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Waterbury Gun Show Permits Halted By Police Chief After Sandy Hook Shooting

Huffington Post

WATERBURY, Conn. — The police chief in a Connecticut city has halted permits for gun shows, saying he’s concerned any firearms purchased there might one day be used in a mass shooting.

He says he’s concerned a gun used in a future mass shooting could be traced to a purchase made at a show in Waterbury.

Westchester Collectors Inc. had planned a firearm and knife show for Jan. 12 and 13. Show organizer Newman B. Chittenden says canceling the gun show will not improve security.

He says that vendors will turn away people who have mental health problems and that they use common sense when evaluating whether to sell.

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2 Responses to Waterbury Gun Show Permits Halted By Police Chief After Sandy Hook Shooting

  1. Strawman says:

    At my flea market booth here in Illinois, I’ve decided to stop selling lighters as they very well may be used to commit arson and I just couldn’t live with that on my conscience.

  2. chris says:

    These gun shows will continue, those that are arming themselves now and are ready to use them will not let a multiple hour drive stop them from getting what they need.

    The juggernaut CANNOT… BE… STOPPED

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