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US Military Budget Must Be Cut in Half – The Idiocy Must Stop – Nukes and Drones Can Suffice

military budgetAmericans spend more on their military than the rest of the world combined. We currently have          bases in 150 countries around the world.           Amazingly while we were in Afghanistan, we had well over 100 bases alone, insanity. As we left Afghanistan, we basically gave all of the infrastructure and equipment to the Afghanistan people because it was cheaper to do that, rather than to move it all back to America, even more insanity. The money we threw away in Afghanistan would have basically funded medicare for the next twenty years and then some.

What was accomplished in Afghanistan? Zero.

Americans have no idea the kind of corruption that took place during the last 50 years. Money wasted on supposedly keeping America safe. The money that has found its way into past presidents pockets and perks for the crooks in office is of monumental proportions. Trillions are unaccounted for. Donald Rumsfeld even acknowledged that in one of his speeches. America has become the south side of Chicago to the rest of the world and it must stop.

Currently, we have the youngest bunch of greenhorns in office. Never before have we had such a large contingency of freshman in the white house. Are we going to let them get away with the kind of corruption their senior mafia has perpetrated on the American people during the last 30 years? Or are we going to slap them down a notch?

God only knows how many drones America currently operates worldwide, but the estimates I’ve heard are around 35,000 with huge bases planned and currently in operation. Soon, we will no longer need pilots sitting in the cockpit of war planes. They will be sitting in bunkers playing with joysticks. This will enable our war planes to be built in a whole new way, able to withstand huge G-forces well over the limits of what we have now, needless to say, a much more deadly aircraft, able to maneuver in ways currently unheard of.

This, plus the current fleet of carriers and our deadly missiles, pretty much cuts our military needs in half. End of story. Anything else is only a corruption grab, a war mongering way of pilfering money from the people. Soldiers on the ground are becoming as useless as listening to the speeches we are forced to endure from our current bunch of birds on the hill.

“We the People” must make this point clear in all of our blogs and communications with our friends and family. We must shout this military cutback until the cows come home. It’s damned important. America is no longer in need of having to be with such a large military force. These supposed enemies we are constantly being told we have can be handled differently now, that simple.

Currently, there are lasers being developed that will be able to take out a gnat’s ass from miles away. These will undoubtedly be mounted on unmanned aircraft.

The way we fight war is changing in ways that all allies to America must share in together now and not have to shoulder alone, that simple. The crooks on the hill must be dealt with. We must stand strong together and demand changes.

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6 Responses to US Military Budget Must Be Cut in Half – The Idiocy Must Stop – Nukes and Drones Can Suffice

  1. Mark Schumacher - NV says:

    Article I wrote for the site over two years ago. Since this article was written, Obama has basically moved out of Afghanistan leaving only a fraction of the troops there. He was forced to because of “We the People” screaming at the top of our lungs.

    America is falling behind substantially in just about every technology field possible. Our transportation systems are becoming dangerously run down. Reliable cell phone coverage around the United States is becoming a running joke to the rest of the world. Our ports, which cater to global shipping, are third rate. Our airports are pathetically outdated compared to China, Japan and Europe. American high speed rail is 100 miles per hour slower than the Europeans and 200 miles per hour slower than the Chinese.

    Our water and power infrastructure is falling apart all over the country. Our factories have disappeared and for the most part, transferred overseas. We have become weak and vulnerable, because the traitors in Washington refuse to effectively seal our borders. We have 15 million unemployed with families that are on the verge of being homeless.

    Is the picture bleak enough yet? Can you imagine if those facts were told in this way to the American public, using the propagandist run media? We would have so much descent, that we would start to reverse course immediately! Everything that I have stated above is a reality, but is glossed over and sugar coated by the propagandist elite.

    Either we stop the insanity which is killing us, or we are finished. The Globalist wealth distributors in Washington have sold out 15 million plus unemployed while giving the wealthy military juggernauts billions in profits while reinvesting overseas. We are fighting wars on different fronts that are being fought only for the reason to enrich the Globalist fat cats, ignoring our United States citizens who seem no longer important.

    $2 billion a week in Afghanistan, and we are relying on an incompetent, corrupt, Afghan President, and what have we accomplished? CBS news did a special on the “Poppy Fields in Afghanistan” and how important they are to the religious fanatics of the Taliban. Apparently, according to CBS, our million dollar-a-year soldiers are being used to guard the fields so the drug proceeds will end up in the farmers’ pockets and not the Taliban’s, cutting them out of the money important to them to continue the terror upon their enemies. Out of that million dollar cost per soldier, only $50,000 is used for soldiers pay. What do you think happens to the other $950,000? You got it! The corporate mafia!

    We are mixed up in a phony war, which is nothing more than a money pit. We are fools to be there, and our children are paying a heavy price; not only as casualties of war, but also strapping them with debt. We cannot continue the insanity of wasting our country’s wealth. American’s wealth is needed here, to protect our interests and nowhere else.

    There is a war brewing, right here in America, and the idiots in Washington seem to be oblivious to it. It’s the developing nightmare of the haves and have not’s. Washington is so busy trying to keep the Mafia Corporate CEO’s happy, that they are foolishly sidelining the largest sector; the working class of America. You have to ask yourself, what the hell happened? How could this have happened to us? How could all of this be keeping America safe? The corporate mafia has stolen enough! If the poppy fields are that important then target them only and scale down.

    I am extremely concerned that we have a real problem in the White House people. I think this President is way over his head. Americans really need to be questioning this lack of leadership. Are there any checks and balances going on? We seem to be falling into this worm hole of confusion. Why are we babysitting a corrupt country 7400 miles away? Afghanistan is about the size of Texas with 30 million people. Al Qaeda has moved to Pakistan, so will we invade there as well?

    Currently, in Afghanistan we have around 37 US camps and compounds, 15 fire bases, 47 forward operating bases, 16 airbases, and 13 or so provincial reconstruction sites mixed with other countries that are providing reconstruction help.

  2. ehswan says:

    I don’t know how much the Zionist bankers are making on the Afghan drug trade nor how much damage that trade is doing but I suspect it’s a lot.

  3. Logan Fyfe says:

    Robotic and remote control armaments will ultimately lead to even more corruption and atrocities as the up-close-and-personal horror of warfare, justified or not, will be obscured and made palatable, even enjoyable, to the masses. This technology will, of course, be turned on to the masses should they ever bother to object.

  4. u says:

    the taliban stopped opium production by 95% and beat us running around with bathrobes and flip flops with post WW11 rusty rifles since we have been there opium production sets new records tonnage wise every year. I do not understand the first guys post about that

  5. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Sorry Mark, but u is correct.

    Opium production was down to almost nil under the Taliban. The farmers are making peanuts (no pun intended) compared to the elite’s profits off of the opium trade. That’s one of the main reasons our soldiers are there, the other main reason being that Afghanistan is one of the richest countries in the world in minerals. They’ve been raping that country for its natural resources since the invasion.

  6. Richard says:

    There are over 900 bases out side of the US of A. The us military are in over 100 countries and for what??? MONEY the people who supply the war gear (weapons, hardware) pay off congress. Look at the F-35, almost 50 delivered and they cannot fly, 235 Million per plane.

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