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Who will be our Next President? They’re Going to Push Hillary Hard

It’s important to start talking about this now because granted, even though this person will be nothing more than shill for the wealthy few who want nothing more than a worthless traitor to the Bill of Rights, we must not just cave to that. We must start yelling and screaming now, we must make it as hard as possible for Hillary just to walk in and clip the republic for all its worth.

Remember, the Clintons had nothing before their little foray into politics. Now they’re worth hundreds of millions, gathered from under the table BS and mafia style theft that would make some of the most hardened criminals at Rikers Island blush.  

The people are starting to make all kinds of progress, even though slow, at bringing crime families such as the Clintons into the limelight for all to see. The Clintons are only a drop in the bucket; I use them because they are so blatant in their corruption. They have hidden behind their protectors long enough, time to clean house.

Our words are starting to be heard more and more as proven by the clowns over at Fox News starting to use the Constitution and Bill of Rights in their daily monologs, while they pretend to want a free America. Fox News will be salivating all over Hillary soon to try and please their trillionaire masters. They might pretend otherwise, but make no mistake, they are told what to say.

This important matter isn’t going to take a long article to try and convince anybody that what we have waiting in the wings for President is nothing more than mafia mobsters, who could care less about anybody except themselves. It’s important to understand this and get the word out now!

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30 Responses to Who will be our Next President? They’re Going to Push Hillary Hard

  1. Joe in NC says:

    ‘They’ being the jewi$h oligarchs.

    • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

      Hi Joe,

      Living proof that a Hygiene Product,… in this case,.. a Douch-Bag,.. can become President of the USA.

      Did I mention that Hillary is a Douch-Bag?,…. Oh,… I did?,.. Ok then,.. glad to see everyone agrees.

      JD – US Marines – We are living to see the day when a feminine Hygiene Product is being considered for President of the US,….. George Washington and the rest of the founding fathers are vomiting as they roll over in their graves!

      • Angry Grandparent says:

        Hey I know some respectable feminine hygiene products who would be really offended to be put in the same bracket as that…

        Some ladies have mouses earroll’s, some others have ripped out fire places, I heard Hillary has one like Chuck Norris’s fist hehehe (sorry a bit pished but a cheery wave from a Brit ex marine)

  2. Red Ryder says:

    Four men died and Hillary lied . . . then Susan Rice . . . then Barack Obama . . .

    • tomfromtexas says:

      This is why Hitlery will be the next President. She is quite adept at lying and manipulation(while being manipulated). Also, look for a big push for Rand Paul. “Stabbing” one’s own Father in the back for personal political gain is a very admirable qualification for todays government. Rand cares of no one but Rand. They are both highly qualified in this sense. A first “black” President, Hitlery, a first “female” President. Last election proved that voting is a fraud. I won’t bother to vote again. BTY, I voted for Obummer on his first run because, being a “sucker”, I didn’t realize I was being lied to. Also, Obummer is not what should be referred to as “black”. Half his ass is white. It was his white half that “stabbed me in the back”.

  3. Leita says:

    A country divided.

  4. Jolly Roger says:

    The times they are a changin’, and since this is the case, I think we should get through 2013 before we worry about who’s running in 2016.

    Is this rapidly aging bull-dyke Jewess even going to live that long? I’m sure someone will “push Hillary hard”, but they might be pushing her off a cliff.

  5. Angry Grandparent says:

    Just shout the words “Vince Foster… Mena” and watch her face turn so sour it will curdle milk

  6. NC says:

    Hahaha! Mark, I was just about to write an article for Henry about why we should keep Rand Paul out of the White House and start doing it now. Great minds think alike.

    On another note, I thought Hillary was not running because of her tumor or something? Hell, I don’t know. She says she is not then says she is and then says she is not. Better assume that she is and get it over with. lol

    • Mark Schumacher - NV says:

      Hi NC,

      Hillary is looking for that sympathy factor. she does this for the National Enquire while making millions. We have to remember, Bill will be running things behind the scenes and this is what we have to worry about. She could appoint him to some god knows what position and bring us down hard.

      Rand Paul is another nightmare in the wings.

      • tomfromtexas says:

        Watch out for Rand Paul. He appears to be a very bad personality. Any psychiatrist can tell you that.

  7. David 2 says:

    The lunatics are in charge of the asylum. If a movie were made it would be classified as a comedy. A President with no birth certificate, no trace of his college credentials, assuming Godlike arrogance with death drones, speaking out both sides of his face with hypocrisy that is laughable, golf instead of work, $100 million vacations to his homeland, inviting all to come and live of his money printing largesse as he bankrupts the nation, gets the Nobel Peace Prize and declares even more killing wars for no apparent reason. The emperor has no clothes and the people adore him as the Messiah. Screwed up, surrounded with buffoons to the left and buffoons to the right.

  8. REDHORSE says:

    I hate to say it but this no good pos is going to get in if we can’t stop her. We have a black pres and now there will be a woman and that is the plan as much as I hate to even think she would make it. She will continue to rape us of our money(like I have any anyway) and our freedoms. It’s the Clinton way to bend people over and those that won’t bend they just get rid of them.

    • NC says:

      “It’s the Clinton way to bend people over and those that won’t bend they just get rid of them.”

      Interesting choice of words, Redhorse. lol

      In any case, you are right, they are going to push this bitch through whether we like it or not. Just like Obama’s second presidential election.

      Pick your poison. Rand Paul or Hillary Clinton. I see an Obama/Romney election going on again. Both share the same values, both are traitors and both won’t do shit for America.

  9. Paula Walker says:

    Personally, I vote for the restitution of our Republic way before we have another false election cycle. I am SOOOO ready to remove the stench that emanates from all these politicians-none of them are worth voting for even if the elections were on the up and up. The parasites are going to suck the lifeblood out of this country if a stop to them isn’t executed soon.

  10. David 2 says:


    Not sure whether to laugh or to cry, it is an unfolding tragedy.

    Many years ago we watched and laughed at pure pathetic movies where the scripts were off the wall. Now the President even has a DOG with the presidents initials spelled backwards, have you tried spelling DOG backwards, perverse satanic humor.

    People lap it up while they are being totally screwed by the white shoo boys out of all freedom and will not be left with sufficient wealth to even afford a dignified burial.

    JFK warned about people that work in secret and use secret societies, the nature of conspiracy is it relies solely on secrecy. Add conflict to conspiracy and then they have the control.

    A toxic sulphuric cocktail of three “C’s” administered by the banking families to milk the Goyim (cattle). They degrade humanity until humanity acts like cattle without morals, family, work, enslaved, no clear thought, without much as in Animal farm where some are more equal and they call themselves the entitled, the chosen, that is how it works. To laugh or to cry that is the question.

    • Angry Grandparent says:

      Therein though lies the trap, as you will have to develop secret societies to combat the established ones and what then?

      Cecil Rhodes, the great empire builder created his secretive society, the Rhodes Scholars to shield an even more secretive society designed as an alternative to Freemasonry in Europe and the British Empire, like the Freemasons, the main body was designed to trick the curious into thinking it was a good entity, did charity work and good deeds but the hidden cabal wanted nothing less than world domination and that under the British flag.

      At first, the establishment saw him as a nut until some of his more strident cries began stripping powerful people to his cause, sooner or later Washington to their horror learned that Rhodes had quite a following that step one of Rhodes’s plan was to recapture the US, bring it back into the empire and make it a co-motherland with the British Crown spending 5 years in London and 5 years in Washington alternatively with an attendant parliament.

      Washington sent a “someone” to Rhodes to try and steer him away from his plans or to kill him off at least, what the envoy did was actually even better for London and Washington and that was to work on a world dominion plan still but the US would retain sovereignty but acknowledge the crown in a token way and London would reciprocate by becoming an allied “state” and the plotting began and carried on after Rhodes’s death.

      In a way the Rhodes Scholars became a Freemasons or Skull and Bones for the Whigs and the Labourmen, Tony Blair is part of that inner circle and he is the interface between the Freemasons, Rhodes, Fabians, Skull and Bones and more.

      And yet there is the warning, a secret powerful cabal, still at odds with the people but fighting the peoples enemy was born.

      • David 2 says:

        No secrets, no secret societies, no lies, no spying. That would eliminate any conspiracy possibility.

        The evil ones need conspiracy (secrecy) to complete the evil trio of Conspiracy, Conflict and Control. They fool everyone with their obscene law of an eye for an eye so as to make us think out of fear and degenerate to their putrid level.

        No, just an open field where a man is as good as his word would suit me fine then I need not worry about an enemy. A whole army of jew lawyers and politicians would be out of business and people would enjoy the freedom of enterprise and not thieving communism or thieving capitalism or left or right. There is no ism in enterprise so it is not corrupt. Only ism’s are corrupt as they always are used to divide mankind and to serve some evil objectionable purpose.

        • Angry Grandparent says:

          Thats how I see it should be but when we see millions march against the Iraq war and the governments just say “so what” and ignore us and because they have brought in their little anti-sedition acts too, if we do declare ourselves we end up being labelled as terrorists and if we don’t we fall into that trap ourselves.

          I see no peaceful way forward, in the end and I think especially for the US it will be armed insurrection along the lines of independence, in fact its argued that the declaration of independence didn’t cease to function just because you threw King George off the plot and again leads one to question certain passages in that declaration, taxation without representation, crimes against the people, oppression, all grievances from 1776 are there today and a governments responsibility is always to its people first but it seems that its corporate power first, Israel first, maybe there will be a leader who will see the error of their ways but I rather doubt it…

  11. Steve says:

    Read Victor Thorn’s three-book expose on the Clintons, then tell me she deserves to be President.

    • NC says:

      I know enough about her to know that she is Satan’s wife and doesn’t deserve to be anywhere but six feet under.

  12. oldvet says:

    They are going to push Hillery Hard…………off a Cliff? ? ?

    Inquiring minds can only hope!

    • Angry Grandparent says:

      Oooo there is a disturbing mental image, Hillary and Cliff Richard, kind of a porn nasty but nastier eugh

      Sir Cliff often lets Bill and Hill use his palatial caribbean property I read somewhere

  13. No jo jo says:

    Pure crapola. Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton is toast. get this–both parties are one of the same. Each makes a deal–8 year cycle. hitlarry might run but the scam cycle will continue—next regime will be Republicking.Who will be the leader–i’ll bet $10–a woman of color.Look around the knifies are out for the democrouts.Just like they did for G.W.Bush and Clinton–cycle repeats itself–unles the president supports Palestine–out the door in 4 years–ask Jimmy Carter :^(

  14. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    At least the so-called ‘government’ is still attempting to perpetuate the illusion that there will BE another election in 2016.

    I think we all know better.

  15. Mark says:

    The more relevant question is, will there be a next president?

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