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Government Emergency Drill Houston July 4th

00z0z_ha8Fa6vPniP_600x450I sent this in to Henry, but in the few hours meantime the Craigslist ad had been removed. Is it a false, false flag, with the ad intended for diversion? I cannot know, but since the ad has been removed in such a timely manner, it deserves a heads up to all in Houston, particularly Trenchers, and especially to those intending to attend the July 4th downtown (Eleanor Tinsley Park) celebration with its expected attendance of 100,000.

I did not save the ad from, but did:  

“We are looking for crisis actors for a government emergency drill between July 4-6th. Actors will be responsible for portraying different emergency scenarios in a simulated government terror drill. No experience is needed. Confidentiality agreements are required. Pay is $200. Please message for details.”



“Houston will set the stage for an extraordinary patriotic celebration at Mayor Annise Parker’s official Fourth of July event, [Southwest Airlines] Freedom Over Texas. The annual event is held on Friday, July 4, culminating with a fireworks extravaganza sponsored by Nation Waste set to a perfectly timed bed of patriot and current musical selections.”

“The Mayor’s Official 4th of July Celebration has been a six hour event of festivities and tradition in Houston, for decades. Located in the newly renovated Eleanor Tinsley Park on Buffalo Bayou, it has become Houston’s signature annual Independence Day celebration and attracts nationally recognized recording artists as well as regional and local talent. This year’s festivities include the Southwest Airlines Sky Stage, featuring vintage aircraft flyovers; the Walmart All-American Kids Zone, a children’s entertainment area with a stage featuring entertainment for young and old, alike; KBR Liberty Park brings military assets such as tanks and helicopters to the event along with all five branches of the military; the all new Bud Light Lime-A-Rita Beach Bash, featuring the All-American Beer Garden and a rockin’ good time; and the Dr Pepper One of a Kind Zone, featuring all four Houston professional sports team set-ups, music, food, and a cooling area. The event culminates with a Texas size concert featuring a national recording artist and one of the largest fireworks displays in the USA sponsored by Nation Waste.”

Any additional confirming or discrediting information appreciated.


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19 Responses to Government Emergency Drill Houston July 4th

  1. markww says:

    will have scanner going im in Houston will keep everyone posted/


  2. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “We are looking for crisis actors for a government emergency drill between July 4-6th. Actors will be responsible for portraying different emergency scenarios in a simulated government terror drill. No experience is needed. Confidentiality agreements are required. Pay is $200. Please message for details.”

    I believe even the ad is bogus. I believe it is an open call only to those who’ve been doing this for a living. I seriously doubt they’d take their chances with just anyone off the street. I also believe they’re paid far more than $200.

    Perhaps the posting is simply to give the ‘drill’ the appearance of legitimacy.

    Naturally, we all know better.

  3. JENO says:

    Thanks Enbe, Mark and everybody for being on top of this… True Patriots you are…

  4. Han Solo says:

    Independence day; they love to demonize patriots on key days so it is good to be wary.

  5. Mesphisto says:

    Craigslist has Blacklisted me for posting info and articles like this; AKA: the truth. Yahoo and CL are in full-court press mode to suppress the truth. It’s really amazing how fast they’re working to block out any truth from reaching the sheeple.

    I’m not sure who runs or controls CL. Someone once wrote to me; “Notice they have no ads? So how do they make money”?

    CL claims they make their money on paid ads, but I simply don’t see enough that could sustain what they do. It was suggested to me it’s a shill-operation, and lately, I’ve noticed a LOT of ‘hate/racial posts’ go on and on, sometimes ‘running the whole board’ – but rebut the racism – and you’re flagged and removed.

    Which LEADS ME TO BELIEVE – like Holder and Obama are doing – is to encourage racial tension and hate, to keep the focus off the government, AND FLAG AND REMOVE THE TRUTH.

    KEEP TRYING TO GET THE WORD OUT, though. This looks like a ripe op’ for the coming False Flag this government desperately needs.

    One part of me would say ‘stay away’, but if it were here, local to me, and put a crew of photogs and videographers and film every little thing I could – ESPECIALLY ‘side scenes’, as major scenes are often used to distract while ‘stages are being set’.

    There was a LOT of that in Boston, and this is one of the most poignant examples I’ve ever seen:

    Good luck to all. I believe ‘it’ is about to happen…..

  6. Iannie says:

    Thanks Enbe,
    When you consider the Ukrainian illegals they caught crossing the border in Texas yesterday or the day before the add would seem to fit the mold pretty well. I’m sure they have more than one group of patsy’s lined up if this event if is a legit F.F.

    In any event I believe we must assume these are real attempts to commit treason by the shadow government and prepare accordingly. There are probably hundreds of other violent criminals from all over the world coming across our borders right now. For all we know they are planning F.F. in other cities as well or even worse legitimate attacks by terrorists they trained and now are ushering in over our border. This premeditated violation of the Nations immigration laws by ICE, and other agencies is clearly treason and I urge any of you readers involved in this agenda to look inside your hearts and do the right thing for your country; the people, not the rulers. Think of your children, your friends, and what America was built on and preserve it for them, please.

    • Inretrospect says:

      “When you consider the Ukrainian illegals they caught crossing the border in Texas yesterday or the day before the add would seem to fit the mold pretty well.”

      I would figure that fair-skinned Ukrainians would stand-out in a crowd of Latinos. However, an Arab would not look obvious until after they tried to speak.

      Our illustrious Government has pissed-off so many people from all over the World who have lost loved ones through our sanctions, military invasions/occupations, and drone attacks. Why should it be a surprise that these foreign Nationals would seek revenge?

      Furthermore, I would not doubt that the CIA would supply military-grade weapons to these insurgents once they got settled in the USA. Remember Fast and Furious?

      Where will Americans flee when armed Latino gangs and drug lords establish a foothold in the USA… Canada? If you haven’t noticed; unlike the southern border with Mexico, the northern border with Canada is NOT open.

      The better news is that our National Gestapo Police force will be spread too thin to protect Washington DC. I guess we can expect our 3-branches of Government to take refuge in their underground bunkers soon.

      However, the insurgents are on our turf, we are heavily armed, and ready to fight!

      “Today is a good day to die.” -Klingon Proverb

  7. Mesphisto says:

    I was JUST thinking about this when I woke up this morning; ‘We’ know this is coming, and as I rose, I was trying to place a date to the coming False Flag event, like ‘9-11’ – the emergency number, that has some connection to the American psyche.

    After seeing this article – what ‘better date’ to use than July 4th?

    The sheeple will be OUTRAGED, and so we’ll re-invade Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, and the US and Central Banks may just get their WW3 they so desperately need.

    Scary times…..

  8. Mesphisto says:

    Congress has a 7% Approval Rating, the US people don’t want war, and won’t allow approval.

    Obama cannot ‘sell’ a war AND BYPASS CONGRESS, as he is ‘hampered’ by the Constitution.


    The ONLY way he can get a war is to use his War Powers Act ‘if the United States is attacked’.

    Ergo; False Flag. ‘Must be larger than 9/11’, and what better date THAN July 4th?

    This may all be misdirection. I still believe New York makes such a ‘wonderful’ target, as a “2nd attack” here would open a lot of old wounds of Americans that STILL believe 9/11 was “Islamic terrorists”.

  9. han solo says:

    And that nuke material was apparently stolen from mexico

  10. Jolly Roger says:

    This would be an excellent venue for patriotic infiltration. Sign yourself up as a “crisis actor”, and as soon as you’re in front of a live TV camera, jump out of your wheelchair and start dancing.

  11. mark w says:

    NOTHING HAPPENED. In fact it rained so hard the last 3 or 4 days in the afternoon many things have been rescheduled.

    NO FALSE FLAG OR ANYTHING HAPPENED. Quiet as a church mouse here in houston.


    • NC says:

      Thanks Mark. I was actually looking for this article last night, but couldn’t find it. I was thinking about this drill, too.

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