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US Senate vote pushes for Pentagon military action in Syria

RT News

The US Senate has voted nearly unanimously to assess military options to cripple the air force of Syrian President Assad. Lawmakers said the action aims to stop the killing of civilians, but critics claim it may herald a Libya-style no-fly zone.

Ninety-two Senators voted to move forward with a Pentagon report on possible military options in Syria, with six opposing the legislation.

The bill in question gives US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta 90 days in which to carry out the study and report back to the Senate with the findings, aimed at “advancing the goals of President Obama of stopping the killing of civilians in Syria and creating conditions for a transition to a democratic, pluralistic, political system in Syria.”

The report will detail three military options, including the deployment of Patriot missiles in the Syria-Turkey border zone, the creation of a no-fly zone and the possibility of airstrikes on key government air bases.

During the Senate vote, advocates of the new bill were quick to emphasize that the legislation did not call for the deployment of US ground troops in Syria.

“This amendment is clear that it will not consider ground troops being deployed onto Syrian territory, that it will only look at means that might be used by the United States or allies to stop Assad’s reckless, relentless, criminal use of air power to murder his own civilians, his own citizens,” Delaware Senator Chris Coons said.

The Senate stopped short of unanimous support for the bill when some Senators voiced criticisms, prompting a roll-call vote. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul objected, aruging that the legislation could pave the way for greater military involvement in the conflict. He also questioned whether the Syrian opposition was a valid replacement for the embattled President Bashar al-Assad.

“How can we be confident that the opposition will be tolerant, inclusive, peaceful?” Paul said while addressing the Senate. The last no-fly zone, in Libya, yielded a “questionable result,” replacing Moammar Gaddafi with a government that is not pro-American, he said.

A Senate staffer told US publication the Cable that the near-unanimous vote was indicative of “uneasiness and dissatisfaction” towards current policy on Syria and the lack of progress on the ground.

In a show of support for the nascent unified Syrian opposition coalition, Washington is considering classifying Al Nusra, another principal opposition group, as a terrorist organization. The Obama administration was previously reluctant to condemn any Syrian opposition groups, championing them as a viable alternative to President Assad.

US publication McClutchy, who reported on the plans, said that the announcement is likely to precede the first meeting between US diplomats and the new Syrian coalition on December 12.

Patriots on the defense

Recently, Western governments have been putting further pressure on the Assad regime over reports that the Syrian government is considering using its chemical weapons.

NATO foreign ministers approved the deployment of Patriot missiles along the Syria-Turkey border on Tuesday at the behest of the Turkish government. The officials stressed that the US-made missiles were strictly for defensive purposes, and that NATO would not support the creation of a no-fly zone or an offensive incursion into the country.

President Obama warned President Assad that the use of chemical weapons would be “unacceptable” and would be met with “consequences.” He did not elaborate on the nature of the consequences.

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2 Responses to US Senate vote pushes for Pentagon military action in Syria

  1. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    My Fellow Americans:

    A rehash response from a similar, but previous article on an almost identical subject of Syria.

    The American Senate is clearly exposing its complete subjugation to the Federal Reserve (The lynch pin of the NWO) by essentially DEMANDING that military action be taken to stop Assad, when in reality, most of the deaths that have occurred in Syria is the result of the tried and true gambit of using CIA-Mercs (pronounced: Chia-Mercs as in Chia-pets) to instigate death and destruction and then blame it on the government the NWO wishes to eliminate.

    Syria will NOT launch a single ANYTHING into Turkey,.. period,.. bar none, the only need for these missle systems,… is to give them as a gift for Turkeys complicity in helping the NWO (International Banksters, CIA, MICC (Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexe,.. Eisehower’s actual orginal term), UN, CFR, TLC, IMF, WB (World Bank),… etc. devour another oil/gold/resource rich country.

    HOWEVER,.. in the desperation to get WW3 going, and because the International Elites who are directing all this have already decided,… Syria WILL be the crucible,.. and you can depend on the CIA-Mercs (Pronounced Chia – Mercs,.. like Chia-Pet…) to launch or release Chems and blame it on the Syrians,… MAYBE even a missle or two with “Chems” will suddenly land in Turkey,.. hence the “need” for an anti-missle system.

    The truth is,… Antimissle Systems are all the rage right now and simply one accessory that any Fashionably dressed, Globalist Handpuppet Dictator simply MUST HAVE!

    The play: Penetta, in Turkey just a few short months ago made a secret deal with Erdogan which is:

    Turkey plays the “victm” to Syrian “civil-war” spill over,.. and “strike back” in justified retaliation,.. and they will get to keep Northen Syria, the Northern most part of Iraq,.. and get to deal with the troublesome Kurds as he “see fit”.

    In addition,.. any military hardware deployed in Turkey in the run up to all out hostilies, whether “stationed”, “deployed”, “loaned” or otherwise, will become property of Turkey.

    Not a bad deal for Erdogan who is an Ottoman Resurrectionist, and NEEDS the oil fileds of Northen Syria and Iraq (and a free hand to exterminate,..Errr,.. I mean “deal with” the Kurds) in order to fund his own ambitions.

    Keep your eyes on where the military hardware is being built up,.. that is the Flash-Point that will conveniently suffer an cross-border “incident” that will “justify” Turkey and/or NATO’s intrusion into Syria.

    The Chemical Weapons angle seems to be the gambit that will be exercised to initiate this phase of the Global-Takeover by the International Banksters and Wealthy-Elite that are part of this ploy.

    My expectation is,… they may try to stage an incident during our Christmas holiday, while congress is home and Psycho-Bama is running the gov’t with no one to rein him in.

    JD – US Marines – I smell another NWO sponsored war……

  2. NC says:

    ““This amendment is clear that it will not consider ground troops being deployed onto Syrian territory, that it will only look at means that might be used by the United States or allies to stop Assad’s reckless, relentless, criminal use of air power to murder his own civilians, his own citizens,” Delaware Senator Chris Coons said.”

    I guess the Delaware Senator didn’t get the memo that says, “Syrian rebels are killing their own citizens NOT Assad”.

    “criminal use of air power to murder his own civilians, his own citizens,”

    Gee…and this dumb-ass, brain dead senator never stopped to think that the president in his own country in the U.S. is doing the exact same thing with drones. Funny how the rhetoric works for Syria and other countries, but not for the U.S. Imagine that!

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