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Utah Becomes First State in the Union to Accept Gold and Silver as Currency

It had to happen sooner or later, the American public is starting to get damn tired of what the idiots in Washington have done to the American dollar. No longer will Utah be accepting the fiat dollar as the only currency. The unconstitutional way in which the United States Federal Reserve has been used as Washington’s personal piggy bank, has caused the people of Utah to re-think gold and silver as a currency option. The new law will also make the sale coins exempt from any state capital gains taxes.

Additionally, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Montana, Virginia, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina, Washington, Missouri, Colorado and Idaho also are headed towards using the constitutional gold and silver currency. Ron Paul explains the dying dollar below:

The United States hasn’t seen this happen in over 80 years. According to Forbes magazine, Utah is one of the best managed states in the union, and returning to gold and silver as currency, could help them stay that way.

For those who do not believe that the U.S. dollar may be in trouble, please consider the following: according to The China Daily, China and Russia have used a number of currencies in the past, but especially U S Dollars for “bilateral trades”. However according to a report in The China Daily in November 2010, “China and Russia have decided to renounce the US dollar and resort to using their own currencies for bilateral trade”. The formal announcement was made by Premier Wen Jiabao and Russian Vladimir Putin.

In addition, Russia has also been reaching out to Europe. In Putin’s appearance in front of top German industrialists at a business forum in Berlin, he called for closer economic ties between Russia and the European Union. In his speech he outlined his vision for the future and his desire to create a Free European – Russian Trade Zone. However, the most critical part of his speech came when he showed what his true intentions may be towards the U.S. In his speech Putin said, that the “Euro is slightly fluctuating, but as a whole it’s a good , stable world currency that should take its rightful position as the world reserve currency. I think over the last 10 years there has been one wrong aspect that we should definitely eliminate. It’s the excessive monopoly of the dollar as the sole world reserve currency. This is certainly something negative.”

There are big changes coming to America, and it’s still unclear exactly how all of this will finally end up, but one thing is clear, the insanity of the Washington caving into the corruption of the corporate mafia has caused the American people to re-think, how it intends to move forward. With any luck, this alternative might just return this country to some sanity. The Utah Sound Money Act could be the start of something in the right direction for a change.

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5 Responses to Utah Becomes First State in the Union to Accept Gold and Silver as Currency

  1. Van says:

    Why were we ever taken off the Gold standard anyway??–Precious metals have always been used as legal tender since man began using money to buy goods!!—Our dollar is getting more useless every day!!–We may as well use monopoly money–We need Gold and Silver to make the dollar strong and not toilet paper!!—Utah is ahead of its time in seeing that Gold and Silver can be used as legal tender!!

    • Mark Schumacher says:


      Why were we taken of gold standard anyway? – Because the International corporate mafia wanted it that way. This way, they would have more leverage over us. They wanted the illegal Federal Reserve to feed their greedy asses instead, then when the inevitable downfall would errupt, they could take all of that gold and make a killing from decline of the dollar.

  2. lacquermaster says:

    The U.S.Banned use of gold and silver coins as currency due to the values of each coin exceeding monetary value stamped on the face of the coin. Example, the metallic value exceeded $1 for a $1 coin, so they went around to confiscate after passing law to make it unlawful to physically own government issued gold or silver coins until the 70′s.

    The trade today, despite government, is usually held in unmarked bullion stamped with no monetary value relating to the government to remain free of currency or monetary tax imposed by the government.

    To subsidize, the government will issue their own designs in gold and silver without imposing liabilities for tax due to their content so they can be seen as a quarter, nickel, dime or penny accordingly. My guess is the coins will be set at $1 monetary stamped face value regardless of the coin composition considering the government ceased large quantities of non-government gold and silver bullion from huge corporations in the recent years, who all had public customers who shared ownership of the non-governmental gold and silver stock.

    There’s your government for you, steal from the rich to get richer with complete disregard to the ownership of physical material.

  3. lacquermaster says:

    If they’d like to do it right, they should consider going back to the Silver/Gold certificates, all backed physically by gold/silver at a ratio of 1:1. Instead of using the same old $, they should leave each note in Troy Ounces regardless of the monetary value of the metal, so the certificates could be used for their purpose, to equal quantity value of bullion instead of monetary value.

    I say we all go for a Freedom From Currency Act of 2011. The certificates wouldn’t be legal tender as they would have no monetary value and thus could be traded without penalty.
    Instead, they would be based on quantity yielding no monetary value.

  4. alfred lunde says:

    I like the idea but the devil is usually in the details. Please supply more information and how to bring it about.

    We do not have a lot of options here.

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