”


    • diggerdan says:

      WTSHTF we all will have had a good education of what is excessive what what is not excessive. We all will know by then that it is all just a matter of opinion, which with then be our matter of opinion. 🙂

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      Hey, come on, NC. After all, the guy DID survive (barely).

      “……simply comply with what they are asked to do…..

      ASKED??? Cops don’t “ASK” anymore these days, they DEMAND!!!

      “…….they have nothing to fear, nothing to fear at all,”

      Nothing to fear, eh? I seem to recall many incidents where those who were complying were murdered anyway. Like the kid who somehow managed to slip a gun past TWO searches, and then, in a Herculean feat of contortionism, managed (with hands cuffed behind his back) to shoot himself in the head in the back seat of a cop car. Was he not complying enough? And more recently, that father of four from Bakersfield who was literally beaten to death by the pigs, all the while BEGGING for his life.

      Was HE not complying enough???

      Once the SHTF, I’m going to enjoy the hell out of watching these [email protected] excuses for human beings get blasted to kingdom come.


  9. NC says:

    Just look at the charges that the police were trying to charge him with and how they were desperately trying to arrest him with something. DUI with a 0.0% alcohol level. White powder which was table salt. Then desperately saying, “He was delaying a police officer?” ARE YOU F**KING KIDDING ME?? That’s a big enough crime to have a cop beat the shit out of me? That’s worse than arresting and beating someone for doing nothing and then charging them for “Interfering with a public servant”. (My situation!) Do they just make up these new rules as they go along? I don’t remember voting on any of this.

    The Chief of police looks as dumb as Giovanni Ribsi. Just look at him. He’s got the look of Ribsi written all over his face. Hell, I think Forrest Gump has more intelligence than this chief of police.

    • diggerdan says:

      Cops are not the most intelligent beings around NC, that is why – besides heavy steroid use and abuse – that they are so arrogant, self serving, and defensive all the time. Isn`t there a old saying that goes like those that are the first to point the finger first is usually the guilty party with the most/something to hide? Those LEO`s have a lot of covering ups and hiding to do don`t they NC.

  10. delquattro says:

    Yes, refusing to sign a ticket justifies beating the shit out of someone, and nearly killing them. /sarcasm

  11. flee says:

    I would have signed the ticket in cursive.
    Fk you…
    Then prepared for an ass beating.
    God forbid you run over a Stater in your 18 wheels of death.
    Ya gotta gettum before they call for pussy backup.
    Cause they can’t handle sht by themselves.
    Need my gang to back me up.

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