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Your Bunk in the Work Camp

TL in Exhile – by T.L. Davis

The Second Amendment serves no purpose other than the right of the people to rebel against a tyrannical and oppressive government. During the gun-control debate I have heard every argument under the sun both pro (gun control) and con. The most disturbing statements made during the debate is over hunting. The Second Amendment does not protect hunting. It does not even protect self-defense. It protects the people’s right to bear arms against a government operating against the rights of the people. That we might use these weapons in our spare time to provide food for our tables, or defend ourselves against criminals, well, that’s just the “well-regulated” part of the right to keep and bare arms.

Here we are at the mercy of a tyrannical government which has militarized our local police departments into standing armies amongst us. They are no longer our protectors, but the stick wielded by the tyrants in office. To what degree these forces refuse to follow orders and side with the people will be welcomed with a great sigh of relief, but being charged with protecting us against the abuses of government is no longer in their charter.

In any case our weapons of resistance to the injustices being inflicted upon us are now being sought by government officials of every station. They have compiled databases of our names and addresses through every means at their disposal. They understand the ways in which they might interdict efforts and intercept our communications. They know how to do what they want to do, they are just waiting to see which methods will be the most effective and least costly to them.

Your draft notice came with pronouncements of intent to disarm you by these legislators in open forums. They have declared their hostility to the one document that gives any of them an ounce of power or authority under our system: the Constitution of the United States of America. If you are a citizen thereof and seek the protections of the rights guaranteed within that document, you have been declared an enemy of the state.

Act like it.

There are only two roles to play: 1) one who gives aid and comfort to government corruption and abuse; or 2) one who gives aid and comfort to resistance to that corrupt and abusive government.

I don’t know how more clearly to define the role of a patriot here. Will you watch as TSA becomes the new Gestapo? Will you cower before the police forces who have become the new SS troops?

In America there are somewhere close to 60 million deer hunters with high-powered rifles and optics.

It is suggested that somewhere around 6 million people have concealed carry permits.

These are millions and millions of people who have some dog in this fight. Let them bark.

In days before I have suggested a congress gather and lay out our grievances against the open violation of the Constitution, the violation of almost every personal right from the right to speak and write and the free exercise of religion; to the right to keep and bear arms; to the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures; to the right against self incrimination; to the right to fair trials, where any absolving evidence might be used; to the rights we all have that are not declared in the Bill of Rights (Ninth Amendment); to the right of any state to claim and exercise laws not specifically given to the federal government (Tenth Amendment). Is there anyone who can claim realistically, through reason, not through judicial review, that each and every right has been violated by federal law on a routine basis?

Now, the government is testing the waters for a wholesale violation of the Second Amendment, the last and only check on their abuses. It has been sworn by organization after organization that they will stand up to such efforts with the solemnity of vows to us and I see nothing happening.

They have organized no protests. They have remained their cool and seem willing to debate the issue when an absolute line needed to be drawn past which the federal government would not be wise to cross. We act as if we have already lost this last and greatest battle against the tyrants in public office.

This is not about membership in Oathkeepers, or the NRA or Gun Owners of America. This is about the ability of the people to be secure in any of their rights. Once the Second Amendment is abused to the point of all the others, the game is lost. While you might not know what that means, let me explain it to you.

They will come for your weapons and will treat you like a criminal to get them. They will make you criminals to get them. A federal government so far in debt as this one is going to need to make some drastic changes to society and they know how to do it. Consider the fact that it is now illegal to hold religious views against abortion and refuse to pay for abortions. There is no consideration to the “free exercise thereof.”

The federal government cannot allow you to have weapons when they decide to do what I strongly believe they will do, which is to crash the dollar to pay the national debt. The agreements say that all of these debts must be repaid in U.S. Dollars, it doesn’t say that the dollar has to be worth anything. When they do that and chaos ensues, there cannot be all of these weapons in the hands of people who have suddenly watched everything they ever owned or work for become worthless.

These are the finals acts of despotism rising to the surface. You see them, don’t you? Or will you review the events of the past several months and shake your head at the many opportunities you had to stop it all, but were afraid to look like a nutcase? You can think back on all of that from your bunk in the work camp, separated from your wives and children who are in similar camps miles away.

The crime you will have committed that landed all of you there? You refused to turn over that rifle your grandfather gave you the day he took you deer hunting for the first time. So, you buried it and when they questioned your family, your child at school, they let it slip that you had buried one gun somewhere.

The trouble is, by not fighting for that one right, you lost all of them for yourself and your children forever.

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11 Responses to Your Bunk in the Work Camp

  1. Alberet says:

    AMEN !!!
    If my government will not trust me with a SEMI-auto at Home, I sure as —-blazes will not carry a FULL-auto for THEM in some foreign land. These politicians do not want to trust US with weapons?! Then let THEM go fight the wars they cheer. Let Diane Fienstein carry a full pack and an M16 in Afghanistan, because I SURE WON’T !!!!!
    As long as “our” politicians think they have the right to “revisit” the 2nd Amendment, they might decide they have the right to “revisit” some OTHER Amendments. Let us look at the stats on WHO is doing the majority of the shooting, WHO is filling the jails and prisons…….. “Young Black Males”. Therefore, if your solution is to ban guns, why not ban “Young Black Males” as well ……
    The Politicians have decided they can “reintroduce” TORTURE, so they might as well “revisit” the 13th Amendment and reintroduce SLAVERY.
    The Republicans did not like all those Female votes gong to Obama, maybe they will “revisit” the 19th Amendment and END Women’s Sufferage(voting).
    Pat Robertson and the Religious Fanatics want the 1st Amendment “revisited”, all Americans must become “born-again-pseudo-christians”.
    I am sure you can add to the list.

  2. Alberet says:

    After they have stripped away the 2nd amendment ………
    There will be NOTHING to stop them from stripping away the 13th ……..

  3. Jolly Roger says:

    They’ll stop at nothing to disarm us, and everyone knows we can’t let that happen. Prepare for war.

  4. Eomer says:

    I’ll stop at nothing to take their damn arms off. This needs to happen. It is necessary. It has gone too far. It’s like being in a relationship and finding out your girlfriend or boyfriend had been cheating on you and stealing from you. You don’t go back to that, and if you do, you’re a damn fool because they are going to keep on abusing you over and over again. While I hope we get through this in the most non violent manner possible, I cant help but feel the federal government is going to use force and violence to get their way.

  5. ChewyBees says:

    If they can simply strip away amendments by writing some bullsh*t on paper and then advertising their new authorities on their broadcasts, then those amendments and the primary document never had any power or authority to begin with.

    It is my opinion (which has caught some flack on these comment boards of late) that the constitution itself is being exposed as nothing more than parchment. When it had power, if it had power, men with a set of bells, and willing to ring them, were the backing for that play. When there are not enough men left to make a difference, replaced by boy bands and metrosexuals and paper pushing waddlers, then the constitution has the force of a gay pride parade marching up Hamburger Hill.

    The end that is coming to all of this, and you can believe this or not, is that all of these Carta, Charter and Constitutional corporations holding court over the lives of free men is coming to a brisk, and permanent end.

    Government in America from the outset was immediately corrupted, then further corrupted, then completely corrupted. In less than a century, what started with the bravest document in world history, the Declaration of Independence, was completely turned into a Federal Dictatorship with the social catastrophe of the civil war. Many old money families benefited and profited greatly from that war, as they do from all wars. And through it all, by spending just a fraction of their ill-gotten gains, those same families advertise the power of the constitution knowing full well they had castrated it decades, if not centuries ago, as is the case of our present time in America.

    Democracy is an illusion. It cannot possibly exist when the re-presentatives are total psychotic strangers that live in secure lordships in DC. All of their talking points are scripted, like a giant puzzle, to appeaze (sic) the bleating herd, that the bad guys the (d)Elite have determined are a threat, are being taken care of. Every day a new imminent fear is con-structed, requiring new rules of legal, new appropriations of money, and new and permanent agencies to take care of it all. All that really happens is there is a new river of capital flowing to the top of the world economic pyramid.

    The backing of all of the plays is this grandiose document called the constitution. It is perhaps one of the greatest ideas for the governance of men ever put down on paper. But without actual men backing it, it is nothing more than a fairytale of idealism with zero effect or power. This is why this document, written by men long since dead, sits in archive, in the National Archives, in some Roman styled building in the District of Columbia. D.C. is not land that is a piece of the republic, therefore the last vestige of the founding of America has been captured, archived and rendered void in an alien land run by psychopathic dictators.

    All Federal legislation is hereby and forthwith considered void and powerless, as it has the backing of frauds, rapists, thieves, extortionists, conspirators, assassins and murderers. Therefore, since all Federal State governments are run by Federal political party activists, all Federal State Legislation is hereby and forthwith considered void and powerless, as it has the backing of frauds, rapists, thieves, extortionists, conspirators, assassins and murderers. Which leaves us at county. Here we are to consider the honorability of the county Sheriff, and if in question, to excuse that man immediately in favor of a man that honors life over corporation. All defense under necessity must revert (as it never should have dissolved) to locally armed, trained and conscripted militia.

    The system is not what it is advertised to be. It cannot, under any circumstances, be fixed from within. No level of voting, or protest, or faxing letters, or calls to strangers, or talking around the water cooler is going to make a damn bit of difference. A total and complete vote of no-confidence in all Federal and all of its subsidiaries is quintessential. Following the fall of those frauds, if a constitution is the answer, then so be it. Then, let every man and every constitutionally authorized government agent sign it under penalty of death, and then abide by that contract. The days of false oath, false intent, fictional authorities and negative social contract are over.

  6. chris says:

    Great article,

    There is no burying your rifle and waiting for the time to use it, by burying it in the first place you are acquiescing to their assumed authority over you.

    Look deep within yourself and if you have any doubts about having to use your weapon or even resisting at all, then pass your weapon on to someone else who will use it.

    We are not shooting at paper targets and yes some of us will die, but if you have any hesitation when the time comes to pull the trigger just remember that those that are pointing their weapons at you WILL NOT hesitate to gun you down where you stand. Even just for flinching…

    If you aren’t willing to fight or even give aid to those that will fight then move on, because it will take those that are willing to do what is necessary to free you and keep it that way.

  7. Eomer says:

    Yeah, something just tells me the purchased ammo isn’t a bluff. Even though we’ve become 85-90% slaves for this global empire, they still fear us. We’re losing the game yet we’ve got some of the best cards still up our sleeves. It’s getting high time we throw them down. It feels good knowing they’re afraid, but if we cave, it’s game over for good. Not just for the U.S., but for the world.

  8. Tony Freeman says:

    Great post. We need more people to read posts like yours. Please check out my blog posts on this similar subject.

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