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Where is your line in the sand?

Sharpshooter, oil on canvas, Winslow Homer, 1863.Bob Owens

New York is on the cusp of stripping the rights of that state’s citizens to own arms down to nearly nothing.

All magazines of more than 7 rounds will be made illegal, with no grandfathering. Most semi-automatic rifles, including popular rimfire training and hunting like Marlin 795s andRuger 10/22s, will be rendered inoperative. The most popular centerfire rifle in the United States, the .223 Remington/5.56 NATO-chambered AR-15 self-loading rifle, will be outlawed for future sale, and all existing rifles must be registered… rather obviously, for future confiscation. This is the progression of things.

They will target “assault rifles,” even though legally-purchased selective-fire assault rifles have never been used to  commit a single murder in the history of the United States. They successfully completed this in 1986; there have been no assault rifles made in 27 years that the public could purchase.

They will then attempt to confuse the public that the nonexistent threat of assault rifles (which fire 750-900 cyclic rounds per minute) is what they are banning when they write legislation to ban self-loading AR-15s (which fire 30-45 rounds per minute, or 20 well-aimed rounds) and similar firearms, based on their appearance, not function. This was done successfully in 1994 at the federal level and in many states. It expired at the federal level in 2004, and this ban on “assault weapons”—an entirely made-up term fabricated by gun confiscation activist Josh Sugarman in the 1980s—is what the President, Senator Feinstein, and other totalitarians are attempting to bring back in a far more severe an draconian form, in order to gut the explicit intent of the Second Amendment.

What we’re witnessing in New York and Illinois are the next steps beyond that, where even the most common arms are classified as “assault weapons,” or their magazines are deemed criminal. This effects common .22LR squirrel rifles, like Mossberg 702 Plinksters, Marlin 795s, and Ruger 10/22s, not just guns that bear a passing resemblance to military rifles. This effects bolt-action rifles, from the rimfire Mossberg 802 to the 100+ year-old Lee-Enfield rifle commonly used to hunt deer. It may affect the venerable M1 Garand, an 8-shot rifle commonly collected and used in target competitions. It outlaws the magazines of almost every modern pistol, and may affect some revolvers as well. these are steps toward complete registration, confiscation, and tyranny.

Small bites.

That’s how you eat an elephant, and how you steal a nation’s liberty. Once the citizens are disarmed, of course, then politicians have no reason whatsoever to pay them any heed. When there is no “Second Amendment remedy” there can be no defense of any other rights, and in the post-9/11 world, Democrats and Republicans alike have betrayed founding principles in the name of “security” that is nothing more than a widespread intrusion into our private lives by a state that dreams of being Big Brother.

The state exists to to serve the state, not the people. This has been obvious since FDR’s corrupting influence, if not far sooner in Wilson’s time. Progressives both Republican and Democrat have sought to bleed the individuality out of Americans, to make them compliant, sedate, and docile.

The Founders warned us to jealously guard our liberties against the tyranny of the state. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Vice President Joe Biden, and President Barack Obama are living examples of the kind of liberty thieves that would have been shot down by a Hamilton or Henry, or perhaps if they were feeling merciful, merely scalded in hot tar before being bodily thrown from office. Doubt me? Read their own words.

When President Thomas Jefferson warned that the tree of liberty must be watered occasionally with the blood of patriots and tyrants, he was speaking to future generations, quite obviously including our own. Is it time to speak of blood-letting? Is it time for would-be tyrants like Obama, Cuomo, Feinstein to quench the roots of the tree of liberty? Are you willing to sacrifice your own blood—to give up your own life—in a campaign to seize back these freedoms for your children and grandchildren?

I ask, because the radicals are ready to bleed us.

They’ve issued forth a video game assassinating the head of the NRA. A Pulitzer Prize-nominated liberal editorial writer have called for our murders, and for Republican leaders to be dragged to death. A Georgetown law professor, writing in the New York Times, calls for the Constitution to be scrapped entirely.

To answer the question, no, I do not think now is the time for blood. Not yet, at least.

There are still legislative actions that may be taken, nullification that may occur.

But the time we’ve all feared, that world history suggests must come, is near.

Si vis pacem habeatis filios vestros, ad bellum parare modo.

If you want your children to have peace, prepare to fight for them now.

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3 Responses to Where is your line in the sand?

  1. Leita says:

    Well, no one rules if no one obeys.

  2. Fred says:

    Massive non-compliance is the next logical step

  3. Billy T says:

    I don’t think anyone’s line in the sand should be the legal status of their firearms. Laws of men are only enforceable via the barrel of a gun, not the will of God. What I mean by that is don’t lose your cool because some tyrannical gun law gets passed, because it will not magically make your gun disappear. Yes, your AR-15 or whatever will still be in your bedroom closet where it has always been. The passing of laws are only one-half of the process. The enforcement of those laws are an entirely other subject altogether.

    Again, stand your ground. Don’t fall for their little threats and tricks. No compromise. No “meet you half ways”. You have the God given right to have access to everything the police and military have access to; the 2nd Amendment is merely stating this FACT, not granting the “right”.

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