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Pope Bergoglio, Queen Elizabeth charged for child trafficking?

Pope Bergoglio selected after Pope Ratzinger resignationThe Examiner

Catholic Pope Francis Bergoglio, Queen Elizabeth and top officials of the Jesuit Order have been charged with international child trafficking and cover up of crimes against children. An international Common Law court will begin prosecution 31 March 2014 in Brussels according to Kevin Annett of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State.

In apparent retaliation, Annett was warned he could be issued an arrest warrant by Queen Elizabeth’s Privy Council office and the Canadian government. Annett’s apparent “crime” was heading successful prosecution of a 50,000 missing Canadian native children case. The Feb. 2013 Brussels court of six judges found 40 global elites guilty including Queen Elizabeth, former Catholic Pope Benedict Ratzinger and Canadian Prime Minister Brent Harper.…  

Catholic Pope Benedict Ratzinger resigned as Pope in Feb. 2013 only a few days after receiving his arrest warrant.

Annett’s pending arrest warrant was not the first for ITCCS members. Queen Elizabeth and British and Canadian government officials appeared to be behind several 2013 and 2014 detainments. Arrested and held without charges in Jan 2014 were British citizens David Compan and his wife and in 2013, Canadians Steve Finney and Kevin Annett.

What were the crimes of these activists against child abuse?

They publicly posted the 2013 International Common Law Court findings against Queen Elizabeth, Canadian Prime Minister Brent Harper and Catholic Pope Benedict Ratzinger.…

What were Queen Elizabeth’s, Pope Benedict Ratzinger’s, Pope Francis Bergoglio’s and Canadian Prime Minister Brent Harper’s possible crimes?

Since 2008 Queen Elizabeth, Pope Benedict Ratzinger, Pope Francis Bergoglio, plus Canadian government officials have appeared to prevent excavation of 31 child mass grave sites of the 50,000 missing Canadian indigent children case.

Queen Elizabeth was found guilty by the Brussels court for the 1964 disappearance of ten native children from the Canadian Kamloops residential school. Two witnesses to the abduction died of mysterious causes prior to the international court hearing.

The charges of child trafficking against Catholic Pope Francis Bergoglio were not new. In the 1970′s Catholic Pope Francis Bergoglio was believed to gain his position as head of Argentine’s Catholic Church by trafficking children from Catholic orphanages during the Junta’s Dirty War. A witness to several meetings between Bergoglio and Junta officials has agreed to testify at the March international trial.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Jorge Mario Bergoglio was accused of baby trafficking, plus helping to kidnap opponents of Argentina’s military junta during the Dirty War. Lawyers filing the 2005 complaint represented the Plaza de Mayo human rights group.

According to a Feb. 5 decision by the UN Committee on Rights of the Child, the Vatican implemented policies that have led to “the continuation of clerical sex abuse and the impunity of the perpetrators.” Tens of thousands of children were abused by clerics worldwide according to UN findings – the majority of which have not gone to court due in part to the lack of cooperation from Catholic Church officials.…

“Every Anglican clergy, like every catholic priest, must now cover up the raping of children in their church if they want to keep their job – thanks to the Queen of England” said Kevin Annett to a crowd of reporters at a New York media event on Feb. 7. “By her September 2010 agreement with the former Pope Benedict Ratzinger to abide by the Catholic ‘protect the rapist’ policy known as Crimen Sollicitationas, Elizabeth Windsor and the Vatican formed a criminal conspiracy.”

Officials of the Jesuit Order to which Pope Francis Bergoglio belonged also would be prosecuted in the March international court. Witnesses have come forward to verify that under a secret oath, the Jesuits authorized and encouraged members to kill or torture opponents of the Vatican and Pope.

Catholic clegy sex abusers remained operating “under the authority of the Holy See” according to the 5 Feb. 2014 UN findings. The committee requested that Pope Francis Bergoglio” immediately remove all known and suspected child sexual abusers. . . The Holy See has consistently placed the preservation of the reputation of the church and the protection of the perpetrators above children’s best interests, as observed by several national commissions of inquiry.”…

Last week Pope Francis Bergoglio testily responded to the UN findings by stating the UN was interfering in Church affairs, though claimed he was studying the matter.

“Lawyers confirm that evidence abounds of the church at all levels continuing, even following the resignation of Pope Benedict Ratzinger, to do everything in its power to shield abusing Catholic clerics from justice and maintain secrecy, and do the least possible for victims,” said Keith Porteous Wood, executive director of the National Secular Society in Britain.

Annett planned to seek political asylum in the United States in order to continue prosecution of the Vatican, Queen Elizabeth, Brent Harper and other global government officials for their crimes against children.

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6 Responses to Pope Bergoglio, Queen Elizabeth charged for child trafficking?

  1. Paul says:

    no surprise here judy. I was raised up in the catholic church. was molested by a reprobate priest when i was 9. took me a long time to find the truth, but i finally did, and it is not be found in catholicism for sure. thank GOD for all the REAL believers who prayed for me down through the years.

  2. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Charges, charges, charges……..

    That’s all we ever hear. What the hell good are charges without arrests?

    Arrest ‘em, already.

    • DL. says:

      There likely will not be any arrests. It’s a common law court, and like it or not common law courts are just dog and pony shows these days because these courts have no “standing” with the criminal psychopathic elites. Further I will say regarding an issue I had many years ago and tried using common law to no avail…been there done that. But yes it would be nice, but unfortunately unless you can take care of their body guards there isn’t much you can do to them until God gets His hands on ‘em.

      • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

        I know, DL. Just lettin’ off steam. :-)

      • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

        btw, I really am sorry for that comment I made to you a while back. It WAS uncalled for. Guess I was just stuck in the stupid zone when I made it. My humble apologies.

        I really do enjoy your input here. :-)

  3. NC says:

    Queen Elizabeth has been charged for many things over the years and to this day, the old hag is still walking the red carpet with that evil smile on her face. She’s like Hitlery with a crown. She will never be arrested because no one has the balls to ENFORCE THE LAW!!!

    This is just a way for the elite to make the people feel like something is going to be done in order to cool down the heat that is building up against the elite because they are not ready to collapse the system fully just yet.

    It’s just like that article said the other day:

    “The Dynamic”

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